the illuminati formula used to create an undetectable mind controlled slave

The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind
Control Slave
Dedication & Table of Contents
Fritz Springmeier’s Introduction
Glossary of Terms
By Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler
This book is dedicated to the two million Americans and counting who have been programmed with
Monarch-type trauma-based mind control. This book is written to destroy trauma-based mind control
before it destroys the human race. It’s time for this horrendous secret to end. It is also written as part of
God’s end time work to propel people of faith to the high calling that is prophesied of the Body, but
cannot be attained without men of faith understanding these things. Humanity’s great prophet said he
came to heal those whose hearts had been broken– literally split and crushed, and to free those who are
captive. That work needs to go forward.
Blood, sweat and tears are associated with this book. The blood of the innocent victims of this mindcontrol cries out in a single unison, along with the pungent sweat of those who have tried to minister help
to the shattered humanity left by the sadistic programmers, and the pools of tears shed as this book was
written, “How long, O Lord, holy and true, do you not judge and avenge our blood on earth?”
you the reader have had mind-control done to you, you must consider the following book to be
DANGEROUS. If you are consulting a therapist for DID (also known as MPD), it is recommended that
you consult your therapist before reading this book. The complications that could result for those under
mind control learning the truth–could be fatal. The co-authors take no responsibility for those who read
or misuse this information.
The reader’s mind is like a garden. It may not be time to plant the truth in your mind. Perhaps you need
some weeding or ground preparation, before the garden of your mind is ready. Perhaps the weather is too
stormy to plant the truth. Pray to the Lord of the Harvest. The blessings that flow from planting the
information of this book in your mind will require the presence of living waters of love. If you do not
have love in your heart, this book is not for you. The information contained in this book is the biggest
news-story of the 20th century, and still the biggest secret. It will challenge you, shock you, horrify you
and hopefully motivate you to redouble your efforts to humble yourself and seek strength from God
The programming procedures, which are described in this book, are based on research and consultation
with deprogrammers, exprogrammers, therapists, counselors and pertinent literature. To the best of our
knowledge the statements made in this book are factual, although they may not reflect the latest or
currently accepted methodology among each and every faction of the New World Order, which carries
out Monarch-type programming. This book tends to devote more emphasis to Illuminati programming,
which is the highest level of programming. For individual application in understanding a survivor of
Monarch programming, therapists are admonished to use this material with consideration for the Monarch
victim’s personal case and situation. The authors disclaim any responsibility for therapeutic work based
upon this material.
Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler have co-authored They Know Not What They Do, An Illustrated
Guidebook To Monarch Mind Control. Both Fritz and Cisco bring years of experience in dealing with
Monarch programming to bear on the writing of this book. Fritz has researched the Illuminati, while he
has worked with victims of its programming. He has authored The Top 13 Illuminati Families, and
several other books.
Table of Contents (573 pages)
Chap. 1 The Selection & Preparation of the Victim
A. Genetics & dissociative abilities
B. Availability
C. Physical & Mental requirements
D. List of organizations carrying out programming
E. 4 foundational steps for programming
F. Step 1. Spiritual requirements, Moon Child ceremonies, traumatization in vitro
G. Step 2. Trauma by premature birth
H. Step 3. Love bombing/love bonding
I. Step 4. Severing the “core” of the mind
J. Further considerations
Chap. 2 The Traumatization & Torture of the Victim
A. A site for torture of children, NOTS China Lake
B. What trauma does, the creation of PTSD & DID (MPD)
C. How the torture is carried out, types of trauma
D. How MPD works
E. The Core
F. The Anchoring Experience
Chap. 3 The Use of Drugs
A. A list of drugs used
B. A brief history of use
C. Applications for drugs to control a slave
Chap. 4A The Use of Hypnosis
A. Dissociation, trance, & its historical use
B. How to program with hypnosis
C. How to boost creativity of victim with hypnosis
D. Keeping the mind dissociative
E. Keeping the mind in a programming state
F. Hypnotic triggers & cues
G. Hypnosis in programs & other uses
Chap. 4B Hypnosis (continued)
Chap. 5A V. The Skill of Lying, The Art of Deceit
A. Overview
B. The use of fiction
C. The use of lies externally, incl. covers and fronts
D. The use of internal deceptions, incl. the art of hiding things in a system
Chap. 5B The Skill of Lying, The Art of Deceit (Billy Graham)
Chap. 6 The Use of Electricity & Electronics
A. For torture
B. For memory deletion
C. For implanting thoughts
D. Electronic communication & control
Chap. 7A Engineering & Structuring Of An MPD System
A. Structuring of MPD worlds
B. The creation of roles
C. Building in layered defenses
D. Building backup systems
Chap. 7B
Chap. 7C
Chap. 8 Body Manipulation & Programming
A. Scarring the brain stem
B. Split brain work
C. Medical technologies
D. Histamines
E. The use of body programs
Chap. 9 Mind Manipulation by Psychological Programming Methods:
Behavior Modification, Psychological Motivation & NLP
A. Observing a satanic family conditioning their children
B. Behavior modification, obedience training
C. Isolation
D. Repetition
E. Psychological motivators, md. pride/needs/wants
F. Neuro-linguistic programming
G. The inversion of pain & pleasure
Chap. 10A Spiritual Control Techniques, Possession, Trances, Etc.
A. Using spiritual principles against a person
B. How the Monarch program miniturizes what is done on a large scale
C. Dehumanization
D. Fear
E. The use of guilt, shame, ridicule & anger
F. Teaching that the master is God
G. Portals, Focal Points
H. Vows & oaths
I. The use of demon possession, layering in, etc.
J. The use of “angel” alters
K. The misuse of Scripture
L. Theta programming
Chap. 10B
Chap. 10C
Chap. 11 Internal Controls
A. Teaching occult philosophies & ideologies
B. Internal computers
C. Internal hierarchies
Chap. 12 External Controls
A. Monitoring (Asset control)
B. The art of blackmail
C. Bribes
D. The Control of the Milieu E. Bonding & twinning
F. Peer pressure
By Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler
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[Newsflash: Dr. Martin T. Orne, 72, died of cancer on February 11, 2000 in Pennsylvania. He was one of
the founders and a Board member of the FMSF (False Memory Syndrome Foundation, or better the False
Memory Spin-drome). In the sixties, he was an MKULTRA consultant and received research moneys
from the Institute of Human Ecology and another CIA-funding organization.]
One of the primary reasons that the Monarch mind-control programming was named Monarch
programming was because of the Monarch butterfly. The Monarch butterfly learns where it was born (its
roots) and it passes this knowledge via genetics on to its offspring (from generation to generation). This
was one of the key animals that tipped scientists off, that knowledge can be passed genetically.
The Monarch program is based upon Illuminati and Nazi goals to create a Master race in part through
genetics. If knowledge can be passed genetically, then it is important that parents be found that can pass
the correct knowledge onto those victims selected for the Monarch mind-control. The primary important
factor for the trauma-based mind-control is the ability to disassociate.
It was discovered that this ability is passed genetically from generation to generation. American Indian
tribes (who had traumatic ritual dances and who would wait motionless for hours when hunting), children
of Fakirs in India (who would sleep on a bed of nails or walk on hot coals), children of Yogis (those
skilled in Yoga, who would have total control over their body in trance), Tibetan buddhists, children of
Vodoun, Bizango and other groups have a good ability to disassociate. The children of multigenerational
abuse are also good at dissociation. The Illuminati families and European occultists went to India and
Tibet to study occultism and eastern philosophy. These Europeans learned yoga, tantric yoga,
meditations, trances and other methods to disassociate. These skills are passed on to their children via
genetics. A test is run when the children are about 18 months old to determine if they can dissociate
enough to be selected for programming or not.
Mind-controlled slaves are created for different purposes: hierarchy or non-hierarchy
The Illuminati create mind-controlled slaves who are to function within the Illuminati hierarchy. These
slaves will usually have their genealogies hidden, and will be created to have excellent cover lives to
insure that they are not detected. They will be given multifunctional programming, and will usually be
used to help program other slaves. The abuse will not be as physically visible as it will be on the bodies of
slaves who are not born to be part of the Illuminati elite. Members of Moriah’s (Moriah = the Illuminati)
Luciferian elite will have undergone as much trauma as other slaves, however the torture scars and the
control are better concealed. These children will often receive lavish experiences as well as talks to
convince them that they are part of the elite. (By the way, body scars will show up better under black
light, that is the same black light as used in clubs.)
The Illuminati and other organizations have also programmed individuals who are simply expendable.
These are sex slaves who are used up and killed very early in life, one-time use as saboteurs, breeders,
soldiers, drug couriers and so forth. The bodies of these people will often show visible torture scars. The
expendable are the children of parents who were blackmailed into turning their children over to the CIA.
This is all hidden by the power of the National Security Act. These are children, who have been sold by
pedophile fathers, or pornographic parents. The programmers/masters program them with the expectation
that they will be “thrown from the freedom train” when they get to age 30. (Freedom Train is the code
word for the Monarch trauma-based mind-control. To be thrown from the Freedom Train means to be
killed.) The CIA and the Illuminati are skilled at blackmailing parents to give up their children. They
would watch the mail for porn. Pedophile and murderers who abuse their children are warned that they
will go to prison for long lengths of time if they do not cooperate by selling their children into mindcontrolled slavery.
In return for the parent’s cooperation, they provide rich financial rewards to the parent(s). It’s clearly a
case of “if you don’t cooperate you lose in life big time, if you do cooperate you win big time.” Religious
ministers are often set up with Betas (a sexual model of slave) who then blackmails them. The ministers
do not want to lose their status and profession via scandals, so they agree to turn their children over when
young to the CIA to work with. The Illuminati like to blackmail these ministers when they are finished
with their Seminary schooling and committed to the ministry at about 33 years of age. The idea of having
nothing to fall back on after they have committed their entire life to one profession is too much for these
weak-willed men, and they buckle under the threats. If they don’t buckle under, the resulting
consequences will remove them from ministry. The type of father who is most preferred by the
Programmers to offer up their children for programming is the pedophile. If a father will abuse his own
little baby girl, then the Programmers know that the man has no conscience.
This father’s involvement in criminal activity (and thereby his vulnerability) can be continually increased.
They want men who they believe will not develop any qualms later on in life about what they have done.
A man, who waits until his daughter is a teenager to molest her, is usually esteemed to have too much
conscience for the programmers. A big distinction must be made between hierarchy Monarch slaves, and
non-hierarchy Monarch slaves. The reason there is such a big distinction is that they are not programmed
the same way. Since this book is giving the recipe for how to create a Monarch slave, we will have to
cover the distinction between slaves within the Illuminati and those slaves who function outside of the
Illuminati hierarchy. It is important to stress that the label “Monarch” is used in this book in a generic
sense for the modern trauma-based total mind-control that is taking place. Whether an Illuminati mindcontrolled slave is technically in the Monarch records or out of the actual Monarch Program data files
kept on computer is merely a technicality.
In my (Fritz’s) other writings, I explain about how the Illuminati created the CIA. I know that some of its
directors were members of the Illuminati and I strongly suspect that the other CIA directors were
probably full-fledged members too. The two organizations need each other. If the CIA didn’t have the
international backing of the movers and shakers of the world, it would have been exposed and done away
with. Likewise, the Illuminati, because it is so secret, needs organizations through which it can work. The
CIA is a front for the Illuminati, and the CIA in turn sets up fronts. Some of those fronts, are
elaborate, well-staffed, well-equipped programming sites, (such as many of the state mental hospitals,
McGill Psychiatric Training Network consisting of 8 Montreal hospitals especially St. Mary’s, NASA in
Huntsville, AL; the Presideo (San Francisco), CA; and NOTS at China Lake, CA, to name a few. For a
more complete list see Appendix B.)
The Illuminati couldn’t do it alone without its fronts. Satanists within the Network & the CIA took over
Boy’s Town, Nebraska [exposed in the Conspiracy of Silence video] in the early 1950s, & used that
famous orphanage for a constant supply of boys for programming. Boy’s Town is perhaps the most
famous, but there is a long list of others.
Joseph Mengele
When the Monarch Programming started, the top men were Illuminati. Originally, Joseph Mengele was
the lead programmer. He had already achieved the rank of Grand Master (later Ipssimus) within the
Illuminati. He had become skilled in music, in Kabbalistic Magic, in dancing, in abortions, and in torture
(by the way, Mengele had a sadistic mother) and programming children. Many of the concentration camp
children that Mengele programmed still survive and still love him to this day as “Daddy”. Mengele
disappeared from Auschwitz in Jan. 1945, several months before the final chaos began in the Third Reich.
Mengele disappeared so the Illuminati could smuggle him to the U.S., so that his exceptional
knowledge of programming–honed and fined tuned on thousands of concentration camp child
victims-could be put to use on a grande scale in the United States. He travelled worldwide, but
especially in the western U.S. doing his programming accompanied by his pair of two black servants.
American Monarch survivors remember his spotless German uniform, his shiny boots (which he wore
during programming), his thick German accent, his handsome features, his cleft chin, the space in his
front teeth, the way he would jab with his thumb while programming, as if he were still saying “links,
rechts” to lines of jews coming into the concentration camps. The reason Mengele was so excited to do
the selection process of inmates coming into Auschwitz was that he was choosing inmates for his
numerous mind-control trauma experiments. He was especially anxious to get identical twins, because his
genetic research related to mind control, needed persons of identical genetic makeup. Traditionally, the
Illuminati had been having their children inspected by a woman with the rank of Grande Mother. She
would determine the fitness of the children and then present them for a formal acceptance ceremony at
age 3 to the Grande Druid Council. This procedure didn’t change when Mengele came over–the
programming just jumped from being an occult science to one that had full access to the Medical,
Psychiatric, Judicial, Scientific and Governmental sectors via the power of the National Security Act and
the Intelligence agencies. The Illuminati’s programming of multiples prior to Mengele’s arrival were
simplistic, compared to the sophisticated techniques engineered by the Nazi Germans (whose Mind
Control research included some non-German nationals such as Italians).
A victim who is killed by an 18th century musket is just as dead as someone killed by an M-16, so a
victim of the pre-1946 programming was just as victimized as those programmed with more sophisticated
techniques. For the Illuminati, the child’s programming is planned by the Circle (another name for their
organization) before it is born. From the Illuminati’s perspective, their plans involve generational spirits
and positions within the hierarchy. The child is conceived according to their rituals, and the steps that that
child will go through follows a well-thought out detailed regimen for programming it. In contrast, the
children from foster homes, or pedophiles do not receive the same regimen. Hierarchy slaves will in turn
be used to program and train other hierarchy children, while CIA slaves, Mafia slaves, and KKK slaves
etc. will be discarded. This is why a Presidential Model is “thrown from the Freedom Train” [‘Freedom
Train’ is the name given to the Monarch Program in the Underworld].
Women and men in the Illuminati will continue to help with the programming for their entire lives. The
Illuminati is programming such vast numbers of children, they need everyone of their able members to
help. Moriah’s total membership, which worldwide numbers in the millions. The Illuminati regimen
for their children is far more controlling than the CIA’s programming. Not everyone in the
Illuminati gets their mind-split and becomes a programmed multiple. However, everyone does get some
type of mind-control. Those who have been spared multiplicity still must participate in a two-week
intense mind-control session that might be compared to the Army’s Ranger school. Those who participate
in this have learned obedience. Those who haven’t learned obedience, are forced into ritual gladiator
type duels or other punishments to eliminate them. Finally, a traitor’s death as pictured on one of the
Tarot cards is waiting.
Sharon Tate was left hanging in the No. 12 Tarot Card’s “hangman position” from the house rafters. The
best therapists will quietly admit that traditional therapy is inadequate. Unless God intervenes, people
who are born into the Illuminati don’t escape it while alive. This book isn’t a mere exercise of academic
thinking, but is written with the assurance that freedom is possible. There are viable answers.
Some children live in foster homes, or with adopted parents, or in orphanages, or with caretakers and
guardians. Because these children are at the mercy of the non-related adults, these types of children
frequently are sold to become mind-controlled slaves of the intelligence agencies. In review, remember
that because many of these organizations are controlled by the Illuminati; an Illuminati slave may often
work for one of these front groups, while the Illuminati maintain control over the base-program. The
intelligence networks were started by and are controlled by the Illuminati. They are Illuminati fronts. The
use of slaves crosses many organizational boundaries within the overall Network. If a slave is to be used
as a Delta model (assassination), they may be selected for strength and dexterity. The Delta Force is the
U.S. army’s elite unit made up of Monarch slaves.
If they are to operate as a Beta model (sexual slave), they will be chosen if they can master technique.
Occassionaly they might in some circumstances be selected for how pretty the programmers expect the
child to become. Some parents have produced good looking children and are actually sought-after to bear
children to sell into the Mind Controlled Slavery “Freedom Train” System. However, vastly more
important for Beta Sex Slaves are their ability to be programmed to have charm, seductive skills,
charisma, and creativity. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the programmers can put almost any
kind of body to use as a sex slave. Almost any sex slave can fit somewhere into the script of the
Illuminati/New World Order/crime syndicate “porn” movies. (I place porn in quotation marks–because
what they call porn doesn’t resemble what the public thinks of porn–we’re not talking Playboy type porn,
we’re talking ghastly horrible atrocities that are as sick as anything done in the Nazi concentration
camps). For instance, it takes little acting ability or beauty to have one’s head chopped off while having
sex. There are different types of sexual slaves, but the Illuminati wants to get Beta alters which are sharp,
talented, skilled, and resourceful. They will use these Beta alters, such as the Black Widow alters, for
espionage and blackmail. To make sure that the child’s mind develops properly, the baby will be
interacted with so that those areas of the brain that are important to develop will develop to the maximum.
It is a well-known fact, that areas of the brain grow according to how much stimulation and use that area
of the brain receives. For this reason, Grande Dames, who are involved in programming, will spend time
drawing and showing faces to the child and seeing if the child can recognize identical faces. Almost any
other item will be used, candy canes with stripes (match the candycanes with the same no. of stripes),
trees, or pencils. The child must learn to match identical items very early–even before they can speak.
This is so they will be able to build mirror images into their mind. All the senses are trained for
building the mirror images; for instance such as silks and cottons can be used for the sense of touch. The
child will have to match textures. The Programmer, the Grande Dame, and Grande Mothers will teach the
child to have good abilities in copying, reflecting, repeating, echoing, or re-echoing, and mirroring. They
will be taught for hours how to re-echo something verbatim.
Some of these teaching methods are almost like games. For instance, 20 pins will be in a box and the
small child is given a short time to decide how many pins are in the box. A certain level of intelligence
and creativity is needed for time to be invested on programming. You can not program a mind which is
weak. Most of the people programmed are very intelligent. One study of multiples said that multiples
were 130 or above in I.Q. and then mistakenly blamed their multiplicity on their I.Q. Attempts to program
people with low intelligence or no creativity were discovered to be a waste of time. Methods are used to
greatly enhance the victim’s intelligence and creativity. The Illuminati will also work on enhancing their
psychic abilities such as telepathy and clairvoyance. The head programmers have their own little mottos
about building solid structures which they like to express to new trainees. These include,
“An unstructured house [mind of the slave] is like unto a house without walls”; “A house undisciplined is
like unto a house without walls, it will crumble within itself ”;and “A house divided against itself will not
Much of the structuring will be discussed in chapter 7, but the structuring begins at birth for the victim, so
this chapter will discuss the first steps. In order to build a solid good house, one needs to have a solid
foundation. In order to build a solid foundation, one needs to know how the land lays and what the
weaknesses of the land are–if it is sand or rock or clay, etc. One needs to design one’s house to take
advantage of the natural lay of the land. Will storms come from this or that direction? Where will the
house need extra protection? The very same principles pertain to programming–because a structure is
being built. Many evil geniuses within the Illuminati added their contributions to the Monarch
John Gittinger & PAS
One of the most important was John Gittinger of Oklahoma, because he was the genius who could
understand how a little child’s mind was when it was in infancy. In order to work with something, you
must know what you are working with. John Gittinger, who is no longer alive, worked at programming
for years. His contribution was in the mental assessment area. John Gittinger (b. 1909) was the director of
psychological services at the state hospital in Norman, Oklahoma. He got a master’s degree at age 30, and
joined the CIA’s MK Ultra Mind Control in 1950. He was a high school guidance counselor and a Navy
lieutenant commander during W.W.II. In the late 1970s, he moved back to Oklahoma. He was heavy set
and goateed. Its been said he looked like the actor Walter Slezak. He had an insatiable curiosity about
understanding human personality. When the Illuminati looked around for men skilled in personality
assessment to assist the Monarch Programming, John W. Gittinger was one of their men who they
selected. Gittinger was not the only researcher into personality that the CIA hired, but he was their top
man in terms of the programming of children. From the end of W.W. II until he began with the CIA in
1950, Gittinger was studying how to assess personality.
At the Oklahoma State Hospital, he had large numbers of adults who could be studied. After Gittinger
started doing personality assessment for the CIA. most of his work became highly classified. The Rolling
Stone article of July 18, 1974 asked why years of research into personality assessment should be so secret.
In fact, it was so secret, Gittinger was not allowed to talk to journalists, even though it was public
knowledge that Gittinger did personality assessment work/research. The reason that such an apparently
benign science was kept secret is that it plays a major part in the success of the Monarch Programming.
John Gittinger designed the Personality Assessment System (PAS). This is an extraordinary method to
evaluate human behavior and predict their future behavior. As far as we know, most of the PAS is still
classified SECRET.
The PAS is based on the ability to differentiate different types of people. There are 3 major dimensions
(or differentiations). They are called the E-I dimension, the R-F dimension, and the A-U dimension.
People are born with their original placement within each of these three spectrums. In other words, there
are 3 axis that can be graphed to describe a baby’s personality. The baby might be graphed– I
(Internalizer), F (Flexible), and A (Role Adaptive). If the baby were graphed this way (i.e. I-F-A), then
the Programmers would automatically know this child’s mind will become a social or religious reformer.
The child’s programming charts would then be labelled some suitable occupation such as “Environmental
Activist”, “Pentecostal church reformer”, “Consumer Advocate”, or “Activist against Narcotics”. The
programming for that child then would follow 6 month goals to develop that mind-controlled slave into
one of the best in that occupation. (In fact, one of the co-authors of this book, Fritz, is indeed I-F-A.
which helps explain why he is trying to reform society and religion with this book. While it took Fritz
many years to find his correct nitch in life, programmed multiples are steered in the correct direction very
early in life with all the breaks and all the money needed from the Network to open opportunities.)
There are three possibilities for the child in regards to his original personality components: He can (1)
express the component, or (2) suppress or (3) repress it. As the child goes through life, he has two periods
within which he can change (suppress or repress) his behavior/personality. In the PAS, the first period is
called “compensation” and the second is called “modification”. The amount of punishment for a
personality trait and pressure to change from others will determine the amount of change which the
child’s mind will perform on its original personality. The activity level of a person at each point in their
life is also measured. The intensity of each of the scores is also rated. The actual PAS system is far more
detailed than the example above, but it serves to give a simplified idea of how it works. The essential
dynamics of an entire personality can be written in a short code which might be written for example 12
(E-uc Fcu + A+u+u) H+. However, even that code is shortened E-uc can be written simply ‘ i ‘. The basic
3 dimensions to personality provide 8 basic types. However, the PAS allows for 6 basic positions in
each of these 8 basic types which yields 216 discrete basic types.
Next, the person can change their predisposed primitive personality initially 5 different ways, and this
then gives (30)³ or 27,000 different types. The second change can be done on 4 types of modification
which makes for 1,728,000 types. Then the programmers can factor in activity level, their “Normal” level
(intelligence base), age, sex, and education, and life experiences. In other words, what appears to be
simple has a high degree of calibration to it. The person who was best with the PAS was its brainchild
Gittinger himself. His intuition along with his PAS system, gave him an uncanny idea of how a person’s s
mind works now, and how it would work in the future. He sadistically reveled in putting his skill to use
programming children.
The actual assessment codes that have appeared on programming assessment charts which the Monarch
child assessment teams have used to evaluate, describe, & assess a child to be programmed, follow the
standard symbols created for PAS. Some portions of Gittinger’s work has escaped the secrecy of the
intelligence agencies (Concerning the Gittinger Personality Assessment System see “An Introduction to
the Personality Assessment System” by John Winne and John Gittinger; Journal of Community
Psychology Monograph Supplement No. 38. Rutland, Vermont: Clinical Psychology Publishing Co., Inc.

  1. See also the Rolling Stone magazine article, July 18, 1974, “The CIA Won’t Go public”).
    Wechsler Intelligence Test
    Because so little is known about the PAS test, it needs to be explained some. Observations in relation to
    the Wechsler Intelligence Test provided the initial ideas behind the PAS. The digit-span subtest of the
    Wechsler Intelligence Test, which rates the ability to remember numbers forms the basic test used for the
    E-I dimension. What Gittinger discovered was that short order cooks had good number-memory which =
    Internalizer personality or “I”. A high digit span in any person tells much about them. People who don’t
    separate themselves well from their environment are Externalizers = E.
    The “I” personality was a good baby. The “E” type, who prefers ‘doing’ to thinking, is a “too-curious”
    baby, who will make demands. I’s would often be pressured to become more outgoing, and E’s are often
    pressured by parents to be more self-sufficient, and to progress from crawling (which they like) to learn to
    walk. Pure Internalizers become more withdrawn after several drinks, and uncompensated E’s are more
    likely to become sloppy drunks, garrulous. Based on the E-I dimension, predictions can also be made for
    how LSD will affect a person. This is the E-I dimension.
    The block design subtest shows whether a person is a Regulated (R) or a Flexible (F) person. This is the
    R-F dimension. The Regulated person had no trouble learning by rote, but didn’t understand what he
    learned. The Flexible person on the other hand had to understand something before he learned it. R
    children could learn to play the piano easily, but the great concert piano players were F children who had
    persevered to master what they considered drudgery. The third dimension is the A-U dimension, the Role
    Adaptive (A) or a Role Uniform (U) person. The A could be defined as Charisma, while people tend to
    ignore the U. The CIA has 40 patterns that a skilled observer looks for, and these then are related to the
    PAS and Wechsler subtests.
    Use of the Electroencephalogram to Shape Programming
    Illuminati Mothers-of-Darkness alters trained in observation, chart what they see a child do. A child’s
    behavior with certain toys, certain hand responses, and certain social responses can be observed and used
    to assess how this child would score on the PAS test. EEG (Electroencephalogram) patterns co-relate to
    the PAS digit-span test. This allowed them to use the EEG patterns to overcome cultural bias in the test. It
    also gave the Monarch programmers the perfect tool to assess small children before they have verbal
    skills. David R. Saunders, at the Univ. of Col. working with the CIA. wrote a paper in 1961 showing the
    connection between alpha waves and digit span. In 1960, Mundy-Castle wrote about the connections
    between EEG printouts and Wechsler-Bellevue Test variables.
    Here is the tip of the iceberg that EEGs were being used to determine pre-verbal personality in children.
    Salvatore (et. al,) wrote at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center, Boston, Mass, clear back in 1954
    about the “predictive potential of Gittinger’s theory” in an unpublished research paper. (The
    Massachusetts Mental Health Center was an early participant in this research) The child’s guardians must
    teach the small victim obedience. They must teach the child to keep its eyes open and to hold still. These
    skills are important, because the child will be subjected to extensive EEGs.
    The hospital equipment would be something like an 11-channel Grass EEG machine where 11 electrodes
    are placed on the child’s head, and brain wave patterns are printed out charting such things as
    background, variability, discharges, background suppressions, sharp waves, etc. The electrodes will have
    designations such as T3, T4 etc. In special programming sites, a machine with electrodes will be hooked
    up to the child’s head for repeated tests. The newer machines accomodate up to 30 1/2 diameter pads
    (electrodes) which are attached with electrode adhesive tape or small needled ends to the child’s scalp.
    The child’s hair will be parted in an area, and the electrodes will be hooked to the skull. The attendant
    will tell the child, “Don’t move. Keep your eyes open. Look at this point. Don’t blink. Don’t move your
    body.” The procedure will be repeated for 45 minutes to an hour. Eventually, hundreds of readout from
    electrodes clipped to the skull of the child will chart the brain waves of the child. From these brain waves,
    the programmers can determine what type of personality the child has.
    This personality assessment criteria and ability is one of the guarded secrets of the programming. Should
    unexpected behavior crop up, the slave may be hauled in for more EEGs. The PAS tests would reveal to
    Gittinger a person’s weaknesses. The PAS shows what a person wants. And these are called the soft spots
    of a person’s personality. Also the PAS shows mental weaknesses, or where a person will be instable and
    could be broken down. Certain types of stresses will have a cumulative effect of hurting a person. A
    stress-producing campaign is run against CIA targets, and by doing this they can neutralize a potential
    enemy. The information collected from children, who are potential victims for the Monarch
    programming, is essential for knowing how to structure that child’s programming. For instance, IFU
    children often are autistic; IRU are schizophrenic children; and IR or IF are fantasy prone. Later, tt will
    be further explained how this aids programming.
    An Internalizer personality would be important deep inside an alter system, while an Externalizer would
    be useful for a front personality. (Internalizers are predisposed to the production of mental fantasy.) By
    knowing what the child was, the programmers know what they already have, and what they must add or
    build into the thinking of the alters they will create. Likewise, some alters need to be R and some F. And
    some need to be A and some U. Regulated (R) personalities like to have narrow limitations on their
    activity. This makes them suitable for programming. The R’s readily accept authority, and will not try to
    step out of the range of their habits. The R has a marked ability to learn without understanding. They
    easily learn material by rote, because they do not need to understand it before they will learn it. This is
    another asset that the programmers like. The programmers may or may not want an A (Role Adaptive
    personality). A future country singer needs charisma — a future computer programmer doesn’t. Without
    being able to finely determine what is there, the programming could not be fine tuned. If the child is good
    in math, it will have its programming scripts steered in that direction.
    M.C. Escher’s Artwork
    If the child has artistic brainwaves, then the programmer will use art work in programming. The art work
    of the European artist M.C. Escher is exceptionally well suited for programming purposes. For instance,
    in his 1947 drawing “Another World”, the rear plane in the center serves as a wall in relation to the
    horizon, a floor in connection with the view through the top opening and a ceiling in regards to the view
    up towards the starry sky. Reversals, mirror images, illusion, and many other qualities appear in Escher’s
    art work which make all 76 or more of his major works excellent for programming. The use of these
    kinds of elements will explained later. Five children each given the same Alice In Wonderland script will
    each use the script differently during programming. The programmer takes the child’s own creativity and
    works with that unique creativity. The child must create the images himself if the programming is to hold.
    It won’t work if the images are someone else’s. The child organizes its internal world to suit his/her own
    experiences such as castles, boxes, rooms, and dollhouses. The PAS type testing will continue during the
    early years of the slave’s life to make sure the programming has not driven the child crazy or psycho. The
    child will move down the script decided for it for its whole life, based on these early tests. More about
    how this works later.
    The EEG tests run frequently on children to be programmed also show brain tumors, and medical
    problems beside just the brain wave patterns. The PAS tests can also show how easy a person can be
    hypnotized. If the testing by the EEG’s doesn’t reveal a child who can be easily hypnotized, they will be
    rejected for programming, even though modern drugs and extreme torture in some cases will be applied to
    “salvage” children they really think they need to program, but are clearly not easily hypnotizable. EEG’s
    can also be used to see what state of consciousness the brain is in. The Monarch Programming is based on
    structuring Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) alter systems which is covered in Chapter 7.
    The success of this structuring (its extradodinary fine tuning) comes from the initial testing, which means
    programs are properly built on whatever foundation the mind has. The CIA front organization, the
    Human Ecology Society tested the PAS. In 1962, the CIA moved Gittinger’s base of operations to
    another CIA front on Connecticut Ave., Washington, D.C. called Psychological Assessment Associates.
    Because Gittinger believed genetic-based differences exist in people, which is one of the basis for the
    Monarch Programming, his work was not accepted by main stream psychology.
    In 1974, Gittinger described the PAS system,
    “…the Personality Assessment System (PAS): (a) indicates the kinds of internal and external cues to
    which the individual is most likely to respond; (b) suggests the types of stimuli that are most likely to
    produce behavioral change; (c) provides an understanding of the inter-, intra-, and impersonal
    environments in which a person is most likely to function efficiently; and (d) offers insight into what
    constitutes stress and predicts probable behavioral response to such stress, including maladjustments,
    should they occur.
    In the area of experience, the PAS offers a method for obtaining specific clues to personality structure
    and functioning. Thus, the PAS: (a) allows for direct inferences concerning an individual’s primary
    response style: (b) suggests the quality of the compensations and modifications he has achieved in
    response to social and environmental pressures; (c) provides an understanding of personality
    development in terms of the interaction of primary structure, environmental pressures, and adaptive
    tendencies; (d) offers a procedure for evaluating the surface or contact personality developed over time;
    and (e) makes possible the assessment of the fundamental discrepancies between the surface personality
    and the underlying personality structure–discrepancies that typically produce tension, conflict and
    Winne, John F. and John W. Gittinger. Journal of Community Psychology Monograph Supplement No.
  2. Rutland, Vermont: Clinical Psychology Publishing Co., Inc. 1973, p. 99.
    Wow! Gittinger’s description of PAS is specifically the needs & goals that the programmers had when
    they initiate programming the personality splits in tiny 18-month old children! People associated with the
    following listed organizations may assist the Network to use their child for trauma-based programming.
    Children from families where one or both parents belong to the following organizations are often
    routinely sent off in early childhood for trauma-based mind control. We are now in 3rd and 4th
    generations of people who are programmed multiples. (And even into deeper generations in some
    Illuminati bloodlines.) What can’t be covered here is the enormous secret drama involved in Moriah
    implementing control over parents via prescribed or illegal drugs, fear, blackmail etc. so that they will
    assist them in getting the children programmed. If the motherly instinct is too strong, the mom may be
    prescribed tranquilizers, so that there is a stable house for the child’s front alters to grow up in. Unreliable
    non-multiple fathers are “debriefed” by Iliuminati multiples who debrief & then erase their memories of
    what is happening to their children. Parents may have only a limited view.
    These groups form what insiders call “the Network.” They are the backbone of what is known as the New
    World Order.
  3. Air Force Intelligence
  4. Army Intelligence (such as CIC)
  5. Atomic Energy Commission, AEC
  6. Boeing
  7. British Intelligence, in. MI-6, MI-5, & the Tavistock Institute
  8. Bureau of Narcotics
  9. Bureau of Prisons
  10. Catholic Church (incl. Jesuits)
  11. Central Intelligence Agency, CIA (aka Agency, Company, Langley)
  12. Charismatic movement
  13. Church of Satan
  14. Church of Scientology
  15. CIRVIS
  16. Club 12 & Club 41
  17. Country Music Industry
  18. Defense Intelligence Agency, DIA
  19. Department of Justice, DOJ
  20. Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI
  21. Freemasonry (esp. the Palladium Rite, 33º and above degrees,Quatuor Coronati Lodge, SRIA, and
    other Masonic affiliated organizations)
  22. GEPAN
  23. German Intelligence (Shaback)
  24. GHG
  25. Hollywood
  26. The House of Saud in Saudi Arabia (which has un-programmed slaves too)
  27. The Illuminati (also known as The Circle, Moriah, Moriah-conquering-wind, Gnostics, Luciferians
    etc.) at all levels is involved in trauma-based mind control as perpetrators & victims, incl. Frat. SaturniOrden Fraternitas Saturni, THFS, FOGO, Golden Dawn, AntiC.Lucif. Dyn, etc.
  28. Interna Revenue Service, INS
  29. Ku Klux Klan (different KKK groups)
  30. Mafia
  31. Masons (see Freemasonry)
  32. Modi’in
  33. Mossad (Mossad le Aliyah Beth)
  34. Mormon Church
  35. NASA (National Aeronautics & Space Admin.)
  36. National Security Agency (NSA)
  37. National Programs Office
  38. National Science Foundation, NSF
  39. Naval Intelligence (ONI, Office of Naval Intelligence)
  40. Neo-nazi groups
  41. Oddfellows
  42. Ordo Templi Orientalis, OTO (there are 4 groups)
  43. P.4 (elite MI6 section)
  44. Palo Mayombe
  45. Process Church and its offshoots (Chingun etc.,)
  46. Professional Baseball, such as the L.A. Dodgers
  47. Russian government & intelligence groups (GRU & KGB & KGB’s successor, historically an early
    group known as Spets Byuro #1 called “Kamera” in Russian which means “Chamber” did drug/hypnosis
    mind control research. The Spetsburo was responsible for assassinations.)
  48. Santaria
  49. Satanic Hubs, Soc. of Dk. Lily, Chdrn of Lucifer (UK)
  50. Temple of Power (previously known as Temple of Set)
  51. Umbanda
  52. US Army — esp. the Delta Forces & the 1st Earth Batt.
  53. United States Air Force, USAF
  54. Veteren’s Administration
  55. Werewolf Order
  56. Some Witchcraft groups besides Satanism & Moriah
    If the Illuminati’s preferred plan is followed, it has 4 beginning foundational stages to prepare the
    victim for programming. Let’s list these, and then afterwards explain in detail these first 4 stages. One
    programmer named the stages 2,3, 4 as stages 1, 2, 3, but the In-Utero preparations and preliminary
    ceremonies actually form an initial first stage. The first stage is the initial ceremonies & the In Utero
    traumatization. The second stage is to have a premature birth, the third stage is to provide intense love for
    the child for the first 18 months by 2-3 selected Illuminati caregivers, and the fourth stage is to pull that
    love away and split the mind of the child permanently. Not every Illuminati child is born premature — but
    many are, because that is the preferred method for programming.
    Foundation Step 1.
    The Moonchild Rituals
    The preparation for someone to be programmed also concerns the ability of a person to be demonized.
    Generational satanic families are sold out to Satan, and their children belong to Satan in a way that nongenerational children do not. Illuminati children are very good candidates for Monarch programming
    because of the generational curses, because of the genetic bent toward the occult, and because of the
    generational demonic forces. Part of the programming includes the layering-in of demonic forces, and the
    participation in blood rituals in order to draw in the most powerful of demons. An in-depth review about
    this important, but controversial subject, is covered in Chapter 10.
    The Moonchild rituals are the rituals to demonize a fetus. However, the demons that are invoked are not
    the small ones, but very powerful ones. In working with victims of this programming, it is clear that high
    level demons were placed within these people at very early ages. It is believed many of them were
    demonized before they were born by rituals like the Moonchild rituals. Blood sacrifices and human
    sacrifices are always required for this level of magic. Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) was a Satanist who
    was a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemason. He also was a leader in a number of other Masonic rites as
    well as an OTO leader, a chief in Stella Matutina, and a MI-6 (Br. overseas intelligence) agent. His
    writings have been important within 20th century Satanism and with black magicians. He wrote
    Moonchild, first published in 1917.
    The idea of the Moonchild is that by use of black magic, a perfect soul can be captured. The belief in
    reincarnation, which is prevalent among the Illuminati and Satanic groups, lends itself to the belief that
    souls compete for a particular embryo. On page 107- 108 of Moonchild, the idea is expressed,
    “To produce a man who should not be bound up in his heredity, and should have the environment which
    they desired for him.”
    This perfect soul in a proper person is called Homunculus. The magical work upon which this is based is
    said to be derived from Francis Bacon, Albertus Magnus, and Paracelsus who were all reported in occult
    circles to have captured souls and placed them into brass statues. The Hittites, the people of Asia Minor
    and Syria have long sought the ability to create a superman and a superwoman. The Illuminati’s inside
    occult history places the Hittites in their ancestry. In 1917, long before Superman appeared in comics and
    movies, Aleister Crowley was writing about a superman. The magical idea is to capture a soul from the
    4th dimension. In the book Moonchild, the villa used to produce a Moonchild was called “The Butter-flyNet”. The Monarch Project (which is named after the Monarch butterfly) is also an allusion to the
    Moonchild project where Butterflies are an allusion to souls (what Christians call demonic spirits).
    The actual rituals carried out to create a Moonchild are described in detail in three of Crowley’s writings.
    A vague description of the rituals can be seen by reading the book Moonchild. The ritual took place at a
    villa nicknamed The Butterfly Net. The villa was really an occult temple laid out in sacred geometrics. It
    had figures of satyrs, fauns, and nymphs. It had statues of Artemis. Lots of silver objects and crescents
    and 9-pointed stars were at the villa, because these objects all relate to the Moon in magic. The woman
    who was pregnant was surrounded by objects related to the moon. The moon’s influence was repeatedly
    invoked. A small triangular silver altar to Artemis was used. There was a sacred spring where the woman
    was washed. The number 9 (which is sacred to the moon) was used along with its square of 81. Prayers
    were made to Artemis, and there was the reenactment of the capture of Diana by Pan. The woman was
    coached to identify herself with what is known as Grandmother Moon (in the book, she simply is called
    the Moon or Diana) by identifying her thoughts and actions with the deities one is wanting to invoke.
    The creation of the Moonchildren within the Monarch Project involves high level magic by the circle of
    Illuminati black magicians who are involved with a particular individual’s programming. It should be
    noted that Grande Master and Grande Dame alters will understand demonology, but the sections (levels)
    of alter above them, are not informed. One of the biggest secrets kept from most of the slave’s alters is
    that their system was demonized while a fetus. First, this would give religious front alters the information
    they need to get them on the right track towards healing, and it could also adversely affect the
    programming lies of some of the front alters who don’t realize how premeditated all the trauma and
    torture is. The front alters of victims remember the cover story that the moon children were produced via
    torture in cages as little children. The Illuminati have also planned that every one of the Ten
    Commandments of God will be violated in their favor with the child. They prefer the child to be born out
    of wedlock so that it is a bastard. This breaks God’s commandment on adultery, and also gives them more
    leverage to destroy the child’s self-esteem. This entire plan involves generational curses which are spoken
    and unspoken. During Illuminati ceremonies, Ceremonial Pacts (which concern having the child out of
    wedlock to mock God) are made. While the Illuminati destroy any Godly spiritual foundation, they are
    creating a solid, rock hard foundation of “love” (adoration or idolatry) within the newborn upon which
    they will build the programming.
    The second commandment is “Do not take the Lord’s name in vain”. In the Black Mass, the names of
    God are invoked to get spirits with blasphemous names such as Yahweh Elohim. Most parts of the little
    child will never even hear the Lord’s name–he will only hear the name of his master, who will someday
    be presented to him as “God”. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. The child is being bonded
    to his future programmers. Much later, great attention will be given to set up staged events to insure
    that the victim being programmed hates God.
    In Utero Traumatization
    The formal Monarch Mind-Control project was developed from observations of high level Satanic
    families. These families had no qualms about the concept of traumatizing the fetus. Italian generational
    witchcraft is called the Ways of the Strega. These generational occult bloodlines, esp. in Tuscany and
    Naples, are very much into generational ancestor spirits. These were the ones that Aleister Crowley went
    to learn how to create Moon Children. Remember, that Italian and German generational Illuminati
    families were studied by the Italian fascists and the German Nazis to develop a scientific understanding of
    mind control. The Illuminati families in Germany were secretly and scientifically studied in the 1920s to
    determine what exactly was happening and how to systematically improve the Illuminati’s control over
    the people they were already programming.
    Discipline and training has been lavished for centuries upon the children of these elite bloodlines. The
    contribution of the 20th century was the systematic collection and scientific study of all the various
    methodologies into one cohesive programming package. This research was begun on a large scale in
    1940s, and has been systematically added to since then. Families who wanted dissociative children
    learned that dissociative babies could be born if the child in the womb is tortured. Thin needles are
    inserted through the mother into the fetus to prick the preborn child. Mothers, who are pregnant with
    children to be programmed, are also severely traumatized during their pregnancy with a whole assortment
    of traumas, which simultaneously traumatizes the babies which they carry. For instance, the father may
    purposely abandon the pregnant mother in the middle of a forest, or blast the mother with loud frightening
    music, and then follow this up with love.
    Foundation Step 2.
    A premature birth is important because the naturally occurring events around a premature birth insure
    that the child is naturally traumatized. Studies (Fenaroff, 1972) have found that only 7-8% of the live
    births were premature, but 25 to 40% of all battered children were born premature. It appears that the
    satanic cult involvement with causing premature births may be reflected in this type of statistic. Some of
    the Illuminati-induced premature births have made the newspapers, because the preemies set records for
    being born so small. Premature labor is induced-the fact that a premature birth happens is not natural, but
    the traumas that occur to the preemie are. Specialized drugs (not just the exogenous oxytocins normally
    used to induce labor) are used on a mother to place her in a deeper trance than a twilight sleep.
    (Remember, that the underdeveloped liver & kidneys of the preemie make it difficult to naturally purge
    drugs from the preemie’s body.) The mother will begin the process of delivery at this time. However, the
    mother must be brought out of this deep sleep in order to push the baby through the birth canal. The baby
    is too weak to help with the birthing process. This is the hardest type of birth that there is, because the
    baby is not able to help the mother in the small ways that a full term baby would. The strain on the heart
    of the mother is extreme. The Illuminati have learned that a mother can usually give 2 or 3 preemie births
    like this before she risks death to try it again. If this type of birth is repeated too often, the woman’s heart
    will fail. This is why the Illuminati will have their breeders give 2 or 3 preemies for programming, and
    then have their breeders switch to full term babies which are used for sacrifice.
    Breeders & Lilith Programming
    If we describe how breeders and babies are used we must speak in general terms, because each bloodline,
    each baby, and each mother is a separate case. However, there are some patterns that should be pointed
    out. A bloodline will often want a female’s first born male to be sacrificed to their belief system. The
    Lilith Programming is given to those alters who function within the Kabballistic Tree of Life (built in
    during Mengele’s programming for the deeper levels of alters) who are trained in Illuminati black magic.
    (This subject will be dealt with later.)
    The Illuminati breeders may be women who were preemies themselves. Sometimes they skip a
    generation with the trauma of a premature birth to get a mother with a good sound heart. Some of these
    breeders have excellent bloodlines, but during their own preemie birth, their brains were damaged and
    they don’t have the super-intelligence the Illuminati wants for programming. However, they still need to
    have enough creativity that allows them to become a programmed multiple. When breeders are used by
    the Illuminati to obtain babies for programming, the Illuminati selects women who are themselves
    programmed multiples. They are used for breeders, because genetically they have genes for intelligence,
    even though they aren’t brilliant. These women of lesser intelligence will only make the beginning
    Priestess level of the women and might obtain a rank in that level of High Priestess. All these women, no
    matter their circumstances have been made to believe that offering their babies to Satan is the highest
    honor, so many of them do not have normal qualms about their job. It is important to interject that the
    Illuminati are Luciferians, but worship Lucifer/Satan. Satanists are organizationally a separate group,
    with a separate history, but both groups have many common practices, including child sacrifice. (There is
    a science in how the Illuminati hides their bloodlines. Sometimes, families are used as brooders for other
    important bloodlines. It will only be mentioned here, because it is relevant to the selection process of how
    children are slated to be programmed. The Illuminati is fully aware of rare bloodtypes and other genetic
    properties that run in bloodlines, and breed individuals to get certain traits. They also take into
    consideration that certain weaknesses such as weak hearts or AB- negative blood with no RH factor, will
    call for special attention.)
    The criteria for non-Illuminati cults for their breeders is much lower. Often these are the cults’ leftovers.
    That is the difference between the quality breeding of the Illuminati, and the degenerate thinking of the
    openly satanic groups. The Satanic groups which are organized into hubs, and some of the lesser occult
    groups like the KKK., have women which are kept under lock and key to serve as breeders. Breeders are
    kept from having outside talents that would help them function in the outside world. Some are not
    allowed to have driver’s licenses and other basics. How does the occult world manage to work things out
    within a hospital setting? The independent satanic cults may not use hospitals. I have worked with enough
    first hand information to be familiar with some of the cults which have home births attended by their own
    midwives. An example is the Satanic cult in Seminole & Garvin counties of Oklahoma where their
    section houses in the countryside have had unrecorded home births for years. First hand information also
    confirms that hospitals in Tacoma, Vancouver, Portland, and San Francisco are used by the Illuminati for
    premature births.
    Programmed Doctors & Nurses
    By extension, it can be understood that many hospitals across the United States are now staffed with a
    large number of nurses and doctors who are loyal to the occult world (called by insiders the “Network”)
    headed by the Illuminati. The preemies are attended to by satanic witches who are nurses, many of them
    multiples themselves. Further on in this book, we will cover how the Illuminati is turning out a great
    number of pediatricians via programming to insure control over the preliminary programming stages. If
    the occult world wants a mother to see her preemie, the occult nurses on night shifts will quietly let cult
    mothers in to bond with their preemies. There is a lot of corruption that goes on unnoticed too. These
    doctors and nurses have taken lots of preemies for the Network to use for programming experiments. If
    the mother is a low income mother, the Freemasons will let them use their network of hospitals for free.
    Some of these premature children are described as dead and taken with the excuse that “they can’t
    breathe”. They then are used for programming experimentation.
    The Illuminati, working in conjunction with other occult groups, scheme up methods by which they can
    get other people’s babies. This gives them additional children to work on. By giving low income mothers
    free births at Masonic hospitals, the occult world can later contrive some reason for stripping a low
    income mother who is on drugs of guardianship of her baby. They take these children, some of them drug
    babies, for programming uses. The mothers of different animals are examples of how important touch is
    to any baby. A mother cow, or dog will nudge its offspring soon after it is born. They will also begin to
    teach the baby immediately after it is born. Studies have learned that most mammals lick their newborn,
    which has been observed to be critical for the healthy physical development of the baby animal. The
    Illuminati want the same development for their offspring. Research showed that rocking and stroking
    preemies helps them develop motor skills and respiratory functions. It takes the place of the licking
    animals give their offspring. The stroking even helps cardiac (heart) functions during the preemies sleep.
    Giving stimulus to a part of the brain will cause that part of the brain to grow. Although the premature
    child cannot speak, it still craves attention. Even if it hurts, the child wants — even needs — to be held.
    The child can be touched, and it will crave that touching even if it hurts. Already the mixing of love and
    pain is beginning. Their skin will be thin and sensitive to touch. It will hurt to be touched and preemies
    can even have their skin bruised by a sheet.
    A premature birth will create a fighter spirit within the child. If the child does not have a strong instinct
    for survival, and does not fight to survive the premature birth, then it will not fight to survive during the
    tortures of the programming. By having a premature birth, the selection process has already started.
    Which child will be a fighter? The preemie will be emotionally deprived of getting to suck on a real
    mother’s breast, but will be fed with an eye-dropper or bottle. Often a transdisciplinary team will be
    created at the hospital to take charge of the preemie. They will run one of the various standard
    assessments, perhaps the Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale (NBAS) or the Bayley Scale of Infant
    Development. Objectives will then be developed for the short and the long term based on each infant’s
    identified needs. The NBAS will look at (a) the ability to shut out disturbing stimuli, (b) responsiveness
    to auditory & visual stimuli, (c) muscle tone & motor skills, (d) irritability, (e) capacity to cuddle, (f) skin
    color, and (g) reflexes.
    Every part of the preemie’s body will be violated. A Catheter will likely be put in the little baby’s
    bladder, because preemies’ urinary tracts tend to close up, and bed sores must be avoided too. They will
    also usually be given I.V.s. This will give them more fluid to eliminate. This is healthy for the Preemie to
    keep their kidneys well. However, it also serves as part of the natural traumatic process. Some will be
    given oxygen. The preemie will be adjusting to the light, temperature, sound, humidity and gravity of the
    new world it has been thrust into. Their hearts will have problems (some of these like Mitro-valve
    prolapse may stay with the child for a life-time), and also often difficulties with their lungs. Studies on
    preemies have shown that they tend to have a sober affect with few smiles, and then the smiles come only
    if their eyes are averted from who is in front of them. They are less social and they depend upon the
    primary person (usually a caretaker at the hospital) to give them assistance and encouragement to interact
    socially. (Als & Brazelton, 1981)
    When the child is born, the Illuminati make sure that its first view is of one of the people who will
    help program it. Often this is a Grande Dame within the hierarchy, but it might also be a male
    programmer. Over the following months, the programmer figure will repeatedly talk to the child in loving
    cooing tones. The most loving soothing words are all that is permitted at this stage. The child is being
    naturally bonded to the programmer. Mengele was the best of experts at this type of bonding. The
    programmers talk to each other in terms like, “this child is a piece of clay.” They view themselves as the
    potters to that clay. When the Preemie is born it copes with the pain by being dissociative. The soothing
    voice of the programmer is spoken and heard in hypnotic tones. The hypnotic voice of the programmer is
    taking advantage of the dissociative trance-like state of the child in pain. The hypnotic voice is grooming
    the child from the womb. Hypnotic cues are placed into the child’s mind even at this young age. Hypnotic
    cues use all the senses. In reality, the programmers are even hypnotizing the little babies. Soon the
    preemie’s eyes will open when the preemie senses the presence of the programmer in the room. The
    preemie’s eyes will follow the programmer around as he or she walks around the child’s room. The
    child’s eyes are following the voice of the programmer.
    Ronald Shor, a respected researcher into hypnotism, wrote in the American Journal of Psychotherapy,
    Vol. 13, 1959, pp. 582-602,
    “Only in the fetus can one conceive of an ideally pure trance state, that is, a state in which there is a total
    absence of a functioning reality-orientation. In the developing organism in utero the first momentary
    experiences exist concretely, independent of any structured background of experience. The only
    organization that can take place at first is that which is genetically given. But except for this natural,
    ontogenetically undeveloped state there is always some degree of structuring.”
    In other words, if you want to hypnotize someone, the ideal is when they are a fetus, because the baby
    soon begins to get a grasp of reality–that reality gives the child something to compare with what the
    hypnotist is wanting to program in. Notice, also the awareness on Shor’s part, that there is some
    structuring of the mind done naturally via genetics. This again underscores the importance of why the
    programmers like multi-generational victims–because they pass (via genetics) some of the mental
    structuring needed for the smooth programming of the next generation. By looking into the preemie’s
    eyes and talking, the programmer begins to teach the baby. The preemie learns that its primary caretaker
    is its controller. The controller controls its access to its bottle and everything else in its life. The Illuminati
    are teaching the child to view its controller as God from the first second it is born. They want the child to
    worship the programmer. The programmer is literally saving the preemie’s life. By talking & cooing to
    the child, the programmer’s voice becomes more real to the child than itself.
    The controllers begin stretching the mind of the child as soon as it is born. The two or three people
    who control the early baby’s life begin teaching it with hypnotic voices as soon as it is born. Subliminal
    tapes are used to teach the baby immediately. The goal is to teach the child to read and speak much earlier
    than other children. In the Monarch Program’s controlled setting, children who can read at six months,
    can still be programmed for social skills. In an uncontrolled setting, children taught this earlier tend to
    have their intellectual skills outstrip their social skills, and they develop serious problems with their peers
    and schools. Children can be hypnotized easier than adults, but it has to be done differently, especially if
    the child is preverbal. Rubbing the child, stroking its head, and patting the child help soothe the child into
    relaxing. The hypnotist must not make rapid tonal changes in his voice. These are reasons why gentle
    Illuminati women programmers are such an asset at this stage.
    The newborn child is taught obedience. It is allowed to cry to develop its lungs, but at some early point
    it is taught not to cry. Tape is placed over the child’s mouth, and it is told over and over “no” with the
    index finger gesturing. They get approval if they don’t cry. This type of programming is called behavior
    modification, and will be further covered in a later chapter. The baby is rigidly taught total obedience. In
    review of step 3, one tried and often used technique is to have the baby born premature. The baby must
    undergo lots of trauma, and must learn to be a fighter to survive. Babies have been taken by induced labor
    or C-Section at premature ages intentionally to insure that the baby will suffer trauma. When the
    premature baby leaves the comfort of the womb it experiences trauma. By taking the baby prematurely, it
    also gives the programmers an advanced start on the programming.
    Foundation Step 3.
    The third stage is smothering the child in love. The love is given so that it can be taken away in the fourth
    stage. Unless love is given so that it can be taken away, there is no trauma. Illuminati children are never
    spanked in the first year and a half. They are very lovingly controlled. (This pattern of smothering new
    converts in love called “love bombing” in preparation for removing that love and acceptance to get
    obedience is done by some cults to new members too.) The Illuminati child learns about their body. Their
    bowels are allowed to function properly and they are kept meticulously clean. They must be taught to
    appreciate their body, before the trauma of stripping them of everything they value. Dissociation does not
    have to be taught to the child, because they have a genetic leaning toward it, and the premature birth has
    taught them to dissociate. All in all, the child has been allowed only to build a relationship with its
    programmer(s). The child has learned to trust, obey and adore the programmer during the first 18 months
    of its life. Its mind is lining up with hypnotic suggestions, cues, and is being obedient.
    Foundation Step 4.
    The fourth stage is built upon the foundation of dissociation created in the first & second stages, and the
    love created in the third stage. (The demonology of the first step also helps pull in demons associated
    with programming, tunneling in the mind, and multiplicity, which are used in the fourth foundational
    step.) Often in the fourth step, the child’s mind will fracture along the same dissociation fracture lines that
    the trauma of the premature birth created. If the child is not a premature baby, it will need some additional
    help to want to dissociate. The child can have its senses overwhelmed repeatedly to the point that it learns
    to react to its surroundings by what appears on the outside as a numbness, and mentally is simply
    dissociation. Everything imaginable can be used to overwhelm the caged little child’s senses and create
    dissociation. Rotten faul odors of the child’s excrement, of amnonia, and rotten food while it huddles in
    its cage will overwhelm the child’s sense of smell. Being fed blood overwhelms the sense of taste. The
    chanting of the Programmers dressed in Satanic garb, banging noises, rock music and the electric hum,
    and ultrasonic stimulation overwhelms the child’s sense of hearing. The child’s natural developing sense
    of shapes is taken advantage of by spinning the child and making it feel like it is going to fall. The child
    will also be deprived of sleep and drugged. Together all this will provide the dissociative base for
    splitting the core. The fourth stage is to strip the child of everything nice and lovely in the world. The
    child is caged and tormented by electric shock. The child’s senses will be overloaded and they will
    become numb. Eyewitnesses have described these hundreds of numbed children as “zombies”. This stage
    and the programming put in after the foundational dissociation is created will form the next chapter.
    In the fourth step, the child is starved, cold and naked. When they finally see their beloved master or
    beloved adult caretaker appear after suffering from 42 to 72 hours, they are excited and they dissociate
    the pain of the previous hours of deprivation. Help appears to be on the scene. At that point the
    programmer/beloved adult shows his/her most vicious side, and the child in order to deal with how this
    loving caretaker has not only rejected them but is now hurting them dissociates along the same fractures
    of dissociation created by the trauma of the premature birth. The details of how the mind is split will be
    dealt with further in the next chapter. In review of steps 3 and 4, part of the programming is to have the
    primary initial abuser bond with the child. A close loving bond is needed between a child and the initial
    abuser so that a clean split is created when the initial mind-splitting trauma is carried out. The clean split
    occurs when the child is confronted with two irreconcilable opposing viewpoints of someone who is
    important to them. The child can’t reconcile the two extremely opposite views of the same person, one
    being a loving caretaker, and the other being the worst kind of abuser. The person the child trusted the
    most is the person the child fears the most.
    Some professional therapists have come to realize that this is how the core is split. Jody Lienhart, a
    multiple herself, in her Ph.d dissertation correctly identifies the double bind of having two extremely
    opposite views of the most important person in the child’s life as the fundamental splitting mechanism.
    She writes in her 1983 dissertation on p. 6-7, “Implicit in each of the studies of childhood trauma is the
    pervasive nature of paradoxical communication. Frequently, this double bind communication style
    appears during the formative, preverbal stages of childhood in which the interpretation of these messages
    is confused. This results in insufficient experimental learning which would allow translation of the
    confused appropriate messages… “This study presents the theoretical assumption that multiple personality
    is developed through early childhood state-dependent learning. [That means that learning is linked to a
    state of mind.] Furthermore, it is hypothesized that this learning occurs as a result of the hypnoidal effects
    of childhood trauma such as abuse and sexual molestation. The child, unable to translate the paradoxical
    nature of the messages he receives, fragments into a trance state. Furthermore, it is suggested that
    memories incorporated during each of these hypnoidal experiences are similar to knowledge acquired
    during state-dependent learning. Lienhart used her own memories as the basis for the type of trauma that
    suggests in her dissertation could create MPD. That trauma for her was her uncle forcing his penis into
    her mouth and almost choking her.
    The child is not in a position to flee, so the mind dissociates. She happened to have experienced a
    common trauma used to split a core. In order to split the core, the mind has to be trained to dissociate.
    The ability to dissociate is obtained by being genetically bred from dissociative parents, by having a
    premature birth/traumatic birth if possible, and by the conditioning done at the original programming
    center (between 18 mo. & 3 years) where intermittent electric shock along with the all the senses being
    overwhelmed, along with sleep deprivation and drugs create a dissociative base to split the core. The
    initial sadistic abuse to split the mind, is called “severing the core.” Each person’s original mind is like an
    open computer. The original computerlike mind in order to continue working, when confronted with
    overwhelming trauma, splits a part of the mind off and walls it up with amnesia barriers. From this area
    further splits can be made. One of the major technical feats to make computers useable was to figure out
    how to be able to wall off and protect memory in the computer from being accessed and used. When they
    succeeded in engineering isolated memory the other problems were minor. When someone has been
    traumatized from the fetus on up–there is no single core such as therapists usually look for. The Core for
    the programmers is the unsplit essence of the mind which drives or provides energy for the System.
    This Core is not an alter, but is an essence that the programmers hide. The programmers do not
    touch the core in the fashion they do alters. They hide the core. Part of the drama that is carried out during
    the entire victim’s life, is that their mind tries to protect this untouched core essense of their mind from
    being touched. If they think anyone, the therapist or the abuser are going to tamper with it, the mind and
    its parts will protect that core. As strange as it may seem, when a therapist talks about integration, they
    often scare the victim’s mind that the integrity of the core and its innocence will be violated, and the
    victim’s mind does everything it can to avoid contaminating the integrity of their core, i.e. they sabotage
    therapy and return to their programmer who understands their safety issue. Initially, in the 1940s, the
    Illuminati researched what would happen if the Core was allowed to meet up with the alters, and they
    discovered that the brain’s essence or energy will work to pull the mind back together. Therefore, the
    Core is separated and hidden from all the alters. In Illuminati systems, it is usually placed in the middle of
    its first splits, which are also sources of energy and which are well hidden. They are dehumanized parts
    which function as gems, which are programmed as in the Alice In Wonderland story to change shape and
    color if they are approached, which rarely happens.
    These parts will be discussed in other chapters including how a system is structured. A dissociative
    carousel is also attached around the core. After the core is hidden, the rest of the alters will be
    programmed not to look for the energy/synthesizing part of the system. The real “core” or primal part of
    the unconscious will have an adult representative of it in a Monarch System. This primal part has a
    Toddler switch upon which all the programming is built. An event(s) in the child’s life is used to build
    the programming upon. The Illuminati know about the various base programs and the foundational
    traumas, and some of this is kept secret from programmers who come from front organizations of the
    Illuminati. There are a number of parts which will be called “cores”–simply because they were early
    parts, but there is no intact single person who represents all of the mind. All that is left are fragments of
    the mind, each segment walled off with amnesia. The alters who perceive themselves to be “cores” are
    alters who have been programmed to think they are the core alter. The mind has a way of knowing the
    truth, and these alters may realize that their programmed story line is suspicious, but they won’t know
    what is “fishy” about it, so they tend to be in denial about their identity. These substitute or mock cores
    will often be in denial that they are even MPD. In some cases, where Scripture was used to program with,
    the core was told that it would be “blessed by multiplying as the seeds in the stars of heaven and the sands
    of the sea” if “thou hast obeyed my voice”, which is misuse of Gen. 22:17-18. Alters which represent the
    “sands of the sea” pop up if an alter tries to get to the core. (See Chapter 10k about scriptures used in
    The initial part of a person’s mind before splitting occurs is called the core. Theoretically, the core
    makes parts to protect itself. The initial splitting is called “splitting the core” and there is an art or science
    in knowing how to split a core. However, I disagree with the standard core “model”. I believe it is more
    accurate to say that the initial splits are stronger because they somehow are integrated closer to the mind.
    Later splits made from later splits, are in a sense less connected to the full mind. During a torture session,
    the initial splits are always the strongest. So when they torture someone and get 20 personality splits, they
    will use perhaps the first 13 and discard the rest or use them for single task jobs. Discard areas are created
    in the mind—these are variously called concentration camps, garbage dumps, or whatever. The victim’s
    mind is trained to create these dumping grounds for the splits that the programmers don’t want to use. As
    the programming got refined, so did the methods for discarding unwanted splits.
    In children, who receive programming at a very early age, the initial splits may be done in the
    womb. If the fourth step is carried out in a timely fashion at 18 months after the in utero trauma and a
    premature birth, then during the first 18 months, the mind will never have a chance to pull itself together.
    If however, the fourth step is not done at 18 months and no further trauma is maintained, the child’s mind
    will pull back together by the age of two and a half. The initial splits are the most energetic and the
    easiest to manipulate. In Illuminati systems, these early parts are dehumanized into thinking they are
    gems and crystals. These gems and crystals then “power” the entire mind-control system that is
    programmed over the following years into the child’s mind. The gems are not perceived as alters, so the
    proxy core wouldn’t integrate with what is perceived as an inanimate object. The proxy core is allowed
    to want to move toward health with a therapist, it is programmed to move toward healing, but to lead the
    therapist away from the true core. She or he is programmed to believe it is the true core.
    The real core & its first splits (which are the gems) are placed hypnotically at the mind’s deepest levels–
    in an area of the mind few therapists ever search. As outlined above, other initial splits are led to believe
    they are cores. Part of the reason there is a illusive search on the part of therapists for a core, is that
    people have not accepted the reality that there is no one person (personality) in charge of a Monarch
    System who can simply decide to quit coping with life by stopping their MPD. Many therapists want to
    believe that some person is the “real” person and the rest are simply subordinate alters created to handle
    the core’s trauma. I believe this is an inadequate understanding of what is happening. The elements that
    make up who a person is (i.e. personality elements such as memories) are fractured. These fragments
    have in turn often been built up into full-blown personalities with all the elements of full-blown
    personalities. There is no “real” person, just as if you smash a mirror into a thousand pieces, there is no
    single piece that is the “real” original mirror but rather simply fragments that can in turn operate as
    mirrors. However, there is still a Primal Self. Early splits are led to believe they are the core. The cult will
    hide the initial splits beyond recognition. Some of the third wave of splits will be created into what are
    named Silence alters. They are trained never to talk. (At least some Illuminati alter systems call these
    early splits “Silences”.)
    These early splits are then hidden and used to blackmail other alters who were created later. The
    other alters, who are formed after the Silences (who are pre-language alters) are convinced that if they
    don’t behave, the Silences will have something drastic happen to them. Some of the pre-talking Silence
    alters are then placed in places such as Moloch’s Temple to keep as hostages. Alters are created down the
    road to guard the Silences. They guard in the full sense, controlling the Silences, and any access to the
    Silences. Since the Silences are early splits they are more important for the full integration of the mind,
    which the programmers want to insure doesn’t happen. Probes are pushed into the brain at the base of
    the skull, in a very precise and methodical way during the initial core trauma. This is done to create
    guards for the carousel. For more about the early primal splits see the section on Carousel in Chapt. 7 on
    structuring, and the next chapter on how the trauma is done. Because the Programmers will tamper with
    the alters so much to get the satanic alters and the special purpose alters which they want, they need to use
    some of the first splits as front alters. They need strong front alters who have a sense of who they are. If
    they waited until later to get front alters, the alters wouldn’t be as strong and would have already lost their
    identity. The 3rd wave of alters created often will in turn be split to provide alters to build the front
    section of a System. The front “cores” which are decoys will be set up with opposites, one alter will love
    the programmer the other will hate him.
    One alter will trust the programmer, the other will fear the programmer. Therapists spend all their time
    trying to reconcile this conflict which is placed out front as a decoy to keep them busy. Meanwhile, the
    gems along with the rest of the loyal cult alters will have the ability to create whatever is needed within
    the System. The entire system of alters is always shifting and many of the true alters are in hiding. The
    person is made to feel like he or she has been sliced like meat much as a bolagna slicer makes slices of
    bologni. This layering program is very dangerous and severe. Overlays of all kinds, demonic, hypnotic
    illusion, etc. are layered over real alters so that even the identity of what is a real alter is hidden. The point
    is that decoys which keep therapists busy are created, while the entire structure shifts and rearranges and
    restructures itself to keep itself hidden. Often the Illuminati encourages early front splits to learn about
    Christ and legitimately accept Him at a very early age. This acceptance will be used as the basis of the
    trauma to create strong satanic alters. Just as the handler will bond with the child to split it, the handler
    will allow some early parts of the System to bond with Christ in order to enhance the trauma that “God”
    will do to the System.
    This also allows the handlers to have a balancing point. Without the full range of capabilities within a
    Slave alter system– a dangerous imbalance toward evil could propel the slave into situations where they
    don’t have the ability to succeed. In many ways, the slave’s world becomes a microcosm of the real
    world, having a mixture of adult and child alters, Christian, secular, and Satanic alters. Another thing
    which happens with the first splits is the creation of mirror images. Some of the time, in the early splitting
    procedures, the child creates extra splits. In the early stages, these strong extra splits are made into mirror
    images of regular alters. Some of these mirror images are known to be placed into the mind before any
    splitting occurs. As long as the victim’s dissociation exists, the potential for mischief exists for the
    programmers. This is why integration can be a positive goal for a Monarch multiple if the deprogrammer
    knows what he is doing. After suffering decades of the most horrible traumas imaginable and the most
    severe abuse as slaves, most slaves have minds which are habitually dissociative. These older minds of
    slaves require a miracle to cease remaining permanently dissociative. It does take a great deal of brain
    energy to maintain the amnesic walls, and the minds of people in their 70’s and 80’s will stop maintaining
    those walls and these elderly will begin to remember. But by that time, they are considered senile, and
    their memories are discontented.
    The Illuminati have their own criteria as to who they select. The preference is that they be blue-eyed
    blond Caucasians and not to have obvious physical defects or visible scars. The Freemasons also
    reject physically defective candidates. After they test the child for its intelligence, creativity, and
    dissociative skills, they will bring the children before the Grande Druid Council.
    Formal approval of girls and boys into the Illuminati is done at a presentation by the Queen
    Mother and the Grand Druid Council at age three. However, the children have already been inspected
    by the Queen Mother before a formal physical inspection. Sexuality is an important issue for the physical
    part of the Illuminati inspection of little boys and girls. This is part of the physical criteria, as well as the
    physical health of the child. Creativity, strength, bloodlines, and intelligence will also be taken into
    consideration. The standard Trauma-based mind control which produces programmed multiple
    personalities is started on children before the age of 6. After the age of 6, it is difficult to follow this type
    of MPD/DID programming. However, this does not mean people aren’t programmed after age 6. Traumabased personality splits remain isolated in the mind better than hypnotic-based personality splits, but most
    people can be hypnotized to create alter personalities. Some SRA survivors have programming, but don’t
    have alter systems. A rare few do not have systems, but only a few dissociative states, such as a night self,
    and a day self.
    A wide variety of approaches have been experimented and operationally carried out. This book will
    concentrate more on the Monarch Systems which are created by programming infants. This is usually the
    most devastating, traumatic, controlling, effective approach. The Catholic Church has long said ‘give me a
    child by the age of 5 and they will be Catholic’. The Catholic Church is one of the largest parts of the
    network that carries out Monarch Mind Control. It is a fact, that if the Jesuits can place in their
    programming–what they call the “Keys to the Kingdom” Monarch Mind Control within a child, they will
    control his destiny. One Jesuit priest is on record as stating that there is nothing he can’t make anyone do
    with torture. The Jesuits developed torture to a fine art in the inquisition. Imagine the expertise they have
    brought to the Monarch Program which begins torturing children at 18 months onward with every
    sophisticated torture device invented. If the Jesuits brag that they can convince adults to do anything via
    torture, what about baby children? While the Monarch programming is done with children, one variety of
    it is done on adults.
    Adults who are selected are also chosen on the basis of the ability to disassociate and their availability.
    There are certain tests given by the branches of the military which identify people who disassociate
    well. Their “Cumes” –that is their accumulated school records are also examined. This type of person
    may be singled out and sent to get programming. Some of these persons end up in the various intelligence
    agencies, where they are trapped for their entire lifetimes. Some of the victims of the programming are
    war vets, Americans who were POWs, people in mental hospitals, people who just happened to work for
    Illuminati connected companies, and people going into acting. The intelligence agencies often begin
    mind-control on adult individuals when an individual joins their organization. If an intelligence or
    military group can exercise a high level of external control over an individual, they may not need the level
    of programming that some of the occult cults and the Illuminati need. The Illuminati place their
    membership among the world at large, and with the requirement that centuries of secrecy be maintained.
    This secrecy can only be maintained by insuring that strong early programming is done to create fail safe
    systems with large number of dark alters and heavy layers of demonic forces. (Many will scoff at the
    concept of demons being layered in, but whatever name one wants to call these forces, they are being
    layered in, and exert a powerful force behind the programming. The programming will break down if
    memories are recovered, so demonic imps are layered in to protect the memories from coming out. The
    entire phenomena will be gone into great detail and explained in rational terms in the course of this book.
    No matter how a therapist explains these demonic imps, they need to be dealt with if the memories are not
    to be protected. There are various methods for controlled memory retrieval–journaling, hypnosis, safe
    rooms with screens, deliverance etc. which we will not go into at this point, because we are providing the
    recipe, not the solution.
    While most Illuminati victims are in-house from their own occult bloodlines, a certain renegade group of
    Illuminati programmers have proved to the Illuminati that they can adequately program non-Illuminati
    children. I am familiar with some of the people involved in this, but will not mention names. What we
    have covered in this chapter is how premeditated, deliberate, and precise the plans are by the
    programmers for the lives of these Mind-controlled slaves. The programming places their lives on very
    rigid scripts. There are different uses for mind-controlled slaves. What applies to one slave may not apply
    to another one. Not everyone is a good candidate for programming. Sometimes only part of a family will
    be programmed. Whatever the particulars about the programming, it will be sufficient to place the
    individual’s mind totally under the control of the handler. We have also given the details of how the
    candidates are selected, tested, prepared and the programming initiated.
    The next chapter covers more on how trauma & fear serve as the base of mind-control.
    By Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler
    The basis for the success of the Monarch mind-control programming is that different personalities or
    personality parts called alters can be created who do not know each other, but who can take the body at
    different times. The amnesia walls that are built by traumas, form a protective shield of secrecy that
    protects the abusers from being found out, and prevents the front personalities who hold the body much of
    the time to know how their System of alters is being used. The shield of secrecy allows cult members to
    live and work around other people and remain totally undetected. The front alters can be wonderful
    Christians, and the deeper alters can be the worst type of Satanic monster imaginable–a Dr. Jekyll/Mr.
    Hyde effect. A great deal is at stake in maintaining the secrecy of the intelligence agency or the occult
    group which is controlling the slave.
    The success rate of this type of programming is high, but when it fails, the failures are discarded through
    death. Each trauma and torture serves a purpose. A great deal of experimentation and research went into
    finding out what can and can’t be done. Charts were made showing how much torture a given body
    weight at a given age can handle without death. Now this is why the Nazis did all those strange
    concentration camp experiments, where they tested how quickly people would freeze or die from
    various traumas. It was for mind control! The abusers are very specific and scientific in their torture. A
    lab technician with a clip board walks around monitoring the e for the children when they receive their
    initial traumas. Heart monitors are closely watched. Still, many children died from the programming. The
    programmers learned that when a child rolled up in a fetal position it had given up the will to live. They
    learned to time how fast this would occur to get an idea how far to push the child. Parents in eastern
    United States were taken to Harvard University for training to teach them how much trauma they could
    give their children at home before they would die. After the children got back from their initial
    programming they were to receive daily traumas to keep them dissociative.
    The primary or initial torture for many children in western U.S. was done at China Lake, California
    which officially has gone under the designations of: Naval Ordinance Test Station ( NOTS), Naval
    Weapons Center (NWC), Ridgecrest (the town nearby), and Inyo-kern (the area). the address of Nimitz
    Hospital is the code “232 Naval Air Weapons Station”. The base was set up to test “new weapons”.
    Evidently, the Navy decided that mind controlled people were an important weapon to test. Most of the
    “new weapons” created at China Lake were for the most part human robots turned out in large
    The Monarch Mind Control was carried out in large airplane hangers on the base which have been able to
    house thousands of tiny cages just large enough for human babies. Lots of 1,000 babies was a small
    batch. According to people who worked in the hangers helping program, many batches were 2,000 or
    3,000 babies. Many survivors remember the thousands of cages housing little children from ceiling to
    floor. The cages were hot wired (electrified on the ceiling, bottom and sides) so that the children who are
    locked inside can receive horrific electric shocks to their bodies to groom their minds to split into
    multiple personalities. These cages are called Woodpecker Grids. The victim sees a flash of light when
    high D.C. voltage is applied. Later, this flash of light is used with hypnotic induction to make the person
    think they are going into another dimension when they are blasted with high voltage. In the Peter Pan
    programming, the Programmers tell the slaves that this is “riding the light.” One of the popular traumas
    after the small child has endured the Woodpecker Grid cages for days is to rape it. The rape is
    intentionally brutal so that it will be as traumatic as possible. Many of the technical people on the base are
    civilians. This is in part because part of the research involves mind-control, and Illuminati civilian mindcontrol experts have come and gone from the base. The California Institute of Technology at Pasadena
    is intimately connected to China Lake’s research (and by the way to the Illuminati). Also much of the
    work at the facility is for the intelligence agencies and not the military. Intelligence assets are often
    civilians. One of the things developed in the California Universities and then implemented at China Lake
    was color programming, which will be covered later in this book. Red and green were discovered to be
    the most visible colors for programming. Various colored flashing lights were used in programming at
    NOTS. Survivors of the programming all remember flashing lights. The use of flashing lights has been
    introduced into American culture by the CIA. If a person goes into bars and places where bands play, you
    will notice multi-colored lights flashing. The flashing lights create disassociation, especially in people
    who are programmed.
    A list of major programming centers is given in the Appendix, along with each site’s programming
    specialties. In this chapter, an example of just one of the bases used for early programming is given, the
    large and very secret China Lake facility in California near Death Valley. The children are brought into
    the China Lake NWC (aka NOTS) base by trains, planes and cars. A number of the small airfields which
    fly these children into China Lake have been identified. One, which is no longer in use for moving
    children, was a private air strip at Sheridan, OR which was beside a large lumber mill. The lumber mill
    had an agreement to secretly house the children who had their mouths taped. Neighbors in the area were
    bought off, and warned that if they talked they would be in trouble for broaching national security. The
    area has lots of mills joined by train tracks, which were used to shuttle the children around. Tied into this
    network was a Catholic monastery which lies between Sheridan and McMinnville, close to the rail
    The Union Train Station in Portland, OR has underground tunnels where children were temporarily
    warehoused in cages before continuing on their journey. The Jesuits were active in this part of the child
    procurement. Catholic adoption agencies (which are many), nuns who get pregnant, third world parents,
    and parents who will sell their children were all sources of children for programming. When one thinks
    about how many corrupt people there are and how many towns and cities are on the West Coast, how
    many children are produced by Satanic breeders, illegal aliens, and other parents who’d rather have the
    money than the children, the reader begins to realize how procuring batches of 1,000 or 2,000 children
    was no problem for the Illuminati working through intelligence agencies such as the CIA, NIS, DIA, FBI,
    and FEMA. The Finders, a joint CIA/FBI group procured children for the Network for years. Some of the
    children needed for programming are to be used for sacrifices to traumatize those being programmed.
    (The names of some of the people who work at procuring children for programming/sacrifice have been
    released in Fritz Springmeier’s monthly newsletter.)
    The secret FEMA airstrip at Santa Rosa has planes landing and leaving all night. Some of these flights
    go east and then land at the secret 1800-square-mile China Lake Naval Research Base, and are believed to
    carry children for programming. This airstrip is called the SANTA ROSA AIR CENTER. When I tried to
    get FAA information on this airstrip they played stupid as if it didn’t exist, yet it is in operation.
    Near Santa Rosa is the Bohemian Grove. Southwest of Santa Rosa is this air center which is not used by
    the public. This airport was recently used by private pilots as a F.B.O. It was built during W.W. II as a
    training base for P-32 pilots, and deactivated in 1952. After the war, it was leased to private companies
    (such as the CIA). The paved areas are 4’ of concrete and can land the heaviest planes in use. There are
    no buildings over two stories in the entire area, and no control tower. The FBI have a contingent in the
    Federal building downtown Santa Rosa, and “FEMA” has a radio station at the airport. The Army reserve
    also has some buildings in the area. However, there is some highly secret activity going on underground
    at the airport. 6-7 small planes sneak out of the closed base a day, and for a base of its description that is
    closed, that is very interesting. The planes take off in the evening and do not turn their lights on until
    hundreds of feet into the air. The Press Democrat of Santa Rosa ran an article on Thurs., Apr. 22, 1993
    about the Federal government selling 70 acres of property just to the east of the airport. However, when
    one reads closely, the land is going to be offered to a host of Federal agencies. The property was “being
    used by FEMA” ( 707-542-4534 ). If one thinks about it, it is unlikely that the radio station
    is a FEMA transmitter station. The close vicinity of this secret activity to the elite’s Bohemian Grove
    makes this an interesting site for study.
    The airport used for the Bohemian Grove visitors is north of Santa Rosa on hwy 101, the Sonoma
    County Airport. United Express and American Eagle (which flies to and from San Jose) fly into this
    airport, which has a control tower. In 1964, the airport was reported to have also carried about 600
    military operations (either a takeoff or landing) per year. It was around this time that the Federal
    government made an agreement with Sonoma County Airport to help pay for the runway to be extended,
    the runway to be strengthened and the airport to be upgraded in numerous ways. The elite from around
    the world fly into here to go to the Bohemian Grove, which is in the Monte Rio area. Monarch slaves are
    regularly abused at the Grove for the entertainment of Bohemian Grove members in kinky sex
    theme rooms, such as the dark room and the necrophilia room. Secret NWO order business is
    conducted in the small, dark lounge with a wooden sign naming it U.N.DERGROUND. Slaves are hunted
    in the woods for sport [called ’the Most Dangerous Game’], and occult rituals, including infant sacrifice,
    are held outdoors in the Grove. These airfields are described in detail so that the reader can begin to catch
    on to the network of small planes and airfields the Monarch system uses to transport children. The
    children are trickled in from various collection points to China Lake. Monarch slaves, many of them
    children themselves are used in this extensive child procurement system. Children are also used to entice
    and kidnap other children. Teenage slaves are used to escort and transport little children on trains, buses,
    and planes. The triangular-shaped airfield at China Lake has traditionally begun very early in the morning
    with lots of activity. The night flights from FEMA’s Santa Rosa airfield being an example of incoming
    flights. The airfield connects to the main base area via Sandquist Road. Children are landed at this field,
    while others are driven through the gates guarded by marines, and others come through via the east-west
    rail line. The fact that children are driving through the gates is not alarming because inside the military
    perimeter is a high school, a junior high school and 3 other schools. Some of the adults of the children
    being programmed stay in military barracks (Quonset huts and one story buildings) while they wait.
    A male Monarch victim remembers a large hanger building at China Lake with a concrete floor and row
    after row of cages suspended from the ceiling filling the large building. One of the Programmers was
    dressed similar to a Catholic Priest. The electric current that ran to the cages made a hum, like an electric
    fence. There was a marble slab that served as an altar where black-hooded robed people would take a
    bone handled knife and sacrifice little children in front of the other children in the cages. (Memories
    from other survivors about the place will be mentioned later.)
    Charles Manson, a programmed Monarch slave who received initial programming at China Lake, lived
    with his cult only 45 miles north-west of China Lake at the remote Myers and Barker ranches. Scotty’s
    Castle in Death Valley, Bakersfield, Edwards AFB, and Papa Ludo’s Store & Tavern (with its secret
    underground programming center) are all in the vicinity of China Lake and have all been
    programming sites too. Old route 66 went by China Lake, which now is just off U.S. 395. The area’s
    tavern has been named the Hideaway. The building was low, away from the highway, with a large unlit
    parking lot. Only people who knew how to enter it by the obscure entrance on the side could get in. The
    Hideaway Tavern has been a local hangout for the CIA men in China Lake. It has served them excellent
    steaks. The base headquarters is known as the White House, and it looks somewhat like a yacht
    clubhouse. Northwest of the airfield, at 39-64 & 4-33 E on the quad maps, the government has built a
    large magical seal of Solomon (hexagram) with each leg 1/4 mile long on the ground.
    What was it like for a victim in the early 1950’s in a NOTS area programming center? One of the
    buildings in the area used for programming was described as having a flat roof and a tan exterior. A fence
    ran around the building. Inside the front door was an old oak reception type desk. A series of 3 doors
    connected by tunnels were passed through. One entered into a hallway, and then took a left into the
    programming room. Tunnels connected the different hallways. The programming room was painted a
    good dissociative color white. In the middle of the room, cages were suspended with chimps. The
    examining table was metal, which was cold for the victim, but easy to wash for the attendants. The victim
    was placed in cages and could observe white dots light up in different dot patterns over the door on a
    panel of lights. The low level shocks to the victim were coordinated with the dot patterns. (Some of this
    relates to domino programming.) An attendant monitored the entire scenario on charts, while the child
    was repeatedly traumatized with low-voltage shocks. Needles were poked in the child, the room was
    made dark and then lit. Voices said, “Love me, love me not.” This was part of the ‘love me, don’t love me’
    part of programming. “Good girls ride the silvery wings.” This was to build the ability to condition
    trancing by the victim upon electro-shock.
    German & British scientists/mind control programmers came to NOTS after W.W. II, including
    Joseph Mengele (also known as Dr. Green, or Dr. Greenbaum, and other pseudonyms). The
    Illuminati’s Dr. Black worked out of China Lake also. Dr. White (identified as Dr. Ewin Cameron)
    worked on the east coast, although he did fly in every so often to the west coast to meet with the other top
    programmers. Dr. Blue was another of the important leading Illuminati programmers. These top
    programmers supervised other lesser programmers. If something went wrong, they might fly a child from
    a programming location to a specialist to get it special help for its programming. The men and women of
    the Illuminati helped the top programmers out. The Grande Mothers, and the Grande Masters of the
    Illuminati participated in helping with the programming. As a child of the Illuminati progressed through
    its programming, three people had oversight over its programming: its Grande Mother, its Grande
    Dame, and the Programmer.
    The Illuminati functions off a chain of command similar to the military. (In fact, a big secret is that
    Satan’s realm actually served as the model for military and political structures.) As a child begins its
    programming, it is monitored in a fashion similar to hospitals where charts are filled and then these charts
    are filed. Tests and evaluations are done regularly. Goals are set which are six month programming
    goals. These will say in effect, ‘we need to accomplish this by doing a, b, c, d in the next six months’. This
    is somewhat similar to an I.E.P. (Individual Education Plan) which the special-ed teachers in Oregon set
    up for each student. At some point, the strong points and the weaknesses of the child will be identified,
    and then a decision will be made as to what occupation the Illuminati want to program the person to
    become. If the young boy is aggressive and has sadistic tendencies, the Illuminati call it a “war monger”
    and label its chart “This child will be a general.” Then they proceed to program it to become a general.
    Nurses, teachers, and child physicians must be programmed with a gentleness to their System. Other
    occupations, such as lawyers can be allowed to be ruthless. Many of the children have religious fronts
    labelled for their programming, and a very popular occupation for Illuminati men is to become
    clergymen. Religious leaders make up the majority of fathers of Monarch survivors that have sought
    help. Most Illuminati victims have parents who are important religious leaders, many of them top
    clergymen in the established churches. As the reader might expect, some tortures require that the child
    victim’s temperature, respiration, pulse and blood pressure be closely monitored.
    In recent times, the military and the science of psychology is paying attention to what they call Post
    Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD are the psycho-pathic debilitating effects of trauma and
    chronic nature of reactions to trauma. Intrusive flashbacks of the trauma will occur if the mind doesn’t
    protect itself from reminders of the trauma. The mind creates avoidance patterns to protect itself from
    thinking about the trauma. Panic symptoms occur when the person undergoes physiological arousal to
    traumatic cues. A trauma will create a certain “shatteredness” within the victim. The victim will develop
    life assumptions about being vulnerable, about having little personal worth, and that life is not fair. They
    may develop phobias to constantly check their environment for safety and constantly monitor others to
    make sure they are not mistreated. For centuries, warfare has taken place, and military men have
    experienced PTSD. However, a full description and investigation into the disorder has been done only in
    recent history. The U.S. military has prevented any serious counseling for their troops suffering from this.
    Peer “counselors” and rap groups were allowed, and misled by the army to believe that they would be
    adequate. PTSD will often lead to outbursts of rage, chronic depression, or borderline dysfunctions. The
    PTSD in Monarch victims is masked by the MPD/DID and the programming. Then in turn, the
    programming masks the MPD. When the programming is complete, front alters have been created which
    can function with smiles and cheerful attitudes, while underneath, the mind is full of shattered hurting
    alters, who the slave is unaware of. Self-punishment and social withdrawal are natural symptoms of
    PTSD, and the programmers have no trouble enhancing and programming these functions into their alter
    systems. Certain alters end up holding the anger, the fear, the social withdrawal, the guilt, and the desire
    for self-punishment. These are held in check by the programming, and take the body when the slave steps
    outside of the programmed path. The bad memories in the minds of men who suffer from PTSD have
    been noted to re-cycle and self-perpetuate themselves as they lie unresolved in the memory cells.
    Bad memories for the victims of Monarch programming are used to hold the MPD, the programming in
    place and also to keep the victim in compliance. In 1954, Maslow published his Hierarchy of Needs,
    which when applied to Monarchs and PTSD victims means that they can not progress in therapy until
    their survival and safety needs are met. However, the Programmers/abusers know that it is important to
    keep the slave away from safety. To this end, the Programmers employ people externally to monitor
    slaves, and internal alters in the victim’s mind to be monitoring alters and reporting alters. Reporting
    alters can always reach the Network of abusers via 1-800 telephone numbers which change every 2
    weeks. They can also call their handler. Reporting alters are very unemotional and serve as tape
    recorders which mechanically report any developments that might threaten the programming to
    their handler. Alters programmed to commit suicide are also built into the Systems. For instance, for a
    system hacker (an outsider, a deprogrammer) to work with the alters of an internal Grand Druid
    Council (aka Executive Committee alters, or Judge alters) or a System almost insures (99% of the time)
    the suicide of the Monarch slave.
    In 99% of the cases where Monarchs have come in for therapy, they still lack safety- which is a higher
    need than trying to break their programming. This is why so few people have really gotten free. To undo
    the programming, the victim needs safety. The programmers know this, and have set up almost fail-safe
    methods where the victim feels unsafe from their own system of alters, let alone Big Brother. Therapists
    call their Monarch victims “survivors”, but it’s a misnomer. In reality, they are still in the middle of
    ongoing abuse. Some therapists may mistakenly think that it is helpful to tell the victim, “These fears you
    are having are from the past.” Deliverance ministries may also try to stop the victim’s fears, without
    understanding the reasons behind the ongoing fear. Other chapters will deal with the extensive back up
    methodologies. At this point, it is mentioned in the context of this chapter to establish to the reader that
    the abuse and torture continue non-stop. Some of this would naturally occur anyway, but the
    Programmers enhance this naturally occurring phenomena many-fold to insure that the slave will
    continually abuse themselves. This means as time progresses, some Monarch systems are timed to shatter
    certain levels & to create new levels.
    If the Programmers want, they can shatter a front Christian alter level and create a new level of New Age
    believing alters to replace the original front. The abuse can be done by the victim themselves to
    themselves, because programming alters are given the ability to pull up horrific memories via codes.
    Those traumatic memories, which shattered the mind the first time, are still capable of doing it again
    when they are abreacted (that is relived by the body & mind). More and more people are experiencing
    working with someone with multiple personalities. However, very few multiples ever discover more than
    the front parts of their systems. Very few people, outside of the programmers, have much idea of
    what an entire system of alters is like, therefore some of the things that this book will describe will
    seem foreign to those people who have learned a little about multiplicity. There are several models to
    describe what happens inside a multiple’s brain as it develops multiple personalities. The brain is very
    complex. Recent brain research confirms that the brain was far more complex than imagined.
    In an average brain, there are 10,000,000,000 individual neuron (nerve cells). Each of these has 10 with
    100 zeros following it worth of interconnections. Often about 1/2 million different chemical reactions
    take place every minute in the average brain, and the number can be several times that during intense
    activity. A Monarch’s brain has been worked on to be even more active than a normal person’s brain. The
    left & the right side of the Monarch’s brain both work simultaneously, and the various personalities are
    all busy working simultaneously on different tracks. To describe the complexity of what is happening
    with someone’s mind which has been messed with so dramatically for years, means that at times only an
    approximate model is presentable. There are several terms which are used in speaking about multiples,
    which have developed several meanings. Unless these terms are correctly defined, misconceptions about
    them can cloud an understanding of what happens during Monarch programming.
    First, researchers have discovered that deep within a person, the brain truly understands in a pure
    awareness all about itself. This is true for everyone. This pure awareness has been given various names,
    including Hidden Observer. If a man is obnoxious and seems to have a total lack of awareness that he
    irritates people; just know that deep down an awareness realizes exactly what he is and what he does. The
    multiple’s brain at some deep awareness knows what has happened to it. The term Hidden Observer is
    fraught with danger though. A demonic entity called the Hidden Observer works hand in glove with the
    programmer to program the individual. The Hidden Observer is able to see everything the System does.
    The people who control the slave frequently call up the Hidden Observer to ask questions. In this case, it
    is a demonic entity, and yet it is this Hidden Observer, which each System has, that some therapists are
    trying to access to understand the System. This Hidden Observer only tells the truth to its Master, because
    it is demonic. The next term which is misunderstood is the term “the core”. The programmers set up
    various alters to pretend to be the core, and the core’s protector. The real core is quite hidden, and
    not placed within the regular grid of the alter system’s chart. It will take some explaining to convey what
    happens to the mind, and what the real core is.
    One thing discovered by research into the genetic transmission of learned knowledge by humans to their
    children was that people are born with certain fears. Snakes, blood, seeing internal body parts, and
    spiders are all things that people are born fearing. The phobias toward these things are passed down
    genetically from one generation to another. In searching for traumas to apply to little children, the
    Programmers found that these natural phobias which occur in most people from birth will work
    “wonderfully” to split the mind. Along this line, the following are samples of traumas applied to program
    (a) being locked in a small confined spot, a pit or cage with spiders and snakes. (b) being forced to kill,
    cut up, and eat innocent victims, (c) Immersion into feces, urine and containers of blood. Then being
    made to eat these things. These are standard traumas. Often a slave will experience not only all of the
    above, but many others before they reach 4 or 5 years of age. It is important to traumatize the child
    early before it has a chance to develop its ego states. By the way, when the child is placed into a small
    box with spiders or snakes, they will often be told that if they play dead the snake will not bite them. This
    carries out two things for the programmers, it lays the basis for suicide programs (i.e. “if-you-are-dead,
    then you-are-safe” thinking) and it teaches the child to dissociate. Traumas to split the mind are not just
    high voltage, or natural phobias, but encompass the full range of the emotional and spiritual being of the
    victim. The victim is eventually stripped of every spiritual or emotional resource by a variety of traumas,
    such as “blood orgies” where male and female genitals are cut, torture sessions on all types of medieval
    torture machines, staged events where actors imitating God, Jesus Christ, police, and therapists curse the
    victim, reject the victim, and even “kill” the victim in simulated drug deaths.
    Children are placed in hospitals in captive abusive conditions. Children are tied to innocent children
    which are systematically and brutally killed while the children are made to believe that they are guilty for
    the child’s punishment. Near death experiences such as drowning have become an art with these
    abusers. Trained dogs, monkeys and other animals are used to further traumatize the victims. An
    Illuminati slave will most likely have experienced all of the last few paragraphs above, plus much more.
    (Toby, was one of the trained NOTS chimpanzees. He was trained to be sadistic. The other trained
    chimpanzees at China Lake included “Gabie” or Gabriel, who tickled the victim while they were tied up;
    Rastice, who had a toy chest with diamonds, bracelets, & a scepter which electroshocked; Zoro, who
    could do anything mean; Elmore, who cuddled as a mother but ate raw flesh; plus others. An example of
    something said during programming with the chimps is, “THREE LITTLE MONKEYS IN A CAGE,
    DO, RE, ME, FA, SO, LA, TE, DO”.)
    Joseph Mengele, aka Dr. Green, was skilled at using German shepherd dogs to attack people. Mengele
    got a reputation in the Nazi concentration camps for using German shepherds, before he was brought over
    to America. He used dogs to help program American children. (The Process Church often uses German
    Shepherds too.) He was also skilled in abortions, and was involved in weird traumas involved with babies
    being born, or the simulated births of dead rats (or other gross things) from the vaginas of girls being
    programmed. When the Satanic cults tie their victims with wire for rituals, some of these people will lose
    their toes or fingers from the wire. At times little fingers and the top part of ring fingers are lost in Satanic
    cult rituals too. Many of the traumas and tortures are done by alters or persons who are sadistic. How does
    the Network get sadistic men to torture little children?
    Three different respectable studies (Harrower, 1976/ Milgram, 1974/ & Gibson 1990) show that
    essentially all human males can be taught to engage in sadistic behavior. There may be a few exceptions,
    but the point is that sadistic people are not in short supply for programming. Some of the alter systems
    have extremely brutal sadistic alters. In fact, the Mothers of Darkness alters are an important balancing
    point to prevent the sadistic male programmers from killing more of the children they are working on.
    These sadists get a laugh from hurting little children. The more pain, the more charge and excitement they
    get out of it. Sadists enjoy gaining total control over a person. In order to do this, they take charge over
    the little child’s basic body functions, such as sleep, eating, and pooping. They enjoy terrorizing the little
    child, so Monarch slaves end up watching hours of sadistic behavior done to others before they are
    even 5 years old. The worse the trauma, the more the sadistic programmers enjoy it. Sensory deprivation,
    forced labor, poisoning, and rape of every orifice of the child are popular tortures by the programmers.
    The child soon learns that he is at the mercy of crazy people who can only be satisfied by total
    submission, and the willingness to allow someone else to think for you. The child will be made to eat
    faeces, blood, or other disgusting things, while the programmer eats good meals.
    Some of this sadistic behavior is toward a goal. Cutting a person’s tongue and putting salt on it reinforces
    the no-talk programming. Making someone throw up to cause eating disorder programming. Dislocating
    shoulders to cause dissociation. When the child victim’s crying is heard, they immediately apply
    torture so the child thinks it will suffocate. This is behavior modification, & is covered later in Chapter
  57. This trains the child not to cry. Around age 3, a Black Mass, a sick evil communion, is performed
    which is so ugly, that the child hides in dissociation by creating a “locked-up”/or “obscure” child. This
    early flip provides a base for dark side programming. This ‘locked up’ child can have a powerful healing
    (with system wide effects) by being part of a positive love-filled commumon. There are many traumas
    which can be carried out, which leave no physical scars, but do leave the child with the deepest emotional
    and spiritual scars.
    This is often necessary when programming young children who the outside world will see soon after their
    programming session. Holding one’s arms out is a simple torture. Tickling and sensory deprivation are
    two tortures that leave no marks. Burial caskets, some outside and some at inside locations are often used
    on slaves. That is why many slaves fear being buried alive. The Programmers place all types of creepy
    insects in the caskets when they bury the person alive. Another type of sensory deprivation is done by
    placing the victim in salt water (for buoyancy and weightlessness). Then the victim is fitted with sensitive
    sensors that shock the person if the victim moves. The shock puts the person back into unconsciousness.
    The brain is trained to stop all external body movement from the conscious mind. This type of sensory
    deprivation is used to place in the posthypnotic commands to do something at some future date far
    into the future. The program is placed into the mind at the same primal level that the mind uses to tell
    the heart to beat. One of the “appropriate” tortures is to place a bar between a little girl’s legs which
    spreads the girl’s loins for rape. Then the bent spread legs are flapped, while the victim is specifically told
    she is a “Monarch butterfly”. Many victims have created butterflies in their minds while being raped. The
    programmers may tell some of their victims that out of caterpillar-worms come ‘beautiful butterflies’.
    While raping the child, the Programmers will describe their sperm fluid as “honey comb”, and will cry
    out “hallelujah” when they ejaculate. It doesn’t take long for the child to realize it has no ability to resist
    what is being done to it. The will of the child victim is destroyed, and in its place remains a pliable slave.
    If the slave doesn’t learn correctly, they receive more pain. A fish hook in the vagina is a popular one.
    Older males have their genitals hurt during additional or reprogramming sessions. They may have to eat
    the skin taken from their genitals. The mind of the victim is not only divided from itself, but the very
    process of torture, makes the victim distrustful of humans in general. On top of this distrust, the
    programmers will layer in programming to isolate the person from healthy relationships, which in turn
    increases the victim’s feeling of helplessness. They are divided from their own parts (their own self) and
    the world in general. For instance, the water, cave and sand tortures make the survivor fearful of oceans.
    The victim may be traumatized by being lowered on ropes or a cage on ropes into the water from a cliff,
    or may end up being buried alive in sand and watching the tide come in, or simply being totally buried
    alive in sand and abandoned.
    Black Holes
    For a while, the Illuminati was big on water torture because they had built into their systems a weakness
    that water would destroy the clone armies that protected programming, and they needed their slave
    systems to be fearful of water. Slaves are frequently lowered into black holes, or pits containing the
    scariest things possible. This is a frequent trauma, because the victim when left in a dark hole for hours
    or days without any contact with the world or water & food will develop deep emotional scars &
    dissociation rather than tale-telling signs of physical abuse. This torture is used essentially on all
    Monarch slaves.
    Water Deprivation & Electroshock
    Some of the traumas are done for specific medical reasons. For instance, the person is starved by only
    allowing, for instance. only 300 calories per day for a small woman of 125 lbs. Sugar & proteins are
    severely limited, so that the brain is starved into submission. Water deprivation, which is taught to
    parents who raise Monarch slaves, is used from time to time on slaves to raise the brain’s temperature
    which happens when the brain swells from lack of water. When the brain gets woozy & overheated
    it hallucinates and has a hard time remembering events. If water deprivation is combined with
    electroshock it makes it harder yet for the victim to remember anything. Heavy exercise along with long
    periods of little sleep (2-3 hours/day) causes an overproduction of endorphins in the brain and victims
    begin to robotically respond to commands. This was done to co-author Fritz under the pretense of military
    “training”. The other author, Cisco, experienced it as part of her mind-control. The brain under such stress
    may flip its functions from right to left & vice-versa. Hypnosis is easier when a brain is tired.
    Brain Reversals, ‘Pain is Love’
    Most victims remember being suspended upside down. This was honed to a fine art by Mengele with
    concentration camp victims, while records were made of how fast blood drained from a child or adult’s
    stomach when they were dunked upside down into a tank of ice cold water. The cold water tests supplied
    the data on temperature levels as consciousness faded. This information then was used later on in
    America to help the survival rate of children given the same trauma. Simply hanging a person upside
    down for one or two hours will begin to play tricks on the mind. The mind will begin to dissociate, and
    will begin to reverse the primordial brain functions such as pain is pleasure. The person’s mind
    rearranges. This is often done with Beta alters or Beta models to get them to think that the pain of sadistic
    rape is a pleasure. After this reversal in the mind that “PAIN IS LOVE”, the S&M kitten alters will beg
    their handler to slap them, tie them up, hurt them, etc. They will tease their handler, and tell him he is not
    a real man if he shows any mercy in how the pain is inflicted.
    Fire Torture
    Fire/burning torture is used in the Porcelain Face programming. The charismatic branch of the satanic
    Network (such as the Assembly of God churches) uses Porcelain Face programming. This is done by
    using wax masks upon the victim, and giving them fire torture. The person actually thinks that their face
    has melted. At that point, the programmer pretends to be a god & a hero, and tells the person he will give
    them a new face, a porcelain mask (these new faces by the way, look like the ones sold in so many
    stores). The memories of abuse are then hypnotically hid behind the masks. To take off the masks is to
    abreact & burn again. If anyone touches the faces of alters with Porcelain Gace programming, the alters
    will feel a burning sensation because their masks are not to be tampered with. This means that these alters
    have via torture & hypnosis, lost their own faces! This is part of the dehumanization process which is
    covered in Chapter 10, Part C. As long as these alters stay in denial of what has happened to them, they
    do not have to face the burn- torture memories. Some alters are tortured in a fashion that the eye area
    is traumatized and they squint the left eye. It look sthe way Baron Guy de Rothschild of France’s left
    eye looks. Guy de Rothschild is a major handler/programmer, but the reason for his drooping left eye is
    not known. Perhaps it was torture. The ritual aspect of trauma needs to be covered.
    By traumatizing someone on a specific day–say, repeatedly traumatizing them on their birthday–is far
    more damaging than just simply traumatizing them. The reason is that every time that person’s birthdate
    recycles, they are put back into their memories of abuse.
    Sexual abuse of a child is more powerful when it is put into the context of demonic magic. The
    abuser’s semen is magic and seals the programming. The ritual aspect of it, and the repetitive nature of
    the abuse creates several dynamics that accompany the abuse that wouldn’t occur in non-ritual abuse. The
    lie that accompanies such abuse is that this institutionalized abuse is an obligation for both the abuser and
    the victim. For instance, the mind-control of the Beast Barracks experience at West Point, USMA is an
    institutionalized abuse that allows the abuser to side step responsibility for sadistic behavior, and sets the
    stage for the abuse to be continued under the disguise of tradition.
    Finally, there is one more category of trauma: those which are employed to produce cosmetic looks. For
    instance, breast implants, or electro-shock is used to create moles at certain locations, either as a sign
    telling other handlers the extent of the programming, or for a Marilyn Monroe look. A “stage trick” is to
    use a multi-needle device to scar the skin tissue. The scar is made in a pattern (a popular one is the
    satanic Goat’s head of Mendes) which can be made visible by hypnotic command. This allows the
    handler to look powerful to uninformed viewers. (This is further discussed in Chapter 8.) This stage trick
    has been done by the occult world for centuries.
    During battles, soldiers have been known to wall off horrible events with amnesia walls. Just like the
    soldier who walls off a traumatic battle scene where he sees his buddy disembowelled by a grenade, so
    the child walls off trauma. However, the soldier must only endure a relatively small amount of trauma
    compared to the children who are programmed under the Monarch trauma-based mind control. A soldier
    may remember his trauma, by being triggered by something that reminds him of the trauma. Likewise, the
    child victim will have things that trigger its memory too. One way of describing the split, is to say that the
    child’s mind is saying, “This isn’t happening to me, its happening to some one else” and a split in the
    personality occurs.
    The new split will have the characteristics of what it split from. The programmer will ask the alter being
    tortured to create something in the mind when the split is created–such as “I want 12 white fluffy
    kittens.” The programmer, demons, and the child’s creativity work together with the dissociation to create
    alters. Those 12 white fluffy kittens will have the characteristics and memories of what they were made
    from. However, they are separated from each other by dissociation, and they will be given their own
    script and own separate identity by the programmer. The dissociation between some alters who are coconscious is not full blown amnesia. After the Programmer has instructed the child what alters he wants
    made when he tortures the child, the Programmer will inject a truth serum to determine whether the
    correct alters were made and the correct amount. The child’s creativity is being guided by torture.
    The Programmer will often also call up the Hidden Observer and ask it what has happened internally in
    the mind of the victim. Another better way of looking at what happens is to understand that the part of the
    brain that records personal memory–that is the personal history memory section, is divided up into little
    pieces by amnesia walls built to protect itself from the repeated traumas. Each section is walled off from
    another section by amnesia. Each trauma has an amnesia wall built around it. Each trauma memory is
    sectioned off. That walled off section is a piece of memory that will be identified, and a hypnotic cue
    attached by the programmers that will pull it up to the conscious mind. And further, if the programmers
    so desire, it can be given a history, a name, a job, and developed into a full-blown personality.
    It’s important to grasp that the entire mind is not sectioned off into parts. Some areas of the mind, such as
    the area that holds skills & talents, is available to all the alters who want to access that talent. The talent
    doesn’t belong to that alter, but to the System. Autobiographical memory is remembered differently than
    simple facts & skills involving primitive parts of the brain. A sense of time & a sense of self are attached
    to autobiographical memories–these things are stripped of an alter as it functions within the
    programming. Memory storage is also linked to the brain’s state of mind at the time. Hormones released
    at the time of an experience will modulate the strength of the memory of that experience. The limbichypothalamic system of the brain (which consists of the amygdala, hippocampus, cingulate gyrus, fornix,
    septum, certain nuclei of the thalamus, and the Papez circuit) has a central modulating part which
    interacts with peripheral hormones. Peripheral epinephrine will be released if the amygdala is electrically
    stimulated. The adrenal medulla releases epinephrine that is vital for memory storage. In other words,
    there are hormones which help the brain remember or not.
    A particular talent is not used by every alter. A non-sexual alter (an alter with an asexual identity) is not
    going to access talents involved in sexual foreplay. This is because memories are both occurrent states &
    also dispositions, and when a disposition is dissociated, the alter must maintain a different set of
    dispositions. A three year child alter is not going to access abilities to write. To do so for these alters
    would mean attacking the amnesia walls which hold horrible memories. They would mean going against
    the programming with its penalties, and their own understanding of “reality” which is the programmed
    story line that the alter has been convinced of under penalty of losing its life. To dissociate a memory and
    to take on a particular role and identity involves a constant re-interpretation of past events. It may also
    mean that the alter must contrive an interpretation of present events. The 3 year old may, for instance, see
    breasts but decide they belong to someone else in the system who they share the body with. This is in part
    dictated by the necessity of obscuring the pain of the trauma that separates the alter from the rest.
    Each day that the alter confronts reality, they will face the threat that old memories will not agree with the
    story line created. For instance, the handler’s sexual advances carried out in front of that asexual
    (nonsexual) alter must be misconstrued so that the illusion of not having been raped is continued. This is
    why normal life has a way of breaking down the multitude of lies and programming of the deeper alters,
    which live in a fantasy world created during the programming. The deeper alters have never had the
    chance to experience life outside of their programming, since they hold the body only at infrequent
    specialized moments which are disjointed in time. The alters created to be fronts to normally hold the
    body will be given lots of programming to help them hold onto certain denials, so that they will find it
    necessary to ignore or reinterpret dreaded associations linked with dissociated memories. For instance, a
    Christian front alter is sincerely very righteous and holy. The thought that this person (technically the
    alter’s System of persons) could have done the most horrible savage demonic activities is inconceivable.
    The memories of ritual are safely ignored, because the reality would undermine everything the person is.
    This phenomena is not just seen in memory dissociation, but also under hypnosis when a person accepts a
    suggestion which flies in the face of the reality they can see. If a person accepts the suggestion that there
    is no dog in the room, they will struggle internally to maintain that illusion. If asked to walk on a collision
    course with the dog, they will unconsciously move around it, and if asked why they stumbled around the
    dog, they will construct an artificial excuse, which is accepted even though it is transparently implausible.
    One of the Monarch Programmers Orne called this “trance logic. Trance logic are those ploys and
    strategies to maintain a dissociative or hypnotic hallucination. The frontal lobes of the cerebral cortex
    which are called the Brodmann areas no. 9-12 are responsible for a person’s own responses to
    circumstance–i.e. what some call “personality”. When the mind is split, this natural personality is not
    erased but rather is a collected pool upon which various responses from it are attached to various
    personalities”. Damage to these Brodmann areas tends to give an overall effect of making the person
    passive. The programming is not designed to damage these areas, only to control what emotions they
    contain are linked in memory to the various memory fragments that will be made into personalities.
    The reticular formation is the location of the brain’s mechanism which determines the state of
    consciousness all the way from alert, to hypnotic trance, to sleep, to coma. It interacts with the frontal
    lobes and the rest of the brain. Each memory is a function of several parts of the brain working together.
    Memory is a function of alertness/state of consciousness (reticular formation), the emotions (Brodmann
    Areas 9-12), the Thalami (priorities given to memories), and several complicated processes where the
    brain categorizes and interfiles the info with other remembered data. By building in amnesia walls
    between Event (personal history) memories, and by producing altered states of consciousness, the
    memories of a slave can be “nested” as the Programmers call it. “Nested” means that it is hidden behind
    several “locked doors” when the mind files the memory. Sometimes the person must go back to the
    altered state to recover a memory.
    The electro-shock also scrambles the brain’s filing of a memory, so that it is filed in bits and pieces.
    Because of the use of electro-shock, if memories do start surfacing they surface in pieces. Sometimes a
    complete memory will be held by thousands of parts who the mind must bring together to recover the full
    memory. It has been discovered that memory retrieval is best when the environment is identical to when
    the memory took place. If we memorize numbers underwater, we will recall them better underwater.
    Another thing discovered about trauma memories is that they are stored in the sensory motor processes,
    rather than just in the normal memory sites of the brain. These memories are called body memories, and
    they do not lie. The False Memory ‘Spindrome’ is way off base on their attacks, but then all of us who
    know the real story realize that they are just a coverup damage control scheme of the CIA.
    Let’s return to describing the “core” or that part of the brain which is intact at the beginning. If we pause
    to consider that a non-multiple person will experience struggles in their mind when simultaneous,
    overlapping but conflicting desires meet in conflict–i.e. “should I lay in bed, go to work, or go fishing
    today?” A particular part of the brain (a Synthesizing Self) is capable of ordering such a conflict–it
    transcends all these conflicting ego states. A single Synthesizing Self in the brain is likewise responsible
    for the de-synthesizing of the ego states. The victim in order to appease the programmers sets up different
    and opposite alters relative to a single System’s needs. The formation of alters is systematically and
    intelligently guided by the programmers, especially in the early stages. The alters are created to meet the
    needs of the System that the programmers impose upon it, and not to adapt to an abusive parent. Some
    therapists have failed to see that alter formation is not natural, but a maladaptive practice that is guided by
    the victim’s desire to please, and its fear of the programmers.
    The pool of abilities will be shared in different combinations among the various alters. An alter may have
    an unique ability that consists of subsidiary traits which may not be unique but are shared by other alters.
    As a child develops if certain areas of the brain are stimulated, then those areas grow. If they are not
    stimulated, then the brain will not grow brain cells in the area. In other words, experience shapes the way
    parts of our brains develop. The way brain cells grow–that is how they make their connections is believed
    by researchers to be the actual place that memory is held. The growth in connections in their meaningful
    ways creates meaningful patterns that make up memory. When memory storage occurs, changes in
    terminals of axons ending on the dendrites occurs. Dendrite spines (which look like trees) develop. One
    tree (dendrite spine) might look like an oak in winter — another might look like a mass of seaweed. For
    various reasons, as the brain of a multiple grows–it physically grows different than a normal person’s
    The brain can get around what has been done to it in some ways, but it needs to be borne in mind that we
    are not dealing with just bad memories–but brains which have had their physical makeup & functioning
    altered. It is interesting to see how each different alter has a different EEG profile. One of the primary
    brain areas affected by the torture and programming are the areas which store event (personal history)
    memory. These areas are the hippocampus and the cortex of the frontal brain lobes which work with the
    two thalamus. General knowledge is stored in the neocortex (the grey area of the brain or the outer thin
    layer. The brain has practically no limit to memory. However, it will select what it wants to remember,
    and it will decide how it will file what it remembers. Hypnotic suggestions to “forget” something often
    simply means the person remembers the event–but labels the file “forgotten”. Slaves are always under
    hypnotic suggestions to forget what they have experienced–however, usually the brain in actuality only
    appears to comply and then secretly records the event. Hypnosis will be dealt with in Chapter 4.
    All the programming of each & every slave is anchored upon some type of trauma. One of the first
    fundamental traumas will be watched, filmed, coded & used as an anchor. For instance, the most brutal
    rape of a girl by her father will be used as an anchor upon which to build the Beta programming. In chap.
    1 it was discussed how the primary severing of the core was incest. Extreme psychosis is created within a
    child trying to deal with the issues created by the incest from the child’s most important figure–their
    father figure. In Moriah’s slaves, this is the standard method to sever the core, & create an anchoring
    trauma. When Mayer Amschel Rothschild (orig. named Bauer) was on his deathbed, he demanded from
    his sons, that they protect the power of the House of Rothschild through incest. Electroshock can cause
    pain, but this is nothing compared to the confusion in the mind caused by incest issues. Entire worlds of
    loyal alters whose only function is loyalty to the biological incestual father are created in the slave.
    This world of loyal alters may be the Daisy world. The hardest bonding to break within Illuminati slaves
    is this bond to their incestual father. Non-Illuminati mind-controlled slaves are bonded to other people–
    the cult leader or programmer. Whatever fundamental trauma is decided upon, all the rest of the
    programming will be built upon that anchor in the victim’s mind (see Chapters 7 to 9 for further
    information on how the programming is layered in). This fundamental trauma is not the bottom BEAST
    computer which sets at the bottom of the subconscious mind. Internal computers are complex. This is
    simply an anchoring memory that the programmers begin with. In large systems, the programmers will
    choose an experience that all of the alters are familiar with. When large programmed alter systems come
    in for a major rehaul, the Programmers will call up section by section with the correct code words until
    they are all at the front of the mind. When this is done, thousands of alters are pulled up co-conscious &
    worked on all together. When this occurs it is an exceptionally big surprise for most alters who have lived
    their entire existence in dissociated isolation from other alters in their system. Why would the
    programmers do this? For several reasons, speed and the desire to have common anchoring experiences,
    & common programming imagery.
    Blood and perfume have been linked together in magic for thousands of years. The magical writing are
    full of the different concoctions created for ritual smells. Some of these over the centuries were smells
    which were discovered caused people to go into trance or dissociate. A common wretched smell at
    Satanic/Illuminati rituals is the smell of human flesh, as flesh is heated to make candles in wooden ritual
    cups. It is reported that the stench of human flesh burning can cause dissociation. The power of scents
    was noticed in ancient China by Li Po. The alchemists studied scents very carefully. The case at Loudon,
    Fr. (written about inChapter 10, pp. 295-296), had nuns going into different dissociative states at the
    smell of different flowers. Cinnamon is a widespread scent used in programming deeper parts in a system.
    The smell of faeces & urine is a trauma to a small caged child. Interestingly, urine also contains An-alpha
    which is the scent element which triggers the human mind sexually. Moriah knows how to use the various
    scents, incenses etc. Astral magic uses various perfumes.
    According to someone who has helped with the programming and Moon Child ceremonies, occasionally
    the child while in the womb when traumatized by the Moon Child rituals, retreats into its mind like a
    cocoon, and develops autism. Autism is an emotional problem where the child withdrawals from reality
    and goes into its own private world of altered states. The programmers for many years did not know why
    some children developed autism from the trauma rather MPD (DID), but in some cases it seems related to
    high I.Q. and genetics. The programmers are not able to reach such children, and essentially all were
    discarded into mental hospitals or used in rituals, until about 20 years ago when more and more of them
    were allowed to survive in public. An article “Altered States”, based on the Donna William’s
    autobiographical book Somebody Somewhere seems to buttress that autism can be mind-control duds.
    Williams is both autistic & MPD. Her book reveals that autistic children have acute sensory perception
    (intelligence) rather than retardation. There are different types of autism, and the authors do not
    understand the topic well enough to write much more than this. It is quite possible autism may have
    several causes, some which do not relate to the failure to become MPD (DID), but may be the result of
    some other cause. However, the increase in autistic children is believed by the authors to be the
    result of increased trauma-based mind control. MS (multiple sclerosis) is another side effect, which
    can stem from brain stem scarring.
    Several victims of Illuminati trauma, remember a special ritual torture device that is put inside a person
    and causes excruciating pain. It is made from only one kind of wood, a special wood, possibly myrtle. It
    has a painted spider on it, between two satanic symbols.
    In review, the elements that make up a single whole personality–family history, personal history and
    memories of abilities, talents and one’s self-image have all been stripped from the child when the mind
    divides itself up into sections walled off by amnesia walls. When the programmers work with each
    memory part, they have the option to give it all the elements of whatever personality they want it to have.
    They can even make it into an animal or an inanimate object, because that little fragment has no chance to
    contradict what it is being programmed to believe. Although the memory part of the brain (which
    provides a person’s personality) is divided, other parts of the brain function intact. Much of the elements
    of Monarch Mind Control are based on things that are observed in normal life–dissociation, mental &
    chemical dependence, denial, charisma, discipline, personality and torture which have been refined into
    skilled methodologies for controlling a person and then combined into a GROUP PACKAGE.
    Illuminati rituals are based upon the most ancient Mystery religions. The Rothschilds like the ancient
    Canaanite Mystery rituals, and use Akkadian-Hittite-Canaanite-Babylonian rituals. The rituals
    from ancient Egypt are also heavily used by the Illuminati. The Collins -Sinclairs-type Illuminati
    bloodlines and some of the other Illuminati families with a northern European/celtic background, are very
    much into Druid rituals. Understand that historically, the Druids gave up paganism for the truth of
    Christ, but now neo-paganism would have people return to what the Celtic leadership gave up about two
    thousand years ago. The drawings below were done by participants in high level satanic ritual. The one
    participant drew several pictures of hearts which her coven placed into jars. Some illustrations from the
    Egyptian Book of the Dead are included to show that the rituals of keeping hearts in a jar is straight
    from the Egyptian Book of the Dead. The heart was placed in a jar for weighing it for judgment. The twin
    (mirror-image) goddess Maat at times stands beside the scales, and at the same time Maat is also placed
    onto one side of the scale. This is similar to Christ judging a person, while also being the standard against
    which a person is judged against. In the Papyrus of Qenna the head of Anubis is on the beam and the
    ape, wearing disk and crescent, is seated upon a pylon-shaped pedestal beside the balance. Another
    picture shows Horus holding Maat in his hand, weighing the heart in the presence of the Maat goddesses,
    and Anubis, who is holding the deceased by the hand, is presenting the heart to Osirus while Isis and
    Nephthys in the forms of apes sit nearby. The drawing of the ritual stick shows what one type of stick
    used in Satanic rituals looks like.
    By Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler
    The science of Pharmacology (drugs) has given the Programmers a vast array of mind-altering and bodyaltering drugs. Some of the drugs are not used to directly alter the mind, but to change the body (makethe
    skin burn), or make the person vomit, or some other reaction that can be harnessed to further their
    nefarious programming goals. If they want a little girl to develop breasts they might give her hormones.
    Neuroscientists are now familiar with chemicals which cause personality traits. If one wants to create
    raving paranoia, simply provide the brain with too much dopamine in the emotional centers of the brain
    and too little dopamine in the seat of reasoning area of the brain. Reduce serotonin in the person and the
    person will be unable to connect disagreeable consequences with what provoked them. In other words,
    they can’t protect themselves from danger. Thorazine was used regularly at the CIA’s Jonestown, Guyana
    group control experiment. Survivors of Jonestown have testified as to its effectiveness. After this
    gruesome experiment in mind control came to its end with a massacre, large amounts of drugs were
    discovered. Just one footlocker at Jonestown alone contained 11,000 doses. The authorities prevented
    chemical autopsies of the bodies to insure secrecy of this sophisticated concentration camp which was
    used for medical and psychiatric experimentation by the CIA. An examination of the drugs that are used
    in mental hospitals to alter the minds of patients offers a clear indication of what is being used in the
    Monarch Mind Control programming.
    Drugs Used for Mind Control
    The CIA/Illuminati programming centers have more than 600-700 different drugs at their disposal. The
    following is a partial list of the drugs available for their mind-control (aka MK-Ultra Programming). They
    can make a person feel like he is in heaven, or burning in hell. The drugs are at times used with elaborate
    light, sound and motion shows that produce whatever effect the programmer wants to produce. They can
    make a person believe he is shrinking, or that he is double (with mirrors), or that he is dying. Before
    describing how drugs are used for programming & control, let us list a few which we know have been
    used. This list comes from CIA documents obtained from the Freedom of Information Act and from what
    Multiples used as Programmers remember. Many of the new synthetic drugs are known only to the
    Illuminati/Intelligence community.

• 2-GB (aka CBR, this is a strong hallucinogenic which also helps telepathic communication)
• 2-CT2 (produces dark, earthy visual patterns)
• Acetylcholine (for EEOM, EDOM, and for blocking memory)
• Adrenalin
• Aktetron
• Alcohol
• Ambien
• Aminazin
• Amobarbital (hypnotic sedative)
• Amobarbital sodium (hypnotic sedative)
• Amphetamine (addictive)
• Amphetamine sulphate
• Analasine
• Anectine (succinylcholine, a strong muscle relaxant that makes one feel suffocated and drowning.
The person feels terror at thinking he is dying.)
• Anhalamine
• Anhalidine
• Anhaline
• Anhalonidine
• Anhalonine
• Anhalonium
• Aphrodisiacs (sexual manipulation by programmers)
• Aphyllidine
• Aphyllin
• Aprobarbital (hypnotic sedative)
• Atropine (speeds heart rate given with l.V.) Atrosine
• BZ (designer drug ten times more powerful that LSD, produces amnesia)
• Bambusa
• Banisterine
• Baradanga (truth serum which makes people willing to follow any command)
• Barbiturate
• Belladonna (a traditional drug of witches since the middle ages).
• Benzidrene (Benzedrene, stimulant used w/ other drugs)
• Benzocaine
• Bromoharmine
• Bulbocapnine (causes a catatonia and stupors)
• Butabarbital sodium (hypnotic sedative)
• Butyl-bromallyl-barbituric acid
• Caffeine
• Caffeine sodium
• Calcium Chloride
• Cannabidiol
• Cannabinol
• Cannabis (aka Marijuana, a sedative, change in perception, colors and sounds more distinct, time
distorted. This drug is not used much in Monarch Programming because it IMPEDES mind
control. It has been experimented with in combination with other drugs as an interrogation tool.
The CIA listed it as being used in MK-Ultra, but it served as an experimental drug rather for
• Cannabol
• Caramine
• Carboline
• Carbrital
• Caroegine
• Chloral hydrate (a hypnotic sedative, the active sedative ingredient is the metabolite
trichloroethanol, goes to work in about 30-60 minutes, aka Noctec)
• Cocaine (addictive, blackmail, the availability of cocaine may pull up certain alters who are
addicted to it)
• Coffee
• Coramine
• Curare (to paralyze the body)
• Delvinyl sodium
• Demerol (a hypnotic, also given as a reward for good learning after an induced headache, is used
in the Scramble programming where the victim must overcome its effect to concentrate on what is
being said)
• Desoxyn (used with Sodium Pentothal for hypnotic trance)
• Dexedrine (amphetamine)
• Di benzo pyran derivatives
• Dicain
• Doral
• Dramamine (aka dimenhydrinate, stops motion sickness)
• Drobinal (for quick access)
• Ecstasy (aka XTC, Adam, MDMA, this is an illegal designer drug, but it’s used by the
government & cult programmers. Empathogens, like Ecstasy, enhance trust between the recipient
& the programmer. It’s effect lasts for several hours.)
• Ephedrine (stops hypotension)
• Ephetamine
• Epinephrine (adrenaline)
• Ergot
• Ergotamine
• Ethanol (to inebriate the victim to induce certain behavior)
• Ethchlorvynol (hypnotic sedative)
• Ethyl harmol
• Epicane
• Escrine
• Estazolam (hypnotic sedative)
• Ethclorvynol (hypnotic sedative, effect begins 30 mm. after digestion, addictive, aka Placidyl)
• Ether
• Ethinamate (hypnotic sedative, aka Valmid)
• Eucaine
• Eucodal
• Eukotal
• Eunacron
• Evipal
• Evipan
• Evipan sodium
• Flurazepam hydrochloride (hypnotic sedative)
• Genoscopolomine
• Glutethimide (hypnotic sedative, has withdrawal symptoms, aka Doriden)
• Halcyn (blocks explicit memory by impairing hippocampal processing)
• Haliopareael (tranquilizer)
• Harmaline
• Harmalol
• Harman
• Harmine
• Harmine methiodide
• Harmol
• Heroin
• Hexacol
• Histadyl
• Histamine (causes changes in the skin)
• Hydractine (or Hydrastine)
• Hypoloid soluble hexabarbitone
• Icoral
• Indole
• Indole methyllarmine
• Insulin (shock for amnesia)
• Ipecac (to induce vomiting for eating disorder programming)
• Largatil (a powerful tranquilizer)
• Lophop-nine
• Lorazepam (sleep induction, may destroy memory of previous day)
• LSD-25 (Used to program alters to cut their veins; they want to end their nightmare by cutting
what seem like white rivers w/ black threads or other scary delusions. Can cause psychosis &
other effects. It’s used in small amounts for interrogations. Its active ingredient is psilocybin
which can create anxiety & a fear of death.)
• Lyscorbic acid
• MDA (this is a cross between mescaline and amphetamine speed)
• MDMA (also known as Adam, this is Ecstasy, see under Ecstasy for more information)
• MDE (aka Eve, puts someone into a strictly intellectual head trip)
• Manganese chloride
• Mellaril (mood changer)
• Methaqualone (hypnotic sedative)
• Methotrimeprazine hydrochloride (hypnotic sedative)
• Methy-cocaine
• Methy-prylon (aka Noludar, helpful for hypnosis, side effects are a hangover & skin rashes.)
• Metra-ol
• Midazolam hydrochloride (hypnovel, versed, hypnotic sedative which can cause amnesia)
• Morphine
• Morphine hydrochloride
• Narco-imal
• Nembutal
• Niacin (helpful to stop an LSD trip)
• Nicotine
• Nicotinic acid (stops LSD drug effect)
• Nikthemine
• Nitrous oxide
• Novacaine
• Nupercaine
• Pantocaine
• Pantopone
• Parahyx
• Paraldehyde (hypnotic sedative, produces sleep in 15 mm., has a strong odor & disagreeable taste)
• Pellotine
• Pentobarbital (hypnotic sedative)
• Pentobarbital sodium (hypnotic sedative, if mixed with dextro amphetamine sulfate it will half the
stage 1 dream time when REM sleep ocurs)
• Pentothal acid (helpful for hypnosis)
• Pentothal sodium
• Percaine
• Pernoston
• Peyotl (interrogation, hallucinations)
• Pheactin
• Phenamine
• Phenolic acid (injected into expendable children’s hearts to kill them)
• Pehyl-thio-urethanes
• Picrate
• Picrotoxin
• Procaine
• Propranolol (calms the mind so it can function better)
• Pulegone-orcinol
• Pulegone-olivetol
• Pyrahexyl
• Pyramidon
• Quazepam (hypnotic sedative)
• Quinine
• Reserpine
• Salsoline
• Scapalomine S. (good amnesia drug)
• Scopolomine (truth serum that makes people willing to do whatever they are told)
• Scopolomine aminoxide hydrobromide
• Scopolomine-phetamine-eukotal
• Secobarbital sodium (hypnotic sedative)
• Sodium Amytal (hypnotic sedative that reduces REM sleep time)
• Sodium barbital
• Sodium dielvinal
• Sodium evipal
• Sodium pentobarbital (nembutal)
• Sodium Pentothal (truth serum for interrogation, can be used with hypnosis, can be used with
Desoxyn, given in an IV)
• Sodium phenobarbital
• Sodium rhodanate
• Sodium soneryl
• Sodium succinate
• Sodium thioethamyl
• Somnifen
• Stovaine
• Strychnine
• Styphnic acid
• Sulfazin
• Sympatol
• Synhexyl
• Telepathine
• Tetra-hydro-cannabinol acetate
• Tetra-hydro-harman
• Tetra-hydro-harmine
• Tropacocaine
• Tropenone
• Temazepam (hypnotic sedative)
• Thallium (confuses thinking)
• Thorazine (helps bring one out of an LSD trip)
• Tranquility (a designer drug for programming that makes the victim compliant, like Baradanga)
• Triazolam (hypnotic sedative, somewhat rapid)
• Yageine
• Yohimbine sulphate
• Zolpidem tartrate (hypnotic sedative)
When the victim’s body is saturated with all the drugs they can assimilate, they will receive herbs, which
often have a drug effect.
• Ayahuasca (a vine of Brazil whose alkaloids such as Telapatin are said to produce a telepathic
state where the recipient can see through people like glass and read their minds.)
• Bayberry (hemorrhaging)
• Calamas (part of a cerebral tonic)
• Cayenne Pepper (stimulant)
• Charcoal (absorbent cleanser)
• Caladium sequinum (injected into body parts to cause excruciating pain)
• Clove Oil (placed in nose for relief from the pain of dental tortures)
• Hemlock (a poison, used more to kill than for programming)
• Hops (sleep aid aka Beerflower)
• Lady’s Slipper (relaxant)
• Kava Kava (sedative)
• Mistletoe (for dizziness, and lower blood pressure)
• Narcissus (anaphrodisiac for males)
• Opium (enchanting trip)
• Potions (made from roots, powders, dried blood and animal parts are given.)
• Rosemary (mild heart tonic)
• Saffron (sedative)
• Sage (part of a cerebral tonic)
• Sandlewood & henbane (when burned the fumes cause convulsions & temp. insanity)
• Skullcap (relaxant)
• Sunflower Seed Oil (this may be used to help with brain stem scarring)
• Valarium Root (works just like Valarium, also helps cramps)
• Witch Hazel (hemorrhaging)
• Yerba Mate (part of a cerebral tonic)
A Brief History of the Use of Drugs
Religious groups, shamans, medicine men, witches and cults have been using mind altering drugs
throughout history. The medieval witches used potions of hemlock and aconite for their flying ointments.
These are herbs (natural drugs) which will create delirium. Contemporary witnesses reported that covens
during the medieval ages would apply the potion of hemlock and aconite to cause their new witch to go
delirious, and then would transport the person to the Sabbat, where they would be told they flew there.
The Haitian satanic Vodoun cult, which has been manipulated by the CIA/Illuminati, has sorcerers called
bokors. The Vodoun cult in Haiti is being used for trauma-based mind control. One of the items of the
cult is to take the plant Datura stramonium and add this plant with other things. The plant is the active
ingredient of a potent psychoactive drug, the “zombi cucumber” which produces amnesia and a pseudodeath of the victim. The brain doesn’t die, but the mind is shut off. The victim is brought back to life as a
zombie–a slave of the bokor. The powder to create a zombi is called zombificant in French-creole. The
ceremonies to kill and resurrect the zombie are full of magic and demonology also.
Magic, drugs and demonology have always gone hand in hand. Drugs remove the part of the will that
prevents demonic possession. Drugs are considered powerful demonizing substances by the those skilled
in Demonology. If demonic possession is seen as part of mind-control, then cocaine, hashish, crack, and
some of the other drugs are part of the effort to enslave people. (The power of magic to kill, just as the
power of faith can heal, will be discussed in chapter 10.) In Basutoland in Drakersbergs, the Zulu
witchdoctors use drugs and trauma to create tokoloshes (mind-controlled zombie slaves). It is said that in
recent years, they are using less children and more baboons and monkeys to get tokoloshes. The point is
that drugs have been and continue to be used by the occult world for controlling people.
The intelligence agencies working through the U.S. government financed drug research. An example is
that Dr. Beecher of Harvard University was given via the U.S. Army Surgeon General’s Office $150,000
to investigate “the development and application of drugs which will aid in the establishment of
psychological control.” Research into drugs for mind-control began in 1947 at Bethesada Naval Hospital
in Maryland. A CIA report described this research as to “isolate and synthesize pure drugs for use in
effecting psychological entry and control of the individual.” At the California Medical Facility at
Vacaville, Dr. Arthur Nugent, conducted research into drugs for mind control under the auspices of the
CIA. The Bureau of Narcotics worked with the CIA to establish “safe houses” where drugs which were
seized were given to victims. Some other hospitals which began working with the intelligence agencies
with dispensing drugs for mind control include Mount Sinai Hospital, Boston Psychopathic Hospital,
University of Illinois, University of Michigan, University of Minnesota, Valley Forge General Hospital,
Detroit Psychopathic Clinic, Mayo Clinic, the National Institute of Health, and Letterman Hospital in the
Presideo, CA. The military did drug research/programming at the Army Chemical School in Ft.
McClellan, AL and at the Edgewood Chemical Center. In 1958, Dr. Louis Gottschalk, working for the
CIA suggested that addictive drugs be used to control people. Some GIs who became addicted to pain
killing drugs were subsequently blackmailed by withholding the painkillers until they complied with the
demands asked of them. Cocaine has been frequently given to Monarch slaves to get them addicted and
give their handlers more control over them. There is spray cocaine, and powdered cocaine, etc. Because
the Monarch slaves are used to haul drugs and to launder the drug money, they are right in the middle of
large supplies of drugs. If you hear the expression “The snow is falling” it is the Network’s lingo for
cocaine. Cocaine is reported to give people a feeling of power and to act as an aphrodisiac.
Applications for Drugs in Programming
Drugs are used during programming. Although drugs used to assist programming mean nothing to the
common person, they each have a specific purpose within a certain type of programming. Some specific
uses for drugs during programming include:
• Putting people into trance
• Teaching alters to go deeper into trance to escape drug effects
• Enhancing the trauma
• Eroducing out of body experiences e. creating pain
• Creating blood vessels that hurt, a pulsating pain, that runs through the body
• Controlling histamine production
• Helping create illusions such as no hands, no feet, no face, no head etc.
• Teaching alters to stay in position
• To assist other programming modalities, such as high tech harmonic machines, which implant
thoughts. (The machines are used in conjunction with designer drugs.)
• Hormones, for instance GnRH, which regulates the physiology of the sexual growth, and is given
to speed up sexual growth. Other body developments may also be manipulated.
• To enhance or reduce memory
• To build the image of the programmer’s power
At this point, it is appropriate to point out that the personalities of a multiple do not respond uniformly to
the same dose of the same drug. Understanding how a drug will effect particular alters is a science in
itself. If an alter is holding the body, it will receive more of the effect of a drug. Let’s say Paraldehyde is
given to a multiple. A possible reaction would be that some alters will feel no effect, some will be sedated
to a drunken stupor, and child alters may be unconscious or hyperactive. Chloral hydrate might put some
alters to sleep while others remain wide awake. Sometimes the personality holding the body may fight the
influence of a drug to keep the body. Prochlorperazine is sometimes given by therapists to help alters
cope with nausea and vomiting. Most alters will be programmed not to accept drugs except from their
master. Lithium suppresses alter switching in some systems. An alter to “protect” the system from the
therapist’s helpful medications may develop “allergic” responses. Alcohol is a drug. The reaction of an
alter System to it will again be varied.
Child alters may become unconscious, while the adult alters don’t even become inebriated by large
quantities of hard liquor. Within males, dangerous violent personalities may take the body. Within the
medical world, often an approximate correct dosage will work. However, with the programming the doses
must be extremely fine tuned. Some of the best skilled medical doctors and assistants help with the
programming. The Illuminati will initially give the small child a small dose of a drug. They will chart its
effect, give it a urinalysis to see how long it stays in the body etc. This is just the testing stage, they are
not doing any programming. A number of drugs will be tested, but only one at a time. They clear a child’s
body of a drug before they give it another one. They prefer not to mix meds. They will start small to
insure they don’t overdose and then increase the dosage until they notice the correct behavior pattern.
This will be charted in detail on the slave’s chart. Each child’s body chemistry is different, so the
suggested dosages are only ball park figures which are not precise enough. If too much of a drug is given,
the programmers can easily turn a child into a psychotic basket case. One of the secrets of the
Illuminati/Intelligence agencies is that they have secret antidotes for most medications, which, if they
have to give them to a child, then they will. They will use an antidote, for instance, to keep a child from
going into heart failure. The Programmers will have some helpful drugs and herbs on stock too. It is
reported that Glutamic Acid (1000 mg. 3 times/day) will take care of the intense headaches that alters get
from lots of switching. Witch hazel leaves and comfrey root will help internal bleeding.
Putting people into trance
About 90% of the population can be placed into the somnambulistic (the deepest) hypnotic trance
possible simply by giving them hypnotic drugs. The prior list on pages 47-50 gives over 2 dozen drugs
that can be used to assist taking someone in hypnotic trance. Special drugs have been designed which will
place someone into a deep trance very quickly. If an alter is not being cooperative when they are
accessed, they can be locked in place mentally and given a quick shot of a fast-acting hypnotic-inducing
drug. One drug which was popular for programming was demerol, which would be administered
intravenously (an IV). It takes about 5-7 minutes to take full effect after administration via an I.V. The
dosage can be administered so that the effect remains until the programming session is over. It may be
administered about every half hour if appropriate. Children will receive 1 to 2.2 mg/kg dose. Another
drug, a truth serum, also consistently works on people making them totally compliant to any directive.
Under Baradanga people will give their bank account numbers and anything else a person might want.
These type of drugs are almost sufficient in themselves to get compliance out of a person. If one realizes
that these drugs are used in conjunction to torture, elaborate systems of lies and deception, trauma-bonds,
and all the rest of the sciences of mind-control used in the programming, it is easy to see how they are
producing totally compliant human robots.
Teaching alters to go deeper into trance to escape drug effects and pain
Much of the training in this area is based upon the child’s horror and fear toward the all powerful master
programmer. When the programmer wants the child’s alters to learn to trance deeper, he will give a drug
that the alter doesn’t like. The child’s alter will then be told to go deeper into the mind if they want to
escape the effect of the drug. This enforces the dissociative state being trained for the alter. The
suggestion or story line that is given to the alter is frequently the picture of a train. The child is told that
the conductor is at the front of the train, but he must move to the back of the train through the train cars.
The child is taught to count cars when they go by as if they were steps in the mind. This is training the
child to descend into deeper levels of the subconscious. The train illustration has been used by
programmers when they want the child to remember the drug experience. The programmer wants this
experience remembered–at least for a while because it helps increase the child’s fear. If the programmer
wants the child to forget the drug experience while learning trance depths, then the imagery of a plane
taking off and disappearing in the clouds works.
Enhancing the Trauma
Drugs will be used to enhance the spinning effect when the mind is being programmed to have vortexes
and to set up traps within the slave’s mind. One particular drug enhances the trauma by 100 times. Drugs
can be useful for instance, to enhance a child’s terror of the experience of this child being placed in a
small box in the fetal position for 24 hours. This helps shorten the programming time, and it also makes
the programming more intense. The programmers know what antidotes to give to pull the child out of the
enhancement. Marijuana enhances perception of color and noise, but it is not used to enhance trauma. The
mind does not program well under marijuana. That is why there has been such a big campaign to keep it
illegal, even though many studies show it to be safer than alcohol.
Producing Out-of-Body Experiences
Various hallucinogenic drugs, LSD included, will produce an out of body experience for the victim, if the
drugs are administered correctly. The Programmer will prepare the victim with various information and
story lines during the administration of the drug. Monarch slaves are being deprogrammed, they may have
a memory where their skin feels inflamed and itchy, like a bad mosquito bite. The experience may also
have the sensation of floating in an unreal world. This may well be an LSD trip given the slave during
experimentation and programming. The CIA was using LSD beginning in the very early part of the
1950s. Several victims report that some type of potion causes a person to dream while they are awake.
PCP which is “angel dust” is one way to disconnect the cortex from the limbic system and go into an
altered state.
Creating Pain
This is done with a long list of drugs. Drops of salt water and pepper water are applied to the eyes of
victims to make their eyes sting. Another pain in the eye takes place when lights are flashed signalling, “I
love you, I love you not.” The child is pulled two ways by this message. Dr. Green (Mengele) enjoyed
pulling daisy petals while saying these words. If the last petal was “I love you not.” the child would be
put to death. Surviving children were left traumatized.
Creating Blood Vessels that Hurt
Blood pressure is raised by drugs and then certain drugs are added which make the veins burn. The alter
is taught to cut the burning veins. This is programming which is laid in to control the slave from straying
from the script he or she is given. If they stray, then a cutting program is activated which was laid in via a
combination of drugs in the method just stated.
Controlling Histamine Production
The control of histamine production is an important secret ingredient to the Monarch Mind Control. The
breast implants placed into women help stimulate histamine production, which is used in conjunction
with drug-assisted programming (See Chapter 8.)
Helping Create Illusions such as no hands, no feet, no face, no head etc
A programmer working with a hallucinogenic drug can make an alter believe that it has lost a particular
body part. Because most of these alters have little memory or no memory and little frame of reference,
what they are told while under the influence of drugs seems very real to them.
Teaching Alters to Stay in Position
Some alters don’t like to stay in position. But through the use of drugs, and the side effect of drugs, they
soon learn the importance of staying in position. If they are disobedient, the memory of the bad side
effects from not staying in position in the mind can be pulled up by a code and the alter can relive the
pain from having disobediently moved from position. This is very effective in teaching alters to stay in
their little position that is assigned them in the mind.
To assist other programming modalities, such as high tech harmonic machines, which implant thoughts.
(The machines are used in conjunction with designer drugs.) An example of how drugs can be important
is as follows. The neurons in the hippocampus which is part of the memory process use acetylcholine.
Drugs that block acetylcholine interfere with memory. The neurons and the chemical neural transmitters
are understood much better today. Where and how a thought is created in the brain is understood by the
programmers in detail. No one is in a position to physically prevent the Illuminati and others from taking
their children and others to labs where chemicals and harmonics can be used in sophisticated computer
guided ways to implant thoughts into the children’s minds. As the child’s brain is shaped according to its
environment, the level of everyday brain chemicals and the shape of the various areas of the brain can be
determined by the programmers. This is why a recent article on Prozac (Newsweek, Feb. 7, 1994) uses a
quote from Alice In Wonderland for its title, “One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small”.
This article (on page 38) quotes brain researcher Restak, “For the first time, we will be in a position to
design our own brain.” On the previous page in big letters it reads, “Scientific insights into the brain are
raising the prospect of made-to-order, off-the-shelf personalities.”
Another programming modality assisted by drugs is behavior modification. Aversion therapy using a
vomit-inducing drug is used on children. Another example of drugs helping assist programming is to give
someone LSD and then interview the child while it is hallucinating. The hallucinations are then used as
programming building blocks by using hypnotic techniques. One way to build on a LSD trip is to tell the
child if they ever do a particular thing (such as touch programming, remember programming, and
integrate parts, etc.) the victim is to go crazy and hallucinate like they are presently doing. This means
that they will be locked up in a crazy house for the rest of their life. Rather than be put in straight-jackets
with other crazy people it would be better for the person to commit suicide. By constantly reinforcing this
message, some alters will adopt the script “that they are doing the body good to kill it if any alter
personality touches the programming,” because otherwise the body will be locked up in a crazy house.
Drugs are used in programming to establish a pattern or a script. There must be a pattern of dissociation.
Parts can’t just dissociate into nothing, otherwise there would be nothing to build on. Drugs will play a
major role in the structuring of the alter system, which is covered in chapter 7.
The child doesn’t know where the effect of the drug is coming from. The programmer will take credit for
the power of the drug. Whoever administers the drug has power in the child’s mind. The mind wants to be
safe. I am familiar with a recent example here in Oregon of someone who escaped from being sacrificed
at a Satanic Ritual. The legal system told the woman she was crazy when she reported to the police that
she had escaped from a Satanic Ritual where they were going to sacrifice her. To control her, the judge
ordered 3 types of antipsychotics, twice the normal dose of two kinds of lithium carbonate to put her into
a lethargic stupor, Paxil as an antidepressant, and Benztropine mesylate as an antiparkinsonian agent. The
antipsychotics were Thiothixene, Thioridazine hydrochloride, and Perphenazine which are all addictive.
This woman may or may not be a multiple. But this clearly shows the type of mental control via drugs
that could be slapped onto someone who dares report Satanic activity to an establishment which has been
sadly corrupted from top to bottom. One victim of government mind control tried to get free. The first
psychiatrist the person tried to go to was cooperating with U.S. Intelligence and gave her Stelazine, which
aggravated the victim’s situation. When the victim spied a general’s uniform in the closet of this
psychiatrist, she got another psychiatrist, who unfortunately turned out to be an ex-DoD employee. He
placed her on Haldol Decanoate, Klonopin, and Benzatropine. The combined effect of these drugs is to
erase memory, and create a dissociative disorder. All of the drugs were highly addicted. Another fleeing
victim was given Trazodone by a physician who was cooperating with the Intelligence agencies. This
almost gave the victim a heart attack because it aggravated her heart condition. And yet another escaping
victim apparently also fell prey to dirty CIA doctors who were practicing in public without warning
people of their intelligence connections. This victim was given a combination of Compazine and Xanax,
in dosages that the Physicians Desk Reference warns against. The doctor, who prescribed this, worked out
of an office named after an MK Ultra programmer. There are other important things to mention about
when drugs are used in Monarch programming. Some of the cautions that the programmers are alert to
a. watching the heart so that it doesn’t stop. Many of the children who have been programmed have died
from heart failure. The programmers are very careful to have heart momtors on the victim, and to have
paddles ready to revive the body. Because so much of their drugging affects the heart, they accept that
they will lose a few to heart failure.
b. making sure that drugs aren’t given to children who are allergic to them. The programmers take the
time to insure that they have the family histories of allergies to drugs, and they will test the children too,
before proceeding with drugs. They not only learn the family & individual responses to drugs, but they
can test during programming to determine a drug’s blood level in a child. For instance, pentobarbital at a
blood level of 5 mcg/ml aids hypnosis, at 15 makes the victim comatose with reflexes, and at 30 makes
the person comatose w/ extreme difficulty in breathing. In everyday life, 30 mcg/ml would kill the child.
Pentobarbital blood levels can be tested by an enzyme multiplied immunoassay technique. For longeracting Phenobarbital gas chromatography is used. TCA’s are tested by radioimmunoassay, high-perf.
liquid chromatography & thin layer chromatography. Some hypnotics are tested by colorimetry,
photometry, & spectrophotometry.
c. switching to herbs when the body is saturated with drugs. When the child’s body has had all the
manufactured drugs it can absorb, the programmers switch to a vast collection of natural herbs.
d. providing the antidote for AIDS. Monarch slaves are routinely given the antidote for AIDS and have
been since the 1960s-1970s.
e. knowing how much of a drug each part can take, small young alters can’t take as much. Multiples
within a single system have varying levels of tolerance toward drugs. A small child alter may be killed by
an adult dosage, even though the age of the body is that of an adult. The programmers are acutely aware
of how to deal with multiple personalities.
f. providing salt to balance the electrolytes in the mind of a programmed multiple personality. An
electrolyte imbalance can cause a multiple personality’s mind to go wacky and start spinning. The
Multiple could possibly go into shock and die. The programmers are very experienced in understanding
the unique requirements of a multiple personality.
g. An important plant extract for watching brain wave activity is the large plant enzyme horseradish
peroxidase (HRP).
Perhaps it would be worthwhile to briefly mention that all the major chemical and drug companies are run
by the Illuminati. It would take a book to explain who controls what and how they connect in, and this
author could write it. Instead, we will try to give a quick over view. Rather than cover 2 dozen large drug
companies, three major drug companies have been randomly selected to show a quick view of how all the
drug companies are deeply involved with Monarch mind-control programming. Since the purpose of this
book is to show how the mind control is done–this sample of names is given only to convey to the reader
that the drugs that the Illuminati/Intelligence agencies need are never in short supply. And the labs to
develop designer drugs for mind-control are not in short supply either.
ELI LILLY CO. — Trustee of Eli Lilly Endowment Walter William Wilson – Illuminati, married to
Helen Scudder (of the wealthy powerful Scudder family), prominent partner of Morgan, Stanley & Co.
controlled by Henry Morgan also a member of the Illuminati. Executive Vice-pres. of Eli Lilly Landrum
Bolling, represented Eli Lilly at the secret annual Dartmouth conferences, overseen by the Illuminati.
Chairman of Eli Lilly Richard D. Wood, dir, of the Rockefeller’s Standard Oil, Chemical Bank of NY,
and the Amer. Enterprise Inst. for Public Policy Research. Dir. Eli Lilly C. William Verity, Jr., dir. Chase
Manhattan Bank and assoc. with U.S. intelligence, and works with Mrs. Rockefeller as a member of
USTEC. Dan Quayle and George Bush (CIA director and Monarch handler) have been part of Eli Lilly
management too.
MANSANTO CHEMICAL COMPANY — President Earle H. Harbison, Jr.-CIA. and director of
Bethesada General Hospital where they program Monarch slaves. He is also the president of the Mental
Health Association.
STERLING DRUG CO. (an I.G. Farben spinoff) — connected to the Krupp Illuminati family. Chairman
W. Clark Wescoe, dir of the super secret Tinker Foundation which is a CIA foundation. Dir. Gordon T.
Wallis, Illuminati, dir, of the Fed. Reserve Bank of NY, CFR, Director Martha T. Muse, CIA, pres. of the
Tinker Foundation, dir. of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem (Knights of Malta), and dir. of Georgetown
Center for Strategic Studies
As the reader can see, the use of drugs in the Monarch Trauma-based Mind Control is extensive and
requires skilled technicians, nurses, and doctors. Because of the long-held control by the Illuminati
families over narcotics and drug manufacture/sales, there is no difficulty for the programmers to get large
quantities of secret designer drugs. The minor occult cults have to get by with a more limited supply of
mind altering drugs, unless they directly connect in with the bigger picture. The power of drugs to control
a person’s life is not absolute–although someone who lives with a cocaine addict or alcoholic might
disagree–but when coupled with all the other methods in a sophisticated system of mind-control, drugs
just further reinforce the absolute power of the Illuminati over an individual.
CHAPTER 4A – Hypnosis
“The word FOX is an example of a significant occult code word. F-o-x consists of the 6th, 15th (1+5), &
the 24th (2+ 4) letters of the alphabet, which yield 666.” ..Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler, Chapter 4,
The Illuminati Formula…
By Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler
Understanding the Basics of Hypnosis
A. Dissociation, Trance, and History of Hypnosis for Programming
Dissociation is used as a defense to protect a person from overwhelming pain and trauma. It is a natural
ability of the brain. Hypnosis or hypnotic trance is a form of dissociation. There are a number of types of
dissociation: amnesia, somnambulistic states, localized paralyses, anaesthesias, and hallucinations.
Hypnosis can reproduce all of these dissociative states. The mind naturally hypnotizes itself under various
conditions. Perhaps the reader has been driving along a familiar road and the next thing you knew you
were arriving home, having driven in a trance. Now let’s suppose you are driving to a movie and you are
discussing next week’s plans with your wife. The complex thinking required to drive just happens. You
are awake talking to your wife, and yet on another level you were in trance driving the car. You as a
subject were both in hypnotic trance (driving) and awake (talking about plans).
There are 5 levels to the subconscious that the mind will naturally dissociate to. The other deeper levels
require help to access. People naturally can think on two levels. Because people’s minds function on
multilevels and there is a continua on a spectrum that runs from conscious to unconscious, it is often
difficult to pinpoint just exactly what state of mind the brain is in at a certain point, because there is no
single answer. A light trance is where a person is daydreaming about his girlfriend. A moderate trance is
where he imagines he is in bed. A deep trance is where he physically feels he is in bed with his girlfriend.
Sleep is where one dreams of being in bed. Behavior modification is carried out in the light to deep
trances. The deep trance is a very creative level. Hypnosis appears to affect several areas of the brain–the
brain stem is modified into the hypnotic state, and the midbrain centers are inhibited so that other areas–
the motor, sensory and memory areas can be manipulated. Further not all hypnosis works the same way.
Hypnosis can be used on the intellectual part of the mind, the social-spiritual part of the mind, and the
primitive reproductive part of the mind. The skilled hypnotist will decide which area he wants and how to
work with that area. Both Christians and Illuminati members who are skilled in understanding
demonology, believe that there is a demonic side to hypnosis also. It should come as no shock to people
that in the World Book Encyclopedia hypnosis is listed under Magic as a related article, but not under
Medicine. Some Christians class hypnosis as a form of divination and enchantment. It certainly can be a
form of control. In occultist W.B. Crow’s book Witchcraft, Magic & Occultism, it lists hypnotism as an
occult science. There is open debate whether hypnotism is simply part of the brain’s natural abilities or if
supernatural elements are part of the process. There is no debate that historically, hypnosis for centuries
has been the guarded secret of the occult world. During shock or stress, the body’s limbic-hypothalamicpituitary-adrenal system, releases substances which encode all the internal and external pieces of
information being sensed into a deep level of consciousness.
These memories often become dissociated from normal states of consciousness. In other words, when the
mind-body returns to this state (where it was in during shock/stress) the mind can reaccess those
memories. However, until the mind returns to this shocked state, it doesn’t pick up the information it has
embedded. The Monarch programmers are acutely aware of how the mind functions, and how
information and memories can be trapped in the mind. There are different neurophysiological states. Also
there are said to be 12 levels to the subconscious mind. Then on top of this the mind has the ability to
create amnesia barriers. Hypnosis is a valuable tool to move the mind to different neurophysiological
states and to get the mind to different levels of the subconscious mind. Hypnosis can also play a role in
working around amnesia, since both are types of dissociation. Hyperventilation helps a person induct into
a hypnotic trance. Torture, depersonalization, fear and acute anxiety stimulate the body to hyperventilate.
So the fear, torture and depersonalization are aids for the hypnotist to help induct a person into a hypnotic
Hypnotic cues can be given to cause the body to go into various dissociative states. This could be a posthypnotic suggestion that causes hyperventilation and an accompanying trance state. Hypnotic cues that
are tied to every day objects enhance the programming. Everything in life becomes a cue to reinforce the
programming. That may seem on the surface to be an exaggeration, but it is only slightly enlarged from
the truth. The programmers do in fact examine a person’s life, and then tailor their cues to what the
person will be around. For instance, the programmer may force the child to smoke and then tell it that
every time they blow out smoke they will think about their master. The programmed alters don’t dare not
to smoke on fear that they will be punished. The smoking in turn reinforces the power of the
hypnotist/master. Much of the good that therapy can do is in effect to de-trance or dehypnotize clients.
Most of the alters of a Monarch system go their entire lives in trance. Common objects in a person’s life
that can be hypnotically given a programming meaning include music, tones, colors, the sight of a book
or Bible, the pyramid on the back of a dollar bill, pictures of God, silk scarfs, jewelry, lights, sounds, TV
programs, and countless other things. The limit to this is simply the programmer’s creativity. The power
of hypnosis is often underrated because the power of the mind is underrated.
The mind can decide to control its breathing, heart beat, blood pressure and other things that were once
thought to be involuntary. The brain produces a substance which is a tiny peptide molecule called
enkephalin which acts just like morphine and reduces pain. The brain can be hypnotically trained to
release enkephalin so that the brain doesn’t perceive pain. A common hypnotic device for washing away
pain is running water. The victim is hypnotically told to go to a waterfall and wash their pain away.
(According to a programmer the average healing rate is 3 times quicker under hypnosis than without.)
The fantastic abilities of the mind to control what happens to it are very remarkable (such as its natural
healing abilities), but most of this is being kept a National Secret so that it can be used against humanity
to enslave us to demonic-empowered power hungry monsters, rather than to benefit humanity. Several
people in intelligence agencies quietly bemoan the fact that secret research could be helping humanity
instead of controlling it. The human mind has been found to be like an immense symphony orchestra,
each part doing what it does best under the guidance of a director part similar to the conductor of an
orchestra. A non-multiple’s brain delegates responsibility to parts of his brain yet retains control over the
process. His mind will shift from one ego state to another, & still retain its identity. In contrast, the
multiple’s brain also delegates responsibility and shifts from one ego state to another, BUT doesn’t retain
a “cohesive selfhood or self-identity. The mental mechanisms are similar, but the experience is vastly
different. Rather than an orchestra playing together, the multiple’s brain is full of competing isolated parts
(instruments so to speak) that are playing in isolation. Out of the chaos of all these independent amnesic
parts, the programmer through hypnosis/& fear then becomes the conductor to help bring order out of
chaos. If the multiple is to regain a chance to orchestrate their own life again, they must re-establish
communication between the different parts of what should have been their own orchestra, and get internal
people to harmonize their music of life.
Good programmers do not need to formally induct their victim into hypnosis. However, if they need to,
the Monarch slaves are well conditioned to respond to numbers being counted and fingers being snapped.
Hypnosis was a well developed art by the early 20th century. And testing and refining continued all
along. For instance, the. U.S. military was conducting extensive tests of subjects under hypnosis during
W.W. II. In spite of all this, the CIA was still seeking better rapid induction techniques for their slaves
during the 1950s. MK Ultra Subproject 128 dealt with rapid induction techniques, especially Subproject
128-1. Some of their drug testing was done at Lexington, KT Detention Hospital. The ability to
distinguish between magic and hypnotism may not exist for the child in situations where they are
witnesses to the power of hypnotism exercised by a programmer. This makes the adult programmer, who
is a big person look all powerful. Another danger inherent in hypnosis are complications (side effects)
that hit a percentage of those who are subjected to it. Hilgard (1974) discovered 31% of the 120 university
students participating in a study of hypnosis had complications that lasted from 5 mm. to 3 hours after
trance, which included headaches, dizziness, nausea and stiff necks. Fritz is aware of one woman who,
after the one & only hypnotic session she was the subject of, developed the complication of having
nightmares of snakes crawling all over her. (For further study the reader may want to read MacHovec,
Frank. “Hypnosis Complications, Risk Factors, and Prevention” American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis.
Vol. 31, No.1, July, ’88, p. 40+.
Regular gentle electrical stimulation in many parts of the brain including the lower part of the reticular
formation can change the state of consciousness from alert to sleepy. An electrical band attached to a box
is sometimes placed on the victim to produce a hypnotic state. There are several ways to alter a person’s
state of consciousness, but the most popular one by Monarch handlers is to use a combination of drugs
and hypnosis. Drugs are used to facilitate hypnosis. Modern drugs do almost all the work for the
hypnotist. They place the person in an altered state and make them willing to take any order. Often
survivors remember orange or grape drinks, or something else which they were given, which were used to
give the child drugs. One Monarch slave (Cathy O’Brien) wrote about having been given hypnotic drugs
via a Grasshopper ice cream drink. Occasionally, hypnosis must be carried out by the programmers on
unwilling subjects. They have 3 major ways to get around this. They can induce hypnosis by disguising
what the hypnotist is doing, they can wait until the person is asleep and talk to him while asleep, or they
can administer drugs. Also the Network has some high-tech equipment which stimulates the orgiastic
state (sexual ecstasy) part of the brain. By moving the body into this state, the mind opens up all the
unconscious states. Then sophisticated brain wave machines program thoughts into the person.
A computer disk is put into the electric shock machine and it runs a program that sends electric jolts down
six nodes. The brain’s reticular formation serves as the brain’s mechanism involved in regulating
alertness and awareness. Various kinds of stimuli will enter the brain through its various methods of
sensing and learning. With total sensory deprivation (done by placing the victim in a salt water tank with
electrodes that shock the body until it stops all movement) the reticular formation will place the mind into
a primitive state of consciousness where the programmers can place in post-hypnotic commands to do
something on a certain date. The end time programming, that has Monarch slaves doing something at a
specific date to create anarchy or to help the Anti-Christ come to power has been put in at this level. As
previously mentioned, this level achieved by total sensory deprivation of the Monarch slave is same
primitive level as the brain’s commands to keep the heart beating. Depending on what type of signals are
coming in to it from the various sensing agents of the brain, the reticular formation will then make a
decision what state of consciousness to place the mind in. If the reticular formation does not send out
“alert” signals, then the brain will get sleepy.
Damage to the reticular formation can cause a coma. The two thalamus lie just above the brain stem. The
right and left thalamus are the brain’s selective attention mechanism. That is to say, they decide what it is
important for the brain to focus its attention on. The right thalamus is connected to attention to visual
shapes and the left to our attention to things describable in words. Ten to fifteen repetitions at one second
intervals are enough to cause the brain to lose interest in something. At this point the neuron’s in the
reticular formation quit paying attention to whatever it is. For instance, your brain will listen to a clock
tick for only 15 intervals before it quits listening to a clock in the room. But the brain’s alertness can be
reactivated by a strong and sudden stimulus like a loud sound or a flash of light. This is why 3 gunshots
or 3 flashes of light are used as standard access triggers for Monarch slaves. Three was also found to be
the best number to get the job done.
A masonic magazine for higher masonic rites where sex magic is performed entitled Freemasonry
Universal, Vol. 5, 1929, p. 58 states, “Certain Forces are sent through the candidate’s body during the
ceremony, especially at the moment when he is created, received and constituted an Entered Apprentice
Freemason. Certain parts of the Lodge have been heavily charged with magnetic force especially in order
that the Candidate may absorb as much as possible of this force. The first object of this curious method of
preparation is to expose to this influence those various parts of the body which are especially used in the
ceremony. In ancient Egypt, there was another reason for these preparations, for a weak current of
physical electricity was sent through the candidate by means of a rod or sword with which he was touched
at certain points. It is partly on this account that at this first initiation the candidate is deprived of all
metals since they may very easily interfere with the flow of currents.” Long story short, the Masonic
lodges have been using hypnotism and electric shock in their initiation rituals for a long time. The
combination of fear and hypnotism combine to help seal the lips of an initiate from telling what in some
lodges are secrets of criminal activity. The Brahmin caste in India practice yoga, and other meditations
where they regularly go into altered states of consciousness. Centuries ago, the Brahmin fakirs learned
about drugs, tortures, and magical methodologies to produce hallucinations and altered states of
consciousness. The worship of Bacchus in the west and Shiva in the east were similar, as were the
bloodthirsty rites of Kali and Moloch. Occultists in India have also gone to cemeteries for centuries, like
the Illuminati to draw spiritual power from graves. When eastern and western occultists linked up they
realized they had a great deal in common. The ancient egyptian writings many centuries B.C. talk about
the third eye and temple trances. Hypnosis appears to have been practiced in these ancient temples. All
over the world, altered states of consciousness have been used. The feared Scandinavian warriors called
Beserkers were in a mildly-programmed altered state of consciousness which made them fearless.
George Estabrooks was the first major hypnotist to publicly recognize the potential for hypnosis. He
contacted MI-6 and other military and intelligence groups in hopes he could interest them in the militaryintelligence potentials of hypnosis. What was George Estabrooks connection to the Illuminati? George
Estabrooks was a Rhodes Scholar, which is an entry-level group for the Illuminati. For those who haven’t
studied this, it would be appropriate to give a brief explanation of these things. The Illuminati in 1919
created the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA). The Astor Illuminati family were major
financial backers of the RIIA. Waldorf Astor was appointed to the RIIA. The American equivalent to the
RIIA is the CFR. The RIIA and CFR set up Round Table Groups (based on the King Arthur myths) which
were initially named by Cecil Rhodes “Association of Helpers”. High ranking Mason/Illuminatus Cecil
Rhodes also created the Rhodes Scholarship to bring select men from several the English speaking world
and Germany to learn how to bring in the One World Government that the Illuminati has long had
planned. The Cliveden Estate of the Cliveden Astors (of the Illuminati) has played an important role in
the preparation of Rhodes Scholars. Bill Clinton and Fred Franz, the late president of the Watchtower
Society, are two examples of men selected for Rhodes Scholarships. Bill Clinton went through the
program. However, Franz decided not to go to London in order to help lead C.T. Russell’s cult as
“oracle” after WT Pres. C.T. Russell was ritually killed on Halloween, 1916 and his remains buried under
a pyramid. He later served as President himself from 1977-1994. The Watchtower Society leadership is a
front for a part of the Illuminati which practices Enochian Magic. The power of Enochian magic is the
Watchtowers. A powerful part of Bethel headquarter workers are Multiple Personalities, and have cult
alters who speak in Enochian. Some multiples work in the art department and have been secretly placing
hidden occult symbology into Watchtower & Awake! magazines. Now back to Estabrooks, who was also
himself part of the Illuminati. In his book Hypnotism, which came out in 1946, he wrote in his chapter
Hypnotism in Warfare (again bear in mind that Estabrooks writes this in 1946 and has been advocating
what he writes for perhaps the 15 previous years!) This chapter is not taken from a mystery novel. The
facts and the ideas presented are, so to speak, too true to be good, but no psychologist of standing would
deny the validity of the basic ideas involved. He might, of course, be somewhat startled at our proposed
use of these basic ideas and techniques, for he has never given this matter much thought…. The use of
hypnotism in warfare represents the cloak and dagger idea at its best–or worst. Even if we did know the
answers to some of the weird proposals in this chapter, those answers could never be given for obvious
reasons. The reader must use his imagination for specific outcomes in specific cases have not been made
public–probably never will be made public. Any topflight physicist is familiar with the basic laws of
atomic fission and he is quite free to discuss those laws. But he may or may not know what is happening
on some government research project in this field. If he does know, he is not shouting it from the
housetops, probably not even whispering it to his best friend. The same applies to hypnotism in the field
of warfare. Our interest here lies in some of the more unfamiliar sides of hypnotism which may make it of
use in warfare. Again, no psychologist would deny the existence of such phenomena….
The only possible way of determining whether or not a subject will commit a murder in hypnotism is
literally to have him commit one…. But warfare…undoubtedly will, answer many of these questions. A
nation fighting with its back to the wall is not worried over the niceties of ethics [like Nazi Germany]. If
hypnotism can be used to advantage, we may rest assured that it will be so employed. Any “accidents”
which may occur during the experiments will simply be charged to profit and loss, a very trifling portion
of that enormous wastage in human life which is part and parcel of war…. One in every five adult humans
can be thrown into the hypnotic trance–somnambulism–of which they will have no memory whatsoever
when they awaken. From the military viewpoint there are a few facts which are of great interest. Can this
prospective subject, — this ‘one-in-five” individual — be hypnotized against his will? Obviously, no
prisoner of war will be co-operative if he knows that the hypnotist is looking for military information, nor
will any ordinary citizen if he suspects that the operator will use him to blow up a munitions plant. The
answer to this very vital question is “yes”, though we prefer to say “without his consent” instead of
“against his will.” We do not need the subject’s consent when we wish to hypnotize him, for we use a
‘disguised” technique. The standard way to produce hypnotism in the laboratory is with the so-called
sleep technique. The operator “talks sleep” to the subject, who eventually relaxes and goes into a trance,
talking in his sleep and answering questions. Now suppose…we attach a blood pressure gauge to the
subject’s right arm and the psychogalvanic reflex to the palm of his hand, just to make everything look
shipshape. These devices are for measuring his ability to relax. We also point out that, of course, the very
highest state of relaxation will be his ability actually to fall into a deep sleep while we are talking to him.
We also stress the great importance of the ability to relax in this modern world of rush and worry,
promising to show him how to get results as one end of these experiments. All this is by way of buildup.
Probably not one of our readers, if exposed to this procedure, would realize that this was preparation for
hypnotism, but would co-operate willingly in this very interesting psychological experiment. We then
proceed to “talk sleep,” much the same as in ordinary hypnosis, carefully avoiding any reference to a
trance or making any tests with which the subject might be familiar, all the while checking on blood
pressure and psychogalvanic reflex to keep up the front. Finally we make the test of somnambulism, or
deep hypnotism. We see if the subject will talk to us in his sleep without awakening. If this does not
succeed, the subject wakes up completely, and in this case we simply repeat the experiment, hoping for
better luck next time. But if we do succeed, if the individual belongs to the “one-in-five” club, the subject
is just as truly hypnotized as by any other method, and from now on everything is plain sailing. By use of
the posthypnotic suggestion…we simply say, “Listen carefully. After you wake up I will tap three times
on the table with my pencil. You will then have an irresistible impulse to go sound asleep.” The next
trance is just that easy to get, and the subject has no idea that it is the pencil which has sent him off.”…
But we must go even further than this. Once a person has become accustomed to hypnotism, has been
repeatedly hypnotized, it becomes very easy for any operator to throw him into the trance. Obviously this
will not do if we are to use hypnotism in warfare. So we plug this gap again by suggestion in the
somnambulistic state. We assure the subject that in the future no one will be able to hypnotize him except
with the special consent of the operator. This takes care of things very nicely….We sit down with the
subject…We are talking about the latest boxing match when the operator taps three times on the table with
his pencil. Instantly–and we mean instantly–the subject’s eyes close and he’s sound “asleep.” While in
trance he sees a black dog come into the room, feels the dog, goes to the telephone and tells its owner to
come get it. The dog is of course purely imaginary. We give him electric shock which would be torture to
a normal person, but he does not even notice it. We straighten him out between two chairs and sit on his
chest while he recites poetry. Then we wake him up. He immediately starts talking about that boxing
match! A visitor to the laboratory interrupts him.
“What do you know of hypnotism?”
The subject looks surprised, “Why, nothing.”
“When were you hypnotized last?”
“I have never been hypnotized.”
“Do you realize that you were in a trance just ten minutes ago?”
“Don’t be silly! No one has hypnotized me and no one ever can.’’
“Do you mind if I try?”
“Not at all. If you want to waste your time it’s all right with me.”
So the visitor, a good hypnotist, tries, but at every test the subject simply opens his eyes with a bored grin.
Finally he gives up the attempt and everyone is seated as before. Then the original operator taps on the
table with his pencil. Immediately the subject is in deep hypnotism. We now add another concept. We can
coach the subject so that in the trance he will behave exactly as in the waking state. Under these
circumstances we could defy anyone, even a skilled psychologist, to tell whether the subject was “asleep”
or “awake.” There are tests which will tell the story but in warfare we cannot run around sticking pins
into everyone we meet just to see if he is normal. So rapid can this shift be from normal to trance state
[the programming state], and so “normal” will the subject appear in trance, that the writer has used such a
subject as a bridge partner. He plays one hand in trance and one hand “awake” with no one any the wiser.
[This happens with Monarch slaves all the time. Few people ever catch on that alters are under trance.]
Suppose we deliberately set up that condition of multiple personality to further the ends of military
intelligence. Let us start with a very simple illustration. For example, we can hypnotize a man in an hotel
in, say, Rochester. We then explain to him in hypnotism that we wish the numbers and state names of all
out-of-state cars parked in the block surrounding the hotel. He is to note these very carefully in his
unconscious mind but will have no conscious memory of having done so. Then we awaken him and ask
him, in the waking state to go out and get us a tube of toothpaste. He leaves the hotel and wanders around
the block in search of that tube. Finally, he returns, apologizing for his delay, saying that it was necessary
for him to go entirely around the block before he noticed a drugstore in the very building itself. This, he
says, was very stupid of him but apparently men are made that way. Did he notice anything of interest as
he made his walk? “Nothing! Oh, yes, there was a dog fight down at the corner.” And he described the
battle in detail. We now hypnotize him. He knows what we are seeking and at once proceeds to give us
numbers and states of strange cars, very pleased with the fact that he can recall thirteen. He evidently
enjoys the game immensely and is quite proud of his memory. Then we awaken him and see what he
knows in the conscious state. “How many cars are there around the building?”
“I don’t know.” “What are the numbers of the out-of-state licenses around the building?” “Good heavens,
I have no idea. I think there is a California car near the front entrance, but I have no idea as to its
number.” A friend tries his hand. “Now look here. You were hypnotized half an hour ago and you left this
room under posthypnotic suggestion.” The subject gets irritated. “Look here yourself. I’m getting tired of
that silly joke. This is the third time today you’ve pulled it. All right. I was hypnotized and saw pink
elephants all over the lobby. Have it your way.” And the subject sits down to a magazine, obviously
angry that this man cannot find something more amusing to say. Often the hypnotic subject will react in
this manner. Push him just a little too far and he becomes irritated, obviously a trick of the unconscious to
end the argument and avoid any danger of being found out…. The reader’s very natural reaction is, “Why
all this rigmarole?”… There are certain safeguards if we use hypnotism. First, there is no danger of the
agent’s selling out. More important would be the conviction of innocence which the man himself had, and
this is a great aid in many situations. He would never “act guilty” and if ever accused of seeking
information would be quite honestly indignant. This conviction of innocence on the part of a criminal is
perhaps his greatest safeguard under questioning by the authorities. Finally, it would be impossible to
“third degree” him and so pick up the links of a chain. This is very important, for the most hardened
culprit is always liable to “talk” if the questioners are ruthless enough.
The Super Spy
In the instance we are about to outline, we may or may not be dealing with multiple personality…. The
little experiment I have just cited could be successful with any good somnambulist and would require
about ten hours preparation. The example I now cite would work only with a certain number of the very
best somnambulists and instead of ten hours preparation, we had better allow ten months….
Perhaps we had better start by defending our position. Is it unethical? Perhaps, but science merely states
the facts…. Now let us return to our presentation. We start with an excellent subject, and he must be just
that, one of those rare individuals who accepts and who carries through every suggestion without
hesitation. In addition, we need a man or a woman who is highly intelligent and physically tough. Then
we start to develop a case of multiple personality through the use of hypnotism. In his normal waking
state, which we will call Personality A, or PA, this individual will become a rapid communist. He will
join the party, follow the party line and make himself as objectionable as possible to the authorities. Note
that he will be acting in good faith. He is a communist, or rather his PA is a communist and will behave
as such. Then we develop Personality B (PB), the secondary personality, the unconscious personality, if
you wish, although this is somewhat of a contradiction in terms.
This personality is rabidly American and anti-communist. It has all the information possessed by PA, the
normal personality, whereas PA does not have this advantage…. The proper training of a person for this
role would be long and tedious, but once he was trained, you would have a super spy compared to which
any creation in a mystery story is just plain weak. This is what the Illuminati have done. They create good
Christian fronts, with Illuminati dark alters who can see what the Christians are doing.] My super spy
plays his role as a communist in his waking state, aggressively, consistently, fearlessly. But his PB is a
loyal American, and PB has all the memories of PA. As a loyal American, he will not hesitate to divulge
those memories, and needless to say we will make sure he has the opportunity to do so when occasion
demands. Here is how this technique would work …. [skipping this story and several others, we come to:]
We choose a good subject and then let him in on the plot. We disclose to him that he is an excellent
hypnotic subject and we wish to use him for counterespionage. We suspect that in the near future
someone is going to try hypnosis on him. He is to bluff, to co-operate to the very best of his ability, fake
every test that is made and stay wide awake all the time.
The test we fear most is that of an analgesia–insensitivity to pain. So we coach him carefully with
posthypnotic suggestions to the effect that even when wide awake and bluffing he will be able to meet
every test which may be made here, be it with ammonia under the nose, a needle, or worst of all, the use
of electricity, which can be made extremely painful and is easy to use. Under these circumstances it will
be virtually impossible to tell whether this man is bluffing or really in trance. [The story continues that
the master hypnotist thinks he has got a good subject and has hypnotized him deep. Then the subject tells
him that he was only bluffing. The whole affair provides a nightmare for any counterintelligence group
using hypnotism. They can be totally bluffed, unless they turn to high tech equipment to see what is really
Estabrooks also explains how a man can be hypnotized and told he is only testing the preparedness of
security. He is told he has a fake bomb, but is really given a real bomb. The subject is sent to a location,
and blows up with the real bomb. The subject blows up with the bomb so the evidence of the hypnotic lie
is lost.
Hypnosis changes the threshold of the how the senses perceive. Sensitivity can be increased or decreased,
hallucinations can be perceived even though there is the absence of any appropriate stimuli, and things
that exist can go unperceived by the mind. For instance, alters who are used for porn are hypnotized not to
see the camera. Alters used for any type of sexual service are hypnotized repeatedly to not see faces. The
slave will actually see blurs where people’s faces are. The Programmers like to manipulate. Children are
set in front of circus mirrors that make them taller or smaller for programming. They are set in front of
mirrors which duplicate their image. Here in Oregon, there is a site with a magnetic anomaly which bends
light. It is called the Oregon Vortex. The Programmers take small children there for programming.
Anything that creates an illusion, seems to be noticed by the Programmers and is put to use somehow.
The CIA has employed magicians like John Mulholland to help them create illusions. Magician John
Mulholland wrote a manual for the CIA on how to deceive unwitting subjects. Under drugs and hypnosis,
when a small child is set in front of a mirror that elongates its body and or then shortens, the reality of the
programming script seems real. The programmer can hypnotically call upon the child’s mind to totally
hallucinate seeing something, or he can support the illusion by handing the child a doll and telling it that
it is a child, or handing the child a pencil and telling the child it is a flower. A great deal of acting and
props are used during the programming. What child can tell fool’s gold from real gold? The bottom line is
that generally, no matter which way the Programmers do it, whether by an illusion or an outright
hypnotic-suggested hallucination, the event for the child is real. The majority of traumas are real events,
but the scripts that are given are after the trauma are fictional.
Creativity is a function of attentiveness, playfulness, anxiety, limitations, relaxation, the trance state,
responsiveness and absorption. A good programmer can assist or boost the creativity of the child. The
programmer can tell stories and programming scripts in a vivid way, so that the sensory pictures are bold
and strong. The child can taste and feel and touch in their minds the script being given them. Besides the
language of the programmer other aids such as fear and drugs can enhance a victim’s attentiveness.
Playfulness comes naturally to children. They naturally pretend and use fantasy in their play. Because
children are innately creative they are far easier to program. Researchers have also discovered that
creativity needs an element of anxiety and chaos in the person’s life. If everything is orderly and in
perfect harmony, the creative juices will not flow. The conscious mind and the subconscious mind need to
grapple. For creativity to be productive it must occur within limits. For instance, the concerto is created
within the limits of a piano keyboard. The programmer, and the Grande Dame and the Grande Mother of
the Illuminati victim carefully guide the child’s creativity and set limits. The spark of creativity occurs
when there is an alternation of intense concentration and relaxation. The programmers must work back
and forth between torture and kindness. A light trance will allow the mind to surface -creative ideas.
That is why writers and composers get ideas when they are in a light trance driving, in a light sleep, or
shaving or some other place where a light trance occurs. Receptivity is the willingness to accept a creative
idea when it comes. The final part of creativity is one’s absorption into the process of creativity. The artist
may get so immersed into the portrait that he is painting that the portrait seems alive and real–the actual
person. This immersion, where things imagined become real, is important to keep the creative juices
flowing. The hypnotist/programmer can enhance the creative process by giving the child positive
encouragement to reduce their fears and inhibitions to creativity. The programmer could say to the older
child (a younger child might be told something else), “You take all of your fear of not being creative and
put them into a sack. The sack now becomes a bundle of energy. Now imagine you are opening the sack
and out of the sack comes a rainbow of energy. It is powerful, it is positive.
You are now full of new ideas. You can feel this power surge through your body. Your mind is now clear
and focused, focused, you feel confident, sure of your talent and eager to set your new ideas into motion,
and you control the energy in your life, you are very successful in controlling the energy in your life…you
take a few breaths and relax. You notice the neighborhood around you, there is a beautiful park, you
begin to notice how beautiful the day is, and you begin to feel a fresh new energy flowing through your
body…the more calm you become the more enthusiastic and creative you become…you will feel free to
create, to enjoy your creative talent, to invent, to shape, and form new and wonderful ideas.” This is not
to say that the Illuminati programmer or Mother of Darkness assistant will use this type of hypnotic
suggestions, but sometimes it does become necessary to teach some children how to dissociate, and how
to become creative. If they do not develop these abilities, they may lose their life to the torture.
As mentioned before, the hypnotist will find children easier to hypnotize if they know how to do it with
small children. One method that is effective is to say to the small children, “Imagine you are watching a
favorite television show.” This is why the Disney movies and the other shows are so important to the
programmers. They are the perfect hypnotic tool to get the child’s mind to dissociate in the right
direction. The programmers have been using movies since almost day one to help children learn the
hypnotic scripts. For children they need to be part of the hypnotic process. If the hypnotist allows the
child to make up his own imagery, the hypnotic suggestions will be stronger. Rather than telling the child
the color of a dog, the programmer can ask the child. This is where the books and films shown the child
assist in steering its mind in the right direction. If the hypnotist talks to a child, he must take extra
precaution not to change the tone of his voice and to have smooth transitions. Most of the Disney films
are used for programming purposes. Some of them are specifically designed for mind-control.
One method for inducting children into a dissociative state is to have them look at a large spinning top, as
the colors whirl around. Carousel rides have also been popular to induce trances. A good sampling of
optical illusions can be found in Katherine Joyce’s book Astounding Optical Illusions. NY: Sterling Pub.
Co., 1994. The illusion The Temple makes one feel they are in a passageway leading to a small door. The
Escalator makes one feel they are going up and down, and could be used for building in an internal
elevator. We know that optical illusions have been used, but we are not saying that these particular ones
have been. For a programmer to use an optical illusion, he would first submerge the victim into a drugged
state with the appropriate mind altering music and sounds and then flash the illusion onto the wall that the
victim was facing. With virtual reality the child can really be immersed into a weird head trip.
Programmers will adopt either an authoritarian voice, which is commanding and direct or a permissive
soft tone. Bear in mind the slave who has the authoritarian voice used on it, sees the programmer as God
with the authority of life or death over its (his or her) body and soul. The heightened expectation from the
commanding tone, will increase the suggestions chance for success. However a softer tone, will relax the
victim, and the hypnotist and the programming victim become partners in the hypnotic process. The
advantage of the softer tone, is that the creativity of the victim is enhanced and participates more in the
process. The hypnotic induction become more real when the victim participates more in the process. The
Monarch programmer will either use a monotone voice or a rhythmic voice. Remember, the professor
who could lull his students to sleep. He had a hypnotic voice, without knowing it. A singsong or rhythmic
voice is comforting. It can also be used by the Programmer. One continuous thread of words strung
together are used to close out distractions.
After a suggestion or command is given, a pause is made by the programmer in talking so that the
suggestion is taken into the mind. Otherwise anxiety is experienced by the victim’s mind, and the
suggestion will not be accepted as well. Cisco, the co-author provides an example of how a hypnotic
script can go with music, “Close your eyes for your eyes will only tell the truth. And the truth isn’t what
you want to see. In the dark it is easy to pretend that the truth is what it ought to be. “Softly, deftly, music
shall caress you. Hear it, feel it secretly possess you. Open up your mind, let your fantasies unwind in this
darkness which you know you cannot fight. The darkness of the music of the night. “Close your eyes,
start a journey through a strange new world. Leave all thoughts of the world you knew before. Close your
eyes and let music set you free. Only then can you belong to me. “Floating, falling, sweet intoxication.
Touch me, trust me, savor each sensation. Let the dream begin, let your darker side give in to the power
of the music I write. You alone can make my song take flight. Help me make the music of the night.
“Helpless to resist the notes I write, For I compose the music of the night. Hearing is believing, music is
deceiving. Hot as lightening, soft as candle light. Dare you trust the music of the night?”
When the authors have bumped into men who are programmers and handlers for the CIA, they have
noticed that many of these men have warm personalities and have a certain trained hypnotic voice which
they use even when not programming. During rituals, the various magical languages used in witchcraft
employ repetition, alliteration, nonsense syllables, newly coined words, and ancient words that are
chanted or sung in a limited-range that makes the sounds become hypnotic. Sounds like the mantra “a-uu-in-in” are chanted. Gestures during rituals are also made which intensify the effects. Rituals can not be
classified as having nothing to do with programming. There is such a great attempt to secularize and
make clinical what the victim experiences, and the idea that witchcraft is part of the programming is an
unpopular notion with some. Combining witchcraft with hypnotic language can be powerful with group
dynamics. Repetitive sounds, such as a drum beating influences the locus coeruleus part of the brain.
Drums can help induce trance.
Illuininati parents (as well as other adults who care for a Monarch child) are given special instructions on
how to raise the child to be dissociative. The parents are admonished that their child will have a
successful future and so will they if they follow the instructions. if they don’t follow the instructions, they
are minded their child’s life could be forfeited. Here are some of the types of instructions that are given:
a. Spend 15 minutes/day teaching the child to write backwards to develop the brain in a particular
b. Giving daily doses of prolonged isolation, such as dark closets, dark cellars, the corners of dark
rooms. During the prolonged isolation, the child cannot turn on the lights, go to the bathroom, make a
noise or anything else. The child will learn to dissociate. The child is also trauma bonded to the abuser
because each time the child is let out, it is grateful to the abuser. The child can be drowned in a pool
and then resuscitated–and the exact amount of time to keep the child under will be given. The child can
be placed in a freezer, and again the exact amount of time can be given to the parent. The child is not to
roam about the house freely. The adults’ area is off-limits. The child must move with permission.
c. Systematic punishment without provocation with the message–“keep secrets”. Hear no evil, see no
evil, do no evil. This needs to be done several times a week to reinforce the codes of silence and the
programming for silence.
d. A needle which is gripped halfway up is stuck into the child a quarter inch deep on the child’s
muscles, buttocks or thigh to help continue dissociative behavior. On special occasions (birthdays,
holidays) the hands and feet, which are most sensitive to pain, are stuck. When the feet or hands are stuck,
they will often stick the needles under the nails. The ears are also on occasion stuck with needles. It
also conditions the child to obey the commands of her handlers, who will use needles to access the minds
various personalities. Various spots on the body when stuck with needles along with certain codes
become access points for certain alters.
e. Anytime a child argues, has a temper tantrum, or gets angry the child is to be slapped in the face. This
is a quick trauma. It is to be followed with a lighted cigarette applied to the child to burn the skin the
second the child gets submissive from the slap. If a cigarette can’t be found, a stove top or some other
hot item is to be found. At four years of age, the child begins programming to burn itself. If there are
any bruises showing, the child can be kept home for a day or two.
f. Anytime the child becomes willful it is to have its mouth washed out with soap. The child should be
made to chew off a piece and swallow the foam.
g. The child should be raped daily and then tortured. This helps with the sexual programming later,
and begins a reversal in the mind that pain is love, and pain is pleasure.
Some of the first memories that female Monarchs recover are their memories of their fathers raping them.
This is because the programmers allow these memories to be less dissociated than the later ones where the
slave may be sexually servicing an important Monarch slave handler like the Rev. Billy Graham.
(Graham is covered in full in chapter 5.) In later situations like that, the kitten alters which do the sexual
servicing will be electro-shocked to block their memory as well as given hypnotic cues. The fathers or
step-fathers are often not the person who will be their master when they grow up. The abuse of this
person will serve as a cover for the programming. If the person’s front alters discover they are MPD, the
will initially blame their multiplicity on the first abuser they remember, which then serves as a cover.
The entire alter system of a Monarch slave has their sleep patterns controlled. Many alters are
programmed not to sleep. They stay awake 24 hours a day internally. Someone has to take the body and
sleep–but whichever alters are set up to do it, they are hypnotically commanded to only sleep three hours,
to insure that the mind stays in an alpha state easy to program. Because alters which do not hold the body
“rest” mentally in a sense–when they take the body they are fresh. In this way, a multiple can function
without as much sleep as a normal person, but the price they pay is that their mind stays in an easy-toprogram easy-to-hypnotize state. REM sleep allows the person to harmonize the mind’s inner world with
its outer environment. The periods of REM sleep lengthen as the hours of sleep progress. By preventing
long periods of sleep, long periods of REM sleep are prevented from occurring, and the victim remains in
a more controllable state of mind.
When a Programmer creates something, it will be a reflection of himself to some degree. Just like
handwriting and art are a reflection of the person who makes them. Understanding the connections
between a Programmer and his creation could take a book in itself. The following is extracted from the
history of an ancient occult sect, still functioning today. It is the type of thing, that the programmers feed
their minds on, which in turn provides them the patterns which show up in programming. Here it is:
In the ancient occult world, at the gates of palaces the doorkeeper had to be shown “the seals”–the secret
names of God or pictures with magical power, and the words “R Akiva”.
When the person passed this entrance, he comes to the palace of pure marble stones, do not say, “water,
water.” Then the person will enter into the world or the celestial Garden of Eden or the Realm of the
Heavenly Palaces. The Story of Sinbad, the golden lamp and genie would be another example of an occult
story that could be used.
Within the Illuminati, Gematria (which is the cabalistic teachings about numbers) is very important for
knowing the codes of the deep, darker alters. There are several reasons for why Monarch slaves have lots
of codes and structures which come from witchcraft,
a. their programmers are witches and witchcraft is the world view on the mind of the programmer
b. the slaves are reminded of their entrapment to Satan and their cult whenever they hear their codes
c. the alters internally will work magic, even while they don’t hold the body, and placing magical
structures inside facilitates this internal magic
d. using magical words makes the programming look like magick
e. the internal alters are being inculcated into occult underworld life and doctrine
A rather remarkable book is Aleister Crowley’s book 777 and Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister
Crowley. It is remarkable for the deprogrammer to understand many of the programming code links that
the programmers may have used. In 777’s forward,. Aleister Crowley wrote “777 is a qabalistic
dictionary of ceremonial magic, oriental mysticism, comparative religion and symbology. It is also a
handbook for ceremonial invocation and for checking the validity of dreams and visions. It is
indispensable to those who wish to correlate these apparently diverse studies.” (Crowley, 777, p. vii)
Later he writes, “The book 777 has for its primary object the construction of a magical alphabet.” (p. xvii)
For instance, Crowley gives the Officers in the Masonic Lodges and the hebrew passwords of their
In another example of the book, Crowley gives a list of the Hindu chakra points (which is well known),
with the Buddhist names, and their ancient Egyptian names. This is the type of occult knowledge that is
hard to come by. Crowley’s List of Correspondences are perhaps the best one will find printed in the
occult world. They show the correspondences that occultists make between things. For instance, if we
want to know what corresponds to the Hebrew letter Dalath. The letter means door. Door corresponds to
the letter 14, the Cabalistic Tree of Life pathway between the two top circles on each side of “the crown”,
sky blue on the Queen scale of color, Aphrodite, Venus and Freya, and the gems Emerald and Turquoise,
and the perfume sandlewood. All these things correspond within Cabalistic magic. For someone trying to
understand why a particular color, and name is given to an deep darkside alter, Crowley’s book is helpful
in some Monarch systems.
The Mother-of-Darkness alters (and Supreme Master alters in males) of the Illuminati must do
pathworking rituals when they hold the body and participate in Illuminati activities. These Mother-ofDarkness alters are placed internally in the Cabalistic Tree of Life. Crowley’s book provides the mystic
number that goes to each part (plane, or circle) of the Tree of Life and its Snake positional number. The
mystic number of the Sephiroth that corresponds to the number to each of the 22 paths that must be
worked is also given. The occult concept is that to achieve divinity one must go on the Tree of Life from
being Malkuth to become Kether. Although it is not the intent to propagate occult doctrine, for those who
want to know how Illuminati Monarch slaves get to where they are as adults, and what the codes are in
their System, then we need to briefly cover the Kabblalistic Tree of Life. (More will be written about
this in chapter 10 on spiritual control.)
Let the reader picture 3 circles in a line. These three circles sit at the top of the Cabalistic Tree of Life.
They are the top 3 circles of ten circles which all have names within an Illuminati Monarch slave. The
center circle is “the crown” and holds the honored alter who actually is the Bride of the AntiChrist. The
AntiChrist is also known as Black Saturn, and other names. Satan himself is known within a Monarch
system often by the name Bilair, Bilar, or Bilid which are his cabalistic names.
The honored alter who is married to him sits on a pedestal revolving with 2 other alters. In the occult
world, goddesses are triune: 1. Maiden, 2. Mother and 3. Crone. The one to the left of center is
Midnight (the Mother figure), and the other is Morning Star (the maiden). Morning Star (Stella
Matutina) may be a very young alter, rather than a teenager. On top of the Cabalistic Tree of Life will sit
a pyramid. Each of the ten circles (rooms for the alters who live in them) of the Tree of Life is created
with a different Illuminati ceremony. Before a Mother-of-Darkness Monarch slave is 16, they will have
gone through all the ceremonies involved in the creation of the alters which correspond to the 10 rooms of
the Tree of Life. At age 16, the system’s demons will then guide the system on a personalized pathway
and a baby (the firstborn) will be sacrificed by the System. The blood of this first born is spiritually
placed in a box under the Tree of Life. This is in accord with the Lilith story. The spirit Lilith (sometimes
with an alter Lilith) will work with the spirits of Zerodieth and Lucifer. There are several trees which can
be placed within a Monarch slave, including the ash, the oak, the ygdrassil, the willow, and the Tree of
Evil, which is an evil counterpart to the Tree of Life.
These will be dealt with under the chapter on structures. This chapter will provide the hypnotic codes,
cues, triggers or whatever one wants to call these words, noises, and sensory inputs that manipulate these
poor victims turned into Monarch robots. Other chapters will explain about the structures these codes go
to, and also the spiritual dimensions of these codes and structures. Another way to see things is to
recognize that the programmers have created “power words” to which they have attached memory and
programming. If a de-programmer observes closely the word usage of the victim, you will begin to spot
power words of the abuser, for instance, “white rabbit”. A cipher is when symbols are used to represent
letters. One can used letter frequencies to break ciphers. Likewise, there are frequencies to codewords.
The Illuminati’s intelligence agencies have programmed thousands upon thousands of slaves. There are
only so many code words to pick from and some of these code words are favorites. From the co-author
Fritz Springmeier’s experience, the following are favorite code words that have been used to program
slaves with:
The word FOX is an example of a significant occult code word. F-o-x consists of the 6th, 15th (1+5),
& the 24th (2+ 4) letters of the alphabet, which yield 666. The reader needs to bear several things in
mind. First, the programmers generally have intelligent, well sounding codes, that do form patterns. For
instance, a woman’s name from the Bible will be used as a code, with subparts or subcodes having other
female names from the Bible. Deeper Illuminati parts will have goddess and god names, and king and
queen names for cult alters. These are the names the handler or cult uses–NOT their access codes. The
codes for slaves follow patterns. There are standard and unique codes. The internal programming alters
have the power to change codes if they need to protect the programming.
They will have to hypnotically work with alters when they trance out at night. In other words, most of
their programming of front alters will be done when a System lies down for “sleep”–more accurately
described as “for trance.” If the internal alters change many codes, in their efforts to protect the system,
they will even make it difficult for the handler/programmer to get into the system. Ciphers developed
rotors that require lines to line up. Some simple schemes using this principle appear in some Monarch
systems. This is part of the science of structuring. Intelligence codes often come from the Bible or popular
fiction books. The deeper codes are occult words, often in foreign languages such as Arabic, which is an
important language in the upper occult world. Slaves will be given COVER NAMES for ops, and often
males receive female names and vice versa. Very shortly, we will provide the Monarch hypnotic cues
(codes) for the multitude of functions that a Monarch’s mind must carry out. The type of programming
which is placed in a slave varies. For intelligence operations the slave will have to have BONA FIDES,
which are codes to allow two people to meet. All slaves are given CONTROL SIGNS which allow them
to indicate via a code that they are in trouble.
A RECOGNITION signal allows two people to make contact. For instance, the handler might fly his
distinctive sounding plane over a slave’s house in a pre-arranged signal. It might also be a particular
colored scarf, and a particular set of phrases. A GO-AWAY code is a prearranged signal that means it is
unwise to make contact. The go-away signal may be simply placing one’s hands in one’s pocket or
turning the porch lights off. A “GO TO GROUND” signal means to go into hiding. A MAYDAY BOOK
exists for Illuminati and Intelligence slaves which allows them to call if they are about to be arrested. A
telephone number is left open for just this purpose. Also common universal Illuminati codes can be used
by the slave to get set free from police and judges. Within the Jehovah’s Witnesses, especially their
headquarters, the Illuminati uses Enochian language to program with. With Druidic branches Druidic
symbols are used. With the Jewish groups, Hebrew is used. Other languages are also used. An Illuminati
System can easily have 6 different languages used as programming codes. The foreign language codes
will be for small parts of the System only. Special artificial languages are also employed, as well as sign
A. ALPHA (basic)
B. BETA (sexual)
C. CHI (return to cult)
D. DELTA (assassination)
E. EPSILON (animal alters)
F. OMEGA (internal computers)
G. GAMMA (demonology)
J. THETA (psychic warfare)
K. TINKERBELLE (never grow up/alien)
L. TWINNING (teams)
N. SONGS (reminders)

  1. ZETA (snuff films)
    P. Sample alter system codes
    Q. Catholic programming
    R. MENSA programming
    T. Programming site codes (used for slave model codes, etc.)
    A. ALPHA (basic)
    Basic Commands (these basic commands are also found used in many slaves, although there will be
    exceptions to everything.)
    “GET ON YOUR TOES. STAY ON YOUR TOES.” means “attention slave” get ready for a command.
    “ON YOUR TOES” — is a preparatory command that will be used throughout an entire system.
    “IF YOU PLEASE SIR” — From Wizard of Oz, slave says this like “yes, sir.”
    3-tap code for access
    “FIDDLER” = code to take one to Never Never Land
    “PUPPET MASTER” -name of master for Marionette or Puppet program
    “DADDY” -master
    “DADDY’S FRIEND” — a user of slave approved by master
    “PAPA” – master,
    “WHITE RABBIT — master
    “YOU’LL SPEAK MY WORDS WHEN I PULL YOUR STRINGS.” Puppet programming control of
    what slave will say.
    “SPILL IT” — trigger command ordering slave to speak
    “SILENCE” — order means keep quiet
    Mr. Rogers Neighborhood’s “Land of Make Believe” was used for the programming code script:
    Twinkling (twitching) of the nose — Bewitched programming to cast spell or order on slave.
    “(name of alter), YOU WILL COME FORTH AND OBEY.” or “…OBEY AND COME FORTH.”
    Another basic way of getting an alter would be simply to spin the person and call out the alter’s name, or
    to snap the fingers and call out the name of a front alter.
    Access is accomplished for a number of Illuminati slaves by a message via phone or letter, then a looking
    glass person takes the system to a location outside of the house, maybe simply to the sidewalk, there the
    person is picked up. The left hand is then grasp on the soft part of the hand between the thumb and
    forefinger by two fingers very tightly. This pulls up and alter with an egg in its lap. The egg is then
    opened via a code and the imps inside the egg to communicate to the ribbons and the computer.
    Access phone calls to slaves may have high-speed codes transmitted that trigger the slave subliminally
    without their conscious awareness.
    Access to some people is done with computer like jargon “ON LINE” “ACCESS, (then identification),
    (then color code), (then name)” “, “ENTER”, “RUN”. Some Systems have their triggers all in computer
    DRIVE…COPY….UNDELETE PURGED MEMORY DRIVE…” Where some of the newer slave
    programmers are also computer programmers they enjoy transferring their computer lingo to use in
    controlling their programmed slaves. They may even throw in some FAX lingo such as “DIAL ALL
    The color of the car to pick up a System may relate to the color coding of the alters to be picked up, such
    as white exterior, blue interior for a white alter-then blue alter access sequence.
    Basic Internal Emergency Color Codes for a System
    T here are several different “CODE RED’s, etc. not just one in a slave, what follows is not the complete
    information about the Codes, although it is possible some slaves have a simplified version like this:
    “CODE GREEN” — Dr. Green’s suicide programming, tied to “no-talk” programming.
    “CODE BLUE” –Victim’s body freezes in motion and can’t move until another code is given.
    “CODE RED” — Victim gets angry and violent
    “CODE RED” -Another Code Red has the standard Monarch meaning, “serious self-destruct” program
    “CODE YELLOW” — Victim gets jealous, angry and wants to violently get even
    “CODE BLACK” — Used to get victim’s to get on their ritual clothes.
    “CODE WHITE” — Code to protect the cult members from arrest. When police see the Code White they
    treat the people as untouchable.
    “CODE 911” — To activate the slave for an emergency calling for superhuman strength. Certain alters
    will have extra strength.
    “CODE 911” — Also used with standard Monarch meaning of “Call your programmer/handler”.
    “DISARM” (3x) — to get rid of a dangerous alter two snaps + “SHUTDOWN” — to shutdown an alter.
    PRIESTS — saying to justify their Master-slave relationship to the masses of humanity.
    There are code words for Illuminati members to tell police and judges that will automatically get
    them set free. Masonic handshakes and codes also work well with judges, police & govt. workers.
    The Sun setting the following day was used as a trigger for slave to forget events. For the cat alters a
    certain word is given to trigger them to go “over the rainbow” after an event in order for them to forget it.
    using the scripture. “GO INTO THE SEA OF FORGETFULNESS” –a hypnotic structure in the mind to
    forget. Waterfalls are also used as a hypnotic image to forget pain and memory.
    “RETYPE A LETTER” -reprogram,
    “JEWELS” = programs.
    “THE CATS & THE FIDDLE NEED TUNED UP–Slave to handler, I need to be reprogrammed.
    There are three words to trigger a suicide program – 1. Bait, 2. [intentionally left out], 3. hook
    Another suicide program trigger is when the dominoes fall. “GO OVER THE BLUFF” (3X)- causes
    suicide in some alters
    SACRED HEART = Catholic/Jesuit suicide program Some suicide programs are set off with a long tone
    over the phone along with a code number.
    “KERMIT THE FROG” –a type of access code. “KERMIT” may be a code relating to computers,
    because Kermit is the universal language for connecting computers together. It is a single standard to
    exchange files between any two systems.
    All memories, traumas, and tortures are coded.
    Body programs are coded. One set of body programs uses Hebrew, Greek, and Druidic letters.
    A clone program creates clones of an alter (also called lollipop or lobster program) imagery is that
    sesame seeds fall off of a hamburger bun and becomes another hamburger.
    Codes to all the various basic systems
    Carousel 532342223
    Castle System 221435321
    Communication 311146623
    Double Helix 432443321
    Level 211343231
    Mensa System 323542321
    Pentagram 421136113
    Pool of Death 231134421
    Puppet 341124321
    Sole metric 665421134
    Spider Web 321654321
    Stairwell 432111132
    Quabala 423454334
    Tornado 332146444
    Umbrella System 314321014
    Alice In Wonderland Program
    The White Rabbit is a programming figure for Alice In Wonderland Programming who will allow you to
    go to otherwise inaccessible places for adventure. He represents the master. The White Rabbit is an
    important figure to the slave.White rabbit gives a wafer (coke-sugar-cocaine) to Alice and says “EAT
    ME” or “EAT IT AND I’LL TAKE YOU THROUGH THE DOOR” — takes master into closed part of
    System, or perhaps over the rainbow.
    The Queen of Hearts is also an important figure for commands in the Looking Glass World which the
    slave enters upon command. When a deep slave alter is needed to perform they are sent into the looking
    glass world where a looking glass person carries out the command–but in a way that reality is thought to
    be a dream. In other words, this is a preparatory command to get the slave ready for abuse.
    Programming) (This is the wording to use deep alters.)
    Cinderella Program
    The code word involves something said about the stroke of midnight.
    The Melting Pot Program
    A very powerful program is activated by melting the slave into his master. The slave will do anything for
    the master with this program. The melting is the ecstasy that is occasionally experienced when lovers
    having sex seem to melt into each other. This feeling of ecstasy-melting is programmed to release when
    the master says these words, “MELT INTO YOUR MELTED MIRROR FOR AN ELECTRIFYING
    “SEE IT THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS” — infinity mirror programming involving mirror image
    people (alters)
    Wizard of Oz Program
    The Yellow Brick Road is the script or programmed set of instructions one must follow. It also serves as a
    runway for alters to take off from their internal world and take the body. “FOLLOW THE YELLOW
    There is a code to get through the poppy field (trance state). Some alters to get through the poppy field
    need to put on a new dress and a new image. The poppy field may be called “the field of forget-me-not”.
    In this way it is linked to the daisies of Dr. Green. To get into the poppy field is easy, it is “SLEEP,
    SLEEP, SLEEP”, see other induction methods on another page.
    When the slave is finished being used they return from Never Never Land to Kansas. To do this they are
    told: “CLICK YOUR HEELS … THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME.” They might be reminded
    Tin Man programming
    The Tin Man programming is all purpose versatile program for what ever the master needs done, it means
    that the slave is a well oiled machine. Sometimes the slave is reluctant to do a job, but he is being told
    that he is a well oiled machine. The exact words may vary with the mission, but the following are exact
    Program code for slave to shatter their memory of an event (used with electroshock):
    “GO KEY WEST IS KEY” — several slaves have this code, related to Sen. Robert Byrd & Oz
    GALAXY programming (for the end times) is also connected to the Oz programming.
    In upper level Illuminati slaves, Dorothy in the Oz story will represent the Mother of Darkness alters,
    Ozma will represent the Ruler of the Castle, and Glinda will have the Great Book of Records. The ring
    of Glinda (from Glinda of Oz, p. 16) gives protection.
    Body Programs
    Control program. See Omega Programming- Universal Function Codes for internal system codes for body
    programs. Sometimes these body programs are filed with a combination of hebrew and zodiac signs.
    Greek letters are also file no.s of at times of body programs. Rivers of blood -circulation control program.
    This program totally controls the circulatory system. The victim may think they are losing lots of blood &
    go into heart failure. Octopus- strangulation suicide program The internal defenses consists in part of
    body programs that are triggered if the Mind-controlled slave steps out of line. Here is a good list of some
    of these body programs each of which has its own codes:
    Auditory problems, Blood flow/circulation, Burning as if on fire, Digestive failure, Headaches-split brain,
    Heart failure, Histamine production, Optic problems, Respiratory failure, Sleep deprivation, Sleeping
    program, and Temperature change. The suicide programs that can go off include Armageddon, Clowns
    cutting, Cutter program “Pain is Love”, Disembowelment, Drug overdose, Gethsemane, “Hypnosleep”,
    Injection of bleach (poison), Octopus, Red Sea, Shooting Programs (shotgun, Russian roulette, shooting
    family, etc.), War in the Heavens & Wrecking the car. Along with the suicide programs that can be
    triggered are programs that jerk the victim’s mind every which way, which include: Bee Stinging
    Program (put in by placing the drugged victim being near large swarms of bees humming & then letting a
    bee(s) sting the victim), Busy Cleaning Program, Crazy program, Flooding (from Atlantis), Isolate &
    Hibernate Program, Memory Erasure Program, Pain Programming, Paper Doll Program, Protection by
    trance, Revolving switching, Scrambling Program, and re-Structuring Programming, Tumbleweed
    program, Waterjar Shaking program (Ahab stomping the grapes Bible-based program making mush out
    of the brain.)
    Cutting programs are often hidden behind the Bee Swarming program. Alpha and Omega is a strong
    program. Sometimes saying “ALPHA & OMEGA” helps alleviate headaches.
    DNA Program (This uses a lot of number codes.) This is a double-helix which is used as an elevator
    shaft running down through a system. Numbers are used and the names of cities to go down the elevator
    shafts. This programming is said to be done in hospitals.
    Card Codes
    Regular playing cards have developed from the occult Tarot cards. The four suits correspond to magick,
    the spades mean the power from the spear of destruction, the diamond means is a double pyramid or
    demonic power of wealth, and the club is a clover meaning fortune and fate, and the heart means devotion
    and loyalty. The four suits work well in programming because anything that is broken down in 4’s or a
    multiple of 4 can be coded with cards. Anything that can be broken down into 12’s or 13’s can be given
    cards too. Since clocks work off of 12’s, card codes work well with clocks. The suits can denote seasons.
    With Jokers one gets 13 cards per suit with four suits gives 365 unique symbols to denote the days of the
    year. Dominos can also be used on a base 13 code system. The blank will equal 13.
    Carousel System
    There is a back side to enter the Carousel.
    Carrier Pigeon (slave’s who send coded or uncoded messages) and their contact codes
    Birds used for contacts.
    That is, birds in cages are often used as a sign of a meeting place. The contact would say “What did the
    bird say?” or “A little bird told me …,Then the courier pigeon delivers her message.
    ‘‘I’ve come a long long way to see you” -Words to say by System to John or to person to be met. There is
    an endless variety of contact phrases to indicate that the right person has met the right person.
    Sample Code for passing drugs-“RHINESTONE COWBOY” to which the response from the slave would
    Emerald ear rings have been the visual signal to customs agents to allow a person carrying drugs through
    customs. (See D. DELTA for deeper Carrier Pigeon codes.)
    Castle System
    May need a special ring worn by and turned by the handler.
    Flower’s Program
    CSP94OYP587 — code to designate a flower tieing 3 generations.
    UMBRELLA PROGRAM CODE — “R x 4 x 5Y58876”
    Gem codes:
    Sample correspondences of Gem codes:
    1 – Aries – diamond
    2 – Gemini – topaz
    3 – Cancer – cat’s eye
    4 – Leo – ruby
    5 – Virgo – emerald
    6 – Libra – opal
    7 – Scorpio – amethyst
    8 – Sagittarius – turquoise
    9 – Capricorn – black onyx
    10 – Aquarius – crystal
    11 – Pisces – sapphire
    Potter’s Wheel
    “STAND IN ORDER ACCORDING TO RANK AND SERIAL NO.”- part of a stacking command to get
    alters in sequence together to work on them. Dominoes and cards are used as part of the stacking cues.
    Dr. Star’s Programming which places Pentegrams into people uses 1. Sigils as codes–the occult symbols
    for the various demons, along with 2. a color, 3. a gate, and 4. a number form a complete code.
    For example, 1st Gate is the god Nanna, #30, color-SILVER, LADDER OF LIGHTS, GOD OF THE
    MOON. (see Illustration)
    To access a System the abusers often have an object as part of the pickup code, such as a set of car keys, a
    special coin token, a business card, jewelry, or certain clothes or packages. A Popper liquor drink is
    knocked 3 times on the table when it is served. (Who would be the wiser that three knocks is an access
    Word Matrices
    A word-matrix code is where the victim is given two lists of words and then each word on the left list is
    paired with a word on the right list to form a code.Randy Noblitt, a therapist, gave an example of a basic
    pattern for a Word-Matrix. And this is simply quoted from his example to give the reader an idea.
    started xenophobe
    between thoughts
    endless beginning
    throughout forever
    get out trepidation
    over beneath
    fun execute
    win lose
    first then
    form benign
    beginning end
    tonight last morning
    thorough the end
    B. BETA (sexual)
    SEXUAL ALTERS — most of the following codes are for deep sexual alters. In Illuminati Systems these
    are called Beta alters, in CIA systems they create Beta models whose primary function is to provide sex,
    usually perverted sex and S&M for the perverts who run our secret government and visible government.
    BETA models are those who are primary job is sexual, such as service as a Presidential Model (sex slave
    for a President). These System models are numbered BETA 1, BETA 2…BETA 601, etc
    Domino codes for spinners can be 6-3, 6-4, 8-4, 8-5, 10-5, 10-6, 12-7, 12-8. The 13th kitten then would
    be left blank. Spinner dominos have spinner kittens off of them, when a spinner domino code is used. In
    this case 6-2 could take you to the Beta level.
    “10 LITTLE INDIANS, 9 LITTLE INDIANS…”, “1 LITTLE, 2 LITTLE.. .“–assoc. w/ morse code-call
    back telephone no.s. “3 LITTLE KITTENS HAVE LOST THEIR MITTENS…” -The Kitten alters have
    stepped outside of their programming and need fixed by the Master.
    “Hotel California” means a place to have sexual gratification.
    Stroking under chin along with “HAVE A BALL TON IGHT” (Cinderella programming) Stroking under
    the chin along with “PURR FOR ME KITTEN.” Magic shoes or red slippers are used to switch to get
    specific sexual alters. The slippers are clicked 3x to get deeper sexual alters.
    KITTEN. PURR DEEP.” “COME HERE LITTLE ONE.”–call for young sexual alter
    “PASSION” used 3x with other words as a sexual trigger, such as “SHOW ME YOUR PASSION.”
    Passion is a strong program word for sex.
    “RED DOT, SPIN SPIN SPIN, BECOME ANOTHER PERSON.” this is said to a mother kitten before
    she is told which spin kitten to get from her litter. It is a preparatory command meaning “call your
    Spin Kittens “WE GOTTA GET DRESSED.. .IN 5 MINUTES” along with being spun produces specific
    sexual kitten.
    9 lives of kittens — means 9 sexual alters taken in sequence. When spun in a counterclockwise fashion,
    the sexual menu is from 1 to 9. With 3 & 5 being oral sex. “Heat of hell” are used as trigger words in this
    programming. The 10th revolution is to beg to be whipped. “TURN AROUND 10” “SPIN FOR ME.”
    The heat of hell ignites after the 6th spin.
    “RIDE PONIES”–means to do sex for both eng. & ger. slaves; “PLAY HORSEY–sexual games;
    “MOUNTING A HORSE”–[obvious] “CAT NAP” — sex; “CAT NIP — cocaine
    Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum –S&M programs involving mirror image alters. Not to be confused with
    Humpty Dumpty self-destruct program.
    “SIX IS SEX.
    NINE YOUR MINE.”–This means to fall under the master submission, has sexual overtones.
    “ITSY BITSY BOOB” — access code pertaining to Betty Boob programming (which is a certain type of
    female behavior).
    For Beta alters the codes may be:
    “BETA ONE MARY A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4”
    “BETA TWO MARY A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1”
    “BETA THREE MARY A=3, B=4, C=1, D=2”
    Then these might be said in combination “3412 4321 1234” (x3)
    An American system used with Latin Amerericans may have a Beta alter activated by the movement of
    two small Mexican flags & a code word in Spanish “USTA CA-NATA” (cream).
    C. CHI (return to cult)
    Chi programming uses a lot of idiosyncratic phrases, and little ditties. Some of the nursery rhymes listed
    in the song section will be Chi programming. Some of the Chi programming has been listed in the Alpha
    programming section.
    D. Delta (assassination)
    Delta alters –are activated to kill by the following three things:
  2. seeing specific clothing,
  3. items held in a persons hand, and
  4. particular words.
    Since these items would be specific for a particular murder there is no particular specifics that can be
    Courier Pigeon
    Alters (In Illuminati systems–these are Delta-Beta alters). “FLOCK” –word meaning the stable of carrier
    pigeons of DIA
    To turn a Genie free, pop a cork: “TURN YOUR GENIE FREE…POP A CORK.” An internal controller
    must activate the umbrella or genie bottle pop the cork program to release a Delta or Delta-Beta alter.
    “YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND” I Dream of Jeannie Programming
    “YOU-ARE-WHAT-YOU-READ” Passbook Program. Programming to remember bank numbers and
    other specific numbers.
    Distinctive Jewelry & Clothes
    Emerald ear rings used as a signal to others that a message was being carried.
    Emeralds mean drugs,
    Rubys mean prostitution,
    Diamonds (Rhinestones) presidential model work. Red, White & Blue worn sometimes by presidential
    High level reporting alters forget their messages with “REFILE # #, (name of alter).”
    Some Systems have one name with several different numbers attached to indicate alters within one area
    and purpose. Sergeant 1, up to Sergeant 60. Or say “Access 1143 Marcy” & then other Marcys are
    numbered with other numbers.
    Spaceships & flags are assoc. with Sargeant alters.
    Delta Black Widow alters have a web, fangs, poison, eggs, and silk strand connectors.
    Viper is the demon associated with Black Widows, and they are programmed to re-connect their strands
    if all of the connectors are not taken out.
    Index finger pointed at head means Russian roulette.
    E. EPSILON (animal alters)
    These codes aren’t known. One method that may be used, for instance, is for the Raven alters who are to
    tear the body’s flesh, the story of Noah’s ark where he sent the Raven out will be paired with the word
    TWIG, and a code formed from TWIG. There are some alters which are to actually act like animals, and
    their codes somehow tie in with what they are.
    F. OMEGA (internal computers)
    The Omega programming works along with an Executive Control Board (or Grand Druid Council) and
    Internal programmers. The Executive Control Board is associated with both numbers of the clock, and
    precious gems and metals such as “9 O’CLOCK GOLD”. The Beast computer can be accessed with
    Scripture triggers associated with the Vision of Daniel of the Beast, and its ten toes. The Ten Toes are
    important part of the code in some models.
    Key manual — 33123113211
    Program computer — 22133113332 function computer 11123132221
    Ren computer — 13321321332-55434232312 L\S 55434232312 reenlist
    Reprogram no.s — 2231231; 4432312; 33231223
    An input code is 666fff666fff666 the reverse of this code is F6F6F6F6F6F6F6F6F6F6F6. One victim’s
    computer ran on code “WAR GAME”. Some Beast computers have 666 666 666 as an access code and
    999 999 999 as a beast back out and close out code. There are various computers–one on each level.
    These have some standard codes and some individual codes.
    UNIVERSAL FUNCTION CODES — COMPUTER CODE — 5543423231 2 which hold the following
    abduction 4511321
    anger 4213261
    assignment coordinator 1613212
    assassination 5332135
    bank of lies 3124532
    blindness 2566553
    brain disorder 6325512
    body gesture 1332221
    body functions 4311322
    call back ritual 6664113
    child control 3214441
    circle in fields 3332241
    confusion 6643252
    control 4321341
    deaf 3324553
    death 1451621
    denial 2311444
    despair 3223412
    distortion 6233322
    disorder of bones 4561321
    disorder of breathing 5532111
    disorder of eating 3342136
    division 3211652
    false memories 3314532
    fear 2665132
    fleeing 5613354
    game playing 1561321
    guilt 4321231
    hatefulness 5331241
    hopelessness 1112364
    illness 1566432
    infiltration 2231335
    insanity 2144312
    inside reporters 1133265
    loyalty to group 3364112
    mute 2213541
    murder 3221456
    nonsense 2665443
    outside reporters 1132256
    reprogram others 4555643
    reprogram self 1133432
    respond to triggers 4441221
    retardation s- 1314555
    m- 1314556
    sabotage 1135461
    seduction 2134121
    self body harm 3321343
    sex 2116652
    shame 3122115
    suicide 3113246
    trigger 1324652
    trigger others 4442211
    zombie 3321556
    Under each of these codes, other codes may be attached. For instance, under Body Gestures, the
    following functions are coded and a sample coding scheme would look like this:
    talk verbally 3456343
    touch chest 2322132
    touch hair 3323221
    touch mouth 5434232
    touch nose 5443232
    Rainbow an alter which speaks only in rhymes. Ribbons are in a box with Rainbow. A ribbon might be
    accessed by several slaps on the face and “Rubicon 2,4,6,8…” (3x)
    Hickory Dickory Dock rhyme is associated with the vortex which is tied to turning the system and also to
    some death alters.
    Dominoes set off flooding programs to overload the person.
    Program numbers on some slaves are put in by touching the third eye with the index finger and speaking
    the number.
    G. GAMMA (demonology)
    In Satan’s realm, demons are fathered or split off in families like alters are. There will be a Moloch
    number 101, and a Moloch 10,321. The victim has alters which are numbered such as Sally 1 and Sally
  5. For a better understanding of this area of programming see Chapter 10 section I. Gamma
    Programming includes all the demonic activity. In this section one can add the Kabballa’s Tree of Life
    which has alphabet codes, back up programs to regenerate, associated with Greenbaum or Greentree.
    In the Illuminati slaves, the deeper parts of their system are ritual and the demonology pertains to the
    various rituals that are done. The following is a sampling of Illuminati rituals. The blood rituals are used
    to attach demons to possess alters in a particular way. These rituals can’t be separated from the
    programming. They are part of the programming.
    Illuminati (Satanic) Ceremonies:
    Assembling of the Quarter Regents
    Beltaine — with hunts of slaves, fire festivals, and blood rituals
    Bride of Satan Ceremony (Mar. 24)
    Demon revels
    Drawing down the moon
    Druid Feast Day (Jan. 1)
    Duels to the death — like gladiators where the heart is cut out and eaten
    The Grail Mass
    Grand Climax — human sacrifice & sex rituals
    Invocation of Hecate as Crone
    Lammas sabbat — where a female is sacrificed
    Pathworking — (done before age 16 with Cabalistic Tree of Life pathways.)
    Rite of Deification
    Rod of Light ceremony — (consists of text from Cabala, black candles, ram’s horn blown, and victim’s
    mother’s name sounded)
    Sealing ceremony — at 19 years of age for Mothers of Darkness level
    Secret ceremony — where people paint their faces half black and half white.
    Sister of Light rebirthing water ceremony — (victim is bound and then pulled from water and wrapped up
    in linen, and a green branch is place on the chest)
    St. Agnes Eve
    St. Bartholomew’s Day
    St. Walpurgis
    Summer Soltstice Orgy
    For those who are not familiar with occult terms, the following are ritual items: Paten (the holy dish),
    Athame or Glaive (the knife used to sacrifice with), the Wand or Sceptre (a ornamental staff which
    represents authority & usually has an electric shock), and the Censer (to distribute burning fragrance).
    CHAPTER 4B – Hypnosis (continued)
    Chapter 4A
    By Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler
    ‘‘Kaleidoscope eyes’’ — used in hypnotic induction and spinning
    “20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13,…1”
    For many slaves the sign of satan done with the fingers puts them into a trance, and deeper alters come
    “100, 91, 82, 73, 64, 55, 46, 37, 28, 19, 10, 1”
    Touching the head in a particular fashion is done. ‘‘DEEPER AND DEEPER AND DEEPER DEEPER
    Seeing a Hand of Glory (severed left hand) will induct people into Peter Pan programming. (Books
    describing the occult use of the Hand of Glory in Ireland go back to 1830. It is an ancient practice. Baring
    Gould’s book Curious Myths of the Middle Ages describes the recipe for using the hand of glory as a
    gruesome lantern during the witchcraft of the Middle Ages.)
    “I AM THE SAND MAN, AND BLOW SAND IN YOUR EYES” said while simultaneously moving the
    hand over the face to create the illusion of placing sand in the eyes.
    “3-2-1, 3-2-1, 2-1-1, 1-2, 1, You are now relaxed.”
    Lights, in certain colors and sequences, have been used to trance alters out, for instance a flashing red
    light may trance certain alters out. Tunnels were used as a powerful hypnotic suggestion. Bear in mind,
    that people induct when:
    a. physically or mentally relaxed,
    b. when their senses are overloaded or exposed to sense deprivation,
    c. when their equilibrium is disturbed,
    d. their motion is restricted or
    e. their eyes are fixated on something.
    I. JANUS-ALEX CALL BACKS (end-times)
    Main link to a System’s programs to ALEX coded 44334223112. Scramble code to ALEX is
  6. Individual code to ALEX = 55434232312. Link to JANUS coded 3323432123. Report
    back- X441062F
    Main JANUS tracking/reprogramming code-JAN US 9341 00569XXY99632 [x3]; its back up code
    X44420-61F. (There is a Janis 2 computer at 666 Connecticut Ave. Washington, D.C. Disinformation by
    the Network is that the PACER computer equipment is called Janus/Janis).
    Main AMBASSADOR code 67302986ZZ9861 (suicide/fire) sub codes- Fire 97643F4200L; Cut
    97642C42DIL L ; Suicide 9762354202L; towards violence 97613V4203L
    Main EMPEROR – [dot, dot, dot] 79622109MM861 1
    Most slaves have end-time programming. When a slave is called in with end-time programming they
    have pages upon pages of coded messages. A number of Monarch slaves have been de-programmed
    enough that they began accessing and spewing out pages and pages of these activation codes. Part of a
    sample of one of these is as follows:
    3.7 LC
    1.7 ACTIVATE
    A team leader will have a down line of around 4 people–which are coded red ray, yellow ray, green ray,
    blue ray. When the activation code hits a slave team leader during the end times, they will in turn activate
    their people, who in turn will have people who are team leaders and have a down line. At least two false
    callback alarms will be sounded (tested) before the real one.
    J. THETA (psychic warfare)
    K. TINKERBELLE PROGRAMMING (never grow up/alien)
    Capt’n or Cap’n (captain) represents the programmer in Peter Pan programming. Tinkerbelle is a young
    alter created under Peter Pan programming.
    Alien programming by NWO (also involves Peter Pan programming)
    “RIDE THE LIGHT” -Peter Pan programming meaning to go into hypnotic induction attached to a light
    that is seen when given a high voltage shock. This is given to make experiences seem like they occur in
    another dimension.
    L. TWINNING (teams)
    CROSS PROGRAMMING — (for instance, a mother and a daughter team)
    Two seals are placed on this cross programming, a “seal of cover” and a “seal of rain”
    Code: mother – [minus] mother = 3/4 — daughter holds 1/4
    daughter – [minus] mother 1/4 — daughter holds 3/4
    Teams will be given code words for each alter who is part of a 2-System team. One System may serve as
    a father figure to the other System. Teams will be trauma and sexually bonded, as well as having mirror
    images with each others names. A leader will have an upline and a downline for the colored rays. A
    leader will call the different colored rays, to activate their programming.
    An Illuminati team ritual to create oneness & open their team boxes up to work together (Illuminati
    twinning ritual): the team kneels face to face, draws a magical circle on the ground, joins Delta team
    hands forming a clasp ring. (Blue is associated with this.) then they all say, “Star within a star, Circle
    within a circle, Mind within a mind, body within a body, Soul within a soul.” Then the team places Palm,
    their hands Palm to Palm, and then speaks 4 times, “Bone to Bone, flesh to flesh, Spirit to Spirit, Forever
    together – never apart.”
    Then a 5 pointed star is traced in the air. To close the Delta team twinning box, the reverse is done. Then
    other things are to be said in the joining and opening ritual. A double deck of cards is used to program an
    Illuminati team of “twins”. One type of Criss-cross programming involves 1. a flower, 2. the stem, & 3
    the root. The root involves blood sacrifices. This programming ties two generations together such as
    mother -[minus] daughter.
    Songs & Nursery Rhymes Used As Triggers (note all of these songs have been used on other slaves too.)
    Songs with Monarch programming meaning & access parts soliciting behavior or thinking include:
    Brahm’s Lullaby
    Hickory, Dickory Dock (flips the system)
    “Hickory, Dickory Dock, The Mouse Ran up the Clock [computer], the clock struck one [time for system
    rotation], The Mouse ran down, Hickory Dickory Dock.” “INTO THE MOUTH [vortex] RUNS THE
    MOUSE, AND FLIPS THE HOUSE [turns the system over).
    Froggy Went a Courtin’ He did Ride
    Hickory, Dickory Dock
    I had a little pony
    I’m in Love With a Big Blue Frog
    Jack and Jill
    Mary Had a Little Lamb (call to ritual connotation)
    Tones of “Mary had a little Iamb” or other telephone created tones, such as high pitched noises to call
    people to meetings.
    Mary Mary Quite Contrary (reminds the slave that abusers are all-seeing)
    Old King Cole (Old King Cole was a merry old soul, … he’d call for his masters 3 [the 3 programmers])
    Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater
    Puss in Boots (this story is porn programming)
    Ring Around the Rosy
    Ten Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed
    Three Blind Mice (omega programming connotation with hour glass)
    Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (Sometimes associated with “I’m dead.”)
    SONGS (Most of the Beatles’ songs were used for programming. Charles Manson was programmed
    with Beatles’ music. The programmers know ahead of time what are going to be the next hits, and they
    regularly call in slaves and hypnotically make the lyrics to be cues for the slaves before the music comes
    out. For instance, the lyrics of “Ain’t that a Shame” will make certain alters angry. For another slave the
    lyrics “Everything is relative, in its own way” reminds the person of the cult family & obedience.) —
    Angie (popular song for programming)
    A Mighty Fortress is Our God
    Back in Black Blue Velvet
    The Candyman Can (Candyman represents drug use for Monarchs, plus other things.)
    CHRISTMAS CAROLS (Christmas carols were used a lot on Monarchs.)
    Country Roads song with the programmed meaning take me [the slave] “home” to a meeting site.
    Crazy (to reaffirm loyalty to the master)
    Deja Vu
    Die Walkure
    Fire and Rain
    Frere Jacques (Catholic “Father John”, sexual abuse connotation)
    Get Me A Ticket on a Fast Train (substitute “master” for “baby” in song)
    Grandma’s Feather Bed
    Ghost Riders
    Green Green Grass of Home (go home program, slave is not happy ’til they go home to green fields
    Hallelujah chorus (many Christian songs like this one are played while the victim is tortured.)
    Handel’s Messiah
    Have Thine Own Way Lord (“thou art the potter, I am the clay, mold me & make me…” III. Charismatic
    slave programming.)
    Heartache Tonight (song used to announce a ritual over the radio)
    Hotel California (sexual/ritual connotation, the song says, “go to the chamber of the Master’s Feast, We
    are programmed to receive.” This song also tells the story of how LaVey started the Church of Satan in
    I Surrender All
    Imagine (John Lennon presents the New Age script for people to be “nowhere people.”)
    John Brown’s Body
    Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds
    Little Red Riding Hood (song played with hunts of slaves)
    Mary was an only child (from Art Garfunkel’s Angel Claire album)
    Moon River
    Over the Rainbow (obvious Wizard of Oz programming)
    “Playing with the Queen of Hearts, knowing that it really smarts, the Joker is the only fool who’ll do
    anything with you” (reinforces the warning not to play (tamper) with the programming. The Queen of
    Hearts is the emergency Mayday signal to a handler. To play with this will really smart-hurt.
    National Anthem
    No More Mr. Nice Guy
    Revolution 9
    Rivers of Dreams (by Billy Joel. words are about “walking in the dark, going through a river.. .turn on the
    light on your internal world.”
    Satin Sheets
    She’s Leaving Home
    Sins of the Fathers
    Southern Nights (loyalty to the programs — the leaves and trees)
    Stairway to Heaven
    Teddy Bear (Programmer, helpless teddy bear slave connotation)
    Tennessee Waltz (handler is “forced” to prostitute slave)
    The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power
    Tom Dooley (suicide, “hang down your head Tom Dooley, hang down your and…)
    Victim of Love
    “When you wish upon a star” song used for programming.
    White Rabbit (Alice In Wonderland Theme — made into a triggering Karaoke CD.)
    Wooden Heart
    Yellow Submarine (drug connotation)
    O. ZETA (snuff films)
    Zeta is the sixth letter, and it’s ancient meaning was a sacrifice.
    These codes are purely a representative model-not any particular real system. The overall system code at
    times consists of [birthdate + programming site codes + birth order + number of generations family was
    in the Illuminati.] For our hypothetical system Mary we have the hypothetical system code of: 6-13-51-
    14 -02- 12. In order to give the codes for a hypothetical alter system we will have to explain some things
    as we go. The Programmers have for each slave both medical programming files, and a grey or black
    binder with the programmed access, trigger, codes & cues, & structure.
    A typical Illuminati system will be a cube (although spheres and pyramids are also used). The principle
    alters will be the “a” alters. A typical section of alters will consist of a 13 x 13 grid of alters. These are
    alters who live in a world together and must function together. A 13 x 13 section will have 13 families of
    “a” through “in” alters. The “a” alters will be the primary alters that the Programmers will interact with.
    The Programmer may call up an “a” alter and ask it to go get the “c” alter in its family, rather than
    directly asking for it. This initial page of alter codes will be the primary or “a” alters. If we are dealing
    with a 13 x 13 x 13 cube of alters, then the initial page has 13 “a” alters of each section. Each of these
    alters will have an access code which will often include the following components: AN ASSIGNED
    1/3 their access code.
    These code words must be repeated three times to pull the alter up. However, if an alter is trained well,
    and hears his master’s voice, an alpha-numeric code can pull the alter up. For many of the alters, the
    reversal of their access code puts them back to sleep. This is an important point, because some alters
    would be dangerous to leave in control of the body. The “a” alters are regular alters. Many of them have
    been hypnotically age advanced to see themselves as teenagers or adults. Sometimes “b” and “c” alters
    are also aged. The “d” through “in” alters are generally left as they were split and most of them are
    infantile, with little concept of how old they are. The little ones will be the ones who often remember the
    programming very well, and know things about the system. The top alters will also sometimes receive
    personal names from their handler. This is in addition to all their codes. If the alter is responsive to its
    master, the personal name might pull the alter up too.
    Do all of the alters get charted? There are several groups of alters which get charted separate from the rest
    or don’t get charted at all. Because of the competition and distrust between the different programmers,
    they often place in secret back doors into the person’s mind that only they know about. Worlds of secret
    alters loyal and devoted to the programmer may be built into the system and not appear on the regular
    charts. The core, and some of the primal splits from the core will not appear on the regular grids. They
    will be placed on a separate sheet, and their codes will be in some magical language. The Illuminati
    commonly employs 20 magical languages, and Hebrew, Latin and Greek are also often used for charting
    the core and its primal splits. Enochian is a good example of a magical language used by the
    Illuminati. Some alters will be created solely by the slave in order to cope with life. For instance, say the
    slave is travelling with someone who is not a handler, but who is a dangerous person. This dangerous
    person murders several people and forces the slave to help. The slave is likely going to have front alters
    out, and they are simply going to have to create new alters to meet the demands of the situation.
    These alters made to deal with one-time emergency will just slip into cracks in the system. Lots of odds
    and ends alters end up in the nooks and crannies within a system just detached and floating. The
    programmers and the victim work hard at structuring and cleaning up things–but the honest truth is that
    trauma-based mind-control is messy. Any time you shatter someone’s mind into thousands of pieces with
    horrendous torture, you have a shattered mess, in spite of the good fronts that the programmers are able to
    construct. Some of the more elaborate access methods are for alters that are not on the “a” chart. Hour
    glass alters have entire sentence access codes. Deaf & blind alters need their access code signed on their
    hands by moving their fingers up and down, etc.
    End time alters may have access codes that may entail reading an entire page. Reporting alters are often
    small children, that are hidden in each section, and may require slaps to the face or jabs with a needle to
    pull them up. Spinner kittens will be accessed via their mama cat, who acts like a Madam in a “cat
    house”. The codes for this was given in the Beta section codes. The reader will be given the hypothetical
    codes (which resemble closely the actual codes of an actual scenario) for our hypothetical Mary. A
    Sample Chart of the “A” alters–these are the primary alters– has been prepared in the same fashion as it
    would appear in the handler’s 3-ring binder.
    To view this Sample Chart
    Mary’s Core Protector 1 will have a shutdown code of “REVERSAL 1 BEGINNING” and the second
    Core Protector will have the shutdown code of “REVERSAL 2 CREATION”. Of course, these codes are
    said 3 times. The first three alters on the far left section at the top of the chart are Silences who can be
    woken up by singing. Also at least one of these, will wake up by a kiss from the prince (programmer) to
    the third eye area. The first alter can be shut down by “COSMOS 15 31 06 2BAB PINK”. One of the
    groups of alters attached to one of these early alters is “MA.C3.10-53 Rejects (7) 10-53”. To shut this
    alter(s) down just say the reverse of the access code. A mirror image of each of these alters exists too. The
    mirror images can be pulled up via a three step process. The birth memory in our example will be coded
    as A5 10 79.
    The spider torture memories that are attached to these alters is A5 10 79. The reader will notice the
    following on the hypothetical chart on the previous page for the first Section (which is numbered 6 to be
    deceptive): This section is front alters. Basic code pattern = color + Genesis + no. [1 thru 13] + letter [a
    thru m]. Individual codes 1st section general-”N.I.F.6”, 1st section mother Eve “EV.E5 10 51 ACE” (Eve
    is the balancing point & the ace code is high or low). The alter Explorer is “EI.G7”, Mammy “MI.H8”,
    Angel “Red, AI.19 Jack Genesis 4” (or it could be done “red, AI.J10 Genesis 4”), George “Silver, GI.K11
    ”, Zsa Zsa “gold, ZI.L.12”, and Shadow “Clear SI.M13”. You won’t find on the main chart codes such as:
    Eve’s memory “EI.D5.2.1952 ACE” or the Infant alters — “1-000 10-49 REJECTS 3-9” The master may
    say for example: “Green GENESIS 1-A” (3 times) to get this alter which is the balancing point.
    Fragments/dead alters were dumped into areas named concentration camps and given the names of the
    famous German concentration camps. The camps were placed under the Mt. of Olives. Fire or Bomb
    children are found throughout the system and are triggered to come up by programming. They come up
    behind other alters and make them burn. Some of this level can be woken up by saying, “It’s time to wake
    up in the morning” (7 times), which is in contrast with most codes which are said 3x. Another way to look
    at it, is that the alters are on 4 dimensional structure and they require a 4-dimensional access code.
    Height, depth, width, and color are the four dimensions. This breaks down for this 1st section as:
    COLOR (4th dimension) + Genesis (Section code) +1 (level) + “a” (depth). The following message will
    be used on the phone for this System’s recording machine, this example has been used nationally. “IF
    1 or section 2, etc. to call their master. Also, standard Illuminati Hand signals work with Mary. “ALONE
    AND CRYING (3X)”- is a code for a few special parts not on the first grid.
    Section 2 gatekeeper alters. Basic code pattern color + Revelation + no.[1 thru 13] + letter [a thru m] In
    our hypothetical example: “ORANGE REVELATION 4-A” (3X) However a shortcut is “REVELATION
    4” and the primary Revelation 4 alter will come up. “ORANGE REVELATION 4 B” would get a small
    child on the pedestal with Revelation 4a. At times the handler will say “THE DECK IS DOUBLEDECKED” in order to activate the clone doubles of all alters in a particular area–such as the front area of
    the system. The clones are tied to the Pink Room of the dollhouse-looking computer. Since alters are also
    coded to cards, a FLUSH will pull up an entire section. Special alters who skinned men alive are kept in
    black holes in Section 2. They are special trauma alters created solely by the victim as a safety measure.
    Section 2 computer (like all levels) is empowered by an emerald blue light. This power source was
    deactivated by unscrewing the light to the left (which took it physically out so to speak) and then saying
    “PEACE BE STILL” (3X). If “PEACE BE STILL” is not said three times then the War in the heavens
    program kicks in. Also “DAD WEEPS OVER HIS CITY” must be said when deactivating the computer
    otherwise the “children” (alters) become sick and everything kicks back in–which it does eventually
    anyway if the deeper computers are not deactivated or taken out. Section 3 has programmer alters &
    fragment armies, not to be confused with the clones which hide everywhere. The clones, by the way, can
    be identified with serial no.s at base of head gear such as 151.00 [system birth date]. This sections has 3
    faceless Programmers called the 3 adepts of Atlantis. Each of them has a different color of hair. They may
    also be the commanders of armies–the commanders of the Egyptian armies have names Ra, Horus, and
    Set. Section 4 alters are Entertainment alters. Basic code pattern = Color + double number + a name of a
    one of the 13 tribes of Israel + the number of the alter again (3x)
    Example: BLUE 2001-13A REUBEN 1 (3X) However, the color doesn’t always need to be said it is a
    sufficient shortcut to call the alphanumeric code three times. Second example 2002-12A SIMEON 1
    (3X). The numbers of the 2000 code go up while the corresponding number 13 to 1 go down. In other
    words it is a double code. The Tribal names are arranged according to their Biblical birth order.
    Mother Kitten 8,10 and 12 have ten spinner kittens underneath each of them. To get a spinner kitten, one
    gets the mother kitten and then has her in the proper position which is the over-the-rainbow mode. The
    choice of what spin kitten to get is “WE GOTTA GET DRESSED … IN 3 MINUTES.” 3 minutes means
    spinner no. 3. Specific instructions such as “PURR FOR ME KITTEN” gives the abuser fellatio. Tweedle
    Dee & Tweedle Dum is a S&M program. “5 FIDDLE” and “FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD”
    are important for the slave to follow instructions. The alters will be sent to never-never land where what
    they do is unreal. Some kitten alters are keyed to pop out if certain areas of the body are touched, such as
    the space beside the big toe, or the thighs. A handler will also have standard hand signals for things, such
    as putting his hands on his thighs to mean “Come here and take care of me, Kitten.” “COME KITTEN,
    TO PAPA COME” “BLUE TOPAZ” serves as 4 keys. Pisces is associated with Blue Topaz. There are
    also 4 keys which are: silver shoes, sun bright, birds singing, and yellow road. Section 2 & 1.
    Reprogramming sections. At this point, the computer codes given previously apply, SEE OMEGA
    CODES on previous pages. The first major computer services the top 6 sections and has a red room, a
    closet, a pink room, as well as other rooms. Actually the computer should be set in at Section 0, which
    would break up the grid evenly, but since our Mary is hypothetical we put the front main computer at
    section 1. A system like this will have 13 computers/1 per section and 5 computers which set between
    pairs of sections, which join a pair of sections together, and then 2 main computers. This means a System
    like Mary’s will have 20 internal computers. With all the codes and a fair understanding of the alters in a
    section, it is a good day’s work to shut down a computer. Before one could possibly get all the section
    computers shut off, they would reprogram (reboot) themselves back up. Computer erasure codes include:
    The drawers in the dollhouse can be pulled out with “ROYAL FLUSH”(3X). Another code is “PINK
    SECTION 5. FULL HOUSE. ACES HIGH. 2 DEEP.” A partial code to a computer is “ …… 8-9 RED.”
    Our hypothetical Mary might be accessed by a woman who taps on the shoulder and says, “PHOENIX
    360 [tel. area code], OUT OF ORDER”. The library alter has an important access ring. A “Button Bright”
    alter type works with the librarian. The dwarfs are accessed by “ISOLATION + no.” Judges which sit on
    the council give warnings to alters “CAT EYE AT THE DOOR.” This reflects the programmers’ control.
    The judges have the “Keys to the Kingdom.” “MR POSTMAN WAIT AND SEE” indicates a message
    from the master. Ribbon alters have the names of archangels. Silver cords are attached to the ribbons.
    Section 0. Mothers of Darkness alters. basic code pattern = SILVER + LEHTEB [which is bethel or
    house of God spelled backwards] + [who knows what else] + a blue topaz ring being turned on the
    master’s finger a certain way. Green is a sensitive color for this System. Some alters may be accessed
    from certain areas in the System via 4 tones, and others by pin pricks at certain locations in the body,
    along with their verbal code. The Reporting alter can be accessed by repeated slaps across the face. There
    is Ultra Green Section tied to the Cabala (Green tree). The Library in the big castle, which is guarded by
    lions and other big cats, has a passage way in it to a second world. Codes with the Cabalistic Tree of Life
    involve Cabalistic magic and its symbols. This section is guarded by a hostile entity. Certain rings, topaz,
    quartz, diamond, ruby, black onyx etc. are used for triggers. Certain rings are needed to get into certain
    parts of a System, such as the castle. To access the Mothers, the Black Onyx ring must be rotated. The
    programming of a ring may go something like this, “This ring fills Daddy’s house with stars.. .Catch a
    falling star, put it in your pocket.”
    Section 9. Delta-Beta alters. Kept in a genie bottle. Obviously something is rubbed to get them out.
    involved with the “good witch” who kisses upon the forehead. Buttons are on the boxes of Programmer
    Green and are constructed onto the boxes so they can be used to open the boxes up.
    Section 7. This hypothetical system also has a series of codes based on gems–ruby, diamond, etc. which
    have numbers attached to the codes. An Hour glass w/ 12 disciples like grains of sand tied to Jolly Green
    Giant programming which have sentence access codes. Each sentence is a phrase of satanic philosophy.
    The bottom level is called the Hell Pit and contains the City of Petra. The City of Petra has an erasure
    field section 7. Room 7 –cards has eggs with demons. Lacutters are like imps and are invisible. They are
    assigned to guard various things in the system including the cutting programs. “Dad” “Catch a falling
    Main computer protected by deaf and dumb alter using a sign language equation as its access code and
    the reversal of its access code is its shut down code. The Brack Master is a Master Programmer.
    Each of the 13 sections of 169 alters (a section is a 13 x 13 grid of alters) will then have a computer
    assigned to it. The computer is made up of dissociated parts of the mind–which are like alters, but have
    not been given histories or names. Each section has a computer which makes 13 section computers.
    Section 1 and section 7 (See the Grid Chart) (see the grid chart) are main computers. The first is the main
    computer for the top half, and the second is the main computer for the bottom half of the System. The
    second main computer is in the hell pit, and has been put in at the lowest level of the mind. Section 6&5
    computers are connected by a connecting computer, as well as 4&3, 2&1, 0&12, 10&9. This makes 5
    connecting computers. In total then we have 13 section computers, 2 main computers, and 5 connecting
    computers, for a subtotal of 20 computers. Since things are being built on the basis of the magical number
    13, six more computers are installed which are decoy or false computers for therapists to work on. This
    makes a total of 26 computers (or 2×13). Since there are 26 letters of the alphabet, this lends itself well,
    and each computer is assigned a letter of the alphabet. Since the computers are put into the slave when it
    is a young child, the child has just learned how to count and say the alphabet.
    The Illuminati has been using a large dollhouse with 26 rooms using 13 colors of paint, giving two rooms
    per color. Each room is a computer. In accord with the practice of double coding, each letter of the
    alphabet is given its sequence number, so the names for the computers are Al, B2, C3, D4, E5, F6, G7,
    H8, 19, J10, K11, L12, M13–the thirteenth is assigned the 1st main computer. N1, O2, P3, Q4, R5, S6,
    T7, U8, V9, W10, X11, Y12, Z13. Rather, than use the number 13, the number 0 will be assigned, thus
    changing things to M0, and Z0. This is simple enough for a child’s learning mind, but difficult enough
    that it serves as a viable code. As codes are assigned, the bottom of the alphabet is assigned the top (front
    side) of the system. The middle point MO, is the normal access point for all the computers for the
    handler. The code for this is associated with the name of an airplane hanger, so that the concept of taking
    off into the sky (trancing can be associated with it.) Each computer needs an access code to go along with
    its alpha-numeric name. A deck of cards lends itself well to a code of 13. Bear in mind each computer has
    a color assigned to it. Colored scarfs and dollhouse rooms were used with electroshock to teach the child
    his color coding.
    When the programming is going on trance depths and runways(mental image for flying off into a trance)
    and the structure of the System will all be tied together in one neat package. Everything is built on its own
    x-y axis. Each 13×13 grid has the middle rows both vertically and horizontally set up as runways. The x-y
    axis also makes up the hourglass lines or the butterfly wings. Both images are used with slaves. Because
    thing are set up in thirteens in Mary’s system, and things are double coded, thirteen becomes 13-1 and
    one is 1-13. This allows us also to link 13-1 and 1-13, so that everything becomes a circle. The circle
    within a circle, box within a box concept, triangle within a triangle situations makes the slave feel he is
    trapped in an infinity loop of programming that has no end and no beginning. 13 and 1 make 14. An
    entire deck of cards can be used in a double code that also adds to 14, such as the 8 of spades and the 6 of
    diamonds, or the Ace of spades and the King of Diamonds. Here then is the codes for Mary’s computers.
    Two cards from opposite suits that add to 14. Since a deck of regular playing cards came originally from
    Tarot cards, the playing card used as a code also carry some occult significance to the codes.
    It is also training the child who is programmed this way to be interested in cards. And everytime the child
    plays cards they will reinforce at an unconscious level their computer coding. The computers will then
    have programs set in on 13 x 13 quadrants. Quadrant 6.6 will have a program such hopelessness. Other
    quadrants may hold aloneness, recycling, cold, heat, burning, cutting oneself, pulsating loud heart beat,
    and hundreds of other programs. These programs have the type of codes assigned them that are given in
    the Universal Function Codes. Many of the functions can receive a standard code, but other items require
    individual codes. Telephone tones are frequently used to be able to key in (that is access or trigger) parts
    of the computer program matrix. Dominoes also are used for the computer programming.
    The dominoes are put in so that the programmers can get a dominoe effect, if they want to set off a series
    of programs. Dominoes and flashing sequences of lights were used to train the child to automatically
    respond to a certain pattern of dots. Our hypothetical Mary will also have hundreds of other codes for all
    kinds of miscellaneous things such as the following random codes: “RUBY RED LIPS” “TO HAVE
    POWER” AND “TO BE THE POWER”, which are also found in the Tall Book of Make Believe in the
    Shut Eye Town. Dominoes help with the code: “2-4-6-8 WHO DO YOU APPRECIATE?”. More
    examples are, “I LOVE DADDY.” “JACK BE NIMBLE JACK BE QUICK 13-1 12-2…” “PUMPKIN
    HEAD–an access code. To go away- “Ta RA RA BOOM-DE-AYE”,”CRYING OVER YOU (3X)”,
    “SILKEN GIRDLE”– a golden caterpillar plays a bittersweet tune. A gold pocket watch with Roman
    numerals is associated with the words “Eagle on it.” When Mary gets scared and begins to get into
    revolving switching, sometimes spinning can be slow down by saying, “10–YOU ARE SLOWING
    system’s coding is a reflection of their programmer. If the programmer is a pilot which many of them are,
    then they may have pilot lingo in their codes, such as the system may be turned by pitch & degrees. If the
    programmer is a sailor the system may have nautical codes, such as “RED RETURN RUNNING’’ ,
    ‘‘SAFE HARBOR’’ (for ‘‘Home’’), and DOWN RIVER (away from “Papa”).
    Q. Catholic Programming (by Jesuits etc.)
    KEYS TO THE KINGDOM = world domination by mind control. VOW OF SILENCE is a keep quiet
    SILENCE IS TANTAMOUNT TO SUCCESS.” This is explained to the victim that the sea shells and the
    plants have the ability to hear, and that a sensitive occultist (programmer) can psychically pick up what
    the plants and sea shells hear. “MAINTAIN IT” –is a command to maintain the Vow of Silence
    “MAINTAIN IT & LISTEN.”– a command to keep silent and listen to a command.
    “ENTER INTER INNER DIMENSION TWO” – this is a standard Jesuit infinity program (2 is a sacred
    voodoo no.)
    R. Mensa Programming (by MENSA)
    “17 21 13 46” is an Illuminati code meaning a MENSA layer
    Sample Mensa codes:
    “727 + E=MC SQUARED + 3.141 5962 + PI”
    The MENSA codes are sequences of 6 numbers.
    S. HAND SIGNALS misc. common signals
    Finger to forehead–
    One ring finger bent at 90° — access wave Rotated pencil–with certain words–rotates the system
    Finger swung the counterclockwise way closes portals.
    Right Fist to forehead — OBEY
    Fist with right hand cupping left hand, the left is like the letter c, and the thumb is outward and the fist
    inside, the left hand then moves 3 times over the knuckle — access signal
    Left hand of slave laid on top of handler’s hand – sign of submission
    Hands behind back of head — I’m master
    Right Hand with thumb & index finger making an L shape on chin/check
    Hands on inside of thighs by handler — come to me Kitten and service me.
    Hands locked folded interwoven backward — you can’t break “the circle”
    Handshake with index and middle finger held straight out — ”You are one of us.”
    Grip called the lion’s paw — access greeting opening and closing the hands or large circles with index
    finger opens portals. Palms rubbed together counterclockwise
    Kiss on center of head — kiss of submission of slave to handler
    Palm of hand touched — sexual access point for some models
    Sign of Satan — Hail Satan! used for Monarch & Illuminati Mind-controlled slaves as an induction. The
    alter who is holding the body goes into trance, & a deeper one replaces it.
    Thumb twiddle — rotating the thumbs around with the two hands clasp — S&M
    Touch of center of forehead — access point
    Vulcan Peace Sign — llluminati/occult greeting Wave with Finger and thumb together – other digits
    Winks at the system were used to convey meaning.
    After indexing & rereading this book, the co-authors realized that we had not explained “over the
    rainbow.” Some alters live “over the rainbow” and some do not. Both types will use the term “over the
    rainbow”, but with different meanings attached. For those who live “over the rainbow”, they serve their
    masters in such a deep hypnotic trance that they perceive reality like it’s a dream. When their memories
    surface they are so unlike normal memories that a system in therapy may not know what to do with them.
    They have been described as similar to the pictures in the old T.V.s when the vertical hold would go out
    of control. Deeper alters, who live “over the rainbow” experience memories/life in the following fashion:
    faces & porn cameras are airbrushed out of their memory, distinctive marks in the perpetrators such as
    scars & wrinkles are airbrushed out, colors & lights are very bright due to the total dilation of the pupils
    while in deep trance, and there is no sense of time for these alters. These alters are trained to “TRANCE
    SEND FORWARD THROUGH TIME”. By understanding the programming, the codes, & triggers, those
    alters who lived “over the rainbow” can recover from the mind the full memory, without the distortions
    created by dissociation.
    The following site codes are not totally accurate. Also, the Intelligence groups use what are called
    Cryptonyms, which are two-letter digraphs such as the “MK” of MK-ULTRA. The digraph can indicate
    a type of operation or even a location. An operation may have CODES. An operation may have its
    cryptonym changed in the middle of its operation.
    Programming Zone
    Florida 59XCBB
    Texas 92XBMM
    Colorado 1XCDF
    Kentucky 47XB0
    Colorado Springs
    Colorado 61XBXX
    New Mexico
    Kansas 011XOEG
    Major Strange
    Colonel Taylor
    Texas 33XBCB
    The programmers will begin their programming by extreme torture. After a certain amount of torture the
    victim is willing to say or believe anything to stop the torture. At this point a thought will be planted into
    the victim’s mind. This thought will be linked to a false memory put in via hypnosis or movies, or other
    method, and it will be linked to a command put in by hypnosis etc. and the original thought, the
    command, the false memory will be linked by a single emotion which will link them all together. The
    result will be something like this: it is two weeks before Halloween (thought), I must get ready for
    Halloween rituals (command) because I have always had a habit of going to Halloween rituals (false
    memory). If I don’t, I will have a heart attack and die (memory of torture linked to thoughts).
    Programming is layered in. Layer after layer of programming is put in. Each alter (personality) of the
    victim is used as if it is a component of a large system. The result is that no alter (personality) is the
    whole, but only a cog in a great machine. Can a single cog rebel against the whole machine? It is very
    difficult for a single component of thousands of components to rebel against the abusers.
    Alice In Wonderland Programming–going down the tree, going through the mirror, going underneath
    something or growing tall
    The internal programmers (and some other alters) have the ability to send other alters into deep trances.
    One of the programs for doing this is based on the Alice In Wonderland Theme and it was experienced
    like this for a level 2 alter who managed to stay in communication with her deprogrammer:
    When the alter went down in her mind she went down on the inside of the trunk of a tree (like Alice In
    Wonderland). At the bottom she saw a keyhole, a table, and on the table was love potion #9. She
    automatically drank the love potion which shrinks her to a dot and then she goes through the keyhole. So
    normally this process means she goes through the keyhole. She managed to stay in contact with her
    deprogrammer during this deep trance. After the key hole she saw thousands of looking glass mirrors.
    Everything got smaller as she went down the tree. She became a dot. She drinks love potion no. 9 and
    comes back with it. A tree comes and wraps itself around her and loves her. As she ascends (comes up in
    trance) she stretches up and enlarges. In coming up out of trance she gets stuck at level 8 due to some
    interference from deeper alters. She, in accord with her programming, senses her Master’s love.
    (Normally she would have simply tranced out, and another alter would have taken her place and she
    would have no recollection of the entire process. The alter has been programmed to have backup
    amnesia. Backup amnesia means that one doesn’t remember that one lost time, one doesn’t remember
    that one forgot, etc. In short it means you don’t remember that you don’t remember.) This is an example
    of hypnosis used internally by the programming and the Programming alters to control other alters. The
    deepening of the trance was given the imagery of Alice falling down the tree. In the various stories used
    in programming, there is some part of the story that can be used as the story line for trance induction,
    these include:
    Wizard of Oz — going into the poppies,
    Star Wars — time warp, riding the light
    Star Trek — being beamed, replicators etc.
    Hypnosis is used to anchor suggestions about sleep patterns, panic programs, phobias, health healing
    programs and health problems programs, pain control and pain programs, motivation programs, a suicide
    program called “hypnosleep”, an insanity program, and countless other uses. Hypnosis is used to steer a
    person’s mind in the direction that they have been labeled. For instance, if they have been selected to
    become a doctor, they will be programmed for success as a doctor. New patterns of thought, feeling and
    behavior are inserted to build confidence in the goals of the Illuminati. Positive experiences are used to
    help boost the person’s feelings, and then the new messages are anchored “imagine these messages taking
    root. Your new messages are growing stronger and stronger.”
    The Alice In Wonderland programming theme is used in air-water programs and mirror programs
    which the Illuminati, the CIA, NASA, the Jesuits and others like so well. The idea is that there exists a
    mirror world which is a reversal. Along with it is attached the idea that the slave can enter into a timeless
    dimension of time, or as some refer to it “interdimensional time travel.” Later, the victim will be further
    brought under the spell of this mirror programming by going to locations around the nation, like the
    Magic Time Machine restaurants in San Antonio and Dallas, TX where mirrors are placed on doors,
    ceilings, walls, and restrooms of the establishment and programming themes are part of the everything at
    these restaurants. The handler may tell the slave, “LOSE YOURSELF IN THE INFINITY MIRRORS.”
    When hypnotically programming in programs, the Programmers place in many types of images and
    programs. Some examples would be having the concept of obedience equal the fountain of youth. The
    fountain of youth flows in the victim’s mind unless they step out side of their orders. This can be linked
    to the Shangri-la story, where a woman ages as soon as she leaves her place in Shangri-la.
    Another example, is the hypnotic imagery involving the formation of an island from a volcano. The story
    is turned into a programming script to allow the System to be radically restructured. This Volcano
    programming is a System’s turning program. A volcano erupts from deep down, and lava pours into the
    sea. Mountains are pushing up from deep in the mind. To survive, people must cross from the old to the
    new island on a bridge that naturally forms. Fire births the new territory and destroys the old. The new
    mountains develop trees which become safe places for the alters to roost upon.
    Later in the book, the art of building structures internally in the mind of the victim will be covered.
    However, since the process involves hypnotism, it would be appropriate to discuss briefly how hypnosis
    can begin to work a tree structure into the mind of the child. First, the programmer hypnotically
    suggests that his penis is a growing tree. Later, the programmer might begin, “You know those big trees
    in the park that look so big and straight and stretch way up toward the sky? Stand up and be one of those
    trees. Stand up really straight and tall as tall as you can be, and stretch your arms out toward the sky like
    branches on that big oak tree. Now those big trees have long, deep roots that keep them from falling over.
    Feel your feet go down down through the floor, just like roots on the big strong oak tree.”
    Final note: there is no way that this book could give every last song or story that has been used for
    programming, nor was it the intention to do so. We have wanted to point out the popular story lines used,
    although we have missed some such as the Chronicles of Narnia and Little Red Riding Hood (which is
    used in several ways along the lines of you think you’re going to Papa’s, or Grandma’s house & you end
    up with a wolf). Our list left out many programming songs which include –all the Rolling Stone’s
    songs, Alabama’s Old Flame, etc.
    CHAPTER 5A: The Skill of Lying, The Art of Deceit
    By Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler
    The rule of thumb that the programmers/handlers go by is that they will say anything to get the job done.
    A CIA handler will tell his agent in the field whatever will work to get the field agent’s cooperation on a
    mission. There is no height nor breadth nor length to these people’s deception. They have successfully
    kept some deceptions active for decades, if not for centuries.
    The history behind the Wizard of Oz programming is interesting. It suggests that the Wizard of Oz has
    had an important part in the occult world all along. One of the secrets of the Mystery Religions, especially
    the Egyptian Isis mystery religion was the ability to use drugs and torture to create multiple personalities.
    The word Oz is known to have been used by its author as an abbreviation for Osirus. Monarch victims
    have the “golden penis of Osirus” placed into them.
    The Grimm brothers, who were cabalistic jews, gathered the folk occult stories together. Their stories are
    full of spells, trances, and drugs. Sleeping Beauty is put to sleep, and the trigger to wake her is a kiss on
    the lips. These are serious hints that the occult world didn’t stop programming people with dissociative
    states and triggers when the ancient Egyptian empires fell. Instead of using modern lingo such as
    “hypnotize”, they would say “cast a spell.” Later in Freemasonry, the Right Worshipful Master would
    “charge” (meaning hypnotize) an initiate. The occultist L. Frank Baum, a member of the Theosophical
    Society, was inspired by some spirit who gave him the “magic key” to write the Wizard of Oz book,
    which came out in 1900. The book’s story is full of satanic activity and satanic thinking. The story was
    chosen in the late 1940s to be the basis for the Illuminati/Intelligence community’s trauma-based total
    mind control programming.
    As a way of enhancing the effect of the programming, Monarch slaves are conditioned to place trigger
    items into their lives. When the movie was made, Judy Garland, who had lived a life touched by the
    occult world’s abuse, was chosen to act as Dorothy. Judy’s later husband, Mickey De Vinko was a
    satanist and the chief assistant to Roy Radin, a rich satanist who worked with the Illuminati, and who
    controlled the “Process church” covens which had as members mass murderers David Berkowitz and
    Monarch slave Charlie Manson. There are several members of the Carr family, who are also tied into
    both De Vinko and Radin’s Process Church and the Illuminati. With the numerous long term connections
    between the Wizard of Oz books, and movie to the highest levels of the occult world, it is not without
    reason that one can theorize that the original series of 14 Oz books had an ulterior motive behind them.
    The 14 books of the Oz series are:
    1) The Wizard of Oz,
    2) The Land of Oz,
    3) Ozma of Oz,
    4) Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz,
    5) The Road to Oz,
    6) The Emerald City of Oz,
    7) The Patchwork Girl of Oz,
    8) Tik-tok of Oz,
    9) The Scarecrow of Oz,
    10) Rinkitink in Oz,
    11) The Lost Princess of Oz,
    12) The Tinman Woodsman of Oz,
    13) The Magic of Oz,
    14) Glinda of Oz.
    These books are still being sold, and are being read to children who are being programmed with traumabased total mind control. The 14 books came out in various editions. The originals came out in 1900 and
    shortly thereafter. In the 1930s, the 1940’s, and the 1950’s the words were retype set and given different
    pages. (When working with a survivor it might help to identify what decade the edition the slave was
    programmed with, because the pictures and the page numbers varied from edition to edition.) Of course,
    having good pictures is an asset in programming, because the child will visualize off of the pictures when
    building its internal world. In addition to this, large Wizard of Oz theme parks are being built by the
    Illuminati to provide places to carry out programming and to reinforce the programming which traps the
    minds of Monarch slaves. The best example of this, is the audacious MGM Grand complex in Las
    Vegas, although other theme parks around America also use a Wizard of Oz theme. If you have read Fritz
    Springmeier’s Be Wise As Serpents you will know how the Theosophical Society ties in with
    Freemasonry, Satanism, and Lucis Trust. Several famous members of the Theosophical Society include:
    Adolf Hitler (a Satanist who practiced human sacrifice, & who had HPB’s book at his side.)
    Mahatma Gandhi (a Hindu guru considered a god by some of his followers. Gandhi was successful with
    the British in part because of the Theosophical Society.)
    H.P. Blavatsky (The founder of the Theosophical Society. She referred to herself as HPB. She was
    initiated by Illuminatus Mazzini into Carbonarism , a form of Freemasonry, illumined by the Great White
    Lodge in 1856, was part of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, and spent lots of time with the Eddy
    Illuminati family in Vermont, who were well known mediums. She also was a member of the occult
    fraternities the Order of the Druses, the Adoptive branch of the Ancient & Primitive Rite of Freemasonry,
    & the hermetic masonic rites of Memphis and Mizraim. She was trained to handle live snakes by Sheik
    Yusuf ben Makerzi, the chief of the Serpent Handlers, and she was hypnotized by occultist Victor
    Michal and to some degree from 1866 under his influence.)
    Alice Bailey (head of Lucis Trust)
    Henry Steel Olcott (an important occultist)
    Elvis Presley (a Monarch slave)
    Manly P. Hall (an Illuminati Theta Programmer, and at least a Grand Master within the Illuminati who sat
    on the Grand Druid Council.)
    L. Frank Baum
    The man who wrote the book The Wizard of Oz was a member of the Theosophical Society. L. Frank
    Baum lived in South Dakota and created The Wizard of Oz book as a theosophical fairy tale incorporating
    the “ancient wisdom” of the Mystery Religions. The books have so much material from inside the secret
    world of the Illuminati, that the few who understand the Illuminati wonder if Baum wasn’t an insider. The
    moral of the book is that we must rely upon ourselves, for we alone have the power to save ourselves.
    This was part of the original lie of Satan in the garden. Satan has simply dressed up the same original lie
    into different packaging and is distributing it worldwide as the most popular American fairy tale.
    L. Frank Baum explained how he came to write the book, “It was pure inspiration….It came to me right
    out of the blue. I think that sometimes the Great Author has a message to get across and He has to use the
    instrument at hand. I happened to be that medium, and I believe the magic key was given me to open the
    doors to sympathy and understanding, joy, peace and happiness.” (Hearn, Michael P. ed., The Annotated
    Wizard of Oz. NY: Clarkson N. Potter, 1973, p. 73.) In Baum’s time, the head of the Theosophical
    Society, H.P. Blavastsky had been putting out her journal called Lucifer. In other words, I highly suspect
    Baum knew what the Theosophical Society was all about, and that he himself was deeply into the occult.
    The book The Wizard of Oz came out in 1900. (It wasn’t until 1939 that the movie was made.) This next
    section will cover the numerous parallels between the Wizard of Oz material and the occult world and the
    occult world’s programming. This is broken up into 3 sections:
    For those readers who are unfamiliar with the occult world, some of these parallels at first may seem
    stretched. When one sees how many parallels there are, then occult nature of the books begins to sink in.
    The authors could provide the reader with more parallels between Satanism and The Wizard of Oz book,
    but we believe the following will suffice. (Some parallels may also apply to the movie.)
    Auntie Em represents HP Blavastsky’s “Mulaprakriti” and Uncle Henry represents HPB’s “Unmanifested
    The carnival huckster (later seen as the Wizard) is advertised as being connected to the royal families of
    Europe. The Royal families of Europe are secret Satanists, from powerful occult bloodlines.
    Dorothy is brought to Oz by a cyclone. The word cyclone originally was the greek word cyclone which
    means both a circle or the coil of a snake. In other words, the snake takes Dorothy to Oz.
    Dorothy’s three companions represent the mental, emotional, and physical bodies that HPB wrote about.
    Dorothy acquired these three companions just as Theosophy says we will when we come into incarnation.
    To quote HPB “There is no danger that dauntless courage cannot conquer; there is not trial that spotless
    purity cannot pass through; there is no difficulty that strong intellect cannot surmount.” (Algeo, John.
    “The Wizard of Oz: The Perilous Journey”, The Quest, Summer 1993. Wheaton, Il.: Theosophical
    Society in Amer.,p. 53.)
    In the book, the Tin Woodsman was an ordinary being of flesh, but a wicked witch casts a spell on him.
    He kept chopping off parts of his body, which were then replaced by a tinsmith, until he became the first
    bionic man, with a completely mechanic body. Boy, hasn’t the Illuminati been trying to do this one!?
    In step with Wizard of Oz mind-control programming, the wicked witch & naughty children cannot stand
    water but dissolve. Robotic clones are created in the minds of Monarch slaves which can only be mentally
    dissolved by mentally placing water on them.
    Dorothy goes questing in Oz. Theosophists (New Agers, Satanists, etc.) go on quests.
    Oz is shaped like a Mandala with Emerald City in the center, an impassable barrier, four-sidedness, 4
    symbolic colors, the circle and the center. The colors and directions given in Oz may also have other
    symbolic meanings in the occult. For instance, Emerald City is green and green is the fourth point of the
    Eastern Star (women’s Freemasonry) & Satan’s color. A The route that Dorothy follows in Oz has the
    shape of a T with its 3 points defining an inverted triangle.
    The Yellow Brick Road suggests gold, the perfect metal. Gold is considered to be divine & the source of
    wisdom by the Illuminati. HPB had written “There is a Road, steep and thorny, beset with perils of every
    kind, but yet a Road, and it leads to the very heart of the universe.” This was the yellow brick road that
    Baum the Theosophist sought to portray in his fairy tale. The book contains a great deal more perils and
    adventures on the road than the movie.
    The article shows that the great teacher is a humbug but Dorothy and her own companions have the
    abilities to help themselves if they only will realize their own powers through the help of the good witch
    of the south. This is in line with the Theosophical Society’s, the Church of Satan’s, and other occult
    groups teachings which teach that the individual has the capabilities within themselves to achieve
    anything. One of the Theosophical Society’s publications states, “Prepare thyself, for thou wilt have to
    travel on alone. The teacher can but point the way.” (“The Voice of Silence” as quoted in “The Wizard of
    Oz” article, Quest, Summer, 1993 p. 54.) Part of the mind set of Satanism is that reality and fantasy
    become blurred. This blurring has been part of the brainwashing that is being systematically given to
    American children. Within Monarch slaves they have an incredibly difficult time trying to differentiate
    between reality and fantasy because of all the mind programming they have been subjected too. There are
    several techniques which will determine for Monarch survivors if their memories are real. In the board
    game called Illuminati!, put out by people connected to the Illuminati, the game states, “Don’t believe any
    of this, it is all true.” These are the type of double-bind self contradictory statements that Satanists love to
    spew out. Monarch slaves are programmed full of double-binds. With the Satanist’s penchant for blurring
    reality in mind, read the following quote where the President of the Theosophical Society admiringly
    describes the Wizard of Oz, “Part of Baum’s joke is that things are never what they seem. Dorothy seems
    to be a simple and harmless little girl, but it is she who kills the wicked witches of both East and West.
    The Scarecrow seems to lack brains, but he has all the ideas in the company. The Tin Woodman seems to
    lack a heart, but he is so full of sentiment that he is always weeping. The Cowardly Lion seems to be a
    coward, but he takes brave action whenever it is called for. The Wizard seems to be great and powerful,
    but he is actually a humbug. Oz seems to be a glorious and delightful land and Kansas to be dry, gray, and
    dull–but Oz is a world of illusion and Kansas is really home. Things are not what they seem, in Oz or
    The close relationship between Dorothy and her dog is a very subtle connection between the satanic cults
    use of animals (familiars). Those who read Vol. 1, may remember the example written about on how
    Illuminati Kingpin Alfred I. du Pont’s dog Mummy served as Alfred’s familiar spirit. Animals are very
    often used in ritual. This connection is very subtle, perhaps too subtle for it to be worthy of mention,
    except that those in Satanism will see the significance, even though others won’t. What is trivial to one
    person may not be to the next. A Monarch slave as a child will be allowed to bond with a pet. The child
    will want to bond with a pet anyway because people are terrifying by this point. Then the pet is killed in
    porn to traumatize the child. This happens quite frequently.
    The Rainbow–with its seven colors have long had an occult significance of being a great spiritual
    hypnotic device. Constance Cumbey, in her book The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, which exposes
    the New Age Occult Movement, correctly writes, “The Rainbow (also called the Antahkarana or Rainbow
    Bridge). This is used as a hypnotic device.,, (p.261) The Supreme Council of the 33rd0 of Freemasonry
    has used the rainbow on the cover of their magazine. In a book teaching Druidism (as in Illuminati
    Druidism), The 21 Lessons of Meryln, the Rainbow is described as “A true sign of Magic…it exists in
    both worlds at once!”
    Elvira Gulch is a woman who owns 1/2 of the county where Dorothy lives in Kansas. She is shown later
    in the Land of Oz transformed as a witch. Many of the Illuminati elite are rich and lead double lives.
    People who meet them at a ritual will see the dark side of these rich people. At the rituals, people are
    tranced from drugs, chanting, and mind control; they are “over the rainbow.”
    Professor Marvel uses a crystal ball which he claims was used by the Priests of Isis. Isis and Osirus are
    both part of the Ancient Egyptian Mystery religion and modern Satanism.
    Kansas is black & white, Oz is in color. Reality is downplayed in witchcraft and satanism. Make believe
    is considered more colorful than reality. Also as an escape from this world, Satanists use drugs to enhance
    their perception of colors. Some of the famous writers took drugs which put them into altered states of
    consciousness in order to release their creativity.
    Both good and bad witches in Oz carry staffs. In Satanism & the Illuminati, Priestesses also carry similar
    staffs. Also the idea that there are good and evil witches — white and black magic is straight from the
    occult, and follows the Illuminati’s gnostic beliefs.
    Several scenes involve transference of power via transference of slippers from a witch. In Illuminati
    ritual, to transfer power, a Matriarch, or Mother of Darkness will kill the person in a position of authority
    with a strike on the forehead with a special mace like staff, and then put on their slippers. Ruby colored
    slippers are actually used as a symbol of authority at the Matriarch level in the Illuminati. The shoes are
    said to be golden at the Mothers of Darkness level in the Illuminati.
    The bad witch uses poison, poisoned apples and poisoned brew. Satanic covens in real life do this same
    The wizard is portrayed as someone who rules and is benevolent. In witchcraft, wizards do rule (even
    though in some groups wizards are simply called witches.)
    Winged monkeys in the haunted forest, harken back to the pagan cultures which placed wings on various
    animal idols.
    The trees are alive like animals in the film. The Illuminati believe that the trees have spirits. In one of the
    Oz films, even the stones have personality and talk. This comes straight out of Druidism.
    The Tin Man is a person which has been part of Illuminati ceremonies. The first initial ceremony that
    children of the Illuminati may remember is where a Tin Man with an ax watches over their presentation to
    the coven.
    If the parent presents the child, nothing is done, but if the parent refuses to present the children, then the
    Tin Man in the ritual will use his ax to sever the child’s head on a chopping block. (The Tin Man will also
    appear in Tin Man programming, and a Tin Man’s Castle may well be built in the Monarch slave’s head,
    but the point here is that the Tin Man is also part of ritual.)
    Dorothy kills the wicked witch of the west by a sharp blow to the forehead with the witch’s staff. This is
    what is done in the Illuminati, when an elderly witch is being replaced. In both cases, whether in the
    movie or in real life in the Illuminati, when a witch is killed the people have a ceremony. In real life in the
    secret world of the Illuminati, a scroll is used to certify that the witch is dead both physically and
    spiritually. (The movie had this in it.) Just one example of the thousands of Illuminati Grande Dames
    killed in ritual like this is the recent billionairess Dorris Duke, who was ritually killed in 1993 on
    Halloween, also called All Hallows Eve, in the Beverly Hills, CA area. The Illuminati method for killing
    a Grande Dame and passing her spiritual power on is done with reverence. No blood is to be spilt out of
    respect for the elderly woman who gives up her life willingly. At death, the last breath is inhaled by the
    replacement to transfer the power. There may be as many as 2,197 Grande Dames at such a coronation.
    The Grande Mothers (whose Systems are mistresses for Satan and hierarchy leaders) and the next rank,
    the Grande Dames, are often veiled in ritual and would wear robes with different colored lining. The
    different colors of linings show the different grades. A typical Grande Mother vestment or robe is a black
    satin & velvet dress with a draped neckline, and ritual symbols down the center of the robe. After
    someone like Dorris Duke willingly gives her (their) life, her head is served on a silver platter at a
    banquet. For the deeper alters of a high level slave, this is part of their way of life; they are told it is their
    birthright and heritage. Such alters will not be able to identify with the culture at large. To give up their
    programming, means giving up their magickal powers and their culture, which they have had to work
    hard for. To leave they would need to see something that they perceive as better. They are locked into
    their slavery due do to their exposure to only a secret Illuminati culture and value system. Because of
    their dissociation with the rest of their own System of alters, they don’t perceive a need to change their
    lifestyle anymore than a Bushman would be able to feel a need to wear shoes. Why should the Bushman
    want shoes, if he has gotten along without them? Why should a high level slave want change, when they
    have gotten along without it? Experience shows that during deprogramming most of the lower level alters
    will want to escape their abuse, but the higher level ritual alters are so separated from the abuse they don’t
    want to give up their status and culture.
    Throughout the movie, scrolls are used. As stated, Moriah continues to use scrolls for their official ritual
    The wicked witch of the west says that her question was not “to kill or not to kill” Dorothy?, but rather
    HOW to kill Dorothy for “these things must be done delicately.” This is exactly the attitude displayed
    within the Illuminati.
    The film has occult items such as crystal balls in several scenes, haunted castles, magic and a benevolent
    At one point the Lion says, “I do believe in spooks [ghosts], I do, I do, I do, I do.” (Today, intelligence
    agents are also called spooks.)
    The Lion, Tinman, Dorothy and the Scarecrow must prove themselves worthy to receive the benevolence
    from Oz. The occult is full of rituals where the participant must prove himself worthy.
    The phrase “seeds of learning” is used in Illuminati ceremonies. Staffs like the movie has are used by
    various occult groups. These staffs often serve as stun guns, so that shocks can be applied during
    ceremonies. The shocks may be applied so that the victim doesn’t remember the ceremony.
    The following are parts of the Wizard of Oz Monarch Programming, which is a base programming put in
    when the child is very young. Some of the slaves know portions of the Wizard of Oz script word-forword.
    Dorothy is told she doesn’t have a brain if she has gotten into trouble.
    Dorothy is looking for a place where there is no trouble which is a place “over the rainbow.” To escape
    pain, alters go over the rainbow. (This is a.k.a. in Alice In Wonderland Programming as “going through
    the looking glass”.
    Dorothy becomes unconscious, the world begins spinning, and then she see disjointed pictures. This also
    happens to Monarch slaves. Later in the film, Dorothy states, “My! people come and go so quickly.” This
    is exactly what happens to the Monarch slave whose multiple personalities come and go. When the
    multiple personalities switch in and out very fast a spinning process can start which can be dangerous if it
    doesn’t stop. Just like most hiccuping stops on its own, the rapid uncontrolled switching (which can be
    triggered by stress) usually stops on its own. Systems which subconsciously know they are going to be
    tortured and used may out of a subconscious fear begin this revolving switching. It is said that the
    Monarch victim will become comatose if the rapid spinning goes on too long. Personalities are switched
    in what are called “tornado spins” or “tornado spinning” and personalities called “spin off’ personalities
    come up according to the number of revolutions the slave is commanded to spin. By spinning the slave,
    the master can choose what sexual perversion he wants as each “spin off’ personality has been trained to
    carry out a different perversion.
    Over the rainbow in Oz is for the Monarch slave to be in a trance, and into a certain area of the
    programming. To be fluctuating at both ends as an observer and not a participant or to go to the other
    extreme and become a participant. The theme song of the movie goes, “Somewhere over the
    Rainbow…there’s a land where the dreams that you dare to dream really come true.” These lyrics are a
    method to hypnotically confuse the brain to perceive that the “over the Rainbow experience” (which is
    usually horrible abuse) is a “dream”. The dissociative mind is only too happy to call the trauma a dream,
    which is lived as a reality for a moment, but is nevertheless recorded by the mind as a fantasy. The term
    for this is cryptoamnesia, which means the process where the proper functioning of memory is
    hypnotically messed up. The slave’s internal world becomes “reality” and the external real world
    becomes the Land of Oz which is perceived as make-believe.
    Dwarfs are used in the internal programming. (Hollywood hired a large number of them for the movie’s
    cast. They are called Munchkins in the movie.) Mengele, known as the programmer Dr. Green, was
    especially interested in experimenting traumas on dwarfs.
    For bona-fides & recognition signals, the Monarch slaves wear diamonds to signify they are presidential
    models, rubies to signify their Oz programming for prostitution, and emeralds to signify their
    programming to do drug business. Rings are also used to signify what activity the slave is doing, and
    what rank or level they are in the occult.
    Monarch slaves are taught to “follow the yellow brick road.” No matter what fearful things lie ahead, the
    Monarch slave must follow the Yellow Brick Road which is set out before them by their master. For
    some slaves used as track stars, their Yellow Brick Road was the track they had to run. The Yellow Brick
    Road is the runway in which alters were trained to fly off from to exit their internal world and take the
    body. The Yellow Brick Road also pertains to the assignment that an alter is given. To follow the Yellow
    Brick Road is to go down the road that has been assigned by command. The Yellow Brick Road
    programming is placed into the child’s mind via the Yellow Brick Road of the Wizard of Oz story.
    Remember the key words, “Follow the Yellow Brick Road.” To get someone onto the Yellow Brick Road
    you must know the access code to get them through the poppy field. The color codes are important to get
    an alter through the field of poppies. “Fiddler” is important word to get to the yellow brick road (it
    signifies the programmer in the context of “the programmer is here, go over the rainbow”) and then the
    alters eat what is variously called MUSIC or a SCRIPT or A LETTER which are words meaning
    “instructions.” In the 1900 edition of the book on page 31-32 says (programming cues are in caps), “She
    closed the door, locked it, and put the KEY carefully in the pocket of her dress. And so, with Toto trotting
    BRICK. Within a short time she was walking briskly toward the EMERALD CITY, HER SILVER
    SHOES tinkling merrily on the hard, YELLOW ROADBED. The sun shone BRIGHT AND THE BIRDS
    SANG SWEET and Dorothy did not feel nearly as bad as you might think a little girl would who had
    MIDST OF A STRANGE LAND….The houses of the Munchkins were odd-looking dwellings,…ALL
    WERE PAINTED BLUE, for in this country of the EAST BLUE WAS THE FAVORITE COLOR..
    LAUGHING AND SINGING, while a big table nearby was loaded with DELICIOUS FRUITS [the
    programs] and NUTS, PIES, and cakes, and many OTHER GOOD THINGS TO EAT [scripts to ingest].”
    Monarch slaves are threatened with fire, like the Scarecrow. They also see people dismembered like the
    Scarecrow was dismembered. For them it is not an idle threat. The front alters also have hearts full of pain
    like Scarecrow.
    Certain alters are not given courage and most have their hearts taken from them. The alters who are
    programmed not to have hearts are hypnotically told the same thing the Tin Man says, “I could be human
    if I only had a heart.” (See Chapter 4, where it discusses hypnosurgery.)
    Some alters are taught they are stupid and have no brain. Scarecrow is asked the question, “How can you
    talk without a brain? Scarecrow answers, “Some people without a brain can do a lot of talking.”
    Emerald City is used in programming. Emerald City in the programming will be well guarded and hard to
    reach. Several important things will be placed inside the Emerald City, including the deeper Illuminati
    Castles are used in the programming. Lots of castles, either in the mind’s imagery or purely demoniac are
    placed into the slave’s mind.
    Winged monkeys are able to watch in the movies somewhat as spy satellites. Winged monkeys are used
    in the programming to create a fear of always being watched.
    The Flowers used in the movie and books, are also used in the programming. The witch uses poppy
    flowers to put the lion and Dorothy to sleep. Opium and cocaine are used to tranquilize Monarch slaves.
    An alter of a slave will get trancy when they enter the poppy field. (Heroin and cocaine come from
    poppies.) In the film, Dorothy says, “What is happening? I’m so sleepy.” She and the lion get sleepy for
    no apparent reason very quickly. Monarch slaves do the same thing. Waking up with snow in the movie is
    nothing less than an allusion to cocaine which is a common substance given to Monarch slaves to help
    make them dependent.
    Dorothy states at one point in the movie that she “doesn’t remember”. She then follows this up with “I
    guess it doesn’t matter.”
    Hour glasses appear in the movie in several spots, and they also occur in various contexts in people who
    have been programmed by the Monarch programming. Some victims of the programming have hour glass
    configurations each created around a separate axis. The hour glasses have the ability to be rotated which
    causes certain alters to be brought forward. Monarch slave masters have also used hour glasses to indicate
    to their slaves that death was imminent and that time was running out. This is the way the wicked witch
    used the hour glass on Dorothy, who happens to be saved just as the hour glass runs out. Some Monarch
    slave masters actually have large hour glasses (sometimes 3’ high) like in the movie. (In Cathy O’Brien’s
    autobiography of her life as a Monarch slave Transformation of America she has a photograph of Sec. of
    Defense Cheney’s hour glass on his desk with him seated. This hour glass was used to threaten her as a
    slave.) When a Monarch slave sees an hour glass they may switch, but basically it is a reminder that the
    slave masters have the power to run a person’s time out. One slave was told, “The sand that sifts through
    the hourglass is a measure of your worthiness to live or die.” The hour glass shape is basically two
    triangles which touch at their peaks, or an X configuration with the tops of the X having lines. The child’s
    mind is to visualize this configuration as a compass, as the four points N, S, E, W, they are to see the X
    configuration also as an x, y axis upon which a city is structured. The hour glass then is tied to several
    other concepts which integrate themselves well with the basic X shape of the hour glass. Circles with X’s
    are stacked on top of each other to form the different worlds which contain the alters. The two pie shaped
    pieces of the hour glass will hold one world, while the hour glass configuration made by the other two
    adjacent pieces hold the looking glass mirror images of each alter. Each hour glass is called 2 quadrants.
    To remove 4 quadrants would of course take both alters and mirror images with it. In mathematics, it
    could be stated that regular alters are in quadrant x,y and -x, -y. And that the looking glass people–the
    mirror images, early splits made from each alter as a copy, are in quadrants -x, y and x, -y. (See the
    chapter on how to structure a System)
    “Click your heels together and be there in a snap” is both in the movie and in the programming cues.
    Military Monarch slave models are especially taught to click their heels together. (Joseph Mengele, Dr.
    Black, Michael Aquino and others also liked to click their Nazi boots together while they programmed
    “SILENCE!” is both in the movie and a command of the Oz Programming. This word SILENCE stands
    for a code of “no talk” which runs deep in the mind of the slave.
    As in the movie, certain slave alters will talk to their masters as Dorothy did, “If you please, Sir…”
    The keys (and triggers) to control the switching of personalities and to give orders are frequently based on
    Wizard of Oz material. A Monarch slave owner might use cues based on the Wizard of Oz such as
    O’Brien, Cathy. “Operation Carrier Pigeon”, Monograph, pg. 2.) A cryptic death threat given to Cathy as
    a slave by handler Sec. of Defense Cheney to kill her daughter by taking off her daughter’s ears was then
    backed up by the hypnotic command based on Wizard of Oz programming, “I’LL GET HER, MY
    The programming that is related to the Tin Man produces a monarch slave which is
    described as “A WELL OILED MACHINE” by the handlers. U.S. Sen. Allen Simpson, one of the
    perpetrators of the Monarch Program, referred to the Tin Man programming when he told a slave
    Phrases like “troubles melt” can be found in both the movie and in the programming.
    Let’s now cover what programming is based on the Oz books, that isn’t found in the movie. A great deal
    of the Oz programming comes from the books, of which only the first book was used for the movie. The
    public is familiar with the movie which is based on the first one, but in general doesn’t know the other
    books exist. We will not go through the scripts of all 14 books–there isn’t room for that, but by going
    through a few of the books, the reader will begin to see the massive amount of material which was used
    for programming scripts in the Oz books. It is one thing to say, the Wizard of Oz was used as a mindcontrol programming script, but that doesn’t convey the extent of it. Large sections of the 14 books are
    almost perfect for mind-control. If you take the trouble to read these quotes, you may find yourself
    startled at what you thought at first glance was a nice child story!
    pg. 38 Book 1 The Wizard of Oz, “That is true,” said the Scarecrow. “You see,” he continued,
    DOESN’T MATTER, FOR I CAN’T FEEL IT.” This is teaching dissociation. The slaves actually do
    have pins & needles stuck into them, or toothpicks under their fingernails, etc. If anyone asks the slave a
    question they can say according to the script, “I don’t know anything.” The infant slave will be taught
    pg. 41 Book 1 The Wizard of Oz, “It never hurt him, however, and Dorothy would pick him up and set
    him upon his feet again, while he joined her in laughing merrily at his own mishap.” This is teaching the
    programming “IT’S O.K., IT DOESN’T MATTER, NOTHING WRONG HERE” that the slave is taught
    to tell the world.
    pg. 40 Book 1 The Wizard of Oz, “nest of rats in the straw, …at the scarecrow.” The mice in a Monarch
    System which control the turning of the quadrant’s clock, hide from the scarecrow. pg. 42 Book 1 The
    Wizard of Oz, “fewer fruit trees…” If the slave eats the fruit [code for programs] without permission, the
    dwarf munchkins will beat the alter with their clubs. Also on this page HOME is called KANSAS, and it
    is described as “how gray everything was there.” In other words, reality isn’t as great and colorful as the
    make believe internal world you can build in your mind to escape this hell we’re giving you.
    pg. 43 Book 1 The Wizard of Oz, The Scarecrow looked at her reproachfully, and answered, “My life has
    been so short that I really know nothing whatever. I was only made day before yesterday. What happened
    in the world before that time is all unknown to me. Luckily, when the farmer made my head, one of the
    first things he did was to paint my ears, so that I heard what was going on.” This is the script read to new
    alters, to help them have a clean slate before programming them with another new script. This is coupled
    with the Wizard of Oz theme that the Wizard gives brains (what to think) to the Scarecrow. The alters are
    hypnotically programmed that if they think on their own–then they are empty headed like the Scarecrow.
    They can only have something in their head if they let the Wizard give them what to think.
    pg. 45 Book 1 The Wizard of Oz, “It was a lonely life to lead, for I had nothing to think of, having been
    made such a little while before.” This is part of the script read a new alter.
    pg. 48 Book 1 The Wizard of Oz, “So the Scarecrow led her through the trees until they reached the
    cottage, and Dorothy entered and found a bed of dried leaves in one corner. She lay down at once, and
    with Toto beside her, soon fell into a sound sleep. the Scarecrow who was never tired, stood up in another
    corner and waited…” This was used to program part of a script for an Illuminati ceremony.
    pg. 57 Book 1 The Wizard of Oz, “So the old woman went to the wicked Witch of the East, and promised
    her two sheep and a cow if she would prevent the marriage. Therefore, upon the wicked Witch enchanted
    my axe, and when I was chopping away…the axe slipped all at once and cut off my left leg. “This at first
    seemed a great misfortune, for I knew a one-legged man could not do very well as a woodchopper. So I
    went to a tinsmith and had him make me a new leg out of tin. The leg worked very well, once I was used
    to it; but my action angered the wicked Witch of the East, for she had promised the old woman I should
    not marry the pretty Munchkin girl. When I began chopping again my axe slipped and cut off my right
    leg. Again I went to the tinner, and again he made me a leg out of tin. After this the enchanted axe cut off
    my arms, one after the other; but, nothing daunted, I had them replaced with tin ones. The wicked Witch
    then made the axe slip and cut off my head, and at first I thought that was the end of me. But the tinner
    happened to come along, and he made me a new head out of tin.” This is an Illuminati ceremony script
    done by Dr. Mengele with children at a very young age. It was a blood oath to “Green” that if they let
    anyone touch the programming they would cut themselves.
    pg. 58 Book 1 The Wizard of Oz, “…splitting me into two halves. Once more the tinner came to my help
    and made me a body of tin, fastening my tin arms…But alas! I had now no heart, so that I lost all my love
    for the Munchkin girl… I had known was the loss of my heart. While I was in love I was the happiest man
    on earth; but no one can love who has not a heart, and so I am resolved to ask Oz to give me one.”
    pg. 66 Book 1 The Wizard of Oz, The Scarecrow, the Tin Woodsman and Dorothy expect that the Wizard
    of Oz can give a brain, a heart, and send Dorothy back to Kansas. Under programming the Master as the
    Wizard can give alters what he wants including sending them back to Kansas (their internal reality). pg.
    77 Book 1 The Wizard of Oz, “…they could see the road of yellow brick running through a beautiful
    country, with green meadows dotted with bright flowers and all the road bordered with trees hanging full
    of delicious fruits.” This is used for the imagery of the yellow brick road.
    pg. 87 Book 1 The Wizard of Oz, “Scarlet poppies…their odor is so powerful that anyone who breathes it
    falls asleep, and if the sleeper is not carried away from the scent of the flowers he sleeps on and on
    forever. But Dorothy did not know this, nor could she get away from the bright red flowers that were
    everywhere about; so presently her eyes grew heavy and she felt she must sit down to rest and to sleep.”
    This is an important part of the programming. This is the story line for trancing deep. pg. 112 Book 1 The
    Wizard of Oz, “Then the Guardian of the Gates put on his own glasses and told them he was ready to
    show them to the palace. Taking a big golden key from a peg on the wall he opened another gate, and
    they all followed him through the portal into the streets of the Emerald City.” This is helpful imagery in
    setting up the internal Emerald City and its guards.
    pg. 20 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “But the wind, as if satisfied at last with its mischievous pranks, stopped
    blowing this ocean and hurried away to another part of the world to blow something else; so that the
    waves, not being joggled any more, began to quiet down and behave themselves.” Used to create
    protective programming, notice how the wind is personified.
    pg. 23 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “So she sat down in a corner of the coop, leaned her back against the slats,
    nodded at the friendly stars before she closed her eyes, and was asleep in half a minute.” Alters may be
    trained to trance when placed in a corner.
    pg. 27 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “No, indeed; I never care to hatch eggs unless I’ve a nice snug nest, in some
    quiet place, with a baker’s dozen of eggs under me. That’s thirteen, you know, and it’s a lucky number for
    hens. So you may as well eat this egg.” This has been used often to get 13 splits when torturing. Many
    Illuminati Systems were set up on 13 grids.
    pg. 30 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “Next to the water [programming cue to build Atlantis] was a broad beach of
    white sand and gravel [programming cue to build Troy], and farther back were several rocky hills, while
    beyond these appeared a strip of green trees [programming cue to build a green forest] that marked the
    edge of a forest. But there were no houses to be seen, nor any sign of people [programming cue for alters
    to be invisible] who might inhabit this unknown land.” This page along with others near it, have been
    used to build the structures in the internal world of Illuminati slaves. In brackets are a sample of how it
    could be used when building an internal world.
    pg. 34 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “Why eating live things….You ought to be ashamed of yourself!” “Goodness
    me!” returned the hen, in a puzzled tone; how queer you are, Dorothy! Live things are much fresher and
    more wholesome than dead ones, and you humans eat all sorts of dead creatures.” This is used to
    encourage cannabalism.
    pg. 35 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “…a large sized golden key.” To encourage the imagery of golden keys,
    which are used frequently in the internal system. The next chapter “Letter in the Sand” has singing trees
    in it, which have been popular items for the Illuminati due to their druid beliefs.
    pg. 39 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “Bye, bye, and bye, when she was almost in despair, the little girl came upon
    two trees that promised to furnish her with plenty of food. One was quite full of square paper boxes,
    which grew in clusters on all the limbs, and upon the biggest and ripest boxes the word ‘Lunch’ could be
    read, in neat letters. The tree seemed to bear all the year around, for there were lunch-box blossoms on
    some of the branches, and on others tiny little lunch-boxes that were as yet quite green, and evidently not
    fit to eat.” Boxes are built internally in the slave’s mind and a box will contain a program. The food is the
    programming that the slave is to eat and digest. The programming in the box might be songs, nursery
    rhymes, or a poem or anything. (On page 41, there is a full page picture of a girl picking a lunch-pail from
    a tree limb to eat it.)
    pg. 40 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “The little girl stood on tip-toe and picked one of the nicest and biggest
    lunch-boxes, and then she sat down upon the ground and eagerly opened it. Inside she found, nicely
    wrapped in white papers, a ham sandwich, a piece of sponge-cake, a pickle, a slice of new cheese and an
    apple. Each thing had a separate stem,…” The lunch-boxes on the tree are the programs which the
    programmers put in. The stems are what link the programming stories together in the child’s mind.
    pg. 42 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “I had a pair of silver shoes, that carried me through the air. ..said Dorothy.”
    In the programming silver shoes are used as cues to go into altered states (i.e. through the air.)
    pg. 44 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “embroidered garments of many colors” Color programming for the ribbons.
    pg. 47 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “We’ll get you in time, never fear! And when we do get you, we’ll tear you
    into little bits.” “Why are you so cruel to me? asked Dorothy. “I’m a stranger in your country, and have
    done you no harm.” “No harm!” cried one who seemed to be their leader. “Did you not pick our lunchboxes and dinner pails? Have you not a stolen dinner-pail still in your hand?…it is the law here that
    whoever picks a dinner-pail without our permission must die immediately.” The programming message to
    all of this is that no one had better touch the dinner-pails which represent the programs or they are to die
    immediately. Armies like in the story guard the internal programming of the slave.
    pg. 51 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, these pages describe a crack in rocks that is a door. This is used for Petra
    pg. 52 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “golden key”…”within the narrow chamber of rock was the form of a man–
    or, at least, it seemed like a man…his head and limbs were copper. Also his head and limbs were copper,
    and these were jointed or hinged to his body in a peculiar way, with metal caps over the joints, like the
    armor worn by knights in days of old.” These are a System’s robots which are said by the programmers to
    be friends, and which are invisible. You can see other people’s robots but not one’s own internal robots.
    pg. 53 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “This copper man is not alive at all.” The clone robots are made to think they
    are not alive, but just robots. In reality they are little child alters suited up to think they are robots.
    pg. 55 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “…back view of the copper man, and in this way discovered a printed card
    that hung between his shoulders, it being suspended from a small copper peg at the back of his neck.” The
    robots are put in by a combination of several stories. The deep sea divers of 20,000 Leagues Under the
    Sea, and the Wizard of Oz’s Copper Man reinforce each other. “Extra Responsive Mechanical man fitted
    with our special clock-work attachment. Thinks, Speaks, Acts, and Does Everything but Live.
    Manufactured only at our Works at Evna, Land of Ev. All infringements will be promptly Prosecuted
    according to Law.” This huge sign is part of the robotic programming the clone robots receive. Notice
    that they are drilled into total obedience–all infringements will be promptly Prosecuted. Obey the law
    that your Master gives you.
    pg. 56 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “DIRECTIONS FOR USING
    For THINKING: –Wind the Clock-work Man under his left arm, (marked No. 1)
    For SPEAKING: –Wind the Clock-work Man under his right arm, (marked No. 2)
    For WALKING: –Wind Clock-work in the -middle of his back, (marked No. 3)
    N.B.–This Mechanism is guaranteed to work perfectly for a thousand years.” These instructions were
    used to build Dr. Green’s (Mengele’s) boxes and the robots.
    pg. 58 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “The words sounded a little hoarse and creakey, and they were uttered all in
    the same tone, without any change of expression whatever; but both Dorothy and Billina understood them
    perfectly.” This was used to program the internal robots to speak in unison and to repeat themselves.
    pg. 60 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “Af-ter that I re-mem-ber noth-ing until you wound me up a-gain.” The
    internal robots forget and then are prepared again for war.
    pg. 62 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “From this time forth I am your o-be-di-ent servant. What-ev-er you command, that I will do will-ing-ly–if you keep me wound up.” This is used to teach the internal robots
    obedience to their programming.
    pg. 67 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “Within the pail were three slice of turkey, two slices of cold tongue, some
    lobster salad, four slices of bread and butter, a small custard pie, an orange and nine large strawberries
    and some nuts and raisins. Singularly enough, the nuts in this
    dinner-pail grew already cracked, so that Dorothy had no trouble in picking out their meats to eat.” This is
    given to front alters as the front programming so that they see the programs as only “fruit”.
    pg. 68 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “Do the lunch-box trees and the dinner-pail trees belong to the Wheelers? the
    child asked Tiktok, while engaged in eating her meal.
    ‘Of course not,’ he answered. ‘They belong to the roy-al fam-il-y of Ev, on-ly of course there is no roy-al
    fam-il-y just now be-cause King Ev-ol-do jumped in-to the sea and his wife and ten children have been
    trans-formed by the Nome King…you will find the roy-al ‘E’ stamped up-on the bottom of ev-er-y din-ner
    pail.” The Nome King in the programming became the ruler of the demons/system within the Monarch
    system. Several story lines from a number of sources are overlapped to reinforce the programming scripts.
    The programmers will use other stories to introduce themselves into the system too. In case readers don’t
    know, a Monarch system will have hidden powerful alters that are made in the image of their
    programmers, that serve as personal representatives of the programmers.
    pg. 79 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “I am only a ma-chine, and can-not feel sor-row or joy, no mat-ter what happens.” This is teaching mechanical dissociation, and coincides with Tin Man programming.
    pg. 83 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “For the Princess Langwidere is a different person every time I see her, and
    the only way her subjects can recognize her at all is by means of a beautiful ruby key which she always
    wears on a chain attached to her left wrist. When we see the key we know we are beholding the Princess.”
    “That is strange,” said Dorothy, in astonishment. “Do you mean to say that so many different princesses
    are one and the same person?” “Not exactly,” answered the Wheeler. “There is, of course, but one
    princess; but she appears to us in many forms, which are all more or less beautiful.” Doesn’t this sound
    like MPD! Did Frank Baum know about MPD?
    pg. 90 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “Princess Langwidere’s sitting-room was panelled with great mirrors, which
    reached from the ceiling to the floor; also the ceiling was composed of mirrors, and the floor was of
    polished silver that reflected every object upon it. So when Langwidere sat in her easy chair and played
    soft melodies upon her mandolin, her form was mirrored hundreds of times, in walls, and ceilings and
    floor, and whichever way…” This is the mirror programming that has been done to so many victims!
    pg. 91 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “Now I must explain to you that the Princess Langwidere had thirty heads.”
    Isn’t this story line convenient for programming?
    pg. 94 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, …Langwidere to a position in front of cupboard No. 17, the Princess unlocked
    the door with her ruby key and after handing head No.9, which she had been wearing, to the maid, she
    took No. 17 from its shelf and fitted it to her neck….There was one trouble with No. 17; the temper that
    went with it (and which was hidden…)was fiery, harsh and haughty in the extreme, and it often led the
    Princess to do unpleasant things which she regretted when she came to wear her other heads.” Does the
    reader see how this is programming to switch personalities. And personality No. 17 is locked up–which is
    a common programming methodology. The fiery, harsh anger–those are the demonic imps that the victim
    is coached to accept as normal which are layered in. (See chapter 10).
    pg. 98 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “‘To hear is to obey,’ answered the big red colonel, and caught the child by
    the arm.”
    pg. 99 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “…the colonel had by this time managed to get upon his feet again, so he
    grabbed fast hold of the girl and she was helpless to escape.”
    pg. 102 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “Once a cyclone had carried her across it, and a magical pair of silver shoes
    had carried her back again.”
    pg. 103 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “Fist came a magnificent golden chariot, drawn by a great Lion and an
    immense Tiger, who stood shoulder to shoulder and trotted along as gracefully as a well-matched team of
    thoroughbred horses. And standing upright within the chariot was a beautiful girl clothed in flowing robes
    of silver gauze and wearing a jeweled diadem upon her dainty head. She held in one hand the satin
    ribbons that guided her astonishing team, and in the other an ivory wand that separated at the top into two
    prongs, the prongs being tipped by the letters ‘0’ and ‘Z’, made of glistening diamonds set closely
    together.” The way this was used for programming is that guard alters are made out of kittens, who
    believe they are fierce tigers and lions and other wild cats. Ozma, represents the Illuminati Queen Mother
    with her crown and scepter.
    pg. 104 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, On this page we see Ozma of Oz, the Scarecrow, the Saw-Horse, the Tin
    Woodman, and soldiers. These characters were used in the programming. Toward the bottom of the page
    is something that was built into the Systems so that alters would stay in place in their internal world,
    “…the green carpet rolled itself up again…In order that their feet might not come in contact with the
    deadly, life-destroying sands of the desert.”
    pg. 117 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “Dorothy took the key to Tiktok from her pocket and wound up the machine
    man’s action, so that he could bow properly when introduced to the rest of the company.”
    pg. 119-120 Book 3 Ozma of Oz,” ‘Let me introduce to you a new friend of mine, the Hungry Tiger.”…he
    displayed two rows of terrible teeth and a mouth big enough to startle anyone.’
    ‘Dreadfully hungry,” answered the Tiger, snapping his jaws together with a fierce click.”’ This is
    programming for deeper cats in an alter system. The next page tells how this is used to teach the child
    alter cannibalism. “…the tiger. “For my part, I’m a savage beast, and have an appetite for all sorts of poor
    living creatures, from a chipmonk to fat babies.’ ‘How dreadful!’ said Dorothy. ‘Isn’t it, though?’
    returned the Hungry Tiger licking his lips with his long red tongue. ‘Fat babies! Don’t they sound
    delicious? …If I had no conscience I would probably eat the babies and then get hungry again, which
    would mean that I had sacrificed the poor babies for nothing….For it is the nature of tigers to be cruel and
    ferocious, and in refusing to eat harmless living creatures I am acting as no good tiger has ever before
    acted.” This part of the book is used to help teach the child alters which think they are tigers to be
    cannibalistic and actually participate in eating babies. This is all filmed to be used against the mindcontrolled slave.
    pg. 130-3 1 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “ ‘No one knows, exactly,’ replied the Princess. ‘For the King, whose
    name is Roquat of the Rocks, owns a splendid palace underneath the great mountain which is at the north
    end of this kingdom, and he has transformed the queen and her children into ornaments and bric-a-brac
    with which to decorate his rooms.’” ‘I’d like to know,” said Dorothy, ‘Who this Nome King is?’”
    ‘I will tell you, replied Ozma. ‘He is said to be the Ruler of the Underground World, and commands the
    rocks and all that the rocks contain. Under his rule are many thousands of the Nomes, who are queerly
    shaped but powerful sprites that labor at the furnaces and forges of their king, making gold and silver and
    other metals which they conceal in the crevices of the rocks, so that those living upon the earth’s surface
    can only find them with great difficulty. Also they make diamonds and rubies and emeralds, which they
    hide in the ground; so that the kingdom of Nomes is wonderfully rich, and all we have of precious stones
    and silver and gold is what we take from the earth and rocks where the Nome King has hidden them….the
    Ruler of the Underground World is not fond of those who live upon the earth’s surface, and never appears
    among us. If we wish to see King Roquat of the Rocks, we must visit his won country, where he is all
    powerful, and therefore it will be a dangerous undertaking….the furnaces of the Nome King….a single
    spark of fire might destroy me entirely.’ ‘The furnaces may also melt my tin,’ said the Tin Woodman; but
    I am going.”’ ‘I can’t bear heat,’ remarked the Princess… This is used to program in the dwarfs who mine
    the jewels (programs). The dwarfs are often demonic imps or gnomes, rather than being real alters. Notice
    that the story line fits in beautifully with the Hell Pit that the
  • Programmers so often put at the basement of people’s minds. The Hell Pit would have programming to
    make someone burn. If someone approaches where the Dwarfs live (which is deep underground–deep in
    the mind) they will burn. Notice again the words diamonds, rubies, emeralds, silver and gold which are
    all parts of programming codes.
    pg. 139 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “ ‘But I know enough to obey my masters, and to gid-dup, or whoa, when
    I’m told to.” This is teaching obedience. “Lower down the table were the twenty-seven warriors of Oz.”
    This was used to create alters within the internal world.
    pg. 147-148 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, The form was that of a gigantic man built out of plates of cast iron, and
    it stood with one foot on either side of the narror road and swung over its right shoulder an immense iron
    mallet, with which it constantly pounded the earth. These resounding blows explained the thumping
    sounds they had heard, for the mallet was much bigger than a barrel, and where it struck the path between
    the rocky sides of the mountain it filled all the space through which our travelers would be obliged to
    Of course they at once halted, a safe distance away from the terrible iron mallet. The magic carpet would
    do them no good in this case, for it was only meant to protect them from any dangers upon the ground
    beneath their feet, and not from dangers that appeared in the air above them. “Wow!” said the Cowardly
    Lion, with a shudder. “It makes me dreadfully nervous to see that big hammer pounding so near my head.
    One blow would crush me into a door-mat.”
    “The ir-on gi-ant is a fine fellow,” said Tiktok, “and works as stead-i-ly as a clock. He was made for the
    Nome King by Smith & Tin-ker, who made me, and his du-ty is to keep folks from find-ing the un-derground pal-ace. Is he not a great work of art?”… “No,” replied the machine; “he is only made to pound the
    road, and has no think-ing or speak-ing at-tach-ment. But he pounds ve-ry well, I think.”…
    “Is there no way to stop his machinery?” “On-ly the Nome King, who has the key, can do that,” answered
    Tiktok….Meanwhile the giant continued to raise his iron mallet high in the air and to strike the path
    terrific blows that echoed through the mountains like the roar of cannon.” This was used as the script to
    place in Thor, a giant who protects the programming. Very severe split brain headaches are programmed
    to occur to the victim, whenever the internal Thor pounds his hammer. If the programming is threatened,
    Thor and the imps (demons) appear, to protect it. There are an entire series of events using programming
    and obedient alters that takes place to protect the programming, if it is ever threatened.
    pg. 159 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “There was no reply, except that the shifting Nomes upon the mountain
    laughed in derision. ‘You must not command the Nome King.’ said Tiktok, ‘for you do not rule him, as
    you do your own people.’ The purpose of this part is to prepare the child’s alters to accept that internal
    Queens and other leading alters do not rule the demons that are placed into their system, and are not to
    order them around.
    pg. 163 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “In the center of this room was a throne carved out of a solid boulder of
    rock, rude and rugged in shape but glittering with great rubies and diamonds and emeralds on every part
    of its surface. And upon the throne sat the Nome King.
    pg. 167 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, on this page is a picture of the Nome King telling Dorothy and Ozma that,
    “They belong to me and I shall keep them.” In other words, the imps and their jewells belong to the king
    of the demons. Around his throne are steps with gems, and this imagery was used to build the internal
    gems in a system, with Satan/the AntiChrist’s throne at the top of the stairs.
    pg. 170 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “Although this army consisted of rock-colored Nomes, all squat and fat,
    they were clothed in glittering armor of polished steel, inlaid with beautiful gems. Upon his brow each
    wore a brilliant electric light, and they bore sharp spears and swords and battle-axes if solid bronze. It was
    evident they were perfectly trained, for they stood in straight rows, rank after rank, with their weapons
    held erect and true, as if awaiting but the word of command to level them upon their foes.” ‘This,’ siad
    the Nome King, ‘is but a small part of my army. No ruler upon Earth has ever dared to fight me, and no
    ruler ever will, for I am too powerful to oppose.’ This was to help build acceptance within the child of the
    layering of armies of demons.
    pg. 180, Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “For upon the edge of the table rested a pretty grasshopper, that seemed to
    have been formed from a single emerald.” The next page has a picture of a grasshopper wearing a hat and
    many shoes. This was used to help the victim take the hypnotic suggestion that their programmer was a
    grasshopper, a cricket. Mengele used a clicker which helped with this hypnotic suggestion too.
    pg. 182-183 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “…the King returned to his throne…. they were greatly disheartened
    by…the knowledge that she was now an ornament in the Nome King’s palace — a dreadful, creepy place
    in spite of all its magnificance. Without their little leader they
    did not know what to do next, and each one, down to the trembling private of the army, began to fear he
    would soon be more ornamental than useful….’Never mind,’ said the jolly monarch. ‘If he doesn’t care to
    enter the palace…I’ll throw him into one of my fiery furnaces.’
    pg. 184 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “…twenty-six officers filed into the palace and made their guesses—and
    became ornaments.” Story line used to program parts to become useful ornaments. “…he wore a heavy
    gold chain around his neck to show that he was the Chief Steward of the Nome King…” Many of the
    abusers signify their power to the slaves, by wearing a gold chain around their neck.
    pg. 186 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, on this page it states that some magical power gave the King the ability to
    know all that took place in his palace. By crediting their abilities to an occult magical dimension, the
    programmers enhanced their appearance of power to the child victim. pg. 192 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, on
    this page and the surrounding pages, the people who have become ornaments are also assigned colors.
    The Queen of Ev “are all ornaments of a royal purple color.” and “all those people from Oz into green
    pg. 194 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, ‘If I wore the magic belt which enables you to work all your
    transformations, and gives you so much other power….What color will you make the Kansas girl? asked
    the Steward. ‘Gray, I think,’ said his Majesty. ‘And the Scarecrow and the machine man?’ ‘Oh, they shall
    be of solid gold, because they are so ugly in real life.’ This was the script to bring in the color
    programming. Color programming is discussed in the Structuring chapter (7) and the Internal Controls
    chapter (11) dealing with the internal computers, and in chapter 4 where the codes are given.
    pg. 192 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, ‘What more do you want?’ demanded the King. ‘A fat baby. I want a fat
    baby,’ said the Hungry Tiger. ‘A nice, plump, juicy, tender, fat baby.’ When the alters are forced to
    accept that they are tigers and other cats, then they are encouraged (forced) into cannibalism.
    pg. 200 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “So Tiktok touched a yellow glass vase that had daisies painted on one side,
    and he spoke at the same time the word ‘Ev.’ …. In a flash the machine man had disappeared,…” This was
    part of the programming to introduce daisies and switching.
    pg. 201 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, “Next she touched the image of a purple kitten that stood on the corner of a
    mantel, and as she pronounced the word ‘Ev’ the kitten disappeared, and a pretty, fair-haired boy stood
    beside her.” This is teaching the switching of alters and their color programming.
    **We will stop our coverage of the Ozma of Oz book here. We have only partially covered only two of
    the 14 Oz books, all of which were used as programming scripts. There are many more sections in this
    series of 14 books that served as programming scripts, but the reader has got the basic idea. It is still
    important to go over how some of the other books were used in programming, so that the reader begins to
    see how the story lines assist in programming, and how the story lines are so frequently tied together from
    perhaps 12 different stories to reinforce one alter’s programming.
    Alice Through the Looking Glass
    ‘I can’t believe that!’ said Alice. ‘Can’t you?’ the Queen said in a pitying tone. ‘Try again: draw a long
    breath, and shut your eyes.’ Alice laughed. ‘There’s no use trying,’ she said. ‘One can’t believe
    impossible things.’ ‘I dare say you haven’t had much practice,’ said the Queen. ‘When I was your age, I
    always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things
    before breakfast.” The chapter “Which Dreamed It” in Alice Through the Looking Glass has sexual
    programming, the Red Queen is purring. The story where Walruses make believe it is oysters is used for
    programming. Other sexual programming occurs in the chapter “It’s my own invention” where the Knight
    In Crimson (& White) Armor are prisoners which dual for her. Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum is used for
    S&M programming, which has a hand signal involving rotating the thumbs of a clasp hand. Alters go
    through the looking glass, and fall down an oak tree by falling into a deeper and deeper trance. Monarch
    programming is a reflection of how Satan’s mind works. Lewis Carroll’s book with its inversion themes
    fits in with this type of thinking. Lewis Carroll loved the humor of logical contradictions. In the book,
    Alice wonders if cats eat bats or bats eat cats, and she is told that to say what she means is not the same as
    meaning what she says. When she eats the left side of the mushroom, she grows large; the right side has
    the reverse effect. These changes in size are in themselves reversals. A large girl and small puppy end up
    to be a large puppy and a small girl. In Sylvia and Bruno, we are presented with an antigravity wool that
    can be placed into a parcel to make it weigh less than nothing, a watch that reverses time, a black light,
    and a projective plane with outside inside and inside outside. The slave learns that E-V-I-L is simply L-IV-E backwards. In the looking glass world, the Red Queen knows of a hill so large that compared to it the
    hill in question is a valley. Also she knows of dry biscuits which quench thirst, a messenger who whispers
    by shouting, and Alice who runs as fast as she can to stay in one place. (Sometimes it seems we really do
    have to run fast to stay in place.) The King of Hearts thinks its not unusual to write letters to nobody, and
    the White King compliments Alice on having keen enough eyesight to see nobody at a great distance
    down the road. Can you see why this book was so good to program us? In the book Through the Looking
    Glass all asymmetrical objects (that means all objects which can’t be superimposed on their mirrored
    image) “go the other way.” There are left-right reversals. Tweedledee and Tweedledum are mirror image
    twins. The White Knight sings about squeezing his right foot into a left shoe, and there are several
    mentions of corkscrews. A Helix (a corkscrew) is an asymmetric structure with distinct left and right
    forms. The book’s type of thinking was extended beyond asymmetrical objects to asymmetrical relations
    of all types. For example, Alice walks backward, in the railway carriage the guard tells her she is
    traveling the wrong way. The king has two messengers, “one to come and one to go.” The White Queen
    explains the advantages of living backward in time, the looking glass cake is handed around first, then
    sliced. Odd and even numbers, which are equivalent to left and right or on and off are worked into the
    story at several points. For instance, the White Queen requests jam every other day. Going through the
    looking glass takes us to a world where the ordinary world is turned upside down and backward. Things
    go every which way except the way they are supposed to go. Anti-matter is a mirror image. Anti-matter
    milk will explode Alice, but an Anti-matter Alice on the other side of the looking glass can drink the antimatter milk. In Chapter 11 Alice captures the Red Queen. It results in a legitimate checkmate of the Red
    King, who has slept through the entire live size chess game without moving. The checkmate ends the
    dream, but leaves open in the story the question of whether the dream was Alice’s or the Red King’s. The
    programming has so often been only a dream to us. The outside world was so often just an unreal dream
    to us. What was real and what was not real? The real world (for other people) was full of contradictions,
    and the unreal world (our internal world) was consistent. Everything was upside down, forwards and
    backwards. In the Looking Glass book, one shuttles back and forth mysteriously between real and dream
    worlds. “So, either I’ve been dreaming about life or I only dream that life is but a dream.’’ As a slave
    breaks away from the programming, life becomes a bewildering confusion as the slave is pulled between
    two worlds. The internal world has everything the alter needs, the external world is a harsh cold reality
    that doesn’t have much to offer. People in the external world can help make it real for a slave. The
    handlers will never do this. Alters will need a reason to want to come out of the internal reality which
    they are programmed to. believe in. For so long much of life was seen as a dream. It will be hard to get a
    grasp on what was real and what was the lie. Many of the lies are more real than the truth. Life was
    sometimes like the parallel dreams of the Red King and Alice, like two mirrors facing each other.
    The TALL Book of MAKE BELIEVE.
    This book was published by Harper & Row in 1950 and was indeed tall, the pages being 4” x 9 1/2”. On
    page 14, the programmer would read the first paragraph of the poem and then say “sleep, sleep, sleep.”
    “Have you ever heard of the Sugar-Plum Tree? ‘Tis a marvel of great renown! It blooms on the shore of
    the Lollypop Sea in the garden of Shut-Eye Town; The fruit that it bears is so wondrously sweet (As
    those who have tasted it say) That good little children have only to eat of that fruit to be happy next day.
    Sleep, Sleep, Sleep.”
    On page 16-17, there is a story about how a child is dragged under the kitchen door and becomes flat.
    There is a picture of a child being pulled under a door and coming out flat on page 17. This was used as
    part of the script to make the ribbons for the slaves. The ribbons in a system can go under doors and
    through the entire system. On page 23, Rosa the flat person (pancake person) is shown again. This is
    ribbon. The top of the page has a large cricket like creature that was said to the child to be the
    programmer (Dr. Mengele). All of the stories in The Tall Book of Make Believe were used one way or
    the other in programming. We will just touch on some notable points. On page 38 is a poem about a Mr.
    Nobody. The programmers like to have alters identify themselves as “nobody”. On page 39 is a
    poem/story about “someone” who comes tapping…but it is “only the cricket whistling”. This was used to
    help program in that the 3 taps were the cricket (the cover image for the programmer.) On page 50, is the
    story of a girl who when she lays down becomes a different person Mrs. Brown. On page 67 is a poem
    Foreign Lands, where the child sees “the sky’s blue looking glass” and then ends up “to where the roads
    on either hand lead onward into fairyland.. .and all the playthings come alive.” In other words, what is in
    effect being communicated is: take the hypnotic image of flying into the sky in Papa’s silver plane (as the
    plane goes up the trance goes higher -deeper) and then go into a fantasy land where all your wishes can
    come true–so that you can escape the hell us programmers are giving you. On page 79 is the story of a
    ghost named Georgie who would run home and warn people at home when things were broken. This was
    part of the “fix me” programming–so that ghost-like alters, known as reporting alters, call “HOME” to
    “PAPA” if the programming is touched. On page 84 is the story “How they bring back The Village of
    Cream Puffs When the Wind Blows it away.” This story has several programming words in it, these
    words and their meanings are as follows: In programming the “Village of Liver-and-Onions” is a code
    word for “the coven. “Prairie” means “ceremony site”, and in another story “picnic” means “ritual”. It’s
    doubtful that most alters would remember these meanings, but they helped the abusers confuse the child.
    Imagine the victim trying to describe a ritual and telling someone that a village of liver & onions had a
    There are numerous scripts for the Alien programming. Recent novels and Hollywood movies provide a
    non-ending pool of programming resources for the Programmers. Visual reality headgear and other hightech methods can easily be incorporated into an alien abduction theme. The following are samples of
    some of the people who the author Fritz has spent time with, who on one level knew they needed help,
    but didn t know just what they felt uneasy about.
    PERSON 1. Had been abducted by aliens since she was a small child. Different types of aliens took her.
    Her mother worked for the CIA at Area 51. Her mother was abusive to her. One of her best friends is a
    Monarch slave. When the aliens come a bright light appears and then they abduct her. The aliens she
    works with the most look exactly like people, and in their handwriting show severe abuse. These
    benevolent aliens have taken her fetusus several times. She has time-travelled to their planet. She is
    dissociative. The government authorities are constantly monitoring and tracking her, and have made an
    effort to besmudge her record, so that it appears like she is looney tunes. This is the type of cases that this
    books co-author has spent time working with. Doesnt this sound more like human mind-control than
    real aliens?
    PERSON 2. This person hears aliens within his head (which when described sounds like a case of MPD
    (DID)). The aliens would take him and force him to have homosexual activities even though he didn t
    want to participate. But that was O.K. to him, because they were a superior race and if these benevolent
    aliens which are so far advanced beyond us, want to have sex with him, that is their perogative. This
    person has a lot of depression. This person wonders why the authorities seem to keep track of him.
    PERSON 3. This person worked at Area 51. Has a photographic memory throughout his entire MPD
    system. He realizes that he is MPD. His best friend claims to be an alien, a god of sorts, and is known by
    both this person & Fritz to be part of Naval Intelligence. This best friend acts more like a handler than an
    alien, and this Area 51 worker gives his best friend total alligiance. This man has all kinds of alien type
    stories, which sound in many cases like programming. This person admits that his family is Illuminati,
    and the front alters say he has watched Illuminati rituals as an adult, but hasn t participated . He shows
    signs of severe abuse. He is afraid to talk about trauma-based mind-control, but loves to talk about aliens.
    In fact, all three of the persons discussed on this page shied away from talking about Monarch mindcontrol, as if it were something not important, but they all love to talk about aliens.
    And the list of interesting people like this could go on. When Mind-controlled slaves who have alien
    programming are being abducted by the intelligence agencies for their use and for programming here are
    some of the details of how and what occurs: A bright light is shined into their house. They have been
    hypnotically conditioned to view this light as a Flying Saucer, whether it is a helicopter or something
    else. As the NWO does have Flying Saucers, sometimes the real thing is used. Men in Black (just like in
    SRA cases) are often associated with the abductions. And the slaves frequently speak about “shadows in
    the mind.” The slaves are taken to rooms where examining tables with white sheets and X-ray machines,
    Headgear and medical equipment is in place. (The alien equipment has gotten more high-tech over the
    last 40 years. The aliens wear suits that are full of occult symbology. The people are restrained with
    clamps and electrical shock and energy is used on them. They are told that they are receiving information.
    They are given tracking implants and other implants. All of the 3 above persons, receive information from
    the aliens regularly. Almost all of the elements of Monarch trauma-based mind-control appear in these
    abduction accounts, especially in the psychological features of the victim. The victims of alien abduction
    programming feel suicidal after they talk too much. They have headaches, sleep difficulties, nightmares,
    obsessive thoughts, a fear of hypnosis, trapped feelings, and paranoia. During their abductions the aliens
    use drugs, thought transfers, and painful medical procedures. The aliens use language that parallels the
    messages given to SRA victims, just change the language from Satan is in charge to the Aliens are in
    charge . Cattle mutilations where the blood has been drained are associated with abductions. There are
    documented accounts where cattle mutilations have been connected to Satanic cults using helicopters.
    The victims of aliens are forced to be impregnated and then the fetus is repeatedly taken. The aliens are
    repeatedly telling these victims that a holocaust is soon to come. Another strange phenomena, that others
    and this author have noticed is that these victims of alien abduction seen to know each other, much in the
    same way that victims of Illuminati mind-control seem to know each other. And the aliens seem to know
    everything about the victims. The victims have amnesia of their abductions. The memories of their
    abductions are hidden in altered states of consciousness, that hypnosis sometimes can pull up. Most
    victims are afraid of hypnosis or cant be hypnotized (they have been hypnotized not to allow anyone else to hypnotize them.) 111 To give credit where due, Bowarts Operation Mind Control Researchers edition, (1994) has an excellent appendix with charts which compare SRA mind-control victims and alien abduction victims. The charts reveal how similar the two groups are. In preparing these paragraphs, we have used his charts as as a basis for how we wrote these last two paragraphs up. However, the co-authors experiences in working with
    abduction victims match the findings of Bowart. Do aliens from another planet exist? They may or may
    not. It is not a real issue, we have to face what is already on this planet. Fritz has several tapes of aliens of
    different types talking (which were obtained from abduction survivors) and their voices sound demonic
    and they are saying that they have been alive on this planet for many years. One said something like hes been here on earth 500,000 years. If an alien has lived on this planet for 1/2 million years, when does he get residence status. My! If that is true, he is no alien--we are! But one thing is certain, this planet contains some very slimy evil creatures who are either real non-humans or very deceptive dark humans. The Bible calls them demons and reprobate men. The four most popular origins of supposed aliens on earth are all star groups relatively close to our solar system. They are: the Piciades, known as the 7 or 9 sisters, because there are 9 stars of which 7 are visible; Sirius, the dog constellation; the Orion constellation; and the twin stars of Zeta Reticulli, which twin stars were amazingly charted by Chinese astrologers in 3,000 B.C.! Fritz, the co-author of this book kept an open mind on the issue, could there be any benevolent aliens? Some abductees believed that their aliens were benevolent, but when they are debriefed they admit that mind-control and sexual molestation is carried out by the aliens. Fritz, has concluded with other investigators on this question, there are no benevolent aliens , in fact the only aliens that may be around are what have been known as demons. People who have participated in high level Illuminati ceremonies report the presence of creatures that look like the various aliens . (This whole subject is dealt with in another book by Fritz Springmeier.) Some points might be briefly brought out. Fritz has amassed a great deal of evidence that the elite have human-built Flying Saucers. Notice how the controlled media always link aliens with Flying Saucers and UFOs? This is an entire book in itself, however, the bottom line is that at least most (if not all) of the alien abductions are simply part of the NWOs mind-control. It is obvious that for various reasons (including the goals set down in the secret
    Iron Mountain government report), the government (including cooperating agencies like NASA) decided
    to use an alien abduction theme rather than a Satanic Ritual Abuse theme to their mind-control
    programming. The major differences in the programming methodology is that the blood rituals of the
    SRA are no longer used. The reason why blood rituals are no longer needed is that the high-tech harmonic
    machines (which implant thoughts-see chap. 6) and other high-tech methods eliminate the need for the
    blood traumas. The victims of alien abductions are taken at random, where the Illuminati victims are
    abducted more frequently around ritual dates. The person who believes in UFOs and aliens is going to
    receive the same type of treatment as those who believe in Satanic Ritual Abuse. The legal system and
    society at large are conditioned to treat them as nuts. This protects their abusers. An Illuminati hierarchy
    member described their magic goal of pursuing a spiritual path through the finer frequencies of outer
    time. The alien programming is one way to experience this.
    This is a childs book by Scott ODell. The people of an island have both an everyday name and a
    magical name. When the chief gives his magical name to a Russian captain named Orlov, he and his
    warriors end up being killed in battle. The alters of Monarch slaves have names they can give outsiders
    and then their access code names which must be kept secret. Part of the story is to stay in line with what
    ones ancestors have done. Other items in the book, such as the four winds from the four directions fit in with programming too. The book is just one of many that the programmers want the children to hear so that they naturally adopt the correct programming scripts. THE LORD OF THE RINGS Some Illuminati survivors are always looking for a ring. Rings play a significant part in the lives and programming of slaves. One section that is coding/programming found in J.R.R. Tolkiens Lord of the
    Rings is One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness
    bind them.
    One of the most important scripts for the Illuminati Mind-control Programmers is the Lesser Key of
    Solomon Goetia, The Book of Evil Spirits. The Illuminati Doctors Green, Black, White and Blue (that is
    Mengele, Wheeler, Cameron, and Mueller) were fully knowledgeable about The Lesser Key of Solomon
    Goetia. In fact, all those who go beyond the initial levels in the Illuminati are required to study the entire
    book. It`s an important ritual book.
    It is very out of fashion to believe in demons. It is in fashion to believe in aliens, in ghosts, in the internal
    psychological wizard that guides you , and other things which to those high in demonology secretly know
    are simply covers for what used to be called demons. Both the high level Illuminati and the alert
    Christians are saying many of the same things concerning demons. Is “magical” phenomena real? Do the
    programmers really believe in it? In the Lesser Key of Solomon Goetia it answers, “I am not concerned to
    deny the objective reality of all ‘magical’ phenomena; if they are illusions, they are at least as real as
    many unquestioned facts of daily life; and…they are at least evidence of some cause.” (p.10) The author
    of the Lesser Key of Solomon Goetia then points out that all our sense impressions of the universe are
    dependent upon changes in the brain. Reality is a perception of the mind. So the author states, “…we must
    include illusions, which are after all sense impressions as much as realities’ are, in the class of
    ‘phenomena dependent on brain changes.’ Magical phenomena, however, come under a special subclass,
    since they are willed, and their cause is the series of ‘real’ phenomena called the operations of ceremonial
    magic.” In other words, when the Illuminati practice ceremonial magic, their magic to them is as real as
    life, but they do not feel a need to defend its reality. People in the occult encourage children to fantasize.
    Fantasy is looked at with favor. Whether the power and healing and mind-control of demonology stems
    from illusion or Jung’s autonomous power of the human psyche to attract & manifest archetypes through
    the human soul or some other source is not an issue for Satanists. They are seeing results, power, healings
    and the destruction of their enemies by demonology. Within the Illuminati illusion, myth, and perception
    are all esteemed. Are they alone? Are they alone? No, they are not alone. The myth that the United States
    is a democracy is probably a far stronger “reality” in the minds of Americans than the actual reality that it
    is a tightly controlled secret oligarchy with a republican front. But in this case, which is the greater real
    reality? The American believes his myth enough that he dies for it. He fights the “war to end all wars”
    and then the “war to save the world FOR DEMOCRACY” (to quote some popular world war slogans). In
    the American mind, he achieves victory even though he has fought and died for a myth. And even when
    the mythical goals he fought for aren’t even achieved, he believes he has achieved a victory. The first
    world war never brought everlasting peace and the war to save the world for democracy ended after
    “victory” with more of the world under stronger totalitarian rule than before the war began. The bottom
    line is that myths and illusions make up a large part of the reality of most people’s lives. Movie actors
    have repeatedly found out that they incur their fan’s wrath if they try to reveal their real selves to the
    public. The point also is that the person practicing ceremonial magic will not be impressed by the average
    person, even if he be a minister, who has structured his life on myths and illusions, who will tell him that
    his ceremonial magic is not real. The magician will naturally ask, “Who IS living in a world of reality?”
    Ceremonial magic is a very strong “reality” to the Illuminati’s mind-controlled slaves, because the
    programmers make great efforts to develop the five “impressions” listed on page 11 of The Lesser Key,
    which are:
    (1) Sight. The circle, square, triangle, vessels, lamps, robes, implements, etc.
    (2) Sound. The invocations.
    (3) Smell. The perfumes.
    (4) Taste. The Sacrements.
    (5) Touch. As under (1).
    These are reflected upon by the person, and these 5 produce unusual brain-changes. Later two more
    senses are also highly developed. Programmed multiple-slaves have visual and auditory accuity far
    beyond the normal person. The Lesser Keys of Solomon Goetia goes on to say, “The Spirits of the Goetia
    are portions of the human brain. Their seals therefore represent methods of stimulating or regulating those
    particular spots (through the eye).”
    “The names of God are vibrations calculated to establish:
    (a) General control of the brain….
    (b) Control over the brain in detail. (Rank or type of the Spirit)
    (c) Control of one special portion. (Name of Spirit.)
    The perfumes aid this through smell. Usually the perfume will only tend to control a large area; but there
    is an attribution of perfumes to letters of the alphabet enabling one, by a Qabalistic formula, to spell out
    the Spirit’s name.” (p. 12)
    Did the reader grasp that? The most important script for the programmers is to use ceremonial magic
    which uses the names of God to establish GENERAL, & SPECIFIC CONTROL (via a hierarchial
    arrangement of demons) over a person’s mind. More will be covered about this in Chapter 10. But while
    we are on the subject let’s go just a little bit farther. “If, then, I say, with Solomon: ‘The Spirit Cimieries
    teaches logic,’ what I mean is: Those portions of my brain which subserve the logical faculty may be
    stimulated and developed by following out the processes called ‘The Invocation of Cimieries.’
    And this is exactly what the programmers do. They invoke via many rituals all types of specific demons
    (or demonic energy) to enhance the particular mental functions they want. For instance, Typhon and
    Choronzon (also Horonzon) are demons who are essential in building the structure of a programmed
    multiple. They must be invoked before the early start of dividing the mind. Michael Bertieaux heads up
    the Horonzon Club, an unofficial part of Kenneth Grant’s OTO. The demon Horonzon (or Choronzon)
    looks like a grey alien, and was conjured up by Sir John Dee, who was Queen Elizabeth I’s genius
    advisor and court sorcerer. Transyuggothian magic is carried out in order to reach Transyuggothian Space
    (also known as Trans-Plutonian Space and Universe B). The existence of these dimensions is kept very
    secret. The ancient cult of the Star Sirius, from which supposedly we are now getting aliens, had rituals to
    get one into the celebrated Universe B. Sirius B (the binary twin star that exists with the actual Sirius A
    star) represented the god Ra Hoor Khuit. Sirius A represented the Egyptian devil. Let’s reflect on all this
    demonic “illusion”. As stated, an American will die for the myth that America is saving the world for
    democracy. This made sense to psychologists at the time. However, if a slave dies for what he sees as the
    reality of voodoo magic, the psychologist dismisses it as unimportant–a mere coincidence. Since voodoo
    magic doesn’t exist in the psychologist’s mind, the psychologist believes that magic carries no threat to
    its intended victim. Likewise, because the psychologist doesn’t believe in demons, demons supposedly
    pose no threat to the mind-controlled slave. The psychologist is really projecting his perception of reality
    upon someone else, and it doesn’t work. The Illuminati programmers are counting on the therapists
    ignoring demonology. In Bowart’s in-most-respects excellent book Operation Mind Control, (Researcher
    Edition, Ft. Bragg, CA: Flatland, 1994, p. 249.) asks the reader to self-hypnotize himself by several times
    “looking into your mind’s eye”. To Bowart, he sees the trance state as merely looking into your mind’s
    eye. He does not attribute any demonic activity to be involved with such things. No wonder, Bowart
    writes very disparagingly and critically about Christians who are trying to do demonic deliverances to
    slaves. But then as far as I know Bowart hasn’t freed anyone of their mind-control either, he is just a
    reporter. Both ministers and psychologists have contempt for each other’s excesses. We must bear in
    mind that the victims of this total mind-control have their bodies, minds, and spirits enslaved. The body,
    mind and spirit need to be simultaneously liberated. A great deal of the success of the Programmers is that
    ministers have rejected the study of the mind (psychology) and therapists have rejected spiritual things.
    The victim is left without a way to heal both spirit and mind. Partial freedom is still slavery. And not only
    that but both therapists and ministers seem to feel the actual physical threats to the slave’s body to be
    outside of their jurisdiction, and by default it is left up to the victim to provide. Which again without the
    body safe and healed, the mind and spirit are not fully free. There are therapists and others who
    pontificate about how evil Christian ministers are for trying to deliver mind-controlled slaves from their
    demonic possession. This is not the problem. The problem is that the Illuminati have skillfully separated
    the various therapeutic elements both functionally and legally. The answer to the enslavement of body,
    soul, mind and spirit is a team of people who will address all the issues together. Both the psychologists
    and ministers see the excesses of each other, but a little humility would go a long way, for both sides to
    recognize each other’s value. God works through all people, even those who resist Him. That is why he
    can rightly be called Almighty God.
    There seems to be no end to the lies that are involved with the Monarch programming. The old adage that
    nothing is as it appears, is generally the rule. However, once one catches on to the common tactics of
    deceptions, the tactics themselves become red flags which can alert a thinking person to what is hidden.
    This is similar to those Russians who could read between the lines when reading communist propaganda
    and figure Out the truth. The deception begins with covering up the identity of the slave. Within the
    Illuminati, the art of hiding genealogies is a fine art. Children are swapped and placed with foster parents.
    Mothers all of a sudden have babies, when no one has noticed them being pregnant. Investigators like
    Fritz Springmeier, who have been investigating court house records and other primary documents have
    seen court house records altered overnight, to cover up genealogical and financial information.
    The individual slave is usually given a good cover. A good cover will be one that cannot be seen through,
    and still allows the person the freedom to get their job done. When building a cover, the following
    questions will be asked: how much will this cover allow this person to spend? what kind of people can
    this person associate with? where can this person go? and what kind of hobby can he or she have? By
    now, the Illuminati have their secret slaves in so many places that they have their bases covered in all
    fields. True life examples include: a Monarch programmer who appears to be simply a middle class
    housewife. A Monarch computer programmer who appears to be a deaf and dumb mute when in the
    presence of the public, but the deeper brilliant alters work secretly at programming computers during the
    day. An international spy, who is a programmed multiple, who has a totally different set of I.D. and wigs,
    so that when they switch to certain alters used for the intelligence agencies–they not only act different,
    they look different, and have different valid I.D. An apparently dumb blond may be a very intelligent
    highly trained Monarch slave. Within the intelligence world Monarch slaves will function as Agent
    Provocateurs, which are people who join groups with the purpose of leading the group to do things that
    will cause it harm. The neo-Nazis are full of Agent Provocateurs as are some of the Patriot groups. Some
    Monarch slaves are what is called “clean agents” — that is they have never been used in intelligence work,
    so they have no record of use. Monarchs are great for being used by this or that group on a limited basis
    without anyone suspecting any connection. The Intelligence term for the elaborate cover histories they
    give one of their Monarch slaves to operate as an agent is called a “legend”. Supporting documents will
    be placed into the appropriate government files to support the legend. The intelligence agencies may have
    several intact “legends” for different personalities of a slave. The intelligence term is NOTIONAL. It
    roughly means “a fictional entity for the sake of an intelligence operation.” Notional organizations are
    created to steal strength away from sincere organizations. If a church (or non-CIA KKK group etc.) gets
    too sincere and powerful, a well-financed notional rival will start up, and then later fold under scandal.
    The net effect is to destroy the entire cause. At least half of the therapists helping Monarch slaves in the
    authors’ area are programmed multiples themselves! The therapeutic community is heavily infiltrated.
    The help lines for women in crisis are all dirty. Some of the Christian groups that claim to help SRA
    victims are really fronts.
    One recovering Monarch slave tells about how her father was the mayor of an important city in
    Pennslyvannia. He was part of the Illuminati and he introduced drugs into his area, and had a monopoly
    on illegal drugs in the area. As mayor he established the first drug hot line, so that people could inform
    authorities about drug trafficking. He staffed the drug hot line with his own people and this allowed him
    to get tips to eliminate his competition. The intelligence agencies which are using mind-control are hiding
    their drug trafficking and criminal activities. One of the ways they do this is the so-called War on Drugs.
    The situation is so bad and widespread that even the controlled media has had news where they reported
    CIA agents smuggling drugs seized in South America into the U.S. using government channels.
    When a slave is being programmed, the abusers will use schools, churches, Big Brothers, Boy Scouts and
    other activities to carry out the abuse and programming. Children pulled from classes will be given backup amnesia so that they forget that they forgot. In other words, they are totally unaware that they have lost
    time when they were pulled out of the classroom. The teacher gives them a test score, and they are told
    they took a test during the missing time. How can the front alters deny it, when they have been
    hypnotized to believe it and they can see the test scores? Alter boys and boys at catholic orphanages have
    a record of being used by dirty priests. Recently, numerous priests have been discovered molesting
    children, and hundreds of lawsuits are underway, but it is still not coming out that this abuse is connected
    to trauma-based mind-control. In the past, if the parents who were part of the Illuminati elite, but were not
    religious wanted their boy programmed, they could send him off to a military school run under the
    cooperation of the Catholic church and units such as the 6th U.S. Army, which became one of the primary
    infiltrated units. The 6th army uses the magical hexagram as its logo. This would provide the
    programmed child with a religious front. He could say, “I went to catholic school.” The programming
    could be disguised as discipline, etc.
    The establishment media have worked propaganda wonders for the abusers of the Monarch Mind-control.
    Britain is extremely repressive in their information control. If any news medium tries to leak the most
    simplist of information a secret document called a notice” will be sent at any time of day to them from a
    D-notice committee, and the media will have to stop whatever reference is deemed a secret. In the U.S. it
    in effect works as tight, it just is not officially as tight. The abusers know that they also have an
    Incredulous Factor that can assist them. Who would believe that a sweet child drinks blood and is
    cannabalistic? The more that they can do that is far fetched, the less credibility the child has if they do
    talk. Some children do try to talk. One Monarch slave talked at age five, and her entire family came down
    hard on her and blamed the child’s talking for the death of one of the abusers. What kind of proof can a
    child bring that adults will accept? In the McMartin Preschool case about 800 children were witnesses
    whose stories colloborated the SRA and programming that was done, but the media, and the judicial
    system were able to cover up the abuse and make it look on television that the abusers were the victims! It
    wasn’t until after the case was over and the property sold, that the tangible proof (the secret tunnels with
    paraphenalia) were found, and then the news media has covered that up too. The abusers will often wear
    masks and costumes. Let’s say a programmer wears a Mickey Mouse outfit, and the child would
    remember and tell, “Mickey Mouse hurt me.” Now who is going to believe the child? The child has told
    the truth, but will be reprimanded for telling the truth. It doesn’t take long for a severely abused child,
    who has been programmed to keep silent, to learn that no one wants to hear the truth anyway.
    A great deal of Monarch programming and slave abuse, (as well as the drug trade) is done under three
    major covers or fronts:
    Religious Fronts, the Front of National Security and the Military, and the Entertainment fields, especially
    the Country Western Industry, the Rock Music Industry and Hollywood. The religious fronts were
    popular for centuries, especially when groups like the Jesuits, the Assassins, and other groups held
    immense power. Religious fronts are still being used such as J.Z. Knight, Elizabeth Claire Prophet’s CUT
    church, the Church of Scientology, the Charismatic movement, Jim Jones & Jonestown, and David
    Koresh’s group etc. Billy Ray Moore’s Lord’s Chapel is entirely a mind-control operation. There is a
    nondenomination Pentecostal church in southern Washington whose entire membership is Satanists under
    mind-control. Various overseas “missionary” groups are covers for the CIA & mind-control. It would
    take a book to explain how these religious fronts are part of the total trauma-based mind-control and how
    they operate to protect mind-control, however there are publications which go into some of the CIA
    connections to these groups. It is suggested that interested persons read these publications. Some of the
    deceptions such as the lone assassin idea have been used for centuries as a cover for assassinations
    planned by the occult hierarchy. If we are going to really reveal how the Monarch Mind-control is done,
    we will have to explain how the deception is done. If one describes a chameleon only by saying “it is like
    a lizard”, without mentioning the camouflage, then the most important part has been overlooked.
    Religious fronts are an important part of the Illuminati program for making slaves. In fact, due to their
    gnostic philosophy of balancing their good deeds with their bad deeds, it is almost essential to have a
    religious front through which one can do good deeds. Even though adding this section to the book will
    spur some to blindly lash out at the book, still the whole story needs to come out. When we, the authors of
    this book, write that the Monarch-type total mind-control threatens everything this nation stands for, we
    are not exaggerating. The Monarch Mind-control program has not been used just to program slaves–but it
    has been part of a much bigger deception. When this deception is realized by this nation, it will shatter the
    very fabric of trust that Americans have in their institutions. If Americans will begin to understand the
    power structure behind their institutions, and who controls this structure, they will begin to see the lies in
    the scripts that they have been fed since infancy. And YOU, the reader of this next section in this book, if
    you love the truth, can help begin the healing process to overcome some of the devastation that is going to
    rock this nation when the truth comes out. This next section will help both Christian and non-Christian
    reader. The therapist can learn about what is happening so that they can better deal with what the SRA
    survivors are beginning to reveal. The grooming of the American people to believe massive amounts of
    lies did work, UNTIL a few loving therapists, ministers, and doctors began to liberate victims of the
    Monarch trauma-based mind-control. These programmed multiples began revealing a horror story of
    deception unparalleled in history. For the reader to deal with the next section means courage. It means
    that the reader will have to muster up some of the same type of love of truth that the mind-control
    survivors must muster to free themselves of the lies of their satanic programming. What we see and hear
    can be programming, in the same way SRA victims are deceived. Everyone in the Illuminati of any
    significance has participated in grooming the public to believe that Billy Graham is a great man of God.
    Graham has stood beside each of the Presidents and the Pope. The Illuminati don’t just program
    individuals, they program whole nations. The public has been led to believe in a television image. But
    what if the secular media’s image of Billy Graham is not real? For Christians it means that they can quit
    trusting in a man, and place their trust fully on God. For secular readers, they can begin to see the extent
    of how America’s institutions have been corrupted by the horrible trauma-based mind-control. The heartbeat of the Body of Christ is crying out that something is terribly wrong. We will address that. All of us,
    whether Christian or not, must step out of the lies and look clearly out into the darkness and see every
    facet of this evil mind-control. When men who worship the god of this world place “In God We Trust” on
    the Federal Reserve bank notes, we who know the truth must step out of our dream world and realize that
    they mean Lucifer. (By the way, the Federal Reserve is not a government agency, but a private banking
    institution of the Illuminati. This has been documented in a number of writings.) The issue at hand in this
    next section is to show how the institution called “the Christian church”, and the world in general has
    been deceived by a programmed multiple and this trauma-based mind-control. Secular readers will be
    shown that the doctrines that Christians want to believe in, have been subtly destroyed under the disguise
    of building them up. This is no different than the destruction of the positive values which hold any group
    together. (After the repeated colloboration by essentially all the Christian churches worldwide in many
    activities as the NCC, the Billy Graham Crusades, the Promise Keepers and other programs, the Christian
    churches, Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant & non-denominational can be considered one institution.) The
    infiltration and control of the Christian religion has been one of the easiest tasks of the Illuminati. The
    Christian churches are what the intelligence agencies called “SOFT TARGETS.”
    In 1992, Billy Graham broadcast all over the U.S. his radio show called Embrace America 2000. In the
    Louisiana area, it came over the KJAM Lafayette Station. During the show, Billy Graham told the
    American people we need to embrace the New World Order. Billy Graham is also on record stating that
    people can have salvation through paganism (another name for witchcraft). For instance, in McCall
    Magazine (Jan. 1987) Graham stated, “I used to believe that pagans in far-off countries were lost–were
    going to hell. I no longer believe that. I believe that there are other ways of recognizing the existence of
    God–through nature, for instance.” Pagans believe that salvation can be obtained through nature. This is
    not a pleasant story. Billy Graham has been built up to be the most respected popular person in America,
    Who wants to find out they have been deceived? We will try to give you the facts, or evidence, and may
    God grant you wisdom as you read this. This section is not propaganda for our own personal views. Years
    ago, when Fritz set out on his search, he had no final outcome in mind. Fritz isn’t concerned with
    concealing facts one way or the other. There is no desire to stampede our readers any where. We do want
    to clarify many issues. We do want to help the truth seeker. But the co-authors personally have no battle
    to win, except that truth be brought forth. The issues at stake are not trivial. Historically, Billy Graham’s
    deception is one of the ,,greatest” deceptions that has ever been perpetrated. Some might argue the
    greatest, making Benedict Arnold, Quisling, and the Trojan Horse pale into insignificance. Allow us to
    introduce you just briefly into the world of the Illuminati, All top hierarchy Satanists are required to have
    covers, The Illuminatus will have multiple personalities, and he or she will have one personality that is
    particularly shown to the outside world. They (the Programmers, handlers and the Illuminati councils) try
    to get the best covers that they can. They like to be clergymen, but they are also mayors of big cities,
    lawyers, doctors, etc. A Christian psychiatrist who has worked with numerous victims of Satanism and
    Multiple Personality Disorder wrote this observation after having worked with a large number of exmulti-generational programmed Satanic multiples, “Some satanists have invaded the church as it is the
    perfect cover for them. They masquerade as angels of light and gravitate towards positions of leadership
    in order to have more influence. Because much of what they say is sound doctrinally, they are rarely
    detected. Most survivors whom I have worked with had satanist parents who were in high positions in
    churches; many were pastors.” (Dr. Fox, Loreda. The Spiritual and Clinical Dimensions of Multiple
    Personality Disorder. Salida, CO: Books of Sangre de Cristo, p. 196.) Let us repeat what Dr. Loreda Fox
    said, “Most survivors whom I have worked with had satanist parents who were in high positions in
    churches; many were pastors.” She didn’t say “some,” she said MOST. Independently, we have
    discovered the very same thing. People don’t grasp that just because a preacher can sincerely preach what
    seems a “perfect sermon,” doesn’t mean that he can’t also be part of the Satanic hierarchy. What is
    happening with the Illuminati’s ability to create programmed multiples is that we are getting perfect
    preachers who are secret hierarchy members. Some of their “perfect sermons” are full of slides, such as
    “the Christian people need to get involved in the voting process. Christians love to hear such things, it
    tickles their ears, but the truth is that the entire voting process has been captured and corrupted. Voting
    machines have repeatedly been exposed to have been rigged, and the controlled media and public denial
    have prevented Americans from giving up their myth that the common man’s votes run this nation. (The
    subject of election corruption is dealt with in Fritz’s newsletters, etc.) In Fritz’s Be Wise As Serpents
    book (which exposed Billy Graham as a Luciferian in 1991), it is explained that high level Satanism is
    Gnosticism which requires that “the Force” of these great satanic magicians be balanced. In other words,
    in high level Satanism your good deeds must balance your evil deeds. People do not realize that unless
    someone does “good” deeds they cannot be a high level Satanist. That is why some of the greatest
    philanthropists are also our leading national satanists, To see Billy Graham do something commendable
    does not disqualify him from satanism. In fact, it is a requirement if he’s been part of the Illuminati, such
    as ex-insiders/witnesses say he was. In fact, it wasn’t until working on this book that an eyewitness to the
    mind-control abuse of at the hands of Billy Graham offered to help contribute to this section of the book.
    In other words, an eyewitness helped write this. This eyewitness account by the Co-author matches what
    the list of eyewitnesses that Fritz assembled in 1993 have said, But the eyewitness went further and
    exposed B.G. crusades’ skillful use of Monarch slaves to launder drug money. Several police officers
    have stated that today, there is for all practical purposes no police training helping police to understand
    Satanism. They are highly trained in many areas, but Satanism is avoided. When an SRA case involving
    multiplicity in Olympia, WA recently happened, the police who investigated the case found that they
    were treated as international experts in satanism by other policemen. They themselves knew that they
    knew very little. Where are the experts to teach us about how the Illuminati functions? Where are the
    experts who know who are in the Illuminati? There is no college open to the public that teaches Advanced
    Illuminati Studies 401, and gives degrees in Satanism. The expert witnesses are those who have managed
    to leave the Illuminati and Satanism, and stay alive long enough to talk. But the other side will argue, how
    can we verify the testimony of your witnesses Fritz? Remember what happened to over 100 people who
    had some type of knowledge about the Kennedy assassination? Jim Marrs in his book Crossfire on the
    Kennedy Assassination lists 103 people who were key figures in knowing about the assassination who
    have died, many in circumstances that indicate assassination. The story we are dealing with here is just as
    sensitive to the elite as Kennedy’s assassination, because it involves their preparations for the creation of
    a false Christ, called by Christians the AntiChrist, who will be the master handler/programmer. The LIST
    OF known & credible WITNESSES If the authors were to call my list of witnesses up to the witness
    stand–which I can’t for it would be a death sentence to many of them, the list would include:
    1 Council of Foreign Relations member, who is secretly against the New World Order
    1 National Security Agency person, who is against the New World Order
    1 CIA high level administrator
    2 Satanists, still in covens, but unhappy enough with the situation to talk
    4 ex-Satanists, 3 of which are eyewitnesses, all Christians now
    2 ex-New Age leaders who worked with the Conspiracy, both became Christians
    1 ex-33° Mason, now a Christian
    Various Christians who have worked with Billy Graham, Pastors, etc.
    Various therapists working with SRA victims The man who ran Security at the Sacramento Crusade
    Alice Braemer, a woman who worked as a secretary for Jeanne Dixon
    None, except for a couple of exceptions, none of these people knew anything about what the other
    witnesses (sources) had said. The high degree of validation and collaboration that separate testimony by
    witnesses who have never seen each other and live in different parts of the country is very powerful.
    There are several questions that pop up into people’s minds who are not familiar with who Fritz is, and
    are not familiar with these witnesses. The type of worries some readers could be naturally having might
    be: But how are we, the readers, to know how accurate these people are? Are they trustworthy? Do they
    have a reputation for honesty? Could they possibly be giving false information to discredit a great man of
    God? These kind of questions can be natural questions for people unfamiliar with how this information
    was obtained. But we assure you, that what we pass on from these eyewitnesses can be relied upon. None
    of these worries have any substance to them, because the manner in which Fritz came to find out about
    Billy Graham has generally been while he was researching other things related to the Illuminati. The
    author has not been out to build a case, the case has built itself from numerous detached witnesses who
    have nothing to gain by telling what they know. These witnesses have not come to Fritz to feed him
    bogus information. Just the paper trail on Billy Graham is very revealing in itself. Generally the
    information of these witnesses has been confided by these witnesses to their trusted friends. Initially,
    these witness have had no idea that the information they confided in their trusted close associates would
    go beyond their most trusted friends. These trusted friends then have had permission to let me contact
    them or find out their information. The reason why these people are believable is that the information
    they reveal could get them killed, and second, the manner and circumstances of how the information has
    originally unfolded has never been in any fashion or method that could be construed as an attempt to give
    false information.
    Too many people are considered guilty unless proven innocent–which means that a legitimate search for
    truth has NOT taken place. On the flip side, we must bear in mind that hidden information that has laid
    dormant for years may totally reverse our understanding of something. Exceptional circumstances may
    surprise us, If some item does not lend itself to totally irrefutable, totally unqualified claims, then
    knowing this, the proper investigator uses words like “almost certainly” and ,,most likely”. If the
    investigator feels strongly that everything is totally clear, he may declare that something is correct
    “without qualification.” This is the nature of proof. We need to understand the qualifications and
    reservations that often are attached to evidence or conclusions. But we certainly do want to press our
    investigations as far as possible to get as many “unqualified” conclusions as possible. Of course, by the
    time we write this, we have already done our investigating, and have one conclusion without any
    qualification: Billy Graham is working for the Satanic Hierarchy. We want to try to introduce the material
    in such a way that you will get some sense of the search, so that you will not simply accept our
    conclusion but will make rational spirit-led critically-thought-out decisions about Billy Graham. So for
    the sake of the reader’s investigation, please, let us unshackle ourselves from our prejudices and
    preconceived labels. Let us suspend our judgment about Billy Graham one way or the other, until we have
    thoroughly studied, prayed and gained discernment about this. It might be interesting to get some of the
    Masons, who casually without realizing what they were saying, have talked about Billy Graham’s
    membership, or other aspects of his Masonic involvement. It’s doubtful that such men would be of any
    value on the witness stand. Their numerous Masonic oaths to lie and conceal Freemasonry under penalties
    of gruesome death would tend to have more influence on them than swearing on a Bible. (See Duncan’s
    Masonic Ritual book, p. 30 for the 1st Degree oath.) This type of witness, because they talked accidently
    and casually are very valuable witnesses to whoever accidently hears them, but unfortunately they must
    be assumed to be still loyal to the Masonic Lodge and would be hostile witnesses that will not cooperate.
    If this were an actual court of law, depositions of Billy Graham’ s staff could be taken, so that it could be
    revealed to the court how many times they have lied. By showing their lies, their testimony would be
    impeached and Christians would realize that Billy Graham’s staff have played a major role in the
    deception. This article will put forth evidence that impeaches the testimony of Billy Graham’s staff. We
    must refer readers to the Be Wise As Serpents book and other writings of Fritz for more information.
    Also some other books will be named too. Because these leaders are corrupt, they have been participating
    in the mass deception of the world about what Billy Graham does and who he is. In fact, if this were a
    court of law all types of people could be subpoenaed to take depositions, and we might find out many
    more things than we already know.
    Many people, who like Billy Graham, have imputed evil motives to anyone exposing Billy Graham. As
    the Scripture say at one point, “Am I to become your enemy because I tell you the truth?” The story about
    Billy Graham and his life-long career for the Illuminati is not an easy thing for us to write. We do not
    enjoy speaking negative things against people. We do enjoy speaking positive things about people. And
    yet no man, no servant of God is above reproach. We can personally have an inner peace that what we
    have done was what we should have done. Something needs to be done to wake mankind up before its too
    In some subjects, going to the encyclopedia or almanac will settle questions. In dealing with the
    Illuminati and high levels of the occult world — unless the investigator is willing to listen to eye-witness
    testimony, he or she will get nowhere. There is rarely any written record of their secret activities. But how
    much stock can be put in eye-witnesses? Many people up to now have criticized Fritz for using eyewitnesses. But remember that if we did manage to get some paper trail or books on the subject, that book
    paper trail would not be acceptable in court, or even if allowed would not be as important as our
    eyewitnesses. In court, the written records can be introduced along with the person who recorded them. In
    other words, the personal witness is still important even with written documents. The testimony of our
    eyewitnesses expose Billy Graham’s mind-control activities. Still, we want to bear in mind that witnesses
    have varying degrees of credibility and knowledge. The qualifications of witness in relation to what they
    are testifying is important. But to simply dismiss all these witnesses because they are not paper is simply
    to cut ourselves off from many valuable sources of information. In accumulating evidence, the researcher
    will come upon two types of information. One is prearranged evidence and the other is called casual
    evidence. Casual evidence is evidence that has just happened to appear by accident. An actual example is
    when friends of mine met a total stranger who happens to be a Mason and he offhandedly talks about
    Billy Graham being a Freemason. Casual evidence is simply evidence that happens without the interested
    party having anything to do with it surfacing. Finding casual evidence is generally “luck”’, In this case,
    Fritz has bumped into a great deal of casual evidence, simply because he had his eyes open and has been
    investigating this area for several years. Because of the situation today in this nation, there is little chance
    to get a proper hearing of this information. In terms of the future, indeed, the backlash from this book
    may silence us. The truth will still remain, even if we and the other witnesses don’t. We can draw
    conclusions about ducks from studying various types of ducks. I can not draw conclusions about radios
    from studying ducks, I can generalize about American made cars, but I can’t include in my generalization
    about American cars an ox-cart in India. This may sound basic, and it is, yet people try to generalize by
    lumping the generational Satanists in with everybody else, and it just doesn’t work. They also try to draw
    conclusions about the Freemasons on the basis of what the Rotary Club they belong to is like and it just
    doesn’t work. In terms of trying to get a proper hearing today, one of the barriers is that people use their
    own experiences to draw conclusions. People have nothing in their experience to allow them to draw
    conclusions about the Illuminati programmers/handlers who are moral degenerates and programmed
    multiples, who will do anything, in spite of their nice fronts.
    The policies of DECEPTION by the Billy Graham Crusade staff
    In 1992, a Christian named Richard Bennett, a friend of Fritz’s confronted the Billy Graham Crusade
    staff. What he was concerned about was the Billy Graham crusade policy (that has been in place since the
    50’s) of sending Catholics that come forward back to Catholic churches. Documentation shows that the
    deception is worse than that, new believers that have never gone to any church are sometimes referred by
    the Billy Graham counsellors to the Catholic Church. Now, why would Richard and Fritz be concerned
    about the Catholic Church? Richard Bennett was a priest from Ireland who worked at the Vatican, before
    giving his life to Christ. He knows how the Catholic hierarchy prevents people from realizing what they
    have in Christ. For those who have read Fritz’s Be Wise As Serpents book chapter 2.2 you know that
    Fritz is very concerned when anyone gives their allegiance to a power structure that is part of the NWO
    and part of its Monarch trauma-based total mind control. Not everything about the Catholic church is
    wrong. Yet, the Billy Graham Crusade could never get the support it gets from conservative Christians if
    Billy Graham’s staff didn’t lie about where Crusade converts are sent. What Richard and Fritz were
    concerned about was that new Christians would be sent to Catholic churches, which now are teaching Zen
    Buddhism, New Age things, not the salvation by grace that these new Christians need. Granted the
    enthusiasm of these new Christians might infuse some life into the Catholic church, but a babe in Christ is
    defenseless. He needs nurture, and the chance to grow. It isn’t meant for new Christians to be thrown to
    the wolves. Anyway, last Spring and Summer, the Billy Graham Crusade Executive committee was
    confronted face to face with the evidence of what the Billy Graham Crusade in Sept. ’93 was going to do.
    Actually, more people than Richard did confront them, but Richard is one of the most knowledgeable
    ministries to the Catholics in this area. What the Billy Graham Crusade Executive Committee told
    Richard Bennett was that he had nothing to worry about. That the crusade would never send anyone to a
    Catholic church, but that if new converts wanted to go there on their own, that was their own choice. Four
    Catholic leaders sat on the Executive Committee for the ’92 Portland Crusade — Chancellor Mary Joe
    Telly, a deacon and two priests. On the Catholic radio station,(and we have it recorded,) Mary Joe Telly
    of the Billy Graham Executive Committee along with another Bishop Wall Schmidt told the Catholic
    listeners not to worry that if they came forward they would be guaranteed that they would be referred
    back to a Catholic church. They gave the assurance four times in that talk show. They said that the
    decision to send people who came forward to Catholic churches was firm because it had come right from
    the very top. This was 6 p.m KVDM Portland station. Our recording of this is a record of just one of
    thousands of lies that the Billy Graham Crusade people have told Christians over the years. In fact, from
    the evidence it appears the Billy Graham Crusade people say whatever they have to, regardless of the
    truth. In the North Star Baptist, Nov. 1964 there was article by Japheth Perez, who as a convert in the NY
    1957 Billy Graham Crusade and a brand-new Christian, was sent to a Catholic church by the Billy
    Graham Crusade. Ian Paisley wrote this comment about Billy Graham’s staff: “Dr. Graham did not reply.
    He never does reply to letters like this. He states he never defends himself. He does have a staff, however,
    who are paid to defend him and who are never hampered by facts or bothered by ethics or logic in
    carrying out their duties. One of the group, George L. Edstrom, replied. The Jesuits themselves could not
    give a finer example of casuistry than his. It is thoroughly dishonest and deceitful, … However, since this
    technique of deceit by misdirection, this failure to face up to the issues, this disregard of fact, and this
    blasphemous attempt to identify Dr. Graham’s official connection with infidels and his flattery and
    endorsement of them with our Lord’s ministry to publicans and sinners is so typical of the Graham
    organization…” In Fritz’s June ’93 Newsletter From A Christian Ministry, a letter from Graham’ s staff
    was reproduced with a point by point exposure of its lies. Christians are really not well aware of what the
    Billy Graham Crusade does. We quote a paragraph from a letter sent to Billy Graham clear back in the
    1950s by a Pastor who, grieved by what Billy Graham was doing to the harvest field, said: “Some people
    say that if you have just one convert in an evangelistic campaign, it is worth the meeting. That is not true.
    The evangelist, as the pastor and teacher, is given to the Body of Christ. The real test of an evangelistic
    campaign is not how many people are converted but what kind of a spiritual condition does it leave in a
    community. Billy Graham is not only failing in the number of people he leads to the Lord Jesus Christ in
    this day when hearts are hungry and most people are afraid of what may happen in the world and when it
    is easier to get people converted than it ever has been in my lifetime, but Billy Graham is pulling the
    limbs off of the evangelistic trees and the orchard is being left in bad condition. As we have often said,
    the real test of an evangelist is not just how many converts he has but does he leave the orchard in
    condition so it will keep bearing fruit.”
    CHAPTER 5B: The Skill of Lying, The Art of Deceit (Billy Graham)
    By Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler
    Billy Graham’s Active Role in Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA)
    Before we get into the details, we’ll take an overview. Satanists thrive on power. Satan loves to give his
    followers power. Satan took Christ to the mountaintop and told Christ that he’d have a “crusade” and
    bring every one to follow Christ, if Christ would just bow down and worship him. Christ refused. Billy
    Graham accepted it. We know a great deal how the Satanists took Billy Graham, the brush salesman and
    made him into the famous evangelist that he has become. Additionally, we also know from victims of
    Satanism, that have come out of it, that Billy Graham has been a Satanist himself. How can this be? And
    how can we know this?
    One of the best witnesses is a Monarch program survivor, who has escaped from being a high-level
    Pentagon slave. This survivor witnessed Billy Graham working for the Illuminati. This survivor also
    carried messages for the Satanic hierarchy and personally knows that Billy Graham has been carrying
    messages from the top secret Illuminati to Presidents and heads of state. This person’s information has
    been backed up by independent witnesses.
    A second ex-Satanist also remembers Billy Graham as a Satanist. Still another person, an ex-Illuminati
    person, who has MPD stood in front of Billy Graham and watched his eyes. This person said that it was
    very clear that Billy Graham has MPD and that he switches personalities. By happenchance or God’s will,
    Fritz received a report from one of the women who went to church with Billy Graham’s wife Ruth. The
    woman was told by Ruth in conversation that her husband Billy Graham is strange in that he always
    sleeps with his eyes open. It is characteristic of people who have MPD to sleep with their eyes open.
    People who have MPD may have a devout Christian personality and a devout Satanic personality all
    within a single body. This is not uncommon. In Billy Graham’s case, he is fully aware of what he is doing
    for the enemy in all his personalities, although his Christian personality may not be ecstatic about it all.
    Billy Graham’s Decision magazine has on its front page caption is “‘Changed From the Inside Out,” and
    displays an infinity loop on the cover (see picture below). Many Monarch slaves have had lots of
    programming around the infinity loop.
    This is an important trigger to remind them how they are captured by the unending repeating rebuilding
    programming. There are countless little things like this, which are evidence that Billy Graham is playing a
    role in the satanic mind-control of the Illuminati. Dr. Schefflin, a mind-control expert, told me that he saw
    internal documents from the 1950s teaching Billy Graham’s people on how to have a successful revival.
    These documents instructed crusade counselors on things which were elements of mind-control, such as
    delaying people from coming forward to confess Christ until the “right” time. If you’ve ever wondered
    how much Billy Graham knows–if the Illuminati haven’t told him, a concerned Christian named David
    Hill, who was an ex-Mafia/ex-New Ager/ex-Mason did. The concerned Christian was a friend of Franklin
    Graham (Billy’s son) and he had lived for two years at Billy Graham’s house. He didn’t realize that
    Graham had been sucked into the New World Order until he had confronted Billy Graham. David Hill,
    who was a ex-Mason turned Christian, who had worked with many of the world’s elite, spent 18 hours in
    a hotel room warning Billy Graham about the New World Order.
    Billy Graham told David Hill at the end of their two days of talking in this eastern U.S. hotel room that he
    was “a captive of that [NWO] organization.” In other words, after placing himself under the Illuminati’s
    sponsorship in the late ‘40s, Billy Graham has had the choice of continuing to do his job for them, or
    being destroyed. Since they created who he is, they can destroy him. And he knows it. David Hill went on
    to try to expose the New World Order and lost (was murdered) his life just as he finished a manuscript
    exposing it. Even a well-informed Christian like David Hill, who tried to warn Billy Graham about the
    NWO, was unaware of the extent of the deception of the Illuminati’s mind control. David didn’t know
    about programmed multiples. David Hill, who was a high ranking Scottish Rite Freemason and an
    important Mafia figure before he came to Christ, had even been the go between for Billy Graham and Joe
    Banana, a Mafia kingpin. It was David Hill, who innocently believing in Billy Graham, arranged the
    meeting for the two men.
    David Hill knew that William Randolph Hearst was part of the Illuminati, He was part of the branch
    Illuminati — at what could be termed the 6th degree. William Randolph Hearst was totally into paganism.
    That is very obvious by a tour of his mansion in California which has been turned into a museum. It was
    William Randolph Hearst who financed the first three years of Billy Graham’s Crusades. Stu PAK is
    associated with the Stewart Title Company. Stu Pak provides funds for Billy Graham and others. The
    head of Stu Pak is friends with Billy Graham and George Bush. The company has a lot of relatives
    running it. The Morris family is also tied to it. The people of Stewart Title Company are ruthless. The
    Van Duyn Illuminati family in California also helped Billy Graham’s ministry get started.
    One of the ways the Illuminati funnelled money to Billy Graham was through a monthly check delivered
    to Jeanne Dixon’s office, which was picked up every month by Billy Graham’s staff. After Dixon’s
    secretary came to Christ she tried to expose Billy Graham’s connection to Jeanne Dixon. Jeanne Dixon
    sells crystal balls with snakes. She is part of the Illuminati. Billy Graham wrote her a letter calling her “a
    woman of God.” Dixon’s secretary had a copy of this letter with Billy Graham’s signature on it, after she
    became a Christian. In 1952, in Paris, Billy Graham and another evangelist had dinner with two
    prostitutes and each one took one of them home. Billy Graham had a wife and children at home, so the
    whole affair was totally improper for an evangelist even if Billy Graham didn’t have sex with the woman.
    He told his friend only that the prostitute had taken off her clothes and he’d gotten scared and come back
    to their hotel room. See Frady, Marshall. Billy Graham, A Parable of American righteousness. Boston:
    Little, Brown & Co., p.169-170. In 1954, the man who ran security for the Sacramento Crusade saw a
    high-priced hooker sneak into Billy Graham’s room prior to him going out for the Crusade. Billy Graham
    and this high priced hooker were alone together in the room.
    It is this type of thing that has opened Billy Graham up to blackmail. Should Graham ever try to stray
    from the proper course set for him by the Illuminati, they have plenty of ammunition to blackmail him.
    (You may ask why would the Satanists from generational satanic families want to intimidate Billy
    Graham with fear? Why, isn’t he from a generational satanic family? The answer is that the whole Satanic
    system operates off of fear. Intimidation & fear are standard everyday parts of their makeup and actions.
    Sort of the counterpart to the saying there is no honor among thieves. The Satanic hierarchy are in
    constant intimidation and power struggles.) When Billy Graham wanted to, he could call up Henry
    Kissinger and say, “Tell him to call me the minute he comes in.” (Frady, p. 451) Henry Kissinger is right
    in the middle of what the Illuminati is doing. Another Illuminatus that Graham had a working relationship
    with is Henry Luce, friend of the Baruchs. Luce and Billy Graham spent several nights staying up talking
    late into the night. Knowing how the Illuminati work, it is very safe to assume that they have pushed Billy
    Graham into further degenerate acts. They have probably done everything they can to pervert Billy
    Graham, so there is no telling what sexual sins remain hidden. Kissinger is a member of P2 Freemasonry.
    If we were to assume that Billy Graham were not involved (and that is a big IF since we know that he is),
    then if one studies P2 Masonic recruiting tactics given in the book In God’s Name, p. 116, then the reader
    will grasp that anyone of Billy Graham’s stature who associates so freely with P2 Freemasons will be
    targeted and blackmailed and forced to join. Once they join, new members are forced to compromise
    other possible targets. Billy Graham is part of the people who implement the Monarch program (which
    was a joint Illuminati/CIA total mind control program done to people). We know that he is serviced by
    Monarch sexual slaves (their kitten alters). It is very easy for the network to keep these poor victims
    (Monarch slaves) from talking, and so the full extent of much of what has gone on may not come out in
    our lifetimes. Another possible clue about Billy Graham’s hidden life comes from Billy Graham himself.
    Do the readers remember how Jimmy Swaggert would disguise himself with sun glasses, etc. and his staff
    helped him carry out what he in part confessed? In Hollywood, FL (yes, FL!) Billy Graham said that he
    “often attends loveins and rock festivals incognito by putting on a false mustache and beard.” He also said
    he found the experience in doing that kind of thing “refreshing.” This story was in the Chicago Daily
    News, Dec. 29, 1969.
    The article’s purpose appears to have been to make Billy Graham look hip to today’s rock and roll crowds
    of teenagers. Billy Graham described his friendship with Alan Dulles, I make every effort not to let it
    appear that I favor one party over another. I count Secretary Dulles a friend, but Senator Humphrey is
    also a good friend of mine, [who he met] … when we were both swimming nude at the YMCA pool in
    Minneapolis where he was running for mayor.” A friendship with Alan Dulles? Alan Dulles, director of
    the CIA, was one of the biggest perpetrators of the trauma-based mind-control that this book is about.
    Humphrey also received orders from the Satanic hierarchy. And what is this swimming in nude? When
    Billy Graham had his 1954 Crusade, large sums of the money came directly from people in the Illuminati,
    the Whitneys, the Vanderbilts, the Rockefellers, and Chase Manhattan. Billy Graham has numerous times
    attended Hollywood cocktail parties. Just two examples of which are: one given by Debbie Reynolds, and
    another one which was a cocktail party for Hollywood stars put on by Nixon at his San Clemente, CA
    home on a Sunday evening. Billy Graham’s schedule is filled with activities such as playing golf with
    people who are in the Illuminati, or are Hollywood types.
    The full impact of this constant fellowshipping with darkness is hard for people to grasp, because they
    picture that Graham is an evangelist and so therefore he must go where the sinners are. There is an
    expression, show me a man’ s friends and I’ll tell you about him. It’s one thing to spend time with evil to
    give it a chance to repent and come to the light, It is another to fellowship with evil and allow it to remain
    in darkness. Let us quote from a neutral source, a group who had been investigating the role of church and
    state. They were trying to determine for their study whether Billy Graham has had an impact on all the
    Presidents from Eisenhower to Clinton, This study was not pro or anti Graham, It was simply trying to
    determine what impact this religious leader is having on political leaders. Billy Graham has spent a lot of
    time with all the Presidents, so their question was “has Billy Graham had some type of impact?” Their
    conclusion printed in the Journal of Church and State concludes, .. . .could Graham speak the word of
    truth – especially when that word may be critical or slashing -to the man in the White House when he is
    on such friendly terms with him? On the basis of the evidence now available, the answer must be no.”
    What a person does on his free time is said to be revealing.
    Christ did spend his time with sinners, but he called them to repentance. In all my study of Billy Graham,
    I haven’t seen any of the Hollywood movie stars or politicians change their lifestyles by their association
    with Billy Graham. A number of “conversions” have been artificially created, and given widespread
    publicity by the press. Pat Boone is the type of close friend of Billy Graham that perhaps typifies Billy
    Graham. He is someone well-received by the public. Billy Graham has enjoyed using him in Crusades.
    Pat Boone continued playing in Playboy type night clubs while he was singing at Billy Graham Crusades.
    Pat Boone who is pro-jewish, may be jewish, because the State of Israel has given him some special
    positions. There is nothing wrong with having “jewish blood”, it just explains some of his connections.
    The Nugen Hand Bank was a CIA operation that laundered money, and did many illegal activities.
    Pat Boone was part of the Nugen Hand Bank scandal. Exactly how deep he was involved with the CIA’s
    dirty dealing is unclear. Pat Boone’s daughter Debbie Boone made a hit out of the song “You Light Up
    My Life”, the words of the song were written by a woman who worshipped Lucifer and wrote the song to
    Lucifer. Billy Graham has placed the emphasis in his Crusades on putting liberals, even Catholic priests,
    up on the platform with himself. When does Billy Graham ever spend time with solid devout Christians?
    Every time Billy Graham went to Moscow he tried to avoid the devout Christians of the unregistered
    churches who unwittingly tried unsuccessfully to meet with Graham. Instead, he would meet with the
    heads of the Orthodox Church, which, since all the changes in Russia, are now proven to have been KGB
    agents–although most of us had suspected that all along from the type of things they said and did. How
    naive can Christians get? Do they really think that the Illuminati is going to let a legitimately powerful
    anointed Christian evangelist have regular access to their people? Don’t Christians realize that if he was a
    real threat–someone who might really bring one of the top elite to Christ that they would be assassinating
    him, not wining and dining him.
    The Apostle Paul warned Christian leaders, “Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock,
    over the which the Holy Spirit hath made you overseers, to feed the church of God, which he hath
    purchased with his own blood. For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in
    among you, not sparing the flock.” Acts 20:28-29 Bill Clinton, some senators, and Billy Graham’s son
    Ned E. Graham invited the leaders of the Chinese house churches to a prayer breakfast in Washington
    D.C. Three delegates from the Three Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM) and 3 others from house churches
    were invited, Lin Xian-Gao, Li Tian-En, and Yuan Xiang-Chen. Rev. Ned Graham visited these chinese
    in person to extend the U.S. government’s invitation.
    Graham told the chinese Christians that the government would pick up the entire tab for the breakfast. In
    return the U.S. government wanted the Christians to promise not to speak to the American press or to any
    Americans comments that might hurt the image of the Red Chinese government. The Chinese
    government had promised the American government that they would guarantee safe entry and departure
    for these house church Christian leaders. Then after the meeting, they were invited to Billy Graham’s
    house. The Chinese christians declined the invitation by Graham. Chinese pastor Lin said, “If I went to
    the United States, I would tell the truth, not lies. To tell the truth would definitely be considered an act of
    damaging the image of the Chinese government which would create a pretext for the government to
    refuse my re-entry into China. But my commission from God is to serve Him faithfully in China only.
    Therefore, I choose to remain in China rather than to go abroad.” Ned Graham (Billy’s son) tried to talk
    the Chinese into coming, I know that you surely do love your enemies, why then can you not
    compromise…” The pastor answered, “Yes, we can forgive our enemies for persecuting or opposing us in
    their ignorance, but we can never love the false prophets or their heresy.”’ Ned also said, “It is a glorious
    and dignified thing to be invited by President Clinton. Many people seek it, but cannot obtain it.
    Fortunately, the chinese did not buy it. (This info and quote comes from China The Untold Story by The
    Voice of the Martyrs, Inc., 1995. pp. 25-31)
    There is another area of Billy Graham that we will only touch on. In one of Fritz’s ‘92 newsletter, Billy
    Graham is quoted stating that he thought UFOs were angels of God. On either Jan. 28 or 29th (See
    Smyma, Feb. ‘93, p.3), Billy Graham was interviewed on television by David Frost. Billy Graham said he
    believed people in heaven are sent by God to other worlds to help them in redemption of life, This is
    edging somewhat close to what the Mormons believe, that “Christians” (that is Mormons) will each
    receive their own planet to be god of. In another show, Graham said he wanted to evangelize other
    planets. Fritz has repeatedly tried to warn Christians of the many demonic dangers associated with the
    entire UFO phenomena, and the Satanic Hierarchy’s connection to UFOs. Billy Graham’s idea that UFOs
    are good angels is a dangerous idea. Billy Graham was given the contrived artificial image of being a
    great anti-Satanist.
    At the Chicago Crusade, 200 Satanists stood up in the crowds. Mayor Daily of Chicago then said from the
    stand, Billy we have 200 Satanists that want to disrupt your meeting shall I arrest them? What shall I do?
    And Billy said, “No let’s sing a song”. The crowd sang a song and the Satanists left the stadium on their
    own. The whole affair was clearly staged and hokey, but Christians are very naive about Satanism and
    Billy Graham. This further confirmed to them that Billy Graham was a great anointed man of God. First,
    hard core Satanists don’t show their faces in public. Second, the Mayor of Chicago is not against the
    Satanists, he works with them, and there are reasons to suspect he is one. Third, Satanists, who do show
    themselves in public like Anton LaVey, want good publicity and would not carry out something like
    pretending to want to disrupt a Billy Graham crusade. Fourth, if a real threat had existed, Mayor Daily
    and the police wouldn’t be asking Billy Graham what to do, they would be taking care of the problem.
    The police don’t need to ask for permission to take care of troublemakers at the Crusade. Christians
    accepted this episode at its face value. Those who did clearly show the common church goer’s poor
    understanding of those who seek to control and destroy the church.
    How Billy Graham plays a key role in reprogramming Monarch slaves
    Two different talkative Satanists told sources of mine about 2 different coven meetings here in Portland in
    the Summer of 1993 where the covens discussed the benefits that the satanists were going to get from the
    Billy Graham Crusade. I know one of the benefits for the satanists was that Monarch programees who had
    become Christians and had deactivated the effect of their mind-control programming were to be
    reprogrammed with Billy Graham’ s help. When Billy Graham arrived in town, someone on his Crusade
    staff had managed to find and send out invitations to many of the survivors of Satanic ritual abuse (SRA)
    in Portland to come to a special meeting to personally meet with Billy Graham. At this special meeting
    with SRA victims, Billy Graham personally began saying the buzz words to reactivate these people’s
    programming, especially the Monarch survivors. (This comes from several witnesses.) For a number of
    years now, the Billy Graham Crusade has been putting messages across the bottom of television screens
    that has activation codes for Monarch survivors.
    Those Monarch survivors who have become devote Christians to escape the nightmare of the Monarch
    mind-control are often not aware of the danger of watching the Billy Graham Crusade on television.
    When people are activated, special people are in the area and they take the Monarch survivors to what are
    called Near Death Trauma Centers. These centers are used then to reprogram these poor people. There
    were five in this area, of which we located 2 and forced them to move their sites. Religious fronts
    (denominations, individual churches and certain ministers) are used to hide criminal activity. Billy
    Graham, who is a programmed multiple himself, is exceptionally adept at managing his Monarch kittens.
    The drug money laundered through his crusades is carefully handled by many Monarch slaves working in
    shifts and teams, so that the whole scheme can not be uncovered by catching one person.
    Billy Graham runs big operations all over the world under the disguise of evangelism. Another of the
    countless religious covers, that works with the Network’s/Illuminati’s drug activities involves the
    Mormon Bishop warehouses, which are used to store cocaine. Monarch slaves are involved with this.
    Different religious labels hide the same criminal Network. By the way, when giving the Patriarchal
    Blessing, the Mormon Patriarch if he has a Monarch slave will use hypnosis and triggers to convince the
    person what their future will be like. One can’t say this is happening in every case, but it is very
    widespread for the Patriarch who give these blessings to be part of the Trauma-based mind-control
    operations. Billy Graham also personally delivers messages to the Presidents for the Illuminati, such as
    when he arrived just prior to Bush’s decision to launch Desert Storm. Sometimes the papers even spell
    out that Billy Graham serves as a message boy, for instance, when he delivered a message in April, 92
    from the Pope to North Korea’s dictator Kim.
    The following three books were very helpful to me in terms of documenting Billy Graham’s activities,
    All three authors were interested in documenting what Billy Graham is really all about. It may sound
    strange that I say that, but sadly most of the books that touch on Billy Graham like America’s Hour of
    Decision Including a Life Story of Billy Graham are simply part of the deception process of the enemy.
    However, if anyone wants to know more about Billy Graham the following three books were very helpful
    for me to document Billy Graham’s activities.
    Billy Graham, A Parable of American Righteousness by Marshall Frady.
    Marshall Frady was a writer for Life and Newsweek. He has done an incredible amount of research into
    Billy Graham’s life. He doesn’t touch on the sinister side of Billy Graham, but by giving an honest report
    about Billy Graham he tears off the “Hollywood-type mask” so to speak that everyone has seen and
    believed. Marshall Frady simply wanted to tell the whole story of Billy Graham, good, bad or otherwise.
    He spent many hours interviewing Billy Graham and many other people involved in Billy Graham’s life.
    When this book was read by a devout Christian, it totally devastated this person’s media-built image of
    Billy Graham– for instance, items like Billy Graham going to dinner with a prostitute and taking her
    home, Billy Graham walking past his wife and not recognizing her, & Billy Graham’s New York Crusade
    refusing to allow street people into the crusade because they were dirty. However, another Christian
    borrowed my copy of it, and said after looking at the book he didn’t see anything wrong with Billy
    Graham in the book. But then he just read portions of the book. Still, unless one has spiritual discernment
    the book is probably not going to “blast a person out of the water,” because it is a biography not an
    Until recently, this was the only really good biography that was available for Christians. Many months
    before the Billy Graham 1993 Portland Crusade, the advertisements for the crusade and the crusade
    activity here in Portland began. Pilgrim Discount, which is one of the best Christian bookstores in the
    Portland area sells both used and new Christian books. They had a used copy of Billy Graham a Parable
    of American Righteousness. I watched for months to see if any Christians would buy the book. Tens of
    thousands of Christians got involved in the Billy Graham Crusade in the Portland area, but none had the
    interest to read the only biography of Billy Graham available. Finally, just shortly before the Crusade, a
    teenage Christian from Washington who had been warned about Billy Graham and who was trying to
    keep from being forced to attend, bought the book on a trip from Washington. This incident shows what
    Americans know–and what they want to know about Billy Graham is shallow media-hype. A Christian
    radio show here had the author of Billy Graham A Prophet with Honor on to promote his book, which
    was done just when the Crusade was days away.
    A Startling Exposure- Billy Graham and the Church of Rome by Ian R. K. Paisley.
    This is perhaps the best book as far as actual documentation. The book is probably rare, and not available.
    Ian R.K. Paisley has made it one of his projects of his life to expose Catholicism. Because Billy Graham
    works more with Catholics than Protestants Paisley as a concerned Christian obviously found himself
    learning about Billy Graham. Ian R.K. Paisley knows first hand how powerful Billy Graham and his
    establishment backers are. They have a colossal publication strength to discredit any critic of Billy
    Graham in whatever manner it takes — even if it means outright lies and slander.
    Billy Graham Reformer? Politician? Preacher? Prophet? A Chronological Record Compiled
    from Public Sources By the Church League of America 1951-1982
    This book is from Edgar Bundy Ministries, It is a collection of articles that have appeared in the public
    media on Billy Graham over a period of 31 years. Billy Graham is condemned by his own words and his
    own actions. If people only took a look at what Billy Graham is on public record saying it would startle
    them. Who is Billy Graham working for? Is he trying to build the Christian churches up, or is he trying to
    lay the foundation for a one-world religion? While some people may on first thought think that it is a
    great idea to have every one belong to the same religious structure, they need to reflect on the dangers
    inherent in one single religious body with all-encompassing power. The groundwork for such a dictatorial
    global religious body is already partially constructed, and is revealed in other writings of Fritz
    Springmeier. How many people know that in 1955 and 1956 Billy Graham announced that he had a
    policy of sending people who come forward at his crusades to the church of their choice whether that
    church or synagogue is Catholic, Protestant or Jewish.
    For instance, the Protestant Church Life quotes Billy Graham in its 29 Sept 1956 issue, “Referring to the
    Billy Graham New York Crusade scheduled for May, 1957, Dr. Graham said: ‘We’re coming to New
    York not to clean it up, but to get people to dedicate themselves to God and to send them on to their own
    churches–Catholic, Protestant or Jewish.” There is one other book worth pointing out at this point, It was
    not a source book for my investigation, but I know the author, and the book came out recently, so it is
    likely still available. The book is The Assimilation of Evangelist Billy Graham into the Roman Catholic
    Church by Erwin Wilson. The address is Quebec Baptist Missions, Box 113, Compton, Quebec, Canada,
    JOB iLO.
    It’s s nice that men like Erwin Wilson are noticing Billy Graham’s love affair with the Catholic Church.
    He picked up on Billy Graham’s statement about the Pope, “Pope John Paul II has emerged as the greatest
    religious leader of the modern world and one of the greatest moral…leaders of this century.” (The
    Saturday Evening Post, Feb, 1980.) However, several of these anti-Catholic ministries are rejecting the
    bigger picture. They have strongly resisted learning about mind-control and the exposure of the
    conspiracy in Be Wise As Serpents by Fritz Springmeier. Because of this, several of these Christian
    ministries to Catholics have lots of information about Billy Graham and his close workings with the
    Catholic Church, but little comprehension of how the Catholic Church fits into the bigger picture, and
    how the New World Order is actually coming about.
    There has been widespread concern about Billy Graham among Christians. Because the controlled media
    don’t report these concerns, people are not realizing the extent of the concerns which have been voiced.
    Even before the co-authors got involved in exposing the Illuminati and their control over religion and
    their plans for a New World Order, there has been a long history of concern by devout Christians over
    Billy Graham. There has been a growing dissatisfaction among conservative Christians towards Billy
    Graham. The introduction to Erwin Wilson’s book which is written by Dr. Bob Jones (Chancellor of Bob
    Jones University) provides an introduction to the concerns Christians have about the man who has been
    set up by the media and the money elite to be their greatest leader. We quote only a paragraph of what Dr.
    Bob Jones said, “Some of us who grieved over Graham’s first downward steps toward compromise with
    apostasy and biblical unbelief knew that he was pursuing a direction from which there would be no
    turning back. While we grieved over him and prayed for him, we had to warn men against his ministry as
    we had warned Billy against his direction.”
    The first area is doctrinal concerns by devout Christians, who have been deceived that Billy Graham
    thinks as they do. Christians usually take for granted that Billy Graham is sound doctrinally. The
    following paragraph of beliefs of Billy Graham were documented in 1993 by Fritz Springmeier in his
    June ‘1993 newsletter, with its large document packet. Main line Christians would be shocked to find out
    what Billy Graham really believes and is on public record as supporting. This will help show nonChristians, who read this, that Billy Graham is not really the Christian he pretends to be. This is not to
    preach at non-Christian readers, for some of the non-Christian readers will agree with Billy Graham’s
    stands. These views are written to show how a major Christian leader can have a false public image that
    has survived mainly because the full public record of Billy Graham’s stands are keep low key.
    If we are big enough to look at the deceptions of our politicians and statemen, we must be big enough to
    face the deceptions of our ministers. Some of the areas that Billy Graham deviates from Scripture are as
    follows. He is on public record supporting homosexuality, abortion, his disbelief in a literal hell, his
    support and practice of infant baptism to save children, his support for the Catholic church’s worship of
    Mary (yet he calls himself a Protestant). He has repeatedly praised infidels and apostates as great
    Christians. He actively supported the American government policy to fight the Vietnam War. He would
    not challenge the idea that the Bible is mythology, when directly questioned. The deception doesn’t stop
    with the Protestants, Catholic supporters have been kept in the dark about his abortion views. The
    deception goes way beyond Protestant, Catholic beliefs. As a programmed multiple who participates in
    Satanic Ritual, Billy Graham has deceived everyone. The second area is concerns about his support for a
    One-World Church and a One-World-Government. This stems from:
  1. Billy Graham ’s public endorsements of the World Council of Churches and the National Council of
  2. Billy Graham’s consistent attendance at the World Council of Churches’ meetings.
  3. Billy Graham has done more than anyone in the world to bring about the One-World-Harlot church,
    and he has done more than anyone to unite all the Christian groups into one organization.
  4. Billy Graham’s support of the Pope and the Catholic church which is the largest Christian religion and
    one of the pillars of the New Age One-World religious body being set up.
  5. The support that the NCC and WCC gives him.
  6. The support that the internationalists and globalists give Billy Graham. Billy Graham was first asked to
    do his Portland Crusade in 1993 by the WCC/NCC representative in this area who is a homosexual, a new
    ager, and leader of the ecumenical movement.
    A third area is concern over the lack of depth that conversions at Billy Graham’s crusades have, Some of
    the details on this are:
    l. Only 2% of the people coming forward at a Crusade have never been Christians and are actually giving
    their life to Christ for the first time, and of these 80% fall away.
  7. A great majority of people that come forward are sent to Catholic and extremely liberal Churches,
    extremely few are sent to solid Bible believing churches., In the Catholic Standard and Times, Thursday,
    July 16, 1992, p. 10, this Catholic paper reported that 1,900 Catholics responded to Billy Graham’s call to
    make decisions for Christ in the Philadelphia Crusade and were referred to about 250 parishes.
  8. People that come forward are sent even to Jewish synagogues and New Age churches.
  9. Converts are given the impression that Christ wants decisions for him, rather than that Christ wants
  10. The people attending the crusades are almost all Christians, due to the high numbers of Christian
    counselors and the high number of church people which are always intentionally bussed in, (Frady
    exposes this, and in 1992 a writer of the Williamette Week did a major story for the magazine detailing
    how she had searched the entire week at the Billy Graham Crusade for an unsaved person and failed to
    find a single non-Christian. There were a few, but so few she didn’t find any. William ette Week, Oct.
  11. Most decisions at the crusades are for trivial things such as to stop smoking.
    Interestingly, Christians with discernment spoke about how hurting the churches were after the Billy
    Graham Crusade here in Portland. They had been made wild promises of success, they were fleeced of
    their money, and then given a lukewarm spiritual boost. Their comments reminded me of this warning to
    Billy Graham clear back in the 1950s as to how he was ruining the harvest field. Part of Satan’s Planetary
    control is through religious leaders. Christians have been conditioned to believe that Billy Graham is a
    great prophet of God by the establishment media, who have told us for years that Billy Graham was the
    most respected man in America, The percentages that the controlled Media have reported for Billy
    Graham’s popularity may have been inflated. There are several studies that show how the establishment
    uses polls dishonestly to manipulate thinking.
    The establishment media is able to create ideas so firmly within the mind of the public that it becomes
    almost impossible to deprogram people. What people see on T.V. becomes what you believe, The T.V.
    image becomes real. What actually happens at a crusade is far different from the media image. In
    Scotland for instance, a poll was taken of church membership one month before the Billy Graham
    Scotland Crusade, and two months after the Crusade. Church membership had actually declined
    substantially. So after spending millions of the Christians’ dollars, Billy Graham had not even helped the
    church attendance of the Scottish churches. When Billy Graham holds his crusades, the churches in the
    area sponsor the crusade. In Poland, in a nation 95% catholic, the churches that sponsored his crusade in
    Warsaw were Catholic churches and when people went forward they were sent to Catholic churches. Yet,
    when the mass media report on Crusades, it is made to sound like thousands of people became new
    Many of the devout Christians that have supported Billy Graham haven’t thought through what is really
    going on at the crusades. They have been so caught up with the media image that they are not able to
    critically comprehend that the crusades are really major spiritual disasters. The book for counselors at the
    Billy Graham Crusade here in Portland specifically stated that only Billy Graham was allowed to
    proselytize, that the crusade counselors were forbidden to proselytize anyone at any time during the
    crusade, or else they would lose their Crusade badge as a counselor. (See these instructions in The Billy
    Graham Christian Life & Witness Course, Minneapolis, MN: Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, p.
    47, Instructions A.6.) But thousands of the Christians in Portland who became counselors for the ‘92
    Crusade never gave it a second thought that only Billy Graham was allowed to proselytize, because they
    trusted Billy Graham.
    Money that could have gone to helping victims of mind-control went toward superficial decisions for
    Christ. Money that could have gone to doing some serious damage to the evil, has gone for Madison
    avenue hype and for big shows, On top of this, the large sums that are spent on the Billy Graham
    Crusades serve as a cover for the Networks money laundering that they do through Graham’s Crusade
    using a series of Monarch slaves in a complex series of money drop offs. A fourth area is concern over his
    methodology. A body language expert says that Billy Graham’s talks are simply canned. They are simply
    well-rehearsed canned-body movements and not coming from the heart. His crusade uses MadisonAvenue sales techniques instead of traditional scriptural methods to get converts. Billy Graham crusades
    always spend great sums of money for bill boards promoting Billy Graham and bumper stickers
    promoting Billy Graham, the end result is that Billy Graham’s name is usually promoted millions of times
    more often than Jesus Christ.
    Christianity is consistently watered down and identified with the world and its ways. And a great deal of
    boasting is done about numbers of decisions instead of real meaningful discipleship. A fifth area is
    concern over Billy Graham acceptance of Communism. Although many people feel communism is dead,
    this area is still relevant. If you think communism is dead go live in North Korea, where Billy Graham
    went in 1992 full of praise for North Korea. See Christianity Today, May 18, 1992, p.55. (By the way,
    Billy Graham & family have sat on the board of Christianity Today, and still control it, so it wouldn’t
    misquote him.) l. Billy Graham has repeatedly over international mass media claimed that there was no
    religious persecution under the communists, 2. Billy Graham has praised Mao-Tse-Tung’s principles, 3.
    Graham has praised communist leaders on numerous occasions, 4. Dyed-in-the-wool communists who
    have been the ones giving orders to torture
    Christians for some reason feel comfortable spending time talking to Billy Graham. The actual heritage
    and name of Billy Graham There is a connection between Marxism and a group of Satanists called
    Frankists. One of the strongest satanic cults to take control over the Jewish population was called
    Sabbatianism. Jakob Frank assumed the role of leader of this group, and afterward this brand of
    satanism was called Frankism. (Freud’s sexually-obsessed theories came from Frankism.) Frank taught
    his followers to convert to another religion and hide behind that religion to practice their satanism. (One
    of several book on the subject of Frankism is The Contemporary Faces of Satan by Ratibor-Ray M.
    Jurjevich.) Billy Graham’s family when they originally came over to this nation were of the Frank
    family which is related to Jakob Frank. After coming over to this nation, they changed their name to
    Graham which is a Scottish name.
    Two groups of people who are over represented in the power structure over the last 200 years are Scots
    and cabalistic satanic “jews.” Obviously, not all Scotsmen nor jews are involved in the NWO. Several
    other researchers independently discovered that Billy Graham’s heritage was the jewish Frank family.
    However, Fritz was beginning to suspect that there must be some kind of jewish blood in Billy Graham’s
    heritage, because of the all the things he would stumble upon. For instance, the intimate connections
    Graham had with Jewish leaders and Jewish Christian ministries. And his assurances to them that they are
    God’s chosen people, a special group. Graham privately told them, that because they are a special chosen
    group they don’t need to come to Christ. (Fritz discovered all this by accident reading Jewish literature.)
    Further, the paper called “The C-9 Report For internal use only” states on page 11 that Billy Graham’s
    daughters have lived in Israel, and that Billy Graham’s son fought with the Israeli army in the Six-Day
    In the Be Wise As Serpents book, chapter 2.1, “The Jewish author Gerald S. Strober in his book American
    Jews Community in Crisis, p. 110 states that after a resolution in Feb. 1973 at Pittsburgh by the NCC
    failed to declare the NCC against converting the Jews, that Billy Graham announced the following day a
    statement that God had a special place for the Jews and rejected ,,coercive evangelistic efforts.” Privately,
    Graham has assured Jewish leaders he is against converting the Jews to Christianity. Strober also informs
    his readers (p. 111) that many Christian organizations that are “Jewish Missions” take their marching
    orders from Billy Graham, This confirms numerous reports…” So Strober in effect is saying don’t worry
    Graham is with us, and he controls most of the Christian organizations that are supposedly missions to
    evangelize us. Messianic Jewish groups are strongly pro-Billy Graham, Some of these groups have gained
    in size and then strangely gone back into Judaism.
    That kind of thing has been happening here in Portland, not to mention other localities. Now it is clearer
    why Jews coming forward at Crusades have often been and are being referred by the Crusade people to
    Reformed Jewish synagogues. How Billy Graham is a 33° Mason. This is an important issue, however,
    even if Billy Graham were not a 33° Mason, there are many things that he is doing that should warn
    Christians not to support him. There have been a number of people in casual conversation who have
    mentioned Billy Graham being a 33° Mason, for instance a CIA leader, a NSA person who is against the
    NWO, and various Masons. These accidental revelations are what can be considered casual evidence, in
    that it is accidently heard. Some of the people who have read Fritz’s Be Wise As Serpents book have been
    experiencing validation of what was written on Billy Graham by their own casual contacts with people.
    These types of encounters are very meaningful to the people who experience them, but their significance
    is hard to communicate to others.
    Hopefully, readers of this, who are truth seekers, will have their own casual-evidence-validation
    experience. One piece of casual evidence came from a Shriner Clown. It turns out the only clowns who
    were chosen to perform for the Billy Graham 1993 Portland Crusade were Shriner Clowns. There were
    non-masonic clowns available, even some Christian clowns, but the masons were the only ones Graham
    allowed to perform for him. Various people, who have worked in the system for the Illuminati, such as an
    ex-witch who is now a Christian, an ex-33° Mason now a Christian, and a CFR’s person also now a
    Christian, all testify that Billy Graham is a 33* Freemason. A woman and a man who are ex-satanists and
    now Christians also have mentioned about Billy Graham’s masonic membership. (One has to understand
    that there is a close working relationship between the Lodge and the Illuminati.) To progress up the ranks
    in Satanism, they will require you to go through Freemasonry. Freemasonry then teaches people about the
    symbology of the mystery religions. The lodges bring in female Monarch slaves for some of their
    Egyptian sexual-magic rituals.
    If the reader were to get up in the morning and your mother, sister, and brother were in the kitchen and
    said that your mother had just drank a cup of coffee, you would be able to tell from their faces if they
    were telling the truth, and you would know that your mother had drank a cup of coffee. This is the way it
    is for us. We know these witnesses know the truth, and we know they are not making it up. But if people
    don’t believe that, then they need to go scrounge up their own witnesses, and risk their own hide in doing
    the contacting. The material we presented here is not frivolous work. As pearls of value, we hope that this
    research is not taken and allowed to become pearls given to swine. Because Billy Graham is such a key
    person for the Illuminati and the Satanic plan to bring in the Anti-Christ and the One-World-Religion, key
    parts of Graham’s life have been intentionally shrouded,
    When he joined the masonic lodge c. 1948, they intentionally kept his membership more secret than
    others. Why? They are secret about their membership in general, but even more so if the person is a key
    Illuminatus and a big key to their religious control, This is why they have kept the membership of Charles
    T. Russell, founder of the Watchtower Society quiet. This is why they keep the memberships of the
    Mormon prophets secret, It has been a consistent pattern by the Masonic Lodge to keep these key
    people’s membership very quiet. It would be much easier if we had a membership certificate, but for
    people who don’t want to believe no amount of evidence would suffice. In terms of a paper trail we have
    the following:
    · Billy Graham’s books consistently refer to basically only Masons.
    · Billy Graham endorsed the Masonic DeMolay program for youth as God’s work. This endorsement by
    Billy Graham is in a Masonic book that is used to educate people about “the craft” (that means
    Freemasonry). That book is The Clergy and the Craft and it says that the people who are quoted in it are
    Masons. (See Haggard, Forrest D. Transactions Missouri Lodge of Research, Vol. No. 27, The Clergy
    and the Craft, p. 127. where Graham endorses the Masonic youth program. In terms of witnesses who
    have put what they have witnessed in writing we have the following:
    · Jim Shaw, ex-33° Mason — the highest ranking Freemason to defect to Christianity, writes about Billy
    Graham being at his 33° initiation ceremony. Huntington House refused to print his book co-authored
    with Tom McKenney unless they took out Billy Graham’s name on pg. 104, and substituted a general
    description. (See The Deadly Deception, p. 104-105.) Only Freemasons are allowed to attend these
    initiations. (See The New Age, the official organ of The Supreme Council 33°. Wash., D.C., October
    1961, p. 30.) Some Christians have tried every thing in their mind to get around Jim Shaw’s testimony.
    And the Masonic Lodge are now claiming that he wasn’t a 33° Freemason. There is no doubt that he was
    a 33° Mason.
    What we are seeing is how important it is to the Illuminati to keep Billy Graham’s membership secret.
    Originally, Dr. Morey who wrote a book on Freemasonry told me over the phone that Billy Graham was a
    33° Freemason and that he had held his membership file in his hand in the library of the House of the
    Temple, which is where the Supreme Council of the 33° has their headquarters. However, now he denies
    it and says that he only was told by the librarians that the file existed, but that he didn’t examine the
    membership file. He wrote a letter to Christian News to the editor which was printed. At least, his letter to
    the editor of Christian News says that the Scottish Rite have a Billy Graham file. Fritz stands by his
    original statements about what Dr. Morey said, even though he has gone back on his original story and is
    getting people to think Fritz somehow invented what he told me.
    There are a great many things that are suspicious about Dr. Morey. His book on Freemasonry claims that
    Freemasonry started out a Christian organization. His book was printed by a company that uses the
    Knights Templar logo as their company logo, and whose company head is most likely a Freemason. If it
    looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck–what do you think it is? Long before I
    actually knew Billy Graham was a 33° Freemason, I felt that was the “most likely” explanation for what I
    was learning of him. What caused me to think that way? Everything about the man, just shouted
    Freemason. The way he talks, who he has as friends, etc. etc. This article is not capable of going into
    depth about small nuances and details, but suffice it to say that the Masons know how to broadcast to
    other Masons that they are a Mason. It should be pointed out some of the key people for Billy Graham’s
    staff have been Freemasons. Let’s look at a few of the key people helping Billy Graham:
    a Freemason, and he is also President of Occidental Petroleum Corporation. Chairman of Occidental was
    Armand Hammer. Watson is also a member of the development council of the Masonic run Baylor
    University. Baylor University has participated in the mind-control, (See also the expose of Baylor
    University in Be Wise As Serpents.) He also was a member of the advisory council to the Southwestern
    Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth which had at least three Freemasons on its board of trustees,
    and likely more.
    is a Freemason, He was also U.S. ambassador to the United Nations (1968-69), business associate with
    Charles Gambrell, in Belk Stores of Charlotte, North Carolina.
    Arthur Lee Malory — CO-CHAIRMAN of the BILLY GRAHAM CRUSADE Advisory Committee for
    the 1973 St.
    Louis Crusade — 32° Freemason, deacon in the So. Bapt. Church.
    Who are some of the primary ministers that had worked with 33° Freemason Billy Graham over the
    Billy Graham has helped set up other 33° Masons in ministry. Billy Graham has placed his stamp of
    approval on almost every well-known apostate Christian out there. When Billy Graham had a crusade in
    Japan, the Japanese minister that he had up on the platform was a well-known extremely liberal Christian.
    A conservative japanese was shocked. Billy Graham is also endorsing many of the books, and ministries
    of these apostates.
    Some of the three biggest ministers in the protestant world, Robert Schuller, Norman Vincent Peale, and
    Oral Roberts are all 33° Masonic brothers of 33° Freemason Billy Graham. (See Roberts, Oral. Miracle of
    Seed Faith, p.9.) Billy Graham has helped each of these brothers with their ministries. Robert Schuller
    taught principles of church growth to Unity School in Kansas City. A Christian, who used to be on staff
    there, said that Robert Schuller was fully aware that Luciferian Initiations were going on at the school and
    that he didn’t care. Robert Schuller, 33° Freemason, was helped into ministry by Billy Graham. Schuller
    also participates in the Monarch program and is also sexually serviced by Monarch slaves. Norman
    Vincent Peale’s form of Christianity called positive thinking is actually only white witchcraft with
    different names.
    Peale simply is a “Christian” witch. Norman Vincent Peale, 33° Freemason, his church receive the bulk of
    people who came forward at the NY Crusade. Norman Vincent Peale is a 6° Illuminatus (Pilgrim
    Society), and a 33° Freemason. In the magazine Psychic Magazine of San Francisco Peale says of
    occultist Kreskin, All he’s doing is dramatizing what I’ve been preaching in my writing for years.
    Norman Vincent Peale controls the approx. $200 million Presbyterian Minister’s Fund. He celebrated the
    25th anniversary of the United Nations. He was the keynote speaker at the birthday of the late Mormon
    prophet Spencer W. Kimball (a secret Mason). Peale praised Kimball as a true prophet of God, and a
    great man of God. Peale practices witchcraft, and palms it off on unsuspecting Christians under different
    The false unity movement which is so strong today, wants to unite the devout Christian with the likes of
    Norman Vincent Peale. Peale is a good friend of Billy Graham, and Billy Graham referred the largest
    number of new converts of the NY Billy Graham Crusade to Peale’s church. Oral Roberts, 33°
    Freemason, helped into ministry by his masonic brother Billy Graham. Oral Roberts has been seen by
    witnesses participating in SRA and Mind-control. Oral Roberts University and the charismatic movement
    is another important religious front. The Charismatic movement has been infiltrated by multiples since
    day-one. The history of the infiltration is extensive. Oral Roberts had cherokee blood, According to some
    things that Oral Roberts has said, some Christians think that he received his healing powers from an old
    Indian who healed him through indian shamanism when Oral was young. At times, Oral does use the
    same methods that spirit mediums use to heal with. According to slaves who have been deprogrammed,
    they were in satanic rituals with Oral Roberts.
    Christian ministers, who have participated in his ministry are saying that they have seen massive swindle
    in his healing ministry. His university is being used as a programming center. His basketball team at one
    time had Monarch slaves playing on it. We do not know if they still do. Under the prayer tower is one of
    the programming sites. Billy Graham, a handler himself, helped launch Oral Roberts University, and is a
    friend of Oral Roberts. From the Illuminati’s point of view Tulsa is the Guardian City of Apollo. The City
    of Faith is to be the center for healing from AEsculapius, a demon related to Apollo. While portraying
    themselves as Christians, infiltrators within the charismatic movement are carrying out satanic rituals to
    get demonic healing powers. Tulsa is one of, if the main center for the campaign to infiltrate Christianity
    via the Charismatic/Pentecostal movement with programmed multiples. G. Bromiey Oxnam, 33°
    Freemason, was head of the FCC churches, supportive friend of Billy Graham, G. Bromley Oxnam has a
    long history to him of working for the elite, interested readers can pick up his story in Be Wise As
    Serpents in the chapter that goes into the details about how the Christian churches were organized by the
    FCC and WCC for the Illuminati.
    The NWO is infiltrating the churches via the Earth Stewardship Movement. An attempt was made at Rio
    de Janeiro to get an Earth Charter but there wasn’t enough time, their were lots of N.O.G. delegates and
    just in general lots of people to coordinate (4,000 attended). Another Earth Summit was promised, but
    instead they decided at the end of Sept/Oct of ’95 to have a State of the World Forum to be held
    by/sponsored by the Gorbachev Foundation at the Presidio, CA. The ex-head of the KGB, Gorbachev is
    now headquartered in the Presideo, a major mind-control programming site. Christian basher Ted Turner
    was the chairman of the conference. The cost was $5,000 per person and the invitations went out to only
    select people. There were 100 handpicked politicians who received invitations, along with Billy Graham
    and Mother Teresa. This was coordinated with the 50th anniversary of the UN which was being
    celebrated all over the world.
    The charismatic movement claims to have the Holy Spirit in a special way, however, some seem to be
    lacking in all discernment that the Holy Spirit would give. There are several books exposing the big name
    Charismatic ministers. One is written by an ex-charismatic Assembly of God minister. He shows a picture
    in his book of an Assembly of God flier promoting the “Testimony of J. Edgar Hoover.” Yes, the
    Assembly of God promoted the ,,testimony” of J. Edgar Hoover, while he was known to be a power
    hungry individual who practiced homosexuality, It was this type of hype that caused this minister to grow
    disillusioned with the charismatic movement’s so called spirituality. Recently, the spiritual discernment
    of Billy Graham and many other big time ministries was exposed when these big Christian ministries
    were conned out of $550 million dollars. Billy Graham introduced John G. Bennett to thousands of
    people at a recent Billy Graham Crusade in Philadelphia in 1992. John Bennett gave his testimony at the
    Because Billy Graham, John Templeton, and Laurance Rockefeller were apparently supportive of John G.
    Bennett, big time Christian ministries “trusted” him. John told many of the big Christian ministries that if
    they gave him millions of dollars, for every million he received he would give them two million back.
    Many of the big Christian ministries gave Bennett money–in fact he collected $550 million (which he ran
    off with) from ministries such as Pat Robertson’s, Bill Bright’s, Chuck Colson’s, Luis Palau’s,
    Westminster Theological Seminary, Wheaton College, the Salvation Army and many others. The reader
    may have heard of this New Era Foundation scam.
    That’s what it was. Bennett told these “Christian” leaders “Give New Era one million dollars and we’ll
    give you back two million.” The donations of hard earned money by many innocent Christian believers
    were lost, However, the Christian believers are partially responsible because the church has refused to
    clean house of wolves that set in their pulpits. For instance, when Billy Graham came to the Portland area
    all the various denominations from the most liberal to the most conservative supported him. Only about a
    dozen churches did not get involved and only one church actively tried to expose Billy Graham–EVEN
    A WOLF FOR 30 YEARS. When the church refuses to follow God’s Word and supports these men–then
    they must take some of the blame when these men give their millions of hard earned dollars away to a con
    When people have been warned about Billy Graham, one of the common responses is to for people to call
    up the Billy Graham crusade staff, If I ask a biologist a question about biology I can expect to get a
    credible answer, If I ask a mother about her son I can expect to get a credible answer. But how in the
    world can someone call up the Billy Graham Crusade staff and expect to get a credible answer to the
    question “Is Billy Graham a Mason?” The person that answers the phone is likely a secretary, someone
    who knows Billy Graham no more than the janitor. What does that person know about the Freemasons?
    Because the Freemasons are a secret society, in general, there are only two basic categories of people–
    people involved with Freemasonry, and they certainly know what’s going on in it but they have taken
    blood oaths on penalty of death not to talk about it, and those who aren’t involved with Freemasonry and
    don’t know anything about it. There are only a few people who are not masons, who are informed about
    the Masons. The answer of some secretary over the phone to the question, Is Billy Graham a Freemason?”
    is of little value, because the secretary or other staff member has not had the opportunity to get reliable
    information. This is from the standpoint of getting a reliable witness, calling some secretary or staff
    member is simply not a credible response to all the documentation. No court would view a secretary of a
    large organization as an expert witness qualified to settle such a dispute.
    The second catch is that such witnesses are not reasonably unbiased. It is expected that Billy Graham’s
    staff would front for him any questions that could expose him to bad publicity. This last comment is not
    speculation. There is proof that Billy Graham’s staff has consistently lied over the years to prevent
    negative publicity about Billy Graham. When Richard Nixon met with his political buddies to decide who
    to have run with him, the person he asked first in the smoke-filled room was Billy Graham, I have read
    the account of this is more than one place, but I will quote Marshall Frady’s description of when Billy
    Graham was asked who he thought should run with Nixon as Nixon’s vice-presidential running mate.
    Billy Graham chose 33° Masonic brother (then only 32°) Mark Hatfield.
    Here is Frady’s description. “His assimilation into the Nixon presidency had already been well underway,
    in fact, at that convention in Miami when, after Nixon’s nomination, Graham wound up sitting in Nixon’s
    penthouse suite among the smoggy late-night deliberations over Nixon’s vice-presidential selection:
    Graham himself, whatever initial uncertainty he might have felt to find himself in such a political lockerroom session, soon pitched into the proceedings with his own effusive recommendation of Mark Hatfield:
    “He’s a great Christian leader. He’s almost a clergyman. He’s been an educator, and he’s taken a more
    liberal stand on most issues than you, and I think the ticket needs that kind of balance.” In 1992, Mark
    Hatfield, along with Prince Hall Freemason Jessie Jackson both were on television in July of last year
    defending Billy Graham’s actions. Mark Hatfield, according to a deprogrammed slave has been a user of
    Monarch sexual slaves. NY’s Union Seminary is controlled and funded by the Rockefellers. President of
    Union Seminary was Dr. Henry Van Dusen. Billy Graham made him a prominent person in his crusade
    and said he was a “classic example” of a mass evangelism conversion,
    If that is a good example of Graham’s conversions, we Christians should shudder. It is no coincidence
    that the Southern Baptists of which Billy Graham is a member, is controlled by the Freemasons. Brook
    Hays, Pres, of the So. Bapt. Convention was a high ranking Freemason as well as part of the CFR. None
    of the So. Bapt. Convention’s Presidents have opposed Freemasonry. Pres. Bill Clinton, a slave handler,
    is a member of the Emmanuel Baptist Church which is a Southern Baptist Church in Little Rock, Ark.
    The late Bill Moyers who promoted the Mystery Religions was a Southern Baptist. Moyers went to the
    SW Baptist Theological Seminary, the same school run by one of Billy Graham’s staff directors. John
    Buchanan is another Southern Baptist. John Buchanan went to a So. Bapt. Seminary, and then worked as
    a front man for People for the American Way started by Jewish Norman Lear, an anti-Christian. People
    might be shocked to learn of some of the New Age teachings and New Age teachers that have been
    allowed into the Southern Baptist churches. The Southern Baptist youth program is based on Masonic
    ideas and is very masonic in its ritual.
    The reader is thanked for wading through a lot of difficult material. The reader can see why Billy Graham
    may well be the greatest deception that has ever been successfully pulled off. But as Abraham Lincoln
    said, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but not all
    of the people all of the time.” Ever since the early 1950s, there have been Christians exposing Billy
    Graham, But the control of the Christian media and the Christian seminaries is far more extensive than
    most people realize. The Be Wise As Serpents book diagrams out how the Christian religious
    denominations are being controlled, and how the Masons and Illuminati-connected administrators and
    trustees have control of most of the Seminaries. Billy Graham without a doubt works directly for the
    Satanic hierarchy. But a rational and fair appraisal of what the man is, and what damage he has done to
    Christianity will probably not be given much of a chance. Nobody, no matter who they are is going to
    fool Christ. There will be a real evaluation done on judgment day and when that day comes Christ said,
    NAME? And then I will declare to them, I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice
    lawlessness!” Mt 7:22-23
    It will probably assist the reader to know that both of the authors have first hand experience with the
    following information about the Amish. Fritz was Amish for several years as a Amish church member in
    church districts in Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois. He has also visited numerous Amish settlements in the
    U.S. & Canada, and lived/worked with the horse and buggy Old Order Mennonites (not to be confused
    with the Old Order Amish Mennonites) in Ontario Canada for half a year. He has a manuscript of a book
    that he wrote about the Old Order Amish Mennonites, and has gone so far as to inquire with publishers
    like National Geographic if they would like some of his material.
    He has also attended a variety of Mennonite churches, including Church of God in Christ, Menn.
    (Holdeman’s), Charismatic Mennonite, Conserv. Menn. and Beachy Amish churches across the U.S. He
    also knows first-hand that Illuminati slaves, some of who are programmers, have been infiltrated by the
    Illuminati into Mennonite churches. Perhaps what may come across as the strangest religious front, and it
    is certainly one of the biggest secrets of the intelligence agencies is their use of the Old Order Amish
    Mennonites as a front. The Amish are the most pacifistic people, so the Illuminati/intelligence agencies
    have placed some of their best programmed assassins behind the front of being Amish. The front is real–
    they are Amish, well, many of them, some were Illuminati children switched at birth to give the
    programmers better bloodlines to work from. Some Amish women in cult families have let the Illuminati
    impregnate them with stronger bloodlines. Many Nazi bloodlines were hidden after WW II under the
    Mennonite/Amish cover.
    The Mennonites and some of the more progressive Amish adopt many children. The Amish in Missouri
    (Jamestown), Kansas (south of Hutchison), and Oklahoma (Guthrie, OK), Kentucky, Ohio (Holmes Co.,
    OH), and Pennsylvania (Lancaster,PA) have been involved in selling their children to the Illuminati.
    When the Illuminati would buy a child they would send in one of their own midwives to help with the
    birth and retrieve the child. Generally, the Amish would sell their children when they realized they were
    going to have twins. One would be given to the cult, and one would be kept by the Amish parents.
    Because these children are born outside of the system, and have no birth certificates, they made excellent
    children to use in porn. They also can be used as expendable children to use in porn. They were often
    blond haired and blue eyed. The Amish women were not allowed to use birth control, it was forbidden by
    the church, and they were not allowed to have an abortion, and it was their duty to have sex with their
    husbands. It is possible that some parents sold their children just to get out of the responsibility of having
    another child.
    The Amish farms in Kansas and Oklahoma and in the border states like Missouri and Kentucky are
    mechanized with tractors, and they don’t need the large families that the Amish in other places need. Due
    to the strong legalism that pervades their church, some have tried to get around the tight spot that the rules
    place them in by selling a few unnoticed children. However, there is an active witchcraft practicing occult
    group within the Amish which is like a box within a box within a box. It is very secret. There are many
    ways of describing what is going on with the Amish. Let’s describe quickly in half a page (it could be a
    book in itself) what a deep look at the spiritual dynamics of what is going on with their communities. The
    rise of Satanism within their ranks is simply a natural outgrowth of the spiritual dynamics. There were
    two trees in the Garden of Eden, one was the Tree of Life and one was the Tree of the Knowledge of
    Good and Evil. The first meant being transformed by the Creator who made them into the image of the
    Spirit of God and receiving spiritual life, but the other tree was performance.
    The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (religion) includes both Law (good) and license (evil). As
    soon as a group gets legalistic, they fall from grace. They then separate themselves by their performance
    and say in effect “look at what we’re doing” which is a form of pride. God resists the proud, so they
    through a number of spiritual dynamics lose fellowship with God. This means they must cling to their
    legalistic traditions even more, because a live relationship with God is gone. (Bible Studies are forbidden
    by most Amish church distrists, and they don’t get new revelation from God, they still are working off of
    the revelations of the 1600s, when they were traumatized and quit growing. When they split from the rest
    of the Mennonites, they were like a child alter split which never grows up.) When a group gets legalism,
    they also get license, because the two grow from the same tree. Every Amish community has two large
    groups–the legalistic ones and the license ones.
    The young people are even split this way. In Lancaster County, the Groffies” is the nickname of the large
    license group of young people who fornicate and drink. There is a smaller group of legalistic conservative
    young people too, who are at the other end of the spectrum. There is one group (gang might be a more
    appropriate name) called Jamborees who are an unruly and destructive collection of angry wild young
    people. The Bishops in Lancaster Co. meet twice yearly to keep this large settlement of opposites
    together. A lot of compromise and looking the other way is done for the sake of peace. “Peace” at any
    price is the name of the game. Even before a prayer is said in church the minister calls out, “Wenn mer
    eenich sin, wella mer bete.” This translates, “If we are in one accord, then let us pray.” Because peace is
    so important, they are out of balance in getting it. They place peace far above truth.
    In order to have the appearance that everything is well, secrecy pervades everything like the air one
    breathes. Because their whole culture is secret, children raised in it aren’t aware of how strong it is, it is
    simply a way of life, like it is for the Illuminati. Legalism values conformity. Conformity perfers robotic
    obedience over understanding. In fact, one Bishop told Fritz, co-author of this book, “We don’t want our
    young folks to understand why they do what they do, we only want obedience. Understanding is
    dangerous.” Does the reader begin to see how the Amish make both the perfect setting for Monarch
    Mind-Control, and the perfect cover. The Amish are a very secret group. During their early history they
    suffered severe persecution. Their culture teaches them to suffer in silence, which today helps their
    Satanic abusers infiltrate their culture. In the past in Europe, when the Catholic or Protestant church
    caught them they were tortured to death. They were hunted as animals and treated worse than animals
    when caught. This was the trauma, that Satan did to them, and the lie that was then handed them was that
    if they would cloister themselves secretly in the New World away from everyone else, they would be
    The Amish have shut out from outsiders the true flavor of their culture and beliefs. They are silent about
    their problems. They tell themselves that outsiders couldn’t possibly be interested in their affairs. The
    Amish themselves are very divided from each other. The divisions between Amish groups is called
    Zwietract. Zwietract can cover anything from a mild aloofness to a full fledged shunning (called the
    Meidung). The Amish aren’t in general qualified to tell outsiders much in detail about their own heritage,
    or religion because they are so isolated from the other Amish settlements and have been raised in such an
    anti-intellectual culture. Most Amish are content to know that the way they do things “was always done
    this way” and that their elders and forefathers were gifted men who examined things very closely. Their
    social norms are not intellectually questioned by most Amish, but then American society has been very
    isolationist in the world and few Americans question their society & norms.
    Americans even rebel in the prescribed fashion, whatever the elite tell society is the “in” “cool” “hot”
    stylish way to do things. The Amish are similar to the Mid-east culture in that they have a very indirect
    approach to saying things. They do not consider it proper to speak with a negative connotation about
    anybody. They also instinctively give pat answers to outsiders to blunt questions. These pat answers
    border on being rigid, prejudiced, and simple. They serve the purpose to deter curiosity. The early Amish
    leaders were ex-Catholic priests, but most of the people were peasants who had little formal schooling,
    had little Bible knowledge, and came from southern Germany and the Rheinland where witchcraft was
    practiced by the common people. The Spirit of Witchcraft never left the Amish. It has always been with
    them. The folk witchcraft is called Brauche, and the craft is kept secret by old men who pass the
    incantations down in secret. When the Amish moved to Pennsylvania, they moved in next door to
    When the Rosicrucian settlements fell apart they joined the Mennonites, thus bringing their hermetic
    magic along with them. Somewhere within the Amish were some families that were under cover for the
    Jesuits, and were sent in as spies long ago because they were corrupt. These families have been
    generational satanists, which practice pedophilia and other crimes in the safety of their isolation. They
    were placed within the Amish to help the Catholic church destroy the Amish. In Europe that happened
    under Hitler, when all the Old Order Amish were arrested in 1938 and wiped out of Germany. Prior to
    WW II, the Nazi’s part of the Illuminati sent over a number of programmed multiples which set up an
    unnamed cult in upstate New York. This cult was to help Hitler take power in the U.S. when the Nazi’s
    won the war. They did not win the war, but 60 years later this Satanic cult still operates.
    Now 2nd and 3rd generation programmed multiples are now part of this cult. Somehow this Illuminati
    mission coordinates with the Illuminati project to get Hitler’s bloodline hidden among the Amish,
    although the authors are aware of Hitler’s descendants being in Oregon, and Washington as well as
    Pennsylvania. One of them in Portland, Oregon works for the Federal government. Lancaster County is
    sometimes referred to as the mother church. This was one of the original counties which the Amish
    settled in when they first came over to the New World. William Penn invited Rosicrucians, Amish, and
    other dissident religious groups to Pennsylvania. The Satanic covens in Lancaster County, PA consist of
    members from Amish, Mennonite and Brethren churches. They are not simply all Amish.
    Lancaster County’s Amish will fellowship will all the approximately 200 other settlements of Amish
    around the country. What is a peculiar phenomena, is that many churches that do not fellowship with one
    another, will still maintain “communion” with Lancaster out of respect for place in Amish history.
    However, Lancaster County has some of the most immoral reprobate Amish that there could be. All this
    is hidden very well from the thousands of tourists, due to the secrecy of the Amish. The Amish do not
    often pay taxes, do not pay social security because they are exempt from the Social Security program, and
    send many of their children to Amish schools. They are truly a separate society which maintains rigid
    secrecy. If you were the New World Order or the Illuminati where would you want to hide your
    The safest place is inside of the most pacifist group in the world, the Amish. Monarch mind-controlled
    slaves are being created out of Amish children. During W.W. II, Amish conscientious objectors were
    forced by the government to do alternate public service in lieu of military service. This was known as
    Civilian Public Service. Amish & Mennonite conscientious objectors were placed into Mental Hospitals
    to help. They served at Allentown State Hosp., Allentown, PA; Cantonsville State Hosp., Cantonsville,
    MD; Cleveland State Hosp., Cleveland, OH; Delaware State Hosp., Parnhurst, DL; Denver State Hosp.,
    Denver, CO; Greystone Park State Hosp., Greystone Park, NJ; Harrisburg State Hosp., Harrisburg, PA;
    Hudson River State Hosp., Poughkeepsie, NY; Kalamazoo State Hosp., Kalamazoo, MI; Lima State
    Hosp., Lima, OH; Livermore State VA Hosp., Livermore, CA; Macedonia State Hosp., Macedonia, OH;
    Marlboro State Hosp., Marlboro, NJ; Mt. Pleasant State Hosp., Mt. Pleasant, 10; Norristown State Hosp.,
    Norristown, PA; Provo State Hosp., Provo, UT; Rhode Is. State Hosp., Howard, RI; Roseburg VA State
    Hosp., Roseburg, OR; Staunton State Hosp., Staunton, VA; Tiffin State Hosp., Tiffin, OH; Wernersville
    State Hosp., Wernersville, PA; Ypsilanti State Hosp., Ypsilanti, MI.
    The author, Fritz, believes that the complete story of how the Illuminati got a secret foothold into the
    Amish community lies in what happened in mental hospitals to the anxious-to-please, compliant, innocent
    Amish boys, who were assigned to these mental hospitals. Many people do not realize that during W.W.
    I, several Mennonite/Hutterite conscientious objectors were tortured to death by our government. Not a
    pretty picture when you find out how sadistic our government was willing to be toward its own citizens.
    Not only did the Amish boys go to lots of mental hospitals during W.W. II, but all of the religious groups
    that participated in the conscientious objector service (called Civilian Public Service) contributed boys to
    the Office of Scientific Research & Development (part of the Army), which was still using these boys for
    experiments until Dec. 31, 1946. What kinds of “experiments” were the Amish boys, who were offered
    up as guinea pigs, subjected to by the OSRD? We now know that some of these experiments were very
    dangerous to their human guinea pigs. 1-0 classification was the Selective Service Board’s Conscientious
    Objector classification. During the Vietnam War, Amish young men went into I-W service (conscientious
    objector service) at mental and regular hospitals. Their I-W service was for two years.
    Some of these young men were programmed at these hospitals. One Amish boy after he got home from IW service committed suicide. The secret satanic families within various Amish settlements also offered
    up their children. This started a large scale super secret operation by the CIA/Intelligence agencies to set
    up Delta teams within the Amish. Who would ever suspect an Amishman? They have been expendable
    assassins for the CIA for years. These young men are strong farmboys. They have no connection between
    themselves and the outside world where they secretly carry out their missions, and if they die, there is no
    birth record, and perhaps a dozen other siblings for their family to continue on with. During the Vietnam
    War, the Military’s Selective Service did things differently than in W.W.II. Any hospital or mental
    hospital which applied for approval could get I-W (conscientious objector) boys. The Amish put together
    a Steering Committee to work with the government and the I-W service.
    In the I-W Steering Committee meetings (and the author Fritz attended one) it was stated by Committee
    members “The boys do not come back the same [from the hospitals]” and that the I-W service in the
    mental hospitals was “proving unsatisfactory and harmful.” Some of the mental hospitals which received
    Amish boys include Columbia Missouri’s State Mental Hospital & Hospital complex, Colorado
    Psychopathic Hospital in Denver, all of the hospitals that got W.W. III-Ws (as listed above), Central State
    Hospital, Indianpolis, IND, New Jersey State Hospital, Greystone Park, NJ, Philadelphia State Hospital,
    Philadelphia, PA, plus numerous others. At any one time, there were hundreds of Amish boys in I-W
    It is suspected that many of these hospitals were involved in mind-control, and it is known that the
    Columbia, MO complex of hospitals and Mid-Missouri State Mental Hospital, 803 Stadium Dr.,
    Columbia, Missouri and the Veteren’s Hospital across the street were involved in mind-control for the
    CIA. A mental hospital had to apply to the Selective Service Board for approval to get I-W workers. Then
    their personnel departments would hire the I-W boys for positions such as nursing attendents. One State
    Mental Hospital administrator told Fritz that the whole I-W thing was “pretty confidential.” The Amish
    Steering Committee worked with the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) which in turn worked for
    some quasi-religious group which is privately funded called The National Service Board of Religious
    Objectors (NSBRO) still active in Washington, D.C. The Amish were slow to act, but by the end of the
    Vietnam War, they had managed to get some of their farms approved for I-W service and in 1971, the
    Steering Committee was able to announce that 70 Amish I-W boys were working on Amish farms in 8
    states, rather than in hospitals. However, this late change was too late to protect their settlements from
    infiltration from sophisticated Illuminati mind-control.
    A programmed Amish boy will likely be contacted by what is called a “CUT-OUT’. This is the secret
    contact person who maintains contact between the Handler and the Amish Delta. CUT-OUT’s can either
    be given several slaves (a BLOCK CUT-OUT) or in other cases only know the up-line handler and downline person (a CHAIN CUT-OUT). If further secrecy is needed by the handler, he can use ‘‘sterile
    telephones’’ which the Illuminati/CIA have which cannot be traced, even by the telephone companies.
    When an Amish boy is activated and sent out on an assassination mission for the Illuminati/Intelligence
    agencies he is a professional at what he has been trained and programmed to do. Amish boys,
    programmed to be assassins, are used in what their handlers call “wet ops”. This intelligence lingo means
    that human blood will run. Wet ops, also called black ops are debriefed by a briefing team.
    The Amish multiple will have to give a detailed account of the finished operation, once under hypnosis,
    once with a polygraph, and once under the drug scopolamine (a truth serum). And when the debriefing
    team, which includes a Mind-control Programmer, is satisfied that all of the inconsistencies between the
    different accounts have been ironed out, then the Programmer will block out all memory and guilt of the
    operation. The handler may write a “blind memorandum” which has no file no. or letterhead or name.
    Then Amish boy’s assassination alters will be praised for having done a great service to humanity and to
    his country. The Amish boy can now be sent home to milk cows and work on his labor-intensive tobacco
    farm without any nagging guilt or horrible memories surfacing to trouble him (at least in theory). Trained
    assassins do have memory flashes, as all Monarch slaves have, but they are only bits and pieces. People
    also do not realize that the Amish live in many more states than Pennsylvania.
    They move all over the United States. If an Amishman was travelling on a CIA mission there are
    numerous of excuses that could be made for why he could be on the move. There are far more Amish
    young people away from the Amish settlements than people realize because they dress like the world.
    Many young people leave with the knowledge that they can go back years later and be accepted back into
    their community. What are some of the mitigating factors in all of this? The Amish do their own
    butchering. They are down-to-earth people who are not afraid of blood. Essentially all Amish children
    grow up helping with butchering, and seeing life and death played out everyday on their farms. The
    Amish do not embalm their dead, and have their own cemeteries.
    The Satanic cult within the Amish can reopen the graves and carry out satanic ceremonies afterward.
    Their cemeteries are small almost hidden sites with markers hidden in grass. Some of these graveyards
    blend in with their rural settings. Elmo, Joseph, and Victor Stoll are some prominent Amishmen. Joseph
    and Elmo have travelled a great deal esp. to Central America. Joseph wrote a book on Child Training
    which teaches parents how to break a child’s will. This author is supportive of discipline and respect. The
    book is pointed out, only because it is a paper trail to show that the Amish discipline and the Illuminati’s
    discipline at times can be similar.
    The only person who might see an Amish boy being disciplined (since they are a rural people) would be
    the immediate family or an occassional amish guest. An Amishman seeing a father carrying out the
    Monarch steps to build dissociation would likely not see anything wrong. If the guest did see something
    wrong (i.e. too strict or mean), the objections would be kept very low key. For sure, no non-Amish would
    ever hear about it. The Illuminati families like the Dukes and Reynolds control tobacco production and
    cigarette manufacturing. In order to keep their lifestyle in Pennsylvania, the Amish have had to grow
    tobacco for the Illuminati controlled companies. This author can only speculate what economic leverage
    that has given the Illuminati over the Pennsylvania Amish.
    The blue prints of the Portland Mormon Temple at Lake Oswego, OR which sets over a secret
    underground programming site, were changed overnight after they were looked at. The original blueprints
    showed that Lake Oswego had allowed a building code to broken. The blueprint was changed, showing
    that Lake Oswego’s city employees were working along with the Mormon church and the CIA to keep
    everything running smooth with their high tech secret underground programming center, which has the
    front of being sacred temple grounds. Three separate Monarch slaves independently described this
    underground installation, and there are other evidences of it too. In order to gain access to the
    underground programming tunnels, a person has to have to place their palm on the wall, where a
    disguised instrument identifies a person’s hand. The entrances are disguised using the most sophisticated
    techniques. One is from the Temple Laundry Building south of the temple and another is from the hotel
    south of the temple. This hotel has a strange hard-to-find entrance to its parking lot, almost as if they
    haven’t wanted uninvited guests. Tunnels are widely used at the other various programming sites.
    There are some stock tools of deception that are used both externally on the world and internally on the
    slave when their system is programmed and structured. Later in the book we will cover the structuring.
    Since this chapter covers deceptions, we will discuss them here, but the reader needs to bear in mind, they
    will be employed in the structuring/programming phases of the slave’s life. They are deflection, blinds,
    slides, Hegelian dialectics, and deniability.
    a. Deflection is taking something good and deflecting its purpose. This is a stock tool. For instance,
    loyalty and obedience can be good virtuous things if given to the correct authority. But deflected to the
    false sadistic authority, they are disastrous. They use Deflection to redirect the power of truth which is
    opposed to them. Healthy foods, benevolence, ecology, love, acceptance, etc. are all part of the Creator’s
    Christian walk. These truths and other are deflected from their original purpose of glorifying the Creator
    to glorifying their own programs. Rather than publicly opposing Christianity, they rename their own
    movements Christian, and then proceed to do very little for Christ, and everything for Lucifer. They are
    even deflecting worship of Jesus Christ onto worship of a demon named Jesus.
    b. The next externally and internally used stock tool is called “Blinds”- these are deliberate deceptions
    placed within their own writings to confuse the uninitiated. H.P.B. gives a good description of the use of
    these, so do Masonic writers like Albert Pike. H.P.B. writing describes the use of Blinds in The Secret
    Doctrine, Vol. 5 Adyar edition, p. 435. Blinds are used in CIA documents, they are incorporated into the
    scripts that the alters receive. For instance, the in fetro Moon Child ceremonies are not revealed to the
    non-hierarchy alters, but they are told that the Moon Children have to do with the cage tortures.
    c. Slides are truth that has been warped just slightly to take an investigative person into a dead end. An
    example of a slide, is that the New World Order is satanic, but that only Nazis and stupid people think
    that Jews are involved. This is a slide, because then the Rothschilds who hide behind their jewishness, can
    not be mentioned as suspects without people yelling “Antisemitism.” In reality exposing these abusers
    has nothing to do with Anti-semitism, it’s simply that all abusers no matter what good front they have,
    need to be correctly identified as dangerous. Another example, an alter who pretends to be helpful is
    placed in the system who says that the door to get to a castle internally is the fifth door on the right in
    such and such hall. The answer is correct, but the door must be opened using the left side, rather than the
    right side where the door knob is located. Because the answer doesn’t pan out then the idea that the door
    is the correct door is discarded, and the alter’s knowledge is suspect. Lots of psychiatrists are writing
    papers about MPD with slides. They give some truth, and then they give people a path to go down that
    will dead end them from ever finding the truth.
    d. They use Hegelian Dialectics. This dialectic process doesn’t happen on its own so it often has to be
    forced into happening. The idea is that each idea (“ism”) called a “thesis”, like say Capitalism, naturally
    by definition has an opposite, an “antithesis”. In Capitalism the antithesis is Communism. The conflict
    between the two produces a synthesis. By controlling both ends of the conflict, one controls the end
    product, the synthesis. More than not, the One-World-Power can be seen working behind both sides of
    many conflicts. Indeed, the Secret Societies have been historically shown to be behind all the revolutions
    and wars in Modern Europe since the American Revolution. In religious conflict, both sides are often
    being manipulated. Some of the various groups openly admit their strategy is designed to create a
    synthesis. You will find Hegelian Dialectics has been introduced into the U.S. educational system by the
    Skull & Bones Order, an Illuminati group. It was adopted in Russia by the Slavophiles in the 19th
    Communism, Nazism, Fabians, most New Age groups, Liberation Theology, and other parts of the Power
    use Hegelian Dialectics. Hegel in turn based his system on the ancient Greek atomists especially
    Democritus. Hegalian dialectics is built into the conflicting scripts that alters are given. Slaves who are
    twinned to another slave will find Hegelian dialectics employed in their twinning programming. The
    Hegelian dialectics can be worked in with the double-binds that the programmers love to use.
    e. esoteric language.
    f. Indirect interference with truthful information getting out. This is done by stealing the impact of the
    truth, by printing a parallel story with disinformation at the same time, or “leaking” an opposite story with
    disinformation at the same approximate time. Disinformation leaks can be done through the mass media,
    or an individual alter.
    g. deniability. When orders are given and language is used, it is on purpose vague so that the guilty can
    deny their guilt.
    At this point, it might be appropriate to cover some standard CIA tactics. They use some Monarch slaves
    as “Live Letter Drops”. An LLD is a person who will remail spy letters. They will use “dead drop boxes”
    which are simply places that an item or message is concealed to be retrieved by some other criminal in the
    Network. They may give the slave a gift which then has to be passed on. They may protect a written
    message by writing it on edible paper. Safe houses are used, indicated by things such as 2 lion statues
    along with prearranged O.K. signals, such as the position of a flower pot.
    When building an internal world, the programmers use every trick in the book to hide things. First the
    abuse has to be hidden in silence, and then the MPD has to be hidden. Next, the real core needs to be
    hidden. Then, the purpose of a Monarch slave needs to be hidden. All the time that this is going on, the
    programmers must constantly work at keeping the programmers’ identities hidden, and their
    programming sites hidden. Programmers usually have cover names when programming, and then
    hypnotically have the victim see them as something else. For instance, Dr. Green had victims see him as a
    cricket. He even used a cricket noise maker while programming, that clicked. In recent times, the
    Programmers and handlers are programming their slaves to believe that they are aliens.
    The slave will generally be lied to that they have a “twin” somewhere. Internally, the Programmer will
    begin making the System with the core related alters and then the front alters. The front alters will be
    rearranged in a fashion that the structure of the System is confused. The front alters will be given heavy
    programming, to convince them that nothing ever happened to them, they had a wonderful life. They will
    be given fictitious stories about the programming, so that almost every item in a System has a cover story
    to mislead an alter about what is going on. Many things are placed in boxes. Clowns programmed to cut,
    are Jack-in-box clowns that pop up when an alter even thinks unapproved thoughts. Some of the
    important things in a System may be hidden out front.
    An alter on the front may think it is stupid, and yet they have access to internal maps of the entire system-
    -which they can remember only on code. If a person (such as a therapist or nosey alter) goes to look deep
    in the System for the material he might be frustrated. Under a fanatically un-sexual (asexual) alter, will be
    a sexual alter. Under a stupid alter, may be an alter gifted in a language or art. Alters are very often
    hidden behind opposite types of alters.
    Important things in the System, and many unimportant things, are all well guarded. Sometimes particular
    alters have to serve as the guards. Some of these guards are called Gatekeepers. Gatekeeper alters will
    appear near the surface of a system, and then again deep in the System about level 10, and 12. Gatekeeper
    alters are alters that the programmer must go through to get to deeper levels. The Gatekeeper alters are
    very heavily programmed to keep them in place. They will receive intensive lies. Some of the access
    triggers which must accompany the verbal codes are kept secret, by virtue of the fact that no person in
    their right mind would use them, such as needles, electro-shocks, or slaps to certain parts of the body to
    trigger deep alters to take the body.
    Items in a System will be disguised, such as the clockmaker alter/demons will make clocks to appear in
    the system like anything they want. The only way these can be adequately identified is that these clocks
    are always disguised as gold items. As the Programmers work, they like to find word games, plays on
    words and double-binds. They will also put in scrambling programs, deaf alters and foreign language
    codes to help protect their secrets. The alters who look the least to have programming may have the most.
    Duplicate alters of most alters are created, so that even the alters themselves don’t know if it is
    themselves or another alter. These duplicates are called mirrored images & looking glass people (LGPs).
    Some of the mirrored images may turn out to be demonic entities that have been placed using high level
    demonology. Suicide alters, who are trained to have a big smile and be clowns, mask their intention to
    kill the body when they take the body of a slave. A popular method for hiding things within the occult
    world, has been boxes within boxes.
    A Masonic organization will have a rite, within a secret rite, with a secret group, with an insider clique.
    Common everyday items that surround the slave will be given special meanings. The songs the slave
    hears on the radio, will for instance have code words. The Programmers due to the corruption of the
    music industry knows what hit songs are coming out, and they will haul their slaves in and program them
    according to the lyrics of the soon-to-be hits. The lyrics will be written so that programmed meanings can
    be attached to certain words and lines. Something as innocent as watching T.V., listening to the T.V. or to
    a sermon may actually be programming a special message into the victim.
    Hand signals will even be done over the news or other shows. For instance, Bill Clinton at his
    inauguration made a satanic signal during the inauguration ceremony. This sign of Satan is a standard
    hypnotic induction hand signal for slaves.
    Clinton waves the sign of Satan with his left hand at his inauguration. This is a hypnotic induction signal
    for slaves. Although some might interpret this as “I love you” which is handed by the right hand of a deaf
    person, this left handed signal will induct slaves no matter what some people think the meaning is.
    No wise person would knowingly choose to fight their opponent blind and deaf, yet that seems to be the
    choice which many nominal Christians are choosing. They would like to live in denial and to characterize
    this book as doomsdayer stuff and then dismiss and ignore this material. They want to eat, drink and be
    happy. If people think that by putting their heads in the sand they can escape the future, or even the
    present difficulties, they may be in for a rude surprise.
    The USE of ESOTERIC language
    One method of deception is the use of Esoteric language. Esoteric terms are understood by those deep in
    the occult, but are misunderstood by the common people. The best example is the term “Saturn.”
    The word Saturn consistently turns up as an important word for the Illuminati and upper levels of the
    occult. Because Saturn is such an important concept, it should be covered in this part of the book.
    Therapists may encounter something to do with Saturn in a programmed multiple. Before Fritz began
    researching the elite of the occult world, Saturn was merely meant an enormous planet 95 times the size
    of the earth’s mass, the 6th of the solar system in an orbit of 29.5 years around the sun. This means that
    the co-authors of this book are less than three Saturian years old. Fritz was also aware that Saturn was the
    father of all Gods in the mythology of the ancient world. David M. Talbot in his book The Saturn Myth
    documents how all over the world Saturn has been worshipped even more than the sun god. Saturn has
    been the secret god of the occult world.
    When we read in Deut. 18:9-10, “When thou art come into the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee,
    thou shalt not learn to do after the abominations of those nations. There shall not be found among you any
    one that maketh his son or daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of
    times, or an enchanter, or a witch.” All of these practices are abominations done by Satanists today and
    are becoming commoner among Americans. Note that the first item mentioned by Moses in this passage
    was passing (putting) children into the fire (of Moloch). A commentary (Keil, Carl F. and Franz Delitzch.
    Commentary on The Pentateuch, III, reprint, Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans Publishing Co., 1949, p.393.)
    on DT 18:9-10 is: “Moses groups together all the words which the language contained for different modes
    of exploring the future and discovering the will of God, for the purpose of forbidding every description of
    soothsaying, and places the prohibition of Moloch-worship at the head, to show the inward connection
    between soothsaying and idolatry, possibly because februation, or passing children through the fire in the
    worship of Moloch, was more intimately connected with soothsaying and magic than any other
    description of idolatry.”
    The worship of Moloch was the worship of Saturn. There are perhaps various routes one can take to learn
    this. One route is a very close examination of the Scripture, especially the old Septuagint. Scriptures
    actually write of this fact in Amos 5:25-26 and Acts 7:41-43. Amos wrote, “Did ye bring unto me
    sacrifices and offerings in the wilderness forty years, 0 House of Israel? Yea, ye have borne the tabernacle
    of your king (“siccuth malkecem”, or in the Septuagint it reads “skenen tou Moloch”!), and the shrine
    (kiyyun) of your images, the star of your God, which ye made to yourselves” AMS 5:25-26 The Christian
    Stephen quotes these passages of Amos and connects it with the worship of the golden calf (bull or
    Taurus). His words on this are recorded in Acts 7:4 1. He further connects it in the next verse with the
    worship of “the host of heaven”. In line with translations like the Septuagint, he states in verse 43 that
    Amos 5 refers to the cult “of Moloch and the star of the god Rephan”. Hebrew writing consists of only
    the consonants. The vowels can be added with what are termed vocalizations, which are dots.
    The Jewish scribes in their contempt for heathen gods placed vocalizations (vowel indicators) on the word
    Molech (M-L-CH) from a hebrew word for “shame”. Because the incorrect vocalization was added out of
    contempt for the heathen names of abominable gods, the word Molech (Saturn worship) has been
    mistranslated by some translators. Further, the word Chiun (Kaimanu in Assyria) has been represented by
    the word Rephan in Acts 7:43. Rephan is Kaivan (Chiun) which is the arabian and syrian way of saying
    Saturn. Rephan apparently was a very limited or localized way of saying Saturn. The adoration of the calf
    (bull) in the wilderness was an important act of defiance by the Israelites– while Moses went up on the
    mountain to speak to God face to face. This worship of the bull was actually worship of Saturn! Some call
    this star worship, and the bull was worshipped because at that time the constellation Taurus (the Bull)
    marked the position of the sun at the time of the spring equinox.
    The fact that the calf was gold was no accident–gold has many Satanic connotations. For a modern occult
    reference connecting the Bull, astrology and gold together see Esoteric Astrology by Alice Bailey (Lucis
    Trust, 1951), pp 378-79. Various scholars on ancient religion have written that the worship of Moloch
    was Saturn worship. For instance, Siculus Diodorus wrote, “. ..there was a brazen statue of Saturn putting
    forth the palms of his hands, bending in such a manner toward the earth, as that the boy who was laid
    upon them, in order to be sacrificed, should slip off, and so fall down headlong into a deep burning
    furnace…’’ The ancient Roman circus, like so many public activities in America, was based upon the
    occult. The circus had 7 circuits, and had a pyramid in the center with 3 alters, one to Saturn, one to Jove,
    and one to Mars. This is an example of what the common people knew about Saturn. Moloch, then was
    the Sun God, during the Zodiac period from Taurus to Serpens and Scorpio which is when the sun is
    The Babylonians referred to Saturn as the “star of the sun”. In the Mithraic Mysteries, Saturn was the Sun
    God. (See Hall, Manly P. The Lost Teachings of All Ages. p. facing 21.) In fact, Saturn was the Sun God
    of many of the Pagan religions, and was the foundation of the Solar Temple. (ibid. Hall tells us on pg. 97,
    Lower Left, that Saturn is the foundation of the Solar Temple.) The Ten tribes of the Israelites fell into the
    ritual sacrifices of Moloch (Saturn worship and sacrifice) which brought them their judgment of Assyrian
    captivity. (2 KGS 17:16- 17) Astrology, witchcraft, and ritual sacrifice were also associated with Saturn
    worship. Isaiah the prophet tells those who worship Saturn, “Let now the astrologers, the star-gazers, the
    monthly prognosticators, stand up, and save thee.” ISA 47:13 Saturn did not save the Israelites from
    captivity. Ex-Illuminati members have revealed that Saturn is Satan. Yes, Saturn is Satan.
    The Satanic Illuminati hierarcy teach the high level students that “those who serve Saturn promote the
    return of the lost son Saturn.” The religion of Saturn is Saturnian gnosis–which turns out to simply be a
    rehash of the gnosticism that the high level Satanists believe in. Saturn is severe. Jupiter is mild. The
    merging of Saturn (severity) with Jupiter (mildness) is the creation of the new Golden Age–according to
    high level Satanic hierarchy teachings. The earth has been caught in a battle between a bi-polar world–the
    inner Solar Logos and the outer Saturnian sphere. The trans-Saturnian planets actually belong to
    Alcyone(!) which eventually gets its planets returned. (This may be the reason, that the Satanic hierarchy
    has treated us to “good aliens from the Pleiades.” Alcyone is a star in the Pleides.)
    Saturnian gnostic teachings are that darkness contains the light. What this means is that darkness is
    necessary for light to exist. And light appears within the matrix of darkness only by the Demiurge
    Saturnes–the Logos. This is what they teach. According to Albert Pike in the Masonic Text Book Morals
    and Dogma given to 320 Masons, the work of the Sun is the perfecting (also known as the deification of)
    man. Christians view that it is Satan’s work to teach men that they can be deified (which is rebellion to
    the one and only true God).
    In secret Satanic rituals, the Grande Master has a scepter which represents his authority to wield power
    through the Lord of this world who is known as Saturn. New Age leaders are calling “Saturn” “Sanat
    Kumera”. A devil by any name is still a devil. In a dialogue with a Mother of Darkness, this Mother of
    Darkness alter provides some interesting information. The dialogue went like this: Mother of Darkness:
    “Saturn is the gateway that must be opened. For a season God has winked that man might be illuminated.
    But excessive light destroys. Man must not forget his destiny is concerned with loving regeneration of the
    earth [Mother Gaia worship] and balance. Soon the other eye of God must open. Those who are
    illuminated have kept the balance point. The majority of mankind has not.
    Few seek the ancient seed of wisdom that springs from the brow of Lucifer. Man becomes.. .forgetful of
    His spiritual ancestry and destiny….They are Ellyllon. Keepers of nothing. They fill the earth with their
    passing and crowd the planes with nothingness. They are a waste of the energies. And so the other eye
    must open. Each man shall receive abundance in what he seeks. Some call it Karma…” Interviewer:
    “What do you mean by the other eye?” Mother of Darkness: “The other eye of God as some would say.
    Chemosh. Cleansing Fire. The outstreched arms of Molech.” Interviewer: “What has that got to do with
    Saturn?” Mother of Darkness: “Everything. This is a most secret thing. Saturn is the gateway. The point
    at which all thought is fixed. The point at which all feeling shall be projected as the eye opens.
    Much ritual and preparation has gone into the issuance through the gateway of the ancient ones. There has
    been a gathering of the elemental essence to clothe them. A strengthened invisible quintessence to hold
    them in this plane at the time of advent. Interviewer: “And what will be the result of this advent? What
    will it mean?” Mother of Darkness: “A restoring of balance. Those who do not seek wisdom shall cease.
    Those who are so bound to the earth that they forget the light shall cease….When the other eye opens the
    dawn shall come. The Golden Dawn shall be upon us and the sun of righteousness shall rise with healing
    in His wings….The urge to sacrifice others is a gift. It is a liberation from the awful rigidity for at least it
    permits an awareness of other humans. However badly.. .treated as a result of that awareness they have
    served an important purpose. The balance is kept and the light dwells upon the illuminated.
    The energy is released into the circle and is converted into something powerful and useful….In this way
    you can see they do not truly die. Light increases. Wisdom grows….Death begets life. The sacred cycle of
    the ancients. The earth shall regenerate herself when the eye of Molech opens.” There the reader has it,
    secret teachings from a Mother of Darkness on Saturn. Gnosticism believes that there is a force (not
    Almighty God)–the Force as it is called can be used for evil or good. Within the hierarchy of the
    Satanists (Moriah), their thinking has no problem understanding that Lucifer is the same person as Satan.
    Satan is what happens when the evil side of the Force is being used, and Lucifer is that person when the
    good side of the Force is being used. As in all of the Mystery Religions and in the occult world in general,
    people are told different things at different levels. Most people don’t want to serve evil.
    They want to think they are good–their pride motivates them to want to be thought of as good and great.
    They will easily follow Lucifer, but are not going to admit to themselves or anyone that they are
    following Satan. NO problem–they are allowed to think they are Luciferians. OR if being a follower of
    Lucifer is too strong a statement, they can be a worshipper of almost thing. Satan in his pride has
    provided esoteric teachings on the worship of just about everything. There are esoteric teachings about
    worshipping rock, mountains, trees, the stars, animal spirits, mother earth etc. If one probes deep enough
    into the layers of hidden meanings, all of these worships go back to Satan.
    The five primary interlocked concepts of Satan, are all represented by the Serpent, which are Lucifer (aka
    Light-bearer or godhood); Search for light or wisdom; sun worship, the Sun god, or energy; fire also
    called Kundalini force; and the regenerative principle which is phallic and sex worship. These 5
    interconnected concepts are represented world wide by snakes (serpents) and represent worship of the
    supreme serpent Satan.
    The big event or operation that is being carried out is the externalization of the hierarchy. Satan’s secret
    hierarchy with its pure Satanists have been around for thousands of years. But the Satanic conspiracy to
    control mankind is to become an ‘‘open conspiracy’’. The hierarchy is to be externalized. And the
    elimination of Christians (those who haven’t sought worldly wisdom–that worldly wisdom which comes
    from Satan) –is to pave the way for Satan’s appearance. The Satanic occult conspiracy is to leave its
    secret confines in Masonic Temples and Oddfellow Halls and is to permeate Society in general. This is
    what has been happening. The real light must go out for the dark side to feel comfortable coming
    completely out. The Mysteries, also known as the Mystery Religions are the Mysteries that one is
    initiated into when one joins Freemasonry. In fact, the very first item any prospective Masonic candidate
    must do is fill out a form requesting to be initiated into ‘‘the Mysteries.’’
    The Mystery Religions were actually veiled forms of the worship of Lucifer or Satan. Lucifer is simply
    Satan dressed up as the Light-bearer. In the Mystery Religions the disciples are taught that the spirits of
    men are the powdered bones of Saturn. When one learns who Saturn is–it is a rather distasteful idea to
    think that men are taught that their bodies belong to Saturn. Further, Freemasonry teaches about Hiram
    Abiff and CHiram. It turns out when we study the Hiramic Legend by Freemasonry’s best philosopher
    that we learn who Santa Claus is. Santa is a scrambling of Satan. Anyway the Hiramic legend goes like
    this according to Freemasonry great expert on the Mystery Religions, “Saturn, the old man who lives at
    the north pole, and brings with him to the children of men a sprig of evergreen (the Christmas tree), is
    familiar to the little folks under the name of Santa Claus, for he brings each winter the gift of a new
    year.’’ “Part of the symbols, are displayed.. .to the initiated, but he is intentionally led astray by false
    Masonry conceals its secrets from all except the Adepts, the Sages and the Elect; and uses false
    explanations for its symbols to mislead those deserving to be misled.” (This is according to the great
    Freemason Albert Pike in his book Morals & Dogma.) It should come as no surprise that Saturn is one of
    the items which is mentioned by various Masonic authors. For instance, the Freemason Ragon, who is
    considered an expert on Freemasonry, wrote, “This is the important phenomenon, the ineffable mystery,
    the key to nature, which the ancient sages succeeded in discovering, and which they adopted as the basis
    of Masonic doctrine…It is interpretation, the revolting atrocities of subject of Masonic legends. According
    to Saturn…were considered interesting enigmas, which involve facts worth our notice.” (Ragon, Tyileur
    General De La Franc-Maconnerie, p. 219-19 as quoted in Mohr, Gordon. The Hidden Power Behind
    Freemasonry, Burnsville, MN: Weisman Pub., 1990, p. 109)
    Alice Bailey’s Esoteric Astrology states that Saturn is the Lord of Karma (p. 105) Venus and Saturn shall
    rule men during Aquarius. (p. 148) “Saturn is the planet of discipleship… we stand at the gateway of the
    new world, of the new age and its new civilization, ideals and culture.” (p. 148) The occult book A
    Treatise on Cosmic Fire, pp 1196-1207 states that Saturn is the 5th creative Hierarchy. This is the type of
    stuff that the Kaballa comes out with. And American businesses which are controlled by the Illuminati are
    getting into the act of bringing the occult out into society. Ford called its car Taurus (Bull–the Pleiades),
    another car is named Aries which is another occult astrological name. Then there is the car named
    In conclusion, Saturn turns out to be an occult name for Satan. Santa turns out to be an occult name
    for Saturn. It also turns out that the name Saturn has been used for Satan for centuries by the occult. The
    ritual sacrifices to Molech was Saturn worship. The opening of the eye of Saturn is the materialization of
    hordes of demons taking place during this time period. High level Illuminati, who will gather together in
    Atlanta in the summer of 1996, under the cover of the ’96 Olympics will carry out high level rituals to
    open up a large hole for the materialization of hordes of demons to complete their push toward a world
    dictator. The use of the name Saturn is an example of how Satanism operates under the cover of layers of
    deception. Many Christian words also have occult meaning.
    There is a Morning Star Church in Tulsa which ministers to victims of Illuminati Trauma Based Total
    Mind-Control. There is also a prophetic magazine named The Morning Star, which is very slick and
    glossy. On the other side of things, the term “the Morning Star”–Stella Matutina in Latin- is another
    name for Lucifer. Stella Matutina is also the name of a cabalistic black magic lodge which satanist
    Aleister Crowley led when the Golden Dawn reorganized in 1903. There are Morning Star rituals done by
    Illuminati members. One Illuminati slave, who was trained to infiltrate Christian churches and turn them
    toward the New Age movement, channeled a demon named Jesus. He infiltrated Christian churches for
    decades, and when he spoke about Jesus, he was referring to the demon he channeled. We know about
    this because one day, his front alters gave their life to Jesus Christ, and he abandoned his job of
    infiltration, and sought spiritual help. People need to understand that almost all Christian terms have dual
    meanings. Just because a term sounds familiar doesn’t mean it is being used in the way that a sincere
    Christian would understand them.
    To summarize, the Illuminati are manipulating technology, language, ritualistic activity, subliminal
    awareness, fear, lust, human vulnerabilities, and conflicts. These manipulations are external deceptions,
    which help cover up their trauma-based mind control. They use the best covers as fronts. They use fiction,
    the best of religious fronts, travelling entertainment fronts, and the cover of national defense. They use
    deflection, blinds, slides, Hegelian dialectics, deniability, and esoteric language. They use agent
    provocateurs, “clean agents”, “legends”, and safe houses. The Illuminati have refined the art of deception
    far beyond what the common man has imagined. The very life & liberty of humanity requires the
    unmasking of their deceptions. That is what this book is about.

Another basic component of the Monarch program is lots of electro shock. Stun guns, staffs with
hidden electric cattle prods, and cattle prods are frequently used on the slaves. Electroshock is
used to create the dissociation from trauma during the programming, and later it is used to
remove memories after the slave has carried out a mission, or to instill fear and obedience in a
reluctant slave. Slaves generally carry horrible body memories of excruciating electro-shock
tortures to their entire bodies. As the slaves begin a therapeutic deprogramming process they
will recover these horrible memories, not to mention many other painful memories. A slave often
shows electro-shock marks on their feet, or back, or buttock or legs after they have been used.
An owner of a slave will ordinarily carry a stun gun. This is perhaps a 120,000 DC volt stun gun
to erase & compartmentalize memories, but some of the stun guns go up to 200,000 volts DC to
erase the memory of his slave. They will apply their stun guns to the base of the skull. After
giving programming instructions they will usually give a high voltage shock to the base of the
skull to imbed the instructions deep in the subconscious. They often use hypnotic cues along
with the shock. For instance, they will tell the slave they are “now going over the rainbow”, and
that when the sun goes down they will forget everything, before they shock the body. The shock
destroys and scrambles the memory which is still stored in the short term memory section of the
brain. They must shock the person within 24 hours, to insure that the short term memory
doesn’t get into long term memory as a coherent memory. This means that if a slave is being
used daily, they get electroshocked daily. Types of devices used by handlers: A cylindrical type
cattle prod with 3/4” between the contact points is used externally and internally. This is
manufactured by Hot Shot Products, Inc., Savage, MN 55378. Model B-12. They have a red or
black rubber handle with an overall length of 12”. The low voltage is between 10,000-15,000
volts. The medium voltage is 12,000 to 20,000 volts. A bruise on the buttocks will be black and
blue spots about 1 1/2” diameter each. A hand held wand type shock prod which has 2 3/4”
between its contact points. It uses a rechargeable battery pack. The prod (wand) is 2 1/2’ long,
and unwieldy to handle. Various farm supply companies (livestock equipment) sell this. The
medium voltage is 12,000 to 20,000. A stun gun which has exactly 2” between the contacts with
a 9 volt battery. This stun gun was created for law enforcement, and is generally regarded as
the best device for dropping a victim or for inducing hypnosis, or setting in a hypnotic program.
These photos
printed in a
magazine in
the fall of 1981
show electric
prod marks on
the necks of
these two
slaves who
were used for
Its high voltage is 35,000 to 120,000 volts. It is a light weight (12 oz.), compact device, 7” x 2” x
1”. This device will leave deep red dot (“holes”) scars and cancerous moles. The victim will
develop moles from the repeated use of this device. The muscled areas of the victim are
preferred. For instance, the muscled area just below the shoulder blade. Farrall Instrument Co.,
of Grand Island, NE makes a cattle prod with an adjustable voltage control. Their long distance
wireless shocker called Personal Shocker can shoot a shock about 75 indoors and 300 feet
outdoors. The control box is hand held, and the receiver is a leather case. The shock can be
adjusted from 9 to 800 volts, current is 5 milliamperes, and it lasts 1 to 2 milliseconds. This
Personal Shocker was manufactured to be used on people. An electronic firm in Tujunga, CA
makes a shock box used in programming. An electronic bark collar is used to train Illuminati &
other Monarch slaves in silence & obedience. On other occassions, fancy gem studded collars
and leather collars are fitted around the necks of female slaves for sex with wolves and fierce
dogs, who bite these neck-collars when they mount. Many of the slaves have experienced these
various collars for obedience, silence, & bestiality. In trying to track down who makes the larger
electro-shock machines, especially the computer guided ones, we only got started investigating.
Con-med (315-797-8375) makes medical electrodes for portable monitoring units. Sentry
Medical Products, at 17171 Murphy, Irvine, CA 92714 (714-250-0233) makes Skin Mounted
Conductive Medical Electrodes for Tense Unit Machines. In Vivo Metric, in Healdsburg, CA also
makes silver Chloride electrodes for placement on human skin. Electro-Cap Inter, produces
BEG placement systems. Uni-Patch Medical Products, 13 13-T Grant Blvd. W, Wabasha, MN
makes all types of Electrodes and some of theirs go onto machines for shocking people. Classic
Medical Products, 582-T W 19246 Apollo Dr., Muskego, WI make electrodes for diagnostic and
shock purposes. Arndt Automation & Assoc., Inc., 17770 Liberty Lane, New Berlin, WI, make
electrodes for ECG and EKG machines. And a Colorado company named Biomedical at
Evergreen, CO makes medical electrodes. When a slave is taken to an impromptu
programming site–a hypnotic drug is injected into them for a quick induction while a metal band
is put around their head and a current of 100,000 volts will be run through for say 5 seconds into
their heads. This will cause the body to shake, the eyes to close, sweat to pour out of the body
etc. The hands are tied down with restraints. Sometimes the mouth is gagged so that the
tongue doesn’t protrude. After imbedding the hypnotic commands deep into the mind, the
programmers might adjust the automatic timer on the equipment and give the victim another
blast of voltage for 10 seconds. The person’s body will shake and quiver for a while after this.
They may dribble spit. Finally, the person will be brought out of their hypnotic trance, instructed
not to remember anything, to feel happy and sent on their way. This entire programming
session can last 15 minutes. Programming sites like this can be the back of a van, a back room
in a restaurant, or any other place that the equipment can be set up at. This is why a slave, who
has been used recently, may hobble a little, or when they get memories feel a tight headband
around their head along with awful headaches & flashes of light.

The memory will feel like a robotic state to the slave. Here is a drawing that one slave made of
the electric headband used to program an alter.

The x-rays below were used
with the victims’ permission.

Mind control implant in the
nasal cavity.

The slave handler will also carry a black or grey spiral book with all
their own slave’s access codes, triggers, cryptic keys and
programs. All this will fit into a brief case. A working knowledge of
hypnosis is helpful to understand how to deal with the slave in
certain instances. Because the slave is under the most powerful
combinations of mind-control and is so divided against his or her
own self, it is almost impossible to have many problems with the
slave if the handler does what he is supposed to do. However,
some handlers get drunk or loan the slave to inexperienced people,
etc. and problems do develop. Of course the slaves always end up
taking the blame for everything that goes wrong. If the slave gets
out of hand, because the handler doesn’t know what he is doing, a
stun gun comes in handy to control the mismanaged slave. In other
words, a brief case with the programming book and stun gun are
basically all that is needed to control a Monarch slave for the rest of
his or her life. Some of these stun guns are only a few inches long and look like boxes. Other
stun guns are imbedded in staffs. The canes and the staffs that Satanists carry around, like
Michael Aquino (in public in fact) are actually stun guns to control their slaves. The Queen
Mother’s staff of the Illuminati has an electric stun gun hidden in it. Children in day care centers
are reporting small boxes with wires that electroshock them during programming. An example is
given in Vol. 1, of how the Illuminati bloodlines connect to research about electric shocks to
control people. For example, David V. Reynold’s research, who wrote, “Neuroelectric Research:
Electroneuroprosthesis, Electroanesthesia, and Nonconvulsive Electrotherapy.” Another way of
using electricity for torture is to use directed energy (a new technology) on men’s genitals. With
skillful use of directed energy they can simulate a rape of a man or woman. Artificial sodomy via
directed energy was first tested in male prisons. ELF waves will place thoughts into the men’s
mind as the directed energy make them feel sodomized.

On Aug. 22, 1989, Phillip L. Stoklin, P.O. Box 2111, Satellite Beach, FL took out a patent —
which is Patent Number 4,858,612 which is a device that can be placed in the auditory cortex of
the brain. This device allows the following process: someone speaks into a microphone, the
microphone then has its sounds coded into microwave, which are sent to the receiver in the
brain and the receiver device will transform the microwaves back so that the person’s mind
hears the original sounds. In other words, a person with this device in their head will hear
whatever the programmers send via microwave signals.
Various types of “non-lethal” weapons have been created and are now being used. Directedenergy can be used to sculpt clouds. ELF waves can be used to place thoughts in people’s
minds without using implants. In 1991, a paper trail began to appear when the CIA connected
U.S. government Global Strategy Council came out with a paper entitled, “Nonlethality:
Development of a National Policy and Employing Nonlethal Means in a New Strategic Era.”
Their paper was prepared by Janet Morris. The USAF School of Aerospace Medicine, Brooks
Air Force Base, TX put out a report USAFAM-TR-87-30 entitled “Behavioral response of rats
exposed to high-power microwave radiation.” High-power,ultra-short pulse-width emitters of
microwaves were used to alter the thinking in rats. The report refers to two other reports: one by
T. Wheeler, et. al. “Retrograde Amnesia in Rats Produced by Electron Beam Exposure,”
entitled USAFAM-TR-83-3, Feb. ‘83. The other report is by R. Bermant, “Classical conditioning
of Microwave-Induced Hyperthermia in Rats.” Radio Sci. 14 (6S): 201-207, 1979. This is a clear
paper trail, that military research has gone on to control the brain via microwaves.
Another institution in Texas, the Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice TDCJ-ID, has been putting
high-tech listening implants into the ear canal behind the ear drum which lets them monitor
what the ear is hearing–a great way to spy. This is according to an implant victim who with

Electrodes implanted in the
person’s skull when a child in
the 1940’s.

Transmitting implant in the

Implants enlarged from 7mm
and 11 mm.
Drawings by Fritz Springmeier
medical help discovered his implant. The Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR)
discovered that pulsed microwave audiograms also called analogs of the sounds of spoken
words, could be transmitted to a target, and the effect on victim would be to hear voices in their
head. The next 11 pages are patent no. 4,858,612. After this, we’ll reveal the numerous mindcontrol capabilities of ELF-microwave tech.) »

The next pages, page 169 to page 174, may present the reader with some minor difficulties in
reading, because with some words it was not possible to process them, because of poor
printing. So some words are lost, and this can make certain sentences appear strange.
Webmaster: because I edited the text the reading is normal now. It maybe so however that
some words are wrong.



  1. Field at the Invention
    This invention relates to devices for aiding at hearing in mammals. The invention is based upon
    the perception at sounds which is experienced in the brain when the brain is subjected to
    certain microwave radiation signals.
  2. Description ot the Prior Art
    In prior art hearing devices for human beings, it is well known to amplify sounds to be heard and
    to apply the amplified sound signal to the ear at the person wear-ing the hearing aid. Hearing
    devices of this type are however limited to hearing disfunctions where there is no damage to the
    auditory nerve or to the auditory cortex. In the prior art, if there is damage to the audi-tory cortex
    or the auditory nerve, it cannot be corrected by the use ot a hearing aid. During World War II,
    individuals in the radiation path of certain radar installations observed clicks and buzzing
    sounds in response to the microwave radiation. It was through this early observation that it
    became known to the art that microwaves could cause a direct perception at sound within a
    human brain. These buzz-ing or clicking sounds however were not meaningful and were not
    perception of sounds which could other-wise be heard by the receiver. This type of microwave
    radiation was not representative of any intelligible sound to be perceived. In such radar
    installations, there was never a sound which was generated which resulted in subsequent
    generation of microwave signals representative of that sound. Since the early perception of
    buzzing and clicking. further research has been conducted into the micro-wave reaction of the
    brain. In an article entitled Possi-ble Microwave Mechanisms of the Mammalian Nervous
    System” by Philip L Stocklin and Brain F. Stoc-klin, published in the TIT Journal of Life
    Sciences. Tower International Technomedical Institute. Inc. P.O. Box 4594, Philadelphia. Pa.
    (1979) there is disclosed a hypothesis that the mammalian brain generates and uses electra
    magnetic waves in the lower microwave fre-quency region as an integral part of the functioning
    of the central and peripheral nervous systems. This analy-sis is based primarily upon the
    potential energy of a protein integral in the neural membrane. In an article by W. Bise entitled
    “Low Power Radio-Frequency and Microwave Effects On Human Electro- encephalogram and
    Behavior,” Physiol. Chemistry Phys. 10. 387 (1978), it is reported that there are signifi-cant
    effects upon the alert human EEG during radiation by low intensity cw microwave
    electromagnetic en-ergy. Bise observed significant repeatable EEG effects tar a subject during
    radiation at specific microwave frequencies.

Results at theoretical analysis of the physics ot brain tissue and the brain/skull cavity, combined
with experi-mentally-determined electromagnetic properties at mammalian brain tissue, indicate
the physical necessity for the existence of electromagnetic standing waves. called modes in the
living mammalian brain. The made characteristics rnay be determined by two geometric
properties at the brain: these are the cephalic index at the brain (its shape in prolate spheroidal
coordinates) and the semifocal distance of the brain (a measure of its size). It was concluded
that estimation ot brain cephalic index and semifocal distance using external skull measurements on subjects permits estimation of the subjects characteristic mode frequencies,
which in turn will permit a mode by mode treatment at the data to simu-late hearing.
This invention provides for sound perception by indi-viduals who have impaired hearing
resulting tram ear damage, auditory nerve damage, and damage to the auditory cortex. This
invention provides for simulation of microwave radiation which is normally produced by the
auditory cortex. The simulated brain waves are introduced into the region at the auditory cortex
and provide for perceived sounds on the part at the subject.

FIG. 1 shows the acoustic filter bank and mode control matrix portions of the hearing device at
this inven- tion.
FIG. 2 shows the microwave generation and antenna portion of the hearing device of this
FIG. 3 shows a typical voltage divider network which may be used to provide mode partition.
FIG. 4 shows another voltage divider device which may be used to provide mode partition.
FIG. 5 shows a voltage divider to be used as a mode partition wherein each of the resistors is
variable in order to provide adjustment of the voltage outputs.
FIG. 6 shows a modified hearing device which in-cludes adjustable mode partitioning, and
which is used to provide initial calibration of the hearing device.
FIG. 7 shows a group of variable oscillators and variable gain controls which are used to
determine hearing characteristics of a particular subject.
FIG. 8 shows a top view of a human skull showing the lateral dimension.
FIG. 9 shows the relationship of the prolate spherical coordinate system to the cartesian
FIG. 10 shows a side view of a skull showing the medial plane of the head. section A-A.
FIG. 11 shows a plot of the transverse electric field amplitude versus primary mode number M.
FIG. 12 shows a left side view of the brain and auditory cortex.
FIG. 13 shows the total modal field versus angle for source location (Fig. 13 is further down the

Fig. 1

Fig. 2, 2A

Fig. 3, 4, 5

Fig. 6, 7

Fig. 8, 9, 10

Fig. 11, 12

Fig. 13

further down the article, see the pictures above)
This invention is based upon observations at the physical mechanism the mammalian brain
uses to per-ceive acoustic vibrations. This observation is based in part upon neuro anatomical
and other experimental evidence which relates to microwave brain stimulation and the
perception of sounds. It is has been observed that monochromatic acoustic stimuli (acoustic
tones, or single tones) of different frequencies uniquely stimulate different regions at the
cochlea. It has also been observed that there is a corre-sponding one to one relationship
between the frequency of a monochromatic acoustic stimulus and the region of the auditory
cortex neurally stimulated by the cochlcar nerve under the physiologically normal conditions
tonotopicity). It has been observed that for an acoustic tone of a frequency which is at the lower
end at the entire acoustical range perceivable by a person, that thin lateral region (“Line”)
parallel to the medial axis of the brain and toward the infenor portion of the primary auditory
cortex is stimulated. For an acoustic tone whose fre-quency is toward the high end of the entire
perceivable acoustic range, a thin lateral region parallel to the medial axis and toward the
superior portion at the primary auditory cortex is stimulated. Neural stimulation results in the
generation at a broad band of microwave photons by the change in rotational energy state of
protons integral to the neuron mem-brane of the auditory cortex. The physical size and shape of
the brain/skull cavity, together with the (semi-conductor) properties (conductivity and dielectric
con-stant) of the brain tissue provide an electromagnetic resonant cavity. Specific single
frequencies are con-structively reinforced so that a number of standing electromagnetic waves,
each at its own single electro-magnetic frequency in the microwave frequency region. are
generated in the brain. Each such standing electromagnetic wave is called a characteristic
mode of the brain/skull cavity. Analysis in terms of prolate spheroidal wave func-tions indicates
that transverse electric field components of these modes have maxima in the region of the auditory cortex. This analysis further shows that transverse electric field possess a variation of
amplitude with angle in the angular plane (along the vertical dimension of the auditory cortex)
and that is dependent only upon the primary mode number. The auditory cortex in the normally
functioning mammalian brain is a source of microwave modes. The auditory cortex generates
these modes in accordance with the neural stimulation of the auditory cortex by the cochlear
nerve. Mode weighting for any one acoustic tone stimulus is given by the amplitude of each
mode along the line region of the auditory cortex which is neurally stimulated by that acoustic
tone stimulus. A listing of mode weighting versus frequency of acoustic stimulus is called the
mode matrix. In this invention, the functions of the ear, the coch-lear nerve, and the auditory
cortex are simulated. Mi-crowaves simulating the mode matrix are inserted directly into the
region of the auditory cortex. By this insertion of simulated microwave modes, the normal
operation of the entire natural hearing mechanism is simulated. Referring now to FIG. 1 and
FIG. 2 there is shown an apparattus which provides for induced perception of sound into a
mammalian brain. This bearing device includes a microphone 10 which receives sounds, an
acoustic filter bank 12 which separates the signals from the microphone into component
frequencies, and a mode control matrix 14 which generates the mode sig-nals which are used
to control the intensity of micro-wave radiations which are injected into the skull cavity in the
region of the auditory cortex. The acoustic filterbank 12 consists of a bank of acoustic filters Fl
through Fk which span the audible acoustic spectrum. These filters may be built from stan-dard
resistance, inductance, and capacitance compo-nents in accordance with well established
practice. In the preferred embodiment there are 24 filters which 63 correspond to the observed
critical bandwidths of the human ear. In this preferred embodiment a typical, list at filter
parameters is given by Table I to the right. Unfortuanately the writing is not very clear:
The rectifier outputs one through K are feed to K mode partition devices. The mode partitioning
devices each have N outputs wherein N is the number of micro-wave oscillators used to
generate the microwave radia-tion. The outputs 1 through N of each mode partition device is
applied respectively to the inputs of each gain controlled amplifier of the microwave radiation
generator. The function of the mode control matrix 14 is the control of the microwave amplifiers
in the microwave amplifier bank 18. In the preferred embodiment thus will be 24 outputs and 24
microwave frequency oscillators.
Connected to each microwave amplifier gain control line is a mode simulation device 16 which
receives weighted mode signals from the mode partition devices 14. Each mode simulation
device consists of one through k lines and diodes 17 which are each connected to summing
junction 19. The diodes 17 provide for isolation from one mode partition device to the next. The
diodes 17 prevent signals from one mode partition device from returning to the other mode
partition de-vices which are also connected to the same summing junction of the mode
summation device 16. The diodes also serve a second function which is the rectification of the
signals received from the acoustic filter bank by way of the mode partition devices. In this way
each mode partition device output is rectified to produce a varying DC voltage with major
frequency components of the order of 15 milliseconds or less. The voltage at the summation
junction 19 is thus a slowly varying DC voltage. The example mode partition devices are shown
in greater detail in FIGS. 3. 4, and 5. The mode partition devices are merely resistance
networks which produce 1 through N output voltages which are predetermined divisions of the
input original from the acoustic filter associated with the mode partition device. FIG. 3 shows a
mode partitioning device wherein several outputs are associated with each series resistor 30. In
the embodiment depicted in FIG. 4 there is an output asso-ciated with each series resistor only,
and thus there are N series resistors, or the same number of series resistors as there are
outputs. The values of the resistors in the mode partition resistor network are determined in
accordance with the magnitudes of the frequency component from the acoustic filter bank 12
which is required at the summation point 19 or the gain control line for amplifiers 20. The
microwave amplifier bank 18 Consists of: plural-ity of microwave oscillators 1 through N each of
which is connected to an amplifier 20. Since the amplifiers 20 are gain controlled by the signals
at summation junction 19. the magnitude of the microwave output is con-trolled by the mode
control matrix outputs Fl through F. In the preferred embodiment there are 24 amplifiers. The
leads from the microwave oscillators I through N to the amplifiers 20 are shielded to prevent
cross talk from one oscillator to the next, and to prevent stray signals from reaching the user of
the hearing device. The output impedance of amplifiers 20 should be 1000 ohms and this is
indicated by resistor 21. The outputs of amplifiers 20 are all connected to a summing junction

  1. The summing junction 22 is connected to a summing impedance 23 which is approximately
    50 ohms. The relatively high amplifier output impedance 21 as com-pared to the relatively low
    summing impedance 23 provides minimization of cross talk between the amplifi-ers. Since the
    amplitude of the microwave signal needed at the antenna 24 is relatively small, there is no need
    to match the antenna and summing junction impedances to the amplifier 20 output impedances.
    Eficiency of the amplifiers 20 is not critical. Level control of the signal at antenna 24 is controlled
    by pick off 25 which is connected to the summing impe- dance 23. In this manner the signal at
    antenna 24 can be varied from 0 (ground) to a value which is acceptable to the individual. The
    antenna 24 is placed next to the subject’s head and in the region of the subjects auditory cortex
  2. By placement of the antenna 24 in the region of the audi-tory cortex 26. the microwave field
    which is generated simulates the microwave field which would be gener-ated if the acoustic
    sounds were perceived with normal hearing and the auditory cortex was functioning normally. In
    FIG. 2A there is shown a second embodiment of the microwave radiation and generator portion
    of the hearing device. In this embodiment a broad band micro-wave source 50 generates
    microwave signals which are feed to filters 52 through 58 which select from the broad band
    radiation particular frequencies to be transmitted to the person. As in FIG. 2. the amplifiers 20
    receive signals on lines 19 from the mode control matrix. The signals on lines 19 provide the
    gain control for amplifiers 20. In FIG. 6 there is shown a modified microwave hear-ing generator
    60 which includes a mode partition resis-tor divider network as depicted in FIG. 5. Each of the
    mode partition voltage divider networks in this embodi ment are individually adjustable for all ot
    the resistances in the resistance network FIG. 5 depicts a voltage division system wherein
    adjustment of the voltage parti-tion resistors is provided for. In FIG. 6, the sound source 62
    generates audible sounds which are received by the microphone of the microwave hearing
    generator 60. In accordance with the operation described with respect to FIGS, 1 and 2.
    microwave signals are generated at the antenna 10 in accordance with the redistribution
    provided by the mode control matrix as set forth in FIG. 5. The sound source 62 also produces
    a signal on line 6-4 which is received by a head phone 66. The apparatus depicted in FIG 6 is
    used to calibrate or fit a micro-wave hearing generator to a particular individual. Once the
    hearing generater is adjuasted to the particular indi-vidual by adjustment of the variable
    resistors in the adjustable mode partition portion of the hearing genera-tor. A second generator
    may be built using fixed value resistors in accordance with the adjusted values achieved in
    fitting the device to the particular subject The sound produced by headphone 66 should he the
    same as a sound from the sound source 62 which is received by the microphone 10 in the
    microwave hear-ing generator 60. In this way, the subject can make comparisons between the
    perceived sound from the hearing generator 60. and the sound which is heard from headphone
  3. Sound source 62 also produces a signal on 68 which is feed in cue light 69. Cua light 69
    comes on whenever a sound is emitted from sound source 62 to the microwave generator 60.

In Fig. 7 there is shown a modified microwave generator which may be used to determine a
subject’s microwave mode frequencies. In this device the acoustic filter bank and the mode
control matrix have been removed and replaced by voltage level signals generated by
potentiometers 70. Also included ar a plurality of variable frequency oscillators 72 which feed
microwave amplifiers 74 which are gain controlled from the signal generated by potentiometers
70 and pick off arm 76. This modified microwave hearing generator is used to provide signals
using one oscillator at a timi. When an oscillator is turned on. the frequency is varried about the
estimated value until a maximum acoustic perception by the subject is perceived. This
perception however may consist of a buzzing or hissing sound tat rather than a tone because
only one microwave frequencies being received. The first test of perception is to determine the
subject’s lowest modal frequency for audibility. (M= 1). Once this modal frequency is obtained.
The process is repeated for several higher modal frequencies and continued until no maximum
acoustic perception occurs. Another method of determination of a subject’s modal frequencies
is through anatomical estimation. This procedure is by measurement of the subject’s cephalic
index and the lateral dimensions of the skull. In this method, the shape is determined in prolate
spheroidal coordinance. Purely anatomical estimation of sub ject’s modal fre-quencies is
performed by first measuring the maximum lateral dimension (breadth) L FIG. 1, of the subject’s
head together with the maximum dimension D (anterior to Posterior) in the medial plane of the
subject’s head. D is the distance along Z axis as shown in FIG. 10. The ratio L/D, called in
anthropology the cephalic index, is monotonically related to the boundary value E0 defining the
ellipsoidal surface approximating the interface be-tween the brain and the skull in the prolate
spheroidal coordinate system. E0 defines the shape of this interface; E0 and D together give an
estimate of a, the semi-focal distance of the defining ellipsoid. Using E0 and a, to-gether with
known values of the conductivity and di-electric constants of brain tissue, those wavelengths are
found for which the radial component of the electric field satisfies the boundary condition that it
is zero at E0. These wavelengths are the wavelenghts associated wi ith the standing waves or
modes. The corresponding frequencies are found by dividing the phase velocity of microwaves
in brain tissue by each of the wavelengths A subject’s microwave modal frequencies may also
be determined by observing the effect of external micro-wave radiation upon the EEG. The
frequency of the M equal I mode may then be used as a base point to esti-mate all other modal
frequencies. A typical example of such an estimation is where the subject is laterally irradiated
with a monochromatic microwave field simultaneous with EEG measurement and the
microwave frequency altered until a significant change occurs in the EEG, the lowest such
frequency causing a significant EEG change is found. This is iden-tified as the frequency of the
M= 1 mode, the lowest mode of importance in auditory perception. The purely anatomical
estimation procedure (FIGS. 8, 9, 10) is then performed and the ratio of each modal frequency
to the M 1 modal frequency obtained. These ratios together with the experimentally-determined
M – I frequency are then used to estimate the frequencies of the mode numbers higher than 1.
The prolate spheroidal coordi-nate system is shown in FIG. 9. Along the lateral plane containing
the x and y coordinates of FIG. 9. the pro-late spheroidal coordinate variable 4 (angle) lies
FIGS. 9 and 10. Plots of the transverse electric field amplitude versus primary mode number m
are shown in FIG. 11. The equation is:
The “elevation view” FIG. 12, of the brain from the left side, shows the primary auditory cortex

  1. The iso-tone lines and the high frequency region are toward the top of 100 and the low
    frequency region toward the bottom of 100.
    The formula I, set forth below is the formula for combining modes from an iso-tone line at ø= øj
    being excited to obtain the total modal field at some other angular location ø. For this formula, if
    we let J= 1 (just one iso-tone single frequency acouistic stimulus line), then it can be shown that
    ALL modes (in general) must be used for any ONE tone.

FIG. 13 shows the resulting total modal field versus angle ø for source location ø at 5.25°,
12.5°, etc. With reference to the set of curves at the left top of this fig-ure. A spacing of
approximately 7.25° in ø’ corresponds to a tonal difference of about I octave. This conclusion is
based on the side-lobes of pattern coming from ø=5.25°, etc. The total filed (value on y-axis)
falls con-siderably below the top curves for source locations well below 5.25° (toward the high
acoustic stimulus end) and also as the source of frequency goes wel above 10° frequency end)
ø is plotted positive downward from the (at lateral location as indicates in FIG I 11. Resistor
weightings are obtained from the (unreadable word) (m[ø -øj]). Formula I. The scale between
acoustic frequency and ø must be set or estimated from experiment. Approximately 5.25 ± 1°
corresponils to a tonal stimulus at about 2 khz. (the most sensitive region of the ear) since this
source location gives tlte highest electric field amplitude. The apparatus of FIG. 7 may also be
used to deter-mine values for a hearing device which are required for a particular subject. Once
the modal frequencies have been estimated, the device of FIG. 7 which includes variable
microwave oscillators may be used to deter-mine values for the oscillators which match the
subject. and to determine resistance values associated with the mode partition devices of the
mode control matrix. In FIG. 7 manual control of the amplifier gain is achieved by
potentiometers 76. In this manner the am-plifier gains are varied about the estimated settings
ror an acoustic tone stimulus in the region of two thousand Hertz (2 khz) until maximum
acoustic perception and a purest tone are achieved together. The term purest tone may also be
described as the most pleasing acoustic perception by the subject. This process may be
repeated at selected .frequencies above and below 2 kHz. The selected frequencies correspond
to regions of other acoustic filter center frequencies of the subject. When modal frequency
(oscillator frequency) and gain set values (setting a potentiometer 76) are noted, it is then
possible to calculate fixed oscillator frequencies and control resistor values for the adjusted
hearing device for this particular subject. In the event the subject has no prior acoustic
experience, that is deaf from birth, estimated resistor values must be used. Also, a complex
acoustic stimulation test including language articulation and pairs of harmonically related tones
may be developed to maximize the match of the hearing device parameters for those of this
particular subject. Typical components for use in this invention include commercially available
high fidelity microphones which have a range of 50 Hz to 5 kHz with plus or minus 3 dB
variation. The audio filters to be used with the acoustic filter bank 12 are constructed in a
conventional manner, and have Q values of about 6. The filters may also be de- signed with 3
dB down points (½ the bandwidth away from the center frequency) occurring at adjacent center
frequency locations. The diodes 17 in the mode control matrix which provide isolation between
the mode partition circuits are commercially available diodes in the audio range. The microwave
oscillators I through N and the mi-crowave amplifiers 20 are constructed with available
microwave transistors which can be configured either as oscillators or amplifiers. Examples of
the transistors are GaAsFET field effect transistors by Hewlitt Pack-ard known as the HFET
series or silicone bipolar tran-sistors by Hewlitt Packard known as the HXTR series. All the
cable between the oscillators, the microwave amplifiers, and the antenna should be constructed
with either single or double shielded coaxial cable. The antenna 24 for directing microwave
signals to the audio cortex 26 should be approximately the size of the auditory cortex. A typical
size would be one and one half CM high and one half to one CM wide. The antenna as shown is
located over the left auditory cor-tex. but the right may also be used. Since the characteristic
impedance of the brain tissue at these microwave frequencies is close to 50 ohms, efficient
transmission by commercially available standard 30 ohm coax is possible. The invention has
been described in reference to the preferred embodiments. It is, however, to be under-stood
that other advantages, features, and embodiments may be within the scope of this invention as
defined in the appended claims. What is claimed is: 1. A sound perception device for providing
induced perception of sound into a mammalian brain comprising in combination: means for
generating microwave radiation which is representative of a sound to be perceived, said means
for generating including means for generat-ing a simultaneous plurality of microwave rada-tion
frequencies and means for adjusting the ampli-tude of said microwave radiation frequencies in
accordance with the sound to be perceived; and antenna means located in the region of the
auditory cortex of said mammalian brain for transmitting said microwave energy into the
auditory cortex-region of said brain.

  1. A hearing device for perception of sounds comprising in combination: means for generating a
    signal representative of sounds; means for analyzing said signal representative of said sounds
    having an output
    means for generating a plurality of microwave signals having different frequencies having a
    input con-nected to said output of said means for analyzing said signals, having an output;
    means for applying said plurality of microwave sig-nals to the head of a subject, and whereby
    the subject perceives sounds which are representative of said sounds,
  2. The apparatus in accordance with claim 2 wherein said means for generating a signal is a
    microphone for detecting sound waves.
  3. The apparatus in accordance with claim 2 wherein said means for applying said plurality of
    microwave signals is an antenna. –
  4. The apparatus in accordance with claim 4 wherein said antenna is placed in the region of the
    auditory cortex of the subject.
  5. The apparatus in accordance with claim 2 wherein the subject is a human being.
  6. The apparatus in accordance with claim 2 wherein said means for analyzing said signal
    comprises: an acoustic filter bank for dividing said sounds into a plurality of component
    frequencies; and a mode control matrix means for providing control signals which are weighted
    in accordance with said plurality of component frequencies, having an out-put connected to said
    means for generating a plurality of microwave signal inputs.
  7. The apparatus in accordance with claim 7 wherein said acoustic filter bank includes a
    plurality of audio frequency filters.
  8. The apparatus in accordance with claim 8 wherein said audio frequency filters provide a
    plurality of output frequencies having amplitudes which are a function of said signal
    representative of sounds.
  9. The apparatus in accordance with claim 9 wherein said amplitudes are the weighted in
    accordance with transform function of the signal representative of sounds.
  10. The apparatus in accordance with claim 7 wherein said mode control matrix device includes
    a voltage divider connected to each of said plurality of said audio frequency filters.
  11. The apparatus in accordance with claim It wherein each of said voltage dividers has a
    plurality of outputs which are connected in circuit to said means for generating a plurality of
    microwave signals.
  12. The apparatus in accordance with claim 2 wherein said means for generating a plurality of
    miro- wave signals comprises a purality of microwave gener-ators each having a different
    frequency and means for controlling the output amplitude of each of said generators.
  13. The apparattus in accordance with claims 2 wherein said means for generating plurality of
    micro-wave signals comprises a broad band microwave source and a plurality of filters.
  14. The apparatus in accordance with claim 13 wherein said generators each comprise a
    microwave signal source and a gain controlled microwave amplifier.
  15. The apparatus in accordance with claim 13 wherein said means for analyzing output is
    connected to said means for controlling microwave amplifier output amplitudes.
  16. The apparatus in accordance with claim 13 wherein analyzing includes K audio frequency
  17. The apparatus in accordance with claim 17 wherein there are N microwave generator.
  18. The apparatus in accordance with claim 18 in-cluding a mode partitioning means which
    provides N outputs for each of said K audio frequency filters.
  19. The apparatus in accordance with claim 19 wherein said N amplifiers each have K inputs
    from said mode partitioning means.
  20. The apparatus in accordance with claim 20 wherein said N amplifiers have K inputs less the
    mode partitioning means outputs which are so small that they may be omitted.
  21. The apparatus in accordance with claim 20 wherein said mode partitioning output device
    outputs each include a diode connected to each microwave amplifier gain control to provide
    isolation between all outputs.
  22. The apparatus in accordance with claim 20 wherein said K audio frequency filters are
    chosen to correspond to the critical bandwidths of the human ear.
  23. The apparatus in accordance with claim 20 wherein said N microwave generators are each
    adjust-able in frequency output.
  24. The apparatus in accordance with claim 18 wherein the frequency of each N microwave
    generators is determined by anatomical estimation,
  25. The apparatus in accordance with claim 18 wherein the frequency of the lowest frequency
    micro.-wave generator is chosen by determination of the effect of external microwave
    generation on the EEG of the subject.
  26. The apparatus in accordance with claim 18 wherein the frequency of each of said N
    microwave generators corresponds to the subject’s microwave modal frequencies.
  27. The apparatus in accordance with claim 27 wherein the subject’s modal frequencies are
    determined by measurement of the subject’s cephalic index and the lateral dimensions of the
  28. The apparatus in accordance with caim 28 wherein the subject’s lowest modal frequency is
    determined hy varying the freqtaency of the lowest frequency microwave generator about the
    estimated valtue until a maximum acoustic perception is obtained by the subject.

(continuation of the Microwave article, which stopped above the article titled “Hearing

………….. In 1989, James C. Lin wrote Electromagnetic Interaction With Biological Systems
which deals with transmitting ideas and words via electromagnetic waves. Brief cases, stereo
speakers and boxes are some of the disguises that the CIA has been caught using to hide their
ELF microwave emitters that plant thoughts in people. One victim who spent time talking to Fritz
Springmeier reported how they had repeated tried to trick him into going to free hotel rooms and
other traps, where they tried to bombard his head with the idea that he should sell drugs. He
cleverly dismantled their devices which they hid in the ceilings and other locations in these
rooms to protect himself from the thoughts they were tryin~ repeatedly to beam into his head.
He was on the run as a fugitive to protect his mind. Naval Intelligence and other groups have
conducted research into ELF waves upon the human body and mind. Some of the many things
that can be done to the human body and mind with ELF waves include:
a. put a person to sleep
b. make a person tired or depressed c. create a feeling of fear in a person d. create a zombie
e. create a violent state
f. create a state of being sexually aggressive g. change cellular chemistry
h. change hormone levels
i. inhibit or enhance M(RNA) synthesis/processes
j. control the DNA transaction process
k. control biological spin and proton coupling constants in DNA, RNA & RNA transferases.
Unfortunately for us humans, ELF waves can penetrate almost anything. The U.S. Military has
built a Ground-Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) all over the U.S. with several hundred 300-
500’ GWEN towers that broadcast a very-low-frequency wave (VLF) for mind-control of the
American public. A single GWEN tower can broadcast up to 300 miles in a 3600 circle. Plus 8
secret powerful
ELF transmitters have been established and 3 of them operate on the west coast.

Some of the Monarch slaves are receiving Prozac. Prozac (fluoxetine hydrocloride-a serotonin
re-uptake inhibitor) is dangerous for everyone. Prozac is now the second most used drug in the
world. Three examples of the ongoing nightmare now happening worldwide: September 14,
1989–Joseph Wesbecker on Prozac went crazy and got a gun and opened fire in the Standard
Gravure Building in Louisville killing eight and wounding twelve others before killing himself. 20
suits against Eli Lilly were filed by victim in this case. July, 1990–Rhonda Hala of Shirley, NY
filed a $150 million suit against Eli Lilly charging that Prozac had driven her repeatedly to
attempt suicide. August, 1990–CCHR called on Congress to ban Prozac and 3 widows in
Louisville, KT filed $50 million lawsuits each, charging that a man on Prozac had been driven
insane to kill by the Prozac and had killed their husbands. Two other lawsuits were filed in this
time period, one from Indianapolis, and one from Chicago from people driven to attempt suicide
by Prozac. Certain brain activities trigger people on Prozac to become homicidal or suicidal.
Thanks to research by Illuminati controlled companies, the Network knows exactly how to use
ELF waves vectored on a particular person by 3 separate towers to stimulate the Prozac
controlled brain to murder. This is being used to increase acts of anarchy and violence in order
to help insure anti-gun legislation. If a slave doesn’t comply or needs to be thrown from the
Freedom Train they can become a useable statistic. Simply trigger them to murder and then
watch the police gun them down. The NWO gains one more statistic and another case to scare
the public into accepting gun control.

The programmers are always trying to outdo what they’ve done before. They are not satisfied
with the old recipes for scrambled brains, they keep inventing and refining new methods.
Anything and everything within their grasp has been tried. They have found that ELF and VLF
electro-magnetic waves can be used to control people’s thoughts. Harmonics and sound waves
are used to manipulate the RNA covering of neuron pathways to the subconscious. Harmonic
generators (code named “ether-wave”) are able to imbed detailed commands which are linked
to audible triggers. This is one of the standard features of the Monarch program. It allows the
slaves to be controlled by trigger words which make no sense or seem to carry no negative
connotation to outside listeners. For instance the words, “Mr. Postman wait and see” (a
Marionette command) might set off an access sequence so that a slave living away from its
master goes to its master (also called a handler). The use of harmonics has taken away much
of the work of the big programmers. Now harmonic machines can implant the programming and
codes that the Programmers put in. It’s quicker and perhaps more efficient, although the lesser
cult groups have to get by with the older methods. And the Illuminati still have many excellent
programmers in full-time and part-time use. According to an eyewitness, their top-programmers
are far beyond their 1950-60 predecessors like Mengele. There are four types of brain waves:
alpha, beta, delta, and theta. The four basic models of Monarch slaves have the same names
as these four types of brain waves. High level Illuminati models may have programming that
includes all of these types. According to one ex(?)-government source, the CIA has been
labeling their harmonic-created total Mind-controlled slaves by the following:

Bravo 2 series models are men programmed to run the Beast computers.
Delta series are models for espionage and assassination.
Juliet series are sexual mind controlled slaves.
Kilo 5 series is military espionage.
Michael 1 series slaves are CIA agents under total mind-control.
Operation Greenstar was the Mind-control project to create UFO abductions scenarios.

Much of the high level programming in the 1980s and 1990s is no longer done with human
programmers, but is done via programmed machines using drugs, electricity and harmonics.

A great deal has come out in a whole number of Christian books, as well as secular books
about the microchips that are being implanted in both people and animals. These microchips
will do many things, depending upon which type of microchip they are, however, some of these
microchips emit coded signals which allow satellites with computers to track the exact location
of the person or animal carrying the chip. Obviously, a Mind-controlled slave is not going to
have the freedom to reject a chip like this. This gives the owner a method for tracking the slave
should they ever escape to their exact location. Many of the slaves, CIA agents, and military
men have these implants already. Many Desert Shield troops (to make sure they weren’t lost in
the desert) were required to get the tracking implants. Some county’s are making it manditory
for pets to get tracking implants.

As I write this, I have the report “An eight channel micropowered PAM/FM biomedical telemetry
system” written by the Space Biology Lab/Brain Research Institute of the UCLA Center for
Health Sciences, of Los Angeles, California 90024. What they are reporting on is an implant
which will electronically report back what is going on with a person’s body to whoever is
monitoring the person. Their “biotelemeter” consists of a signal conditioner(s), multiplexer (for
multichannel systems), and a transmitter. The entire size of the implant is 6.35 cm. by 0.97 cm
thick. EEG monitoring is being done of free-swimming divers by implants. A frequency of 2300
Hz. was used on the first underwater monitoring devices.

First, we will give an overview of the subject and then we will cover the details of how the
technology works. In the Bible it predicts that in the end of church age that the rulers of the
world “These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the Beast” REV
17:13. Robert Muller, a member of the Illuminati, and former Assistant Secretary General of the
UN, who has been involved in setting up a “Peace University” in Costa Rica, said in a
symposium “Toward a Global Brain, Our Next Evolutionary Step” (Nov. 9-11, 1984, “We are
beginning to link together to form one-world, minds and souls. Let go of our own beliefs – crap
stuff. We stand now at the threshold of the first spiritualization of humanity. -The goal of having
a single “World Mind” is being advocated by people tied to the Illuminati and the New Age
Movement they have created. In the New Age book Gods of Aquarius the author advocates,
“The only viable solution is to link the brains of all men into one giant super brain. It has been
the entire species that have been developing and it must be linked into one super being. A
synthesis of human minds in a world brain.” Hollywood put out a movie in 1970 called ColossusThe Forbin Project which shows how the ultimate computer will dominate the minds of men.
Unfortunately, the Illuminati now have the capability via their fronts to implant transmitters that
will communicate messages to the human brain that are received via computers. The ability to
literally have a single World Brain is within the grasp of the elite. They must now simply figure
out methods to accomplish it. All this New Age talk by world leaders like Robert Muller about a
single World Mind is not hot air. Unfortunately, the technology is here already. Will humanity
stop the secret elite, or will humanity continue to slide into deeper slavery?
CIA programmer/researcher Professor Delgado wrote in Physical Control of the Mind in 1969
that, “Brain transmitters can remain in a person’s head for life. The energy to activate the brain
transmitter is transmitted by way of radio frequencies.” The radio frequencies used to transmit to
brain implants are usually from 15 to 35 KHz. Radio frequency analyzing computers hooked up
to computers have charted the radio frequencies being used to transmit to victims with implants.
(See Mediaeko Investigating Reporting Group. Brain Transmitters What They Are and How
They Are Used. 1993, pg. 8.) The use by handlers of Frequency shift signals, which is a special
way of modulating through a given spectrum of frequencies, has been observed and recorded.
Some of the first brain transmitters looked like bullets and were placed into the victim’s brain via
the nose. In the late 1960s, some of the transmitters were simply swallowed, or carried
externally by the victim. Small wires imbedded behind the ears are one of the implants.
Sometimes implants are placed within the pain/pleasure center of the brain, which allows the
handler to manipulate what feels great or what feels painful. The Intelligence agencies have
given their implants a whole variety of names. Some of these names for brain implants are:
EDOM — Electronic Dissolution of Memory
EEOM–Electronic Enhancement of Memory
ESB –Electronic Stimulation of the brain
RHIC — Radio Hypnotic Intra-cerebral Control

Terms that accompany these techniques include:
PREMA–Personal Radio & Electro-Magnetic Frequency Allocation. This is an individual’s
personal frequency which is scanned by a hand-held device (such as a Reading Wand). PRIME
FREAK–This is the Primary Frequency of an individual, which the intelligence agencies will
obtain and then manipulate to control an individual.
VITAL HUMAN BRAIN FREQUENCY– This is a frequency that is vital for humans, (the 800
MHz band) which is manipulated for mass mind-control. In 1978, Samuel Chavkin warned in his
book The Mind Stealers “With the increasing sophistication and miniaturization of electronics, it
may be possible to compress the necessary circuitry for a small computer into a chip that is
implantable subcutaneously. In this way, the new self-contained instrument could be devised,
capable of receiving, analyzing and sending back information to the brain, establishing artificial
links between unrelated cerebral areas, functional feedbacks, and programs of stimulations
contingent on the appearance of predetermined wave patterns.” Since Chavkin wrote this in
1978, the Network has come a long way on miniaturization and sophistication of their implants.
One of the most important end times communications systems of the Illuminati and their
intelligence agencies is their ALEX system. This will operate on several levels. The electronic
end of the ALEX system which stands for Amalgamated Logarithmic Encrypted Transmission
(ALEX) is a method for encrypting electronic transmissions so that a computer which could
decode 5 Trillion codes a second would take 2,000 years to decipher one of these
transmissions. In other words, when the ALEX system is operating–it cannot be decoded. The
ALEX system has 700 Billion Trillion codes! Yes, the intelligence agencies/Illuminati have really
outdone themselves with overkill on this one! By the way, this is very ULTRA secret. The ALEX
system intersects with the Monarch Mind Control Programming. The ALEX (also called
ALEXUS) is part of the tracking and AntiChrist-Call-Back Programming. Outside computers are
able to interconnect with the Monarch Mind Control slave and call them back for AntiChrist
activities. In other words, the Council of 9 of the Illuminati has placed an alter by the name of
Alex or a similar name in high level slaves and they have either via implants or some other type
of programming made these slaves available for programming via electronic communications
that tie in with their ALEX computers. (Fritz Springmeier touched on this AntiChrist programming
in his “Chapter 3 Mind Control” monograph in 1992, when he mentioned Imperial conditioning.)
Actually Imperial and Emperor programming are programs that work in conjunction with the
ALEX system.
All the police in this nation are to have their communications encrypted by Christmas, 1995 in
time for the start of the most intense period of anarchy. The concentration camps, FEMA, FDIC,
and the all the rest of the acronym monsters are switching over to the secret operational
frequencies which this paragraph will now provide you. This will be 912 meg. to 954 meg. using
either or both the ALEX or General Dynamic scrambles. Motorola is providing the hardware. In
other words, when the most intense period of anarchy and arrests begins, the New World Order
(Big Brother) will have electronic transmission capabilities which will be totally secret. Even
police transmissions which can be listened to now by the bad guys will no longer be receivable.
The Illuminati have been saving their best technology for use during their takeover in the next
few years. Implants within slaves are being used to communicate such thoughts as (actual
samples of things sent):
a. “murder your family”
b. “the government is to blame, murder the President”
c. “you can not get legal redress for what has been done to you by the government”
d. “it is hopeless to fight us”
e. “you want to have sex with the opposite sex”
f. “you want to deal in drugs”
g. “you want to protect your country by being loyal to the CIA”
Since the early 1960s, the Intelligence agencies have been putting two-way radio
communication implants into victims. This is called telemetry or remote control. The radio wave
enters the implant, the implant transmits it to the brain, and the brain’s reaction is then picked
up and relayed back to a computer which decodes what the brain waves show the brain was
thinking. These implants in the early ‘60s were half the size of a cigarette filter. A few of victims
have managed to escape the control of the System and get x-ray pictures of the implants and
then have them removed. One victim in this Portland area has tried for years to find a legitimate
surgeon to remove the implant. Liquid crystals are said by some to be used. It is said that the
liquid crystals are implanted to function as transmitters. Others say that the liquid crystals were
tried and were lethal.

It was discovered that if a strobe is flashed into the eyes at ten cycles/per sec. or 10 hertz (hz),
the brain will retune itself to that frequency. The brain will downshift from a beta state of
consciousness down to an alpha or below. The entire cortex is influenced by the strobe light.
Actually, this was just a rediscovery of what some of the ancients had discovered. Flashing
lights have been used by people to go into altered states for a long time. Ptolemy, the famous
ancient Greek astronomer built a wheel that would flash sunlight, and people would stare at this
contraption and go into an altered state. As with many inventions, they can be used for good or
bad. The following machines are things that anyone can purchase, just like a stun gun or a
cattle prod. An array of mind-altering electronic devices have been created over the last few
decades. Personal light-and-sound machines that alter the brain’s consciousness that were
once $60,000 dollars are now a few hundred. They have goggles that fit over a person’s eyes.
The Synchro Energizer, which requires a trained operator to run its control panel, is a machine
to electronically alter the brain’s consciousness with a sound and light show. Nine lights work
via the goggles to give a light show to alter the brain’s wave pattern. It is sold by Synchro-Tech
of Cleveland via Syncho Energize on Broadway, NY. An operator can start the Synchro
Energizer at the brain’s high beta waves and then takes the wave pattern downward through the
alpha, and then to the theta and sometimes into the delta (the sleep state). There are smaller
machines designed to do the same thing, such as the Relaxman, built by Synchro-Tech.
Comptronic Device Ltd. has put out a similar but superior machine called D.A.V.I.D.Jr. It can
place a person into a deep delta wave sleep. These are just what are available to the public.
Imagine what NASA, the NSA, and CIA have. If one needs to work with more than one person,
the Synchro-energizer ($60,000) also built by Synchro-Tech will place 32 people at the same
time into altered states of consciousness. This machine uses full-spectrum lights to change the
brain’s state of consciousness. The Lumatron machine uses strobe lights that can be set to
eleven different frequencies. When the light is directed through the retina it is converted to an
electrical nerve impulse called a photocurrent. Eventually, the photocurrent passes throughout
the entire brain. Genesis is a machine which measures the brain’s responses and then matches
music to that response. Hospitals and corporations have been purchasing Genesis machines.
The Twilight Learning Device is a bio-feedback machine that has an EEG machine hooked up
to two tape recorders.
There are dozens of technical articles on a whole host of subjects relating to the implants. This
is a vast subject that really needs its own book. FOR FURTHER STUDY of the big SUBJECT of
IMPLANTS the reader is directed for starts to the FOLLOWING ARTICLES: ‘Scotland on
Sunday, 2 April 1995, had an article about how U.S. and Swedish scientists have pioneered a
method to graft neurons to a computer chip. Stanford University, CA helped with this. A
person can now be “hot-wired” to a computer, such as Arnold Schwartzenegger in the film Total
Recall. ·LA Times, 8/17/94, article about the Hughes Identification Device which is a
tracking implant (microchip) which is called SmartDevice. 6 million/per year are planned to
be quietly inserted into people during surgery. ‘In a recent article “Alien-Human Interactions: the
Facts and Propaganda” by Karla Turner, she points out that many alien abductees (like herself)
are “monitored and harassed by human agents of some sort and the cases of phone and mail
surveillance are only part of the story…. He was compelled by some post-hypnotic suggestion..
.there is strong external evidence that these events have been carried out by strictly human
agents and not by aliens giving the illusion of a military presence.” She goes on to explain about
the implants, wires & tubes that are put in victims of “alien abductions”. Karla Turner doesn’t
know that she is a victim of trauma-based mind control, but she’s getting close to understanding
what she has been subjected to. ‘The Journal, Alexandria, VA, Nov. 8, 1995, carried a story
“Surgeon, a UFO buff operated and found…” The story was by Steve Chawkins of the Scripps
Howard News Service. The article talks about a Ventura, CA surgeon who has removed
implants from abduction victims. The implanted items that are removed from victims, disappear
when sent in for tests to determine what they are.>·Relevance Magazine-art. on Beh. Mod.
implants. >·Fortean Times #83, Oct.-Nov. ‘95 article on Russia’s mind control called PIS which
is similar to America’s. Barry Karr of the Center for Scientific Investigation of Claims of the
Paranormal states, “We haven’t heard of anything that, without the shadow of a doubt, couldn’t
have been made here on Earth. Let’s see the evidence.” It is clear that some people are now
realizing that these implants are being placed into people by human slave owners, who simply
are hypnotically telling their slaves that they are aliens. IBM began work on the implantable
microchips under the cover of other goals. In the 1960s G.E. took over the development.
Honeywell continued the work after they merged. The R2E Division of the cIIi Honeywell Bull in
France has then gone on to develop the Smart card. Lithium batteries in implants were secretly
being used in the 1960s long before the public got wind. Fairchild has publicly announced
several years ago that they have a bio-chip the size of a human hair with 4 times the capacity of
the BT952000 project. These are some of the companies who have provided the Network with a
large assortment of implantable chips.

Electro shock is used to control a slave and to erase memory. Stun guns are used daily on
some slaves. Slaves are under so much control that they will shock themselves if the master
wants them to.
Equipment has been developed to alter states of consciousness electronically, and also to
track, and monitor slaves. The most serious development in electronics for mind-control is their
ability with high tech equipment to actually place thoughts into a persons mind. Harmonic
machines (given code-names) are now being used to do lots of the programming. Powerful
individual & mass-mind control can take place via electronic means; our question, who will
control the controllers of these electronic means? So far the American & European people have
been content to let them get by with what they have done.


The purpose of the mind-control is to build a System within the mind that is a human robot. It
would do no good to torture the slave and get thousands of pieces (fragments of the mind, alter
personalities) if these were not structured. Very few Multiples have ever really gotten to see the
deeper parts of their Systems. Many of the early successes of therapists were actually only the
integration of the fronts of Systems, while the deeper cult parts were left fully functioning. The
integration of the front alters was only a ruse to allow the therapist to think the patient was
healed. The Illuminati’s organization, whose identity still remains secret to the therapist, can
continue to use the ‘healed” patient. Everyone was happy, therapist,
client, and the abusers.
Also I might add the book publishers such as those who published
Sybil are also happy. Sybil is an occult first name–but the book, movie and therapist give no
hint that ritual abuse might be involved in her system’s MPD (DID). The victim of When Rabbit
Howls (a book & a movie) shows clear signs of having a full-blown highly structured and
programmed MPD (DID) system, but the movie doesn’t even hint of programming or Satanic
involvement. The whole movie was a big slide. The Illuminati know the details and minutiae of
every new direction the therapeutic community decides to take. Indeed, a number of their
people are leading the pack, providing leads and misleads. Their first goal is to keep therapists
on sideroads, away from the real issues. The second goal is, if they do get onto something, to
bring the slaves in, and structure in defenses so that the therapists don’t go anywhere. And then
when one has success like we have seen, they eliminate front structures and front alters, and
turn to massive reprogramming, and skillfully linking primal traumas with the new programs.
Bear in mind, the internal programming alters are also always alert and will restructure the
system constantly if alters work against their programming. Restructuring is a process that can
continually go on, not something completed when the victim was a child. For instance, new
levels of alters can and are created when the victim is in their 30s, either by the internal or
external programmers. From observations, it is clear that the most drastic changes are from the
external programmers, who can work much faster than the internal programmers. In the
beginning, the programmer must bring order out of the chaos he has created. He must use
some type of structure to place worlds. In recent years, these have been solar systems,
galaxies, and planets, because they have gone to Star Trek, Star Wars, Alien types of
programming. Each planet may have a type of alter–a family, if you will, of alters who are
similar. They will not be able to travel to other solar systems, or stars, or galaxies without
transportation. Spaceships, and teleporters have now replaced the elevator that the older
systems used to go up and down the worlds. When the programming begins, it must be simple
enough that a child can understand it. One game that was excellent to teach internal structures
to child victims was Chinese checkers. An innocent game, but a great vehicle to communicate
placement of alters and structures. Alter patterns would be placed upon the hexagram board
with marbles. A marble would represent an alter. Notice that alter colors (and/or jobs) can be
coded by what marble is chosen. A ruby alter can be a red marble. A blue coded alter is a blue
marble. Structures which are to be superimposed upon each other in the child’s mind, are easy
to superimpose. Take one pattern – of marbles off, and place the superimposed pattern of
marbles over the same place. This is how several different structures can be tied together in

one locality in the mind. This is one way structures can be layered in. The Hexagram checker
board was called “The House of David” in one victim.


Many splits in the mind are not developed into full blown personalities. Some are simply
fragments which are given a single job assignment. Generally, a System will have about half a
dozen alters which frequently take the body and hundreds of alters which only occasionally take
the body. -Internally, the System must carry out the following functions: Protect all information
and history that relates to the creation and use of the slave. All the structuring and codes of the
System are also secrets and need to be guarded. The programming and the very things that the
slave can think about need to be guarded. The slave is meant to be entirely self-governing. The
best boss is the boss who gives a directive and can go do something else while the person
receiving the order carries it out without input and supervision. The Monarch slave is the prime
example of how to delegate authority. The delegation of authority allows both the master and
the victim himself to blame the victim for the orders they carry out.
The satanic cults will hide their alters which make money for the cult behind the blood and gore
alters. This protects their illegal money making operations. Alters must learn to function as
designed by the Programmer. If they can’t work together, the Illuminati will try to get them to
work together somewhat akin to a mechanic fixing a car. If the alters can’t be fixed, they and
their System will have to be thrown away. The dramatic disparities of all the alters goes hand in
hand with what at first seems apparent, then not apparent, and then apparent again–there is a
unity beneath the multiplicity. Alter functions and abilities overlap with other alters. No alter is
entirely separate from several common pools of intellect and dispositions that are attributable to
the entire alter system. Alters are real and separate persons. But the common traits that run
through an alter system are also real. One alter system may have a streak of kindness and
gentleness that runs through the entire system. There may be a few alters which have been
battered enough not to display the trait, but the trait is so pervasive that it characterizes the
System. The programmers are also skilled at building in alters who can serve as balancing
points. Unless the system of alters has balancing point alters who are calm, cheerful, and
emotionally stable, a system could easily self-destruct with all the shatteredness, pain and
craziness that has been intentionally built into the system. Each level or world will have a
balancing point. When the System is being charted during the early programming process, a
Mother of Darkness and the Programmer and the Grande Dame will make a decision on how to
label the chart. By the time the child is four, the weaknesses and strengths that characterize the
alter System have been recorded on charts and the child’s destiny in life determined. The chart
will read what occupation the child will be made into, and what its function for the overall
Illuminati plan will be. This determines what types of programs and alters must be created. Most
people are still unfamiliar with multiplicity and their rigid thinking is challenged by the concept
that one mind can have several personalities. On the other hand, they can understand perfectly
that a computer can wall off sections of memory, and they can understand perfectly that a single
human mind is superior to all the computers in the world assembled together, and yet they can’t
let go of their basic simplistic foundational understanding of life that one mind has only one
personality. They will allow a computer this ability but not the human mind. The creation of
multiple personalities also divides responsibility within a person. A person who lives with a
multiple, say for instance their handler, will form widely divergent relationships with the different
alters. In terms of programming, each dissociated fragment of the mind may be molded into
something. Some fragments lend themselves to be molded into full personalities, and some
lend themselves into being molded into single-purpose fragments, and some must be
discarded. A part of the mind can be developed into a full-blown independent personality with all
the idiosyncracies that any other person has. Bear in mind, that generally the Programmers
consider color identification and the coded numbers to be more critical for identifying an alter
than a name. A name humanizes the alter. Names are sometimes attached later if needed by a
handler. Some handlers simply refer to their sexual alters by their generic name “kitten”. Others
may have a specific cat name such as “Tabby”, “Bast”, “Hecat”, “Adandara” or “the Lion of
Judah” for an alter. Keep in mind, if full blown personalities are created, it happens for both the
benefit of the victim AND the programmers. During the Monarch Programming an average
System will have at least 1,000 alters, but not all of these will be personalities designed to hold
the body. For those who need to get a handle theologically on how to approach this, it is
suggested that they approach it as a city of persons. A city has both a unity and a multiplicity
about it. It also must carry out certain basic functions if it is to survive. All cities have
administrations and city planners, and justice, and police, and garbage collectors, and
entertainment, etc. The early Illuminati researchers soon accepted that their victim of multiple
personalities is in essence a city of people, and so they used that understanding to construct in
the victim’s head, using the victim’s creativity under torture and drugs to create all the structures
and features that accompany a geological land. The map of the Land of Oz in the Wizard of Oz
books was frequently used for the front parts of a System, with some additions and
subtractions. The engineering of the structures within an Illuminati Monarch slave, looks like the
original designs were done by engineering specialists–perhaps even Boolean algebra was used
to develop the original designs. However, once working models of systems were proven to
function without fail, lesser skilled programmers & technocrats could help assemble a Monarch
System of alters without fully understanding the engineering and all of – the demonology/magic
behind it. Just like in a city, some people have friends and know others, and other people are
strangers and enemies, so it is with an Illuminati system of multiples. Some alters may be aware
of each other, and some may even hate each other. When building a system, the Programmers
take advantage of their knowledge of how multiplicity works. Two alters can have several
possible relationships which are:

two-way amnesia, where neither alter knows about the other’s existence. This is what the
Programmers want for most alters. They don’t want multiples to even know they are multiples.

one-way amnesia, where A alter knows B alter, but B doesn’t know A. This can be
accomplished by setting in one-way mirrors.

co-presence, two alters can come on top of each other at the front of the mind and hold the
body together. This produces some strange behavior for the multiple as different alters
synthesize their thoughts. When a tough alter comes up behind a Christian alter, the Christian
alter may find himself letting loose of a cuss word without knowing where exactly it came from.
When a child alter comes up behind an adult, the adult may find itself talking like a child.
co-conscious, this is when two alters are aware of what each other is thinking.
As the Programmers structure a System of alters, they build in No-talk walls every so often
where all communication and visibility between alters is walled off. These No-talk walls are
specifically built structures and not the result of normal amnesia. A 13 x 13 grid may have, for
instance, 2 No-talk walls. Other methods will be used to divide all the levels from each other.
One method of dividing the levels is the level of trance for level 3 will be different than the level
of trance for level 10. This will not hold true across the board, because some deeper alters are
not in deep trance. One Monarch slave, programmed beginning in the 1950’s, described her

Scattered Parts

Broken hearts, divided parts, they all live inside of me. How many times can they divide my
mind? Broken hearts with divided parts scattered throughout my mind. How many times can
they wipe me out before I come back no more? Can they instill a will in me that is not mine?
They broke my heart too many times and divided all the parts, then scattered them through
time. Some are good and some are evil. How many times can they split my mind? The lights,
needles and pain went on much longer than we can explain. Did these things happen, or is it
what they wanted me to believe? Does God exist or is it what I want to believe? Does the store
house exist where the computer is? Are there computers in me that help split me? Scattered
parts, broken hearts, where do I exist? Is there a castle built inside? If so, what person am I?
Lights, needles, and pain goes on today, or is it lies that are made up in a mind split far too
many times. Broken hearts, divided minds, scattered throughout time. I don’t want to mislead
you. Did the experiments work? And they split me too many times? Lights, needles, and pain.
They can wipe me out if I try to explain. Butterflies, butterflies, lots and lots of them. I lay down
at nights with them. I wrap up in a blanket made of them. I hear their hum as they lead me to the
lights, needles and pain. The needles and pain make it so I can not think. I get so sleepy, but I
can not sleep. The pain races through my mind and splits it one more time. I have forgotten
more than most will ever know. The computer will show how many times they can split the mind,
break the heart; divided minds scattered throughout time. How many times before I can come
back no more?”–receivd from therapist Denny Hilgers.

Our previous book They Know Not What They Do, An Illustrated Guide to Monarch
Programming-Mind Control, Oregon City, OR, 1995, p. 91, has a good description of how
extensive the internal structuring is: “Many Systems never get to the point of seeing their
internal world(s). Further, most alters have only a small spot in which they are to reside, and
they don’t get to see but a tiny fraction of the entire System. After these structures are built into
the mind they continue to work and carry out their function on a subconscious level. Sometimes
it takes years of work for a System to begin seeing their internal world. They can begin doing
this by turning lights on inside of their worlds. To make a comparison, when a person looks at a
clock they see the finished result, the time it shows, but they don’t see all the mechanisms. The
structures in the mind are part of the mechanism to keep the System of Alters structured in a
way that is useful to the abusers, but often all that observers will see is the finished result, the
mechanisms stay hidden. But we are exposing those mechanisms in this picture and on this
page. A therapist’s client may be responding in a way that makes no sense until one realizes
the internal structures that they are responding to. An alter generally must maintain the spot in
the mind which it is assigned. To leave that location in the mind, means travelling through a
System which is filled with dangers and traps of all kinds. Only a few of our alters ever ventured
where they were not to go, and they always encountered many obstacles. However, if an alter
gets trapped behind mirrors, the alter should not break the mirrors. If the alter is a Christian they
can use the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth to bind and cast out the demons which are in the
mirrors. The danger of the mirrors is the demonology involved. Some things work and some
things don’t. We are speaking from our years of experience. The mirrors are deadly and they
were everywhere in our System, but they are deadly only if one can’t deal with the demonology.
The therapist should at least be aware that these images can be worked with just as if they
were real to manipulate situations involving them. But if the structures are going to be worked or
toyed with, the therapist and survivor need to have an understanding about the structures. If you
don’t understand the mirrors, or the River Nile, or whatever then be careful what you have the
survivor do to them.
The structures (the images) that are built into the mind of the Monarch slave are not trivial. An
overview of the structures that are in our System alone will show that they went to a great deal
of effort to build all kinds of internal worlds to house our thousands of alters. A list of the internal
structures that were contained in our System follows: Ant pits, Bee Traps w/ swarms, Black
Glass Wall, Black Holes (vortexes), Boxes (Dr. Green’s under J.J., boxes have buttons which
access certain parts), Candyland, Carpet (Magic), Castles, Castle dungeon (torture chambers),
Caves, Clocks (there are several incl. computer clocks), Concentration camp, Cords, Desert,
Doll House, numbered Doors by the thousands w/ red hot nobs, Elevators, Emerald City
(connected to the castle), Eucalyptus Trees, Fields of “forget me” & island of “forget me not”
(JJ’s Prgrmg), Firewall, 2 Forests (singing forest with Cedars of Lebanon and Oaks, and a
dwarfs forest which has 3 kinds of trees), Fruit Tree (programming tree), Glass, Glass coffin,
Golden Keys, Graveyards, Hallways with red doors, Hell Pit or Hell Fire (7 levels–pepperbox.
There is a glassy wall before the hell pit.), Hour Glass (matrix), House of David, Icetown,
Invisible Countries, Keys (clock key), Libraries, Light side City, Marshlands, Mazes, Mirrors
(constructed via access permissions) (One-way), Moat, Mountains, Nursery (glass), Ocean,
Paper Trees, Petra Secret City, Playground, Poppy field, Portals (for altars and demons, like the
third eye), Rubicon (outer space beyond the stars), Rivers (Nile, Rio Grande, Shenandoah,
etc.), Room behind a closet (existence not confirmed), Seeds, Serpent tree, Shafts, Shells,
Shifting sands, Shoes (gold, silver, and ruby slippers), Snake pits (traps), Spider chambers,
Stairway, Torpedo Town, Tin Woodsman’s Castle, Tree with square paper boxes containing
Dad’s music programming, Trojan Horse w/ armies, Tunnels, Valley of the Dry Bones, Volcano
(to destroy & remake the system), Vortices (see Black Holes), Wasteland, Water (Moats),
Waterfalls, Wind, Wires, Worms, and a Yellow Brick Road.”

In order to use the multiple in different life styles–they divide up a system of alters into worlds of
alters which rarely see each other. These worlds are also called cities. The words “city” or
“world” are interchangeable when it comes to a Monarch System. Typically, they received
names such as Atlantis, City of Refuge, Shangri-la, and Troy. Later, after Candy Jones exposed
the programming, there was a major shift about this time, and many of the Systems were
programmed with Solar Systems. Each planet had a different group or race of alter or demon.
The concept of Star Trek was helpful for this. Some of the Systems programmed in the 1970s,
used Star Trek as their basis. The distribution of alters was similar to watching the various
episodes of Star Trek. Alters that were created at the same time and left in an area of the
System together are families. The programmers in their efforts to dehumanize these alters will
stick to animal names such as referring to them as “litters”. The front level of a System would
often be given a cover. The front level might see their world as a basketball court, or several
houses, or a dollhouse, or a street. The front world is set up to deceive anyone from discovering
the true structure of the system. The programmers can link and unlink, and move alters around.
Eventually they get something neat and tidy on a sheet of paper. A standard Illuminati System is
built like a 13x13x13 cube with an elevator shaft running up and down from the bottom to the
top. The elevator is constructed as a piece of DNA and alters can ride up and down the elevator
(go up or down in trance) to move when allowed. Most of the alters have no sense of time, and
most of the alters do not hold the body very frequently. For various reasons most of the alters
never grow up. Obviously, if they don’t hold the body very much, and are dissociated from
everyone else’s memories, they have nothing to stimulate them to grow up. However, the
Programmers must have some of the alters who can function as adults. For instance, alters who
go into bars must think of themselves as adults. The alters which will hold the body in public will
be hypnotically made into adults. The Network likes to leave many child alters, because most of
them are pedophiles and they like the pseudo-pedophile experience of making it with an alter
that thinks it is four years old. Or just the opposite, sometimes an adult alter will appear within a
child victim, and this is a clue that this is an access/reporting alter. Many of the Illuminati
systems, especially Mengele’s were set up on a 13×13 grid of alters. The grids are numbered
top to bottom and side to side but not in the fashion one might expect. The typical Mengele grid
will begin with 6 and proceed 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. However, the structure
doesn’t have to be a grid, any geometric shape works and has been used, such as a sphere,
cube, or pyramid. Dr. Star and his wife, who is an OTO programmer working out of Corpus
Christi, TX likes to structure an alter system in the shape of the Seal of Solomon. The Yin-yang
symbol is then equated with the entire Seal of Solomon. The all-seeing eye is placed in the
center of Star’s systems, just like Mengele would put in an All-Seeing Eye. The hidden Sun of
Tiphareth is placed into Dr. Star’s victim’s systems, as well as the four elements, and sulfuric
acid. Alters are then placed in the various positions around the hexagram. Because therapists,
(and Christian ministers) are generally unaware of the deeper occult things, they usually miss
seeing the occult philosophies behind the structures. For instance, the elements of earth,
wind, fire and water are not just part of magic–they are in Druidism considered the four
zones (or directions) also called rings which are held together by the fifth ring–balance.
This is the basis of Celtic geometric art, metaphysical maps, and ancient Ireland was
symbolically divided into four regions with a unifying fifth. This was the bardic view of
the universe which is presented in the Vita Merlini (written by Geoffrey of Monmouth in
1150). Supposedly England, Wales and Scotland were also divided into 4 regions with a
unifying fifth too. And all these four regions Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England are
joined again in the U.K. In Druidism, the four magical elements the Sword, Rod, Cup and
Shield are unified by the Cord while the four elements are unified by the spirit. Ancient
Druid stone statues of triple faced gods and goddesses still remain today. Heads were
considered sacred by the early Celts which is why the heads of the top Grand Dames are
preserved after they are ritually murdered. If an outsider really wants to understand why
Illuminati systems are constructed in the fashion that they are–first understand that there is a
great depth of meaning behind what structures are used to build an internal world. An exprogrammer talks about how the programmers would call upon Satan in high level rituals to “Tell
me what to do, and I’ll do what you want” to gain wisdom in how to design these alter systems.
Within a System, a few alters will be given maps to the System. There will be a structure “map”
which takes the system down through its progressive levels down to its fundamental or primal
level. There will also be internal world maps, maze maps, or what some call programming

What really is an alter? An alter is a dissociated part of the mind, which is developed BY the
programmers to be a complete personality. We will now explain what an alter is. If you were to
look on the programmers’ charts found in his grey 3 ring binder, or his lap top computer you
would see graphs with alters with access codes. What are these alters? If the programmers
didn’t invest a great deal of programming and structuring, each alter would not be a complete
personality. On the chart, the programmer will have a square on a grid where he will record the
cult name, the front name, the alter’s alpha-numeric pull up code and its grid number. What
seems neat and tidy is really not so neat and tidy. That alter is really an alter with many
shadows of itself. This is a. family of fragments of that alter which hold parts of itself. There is a
particular secret term that only the programmers use for these fragments, but for purposes of
discussion we will call these fragments “family fragments” or “shadow fragments.” For instance,
a Gatekeeper alter will have a shadow alter fragment that holds its fear, one that holds its pain,
one that holds its anger, and many that hold its memories of abuse and torture. What appears
on the grid as a square is in reality a box holding lots of fragments. The programmers
understand how multiplicity works, so rather than chart an alter with 25 fragments coming off of
it–they name the whole mess after the main alter they have created for that family of fragments.
The main alter really is a fictional persona created by the programmers linked to numerous
fragments of the mind. The mind of the child victim will cooperate with the torture and
programming. The programmer will verbally discuss his programming scripts with his close
assistants, for instance, the Grand Dame who helps him; but he doesn’t record the scripts
down. Historically, the Programmers have always individually tailored their story scripts for each
child. Because the best are master story tellers, who can make a story come alive, they do not
need to depend upon stale written scripts. The Wizard of Oz, and Mother Goose books, etc. are
read prior to actual programming session, to enhance the programming session. The final alters
are recorded, but not the stories or the lies told them. After a main alter has been created and
shattered, the programmers find this main alter within the mind and give it a personal history
(via films, virtual reality headsets, stories, etc.), give it a job within the system, a place to live in
the internal world, and its rules and guide lines on how to function within the system. It will be
given scripts about the outside world. And shortly, we will explain those. This doesn’t mean that
alters don’t exist–they are physically part of the mental makeup of a multiple’s brain–but an
alter’s existence is not at all what it sees or what outsiders see. Both the alter and the therapist
see only a small part of the picture. John O. Bearhrs (Limits of scientific psychiatry, Role of
uncertainly in mental health. NY: Brunner/Mazel, 1986, pp. 86-113.), who did therapeutic work
with Multiples, recognized some of the process that we are describing. He wrote about how an
alter when confronted with more pain, guilt, and rage will dissociate this mental hazardous
waste into alters who function as internal garbage cans. He described a victim who had a jolly
front alter Diane with a winning smile. This front alter dumped her pain on a small child alter
Mary, who lived in an internal “basement”. However, in one particular case Mary didn’t want the
pain and she passed it to Karl (a 4 yr. old alter), who cried and yelled so loud internally that
Danny, a 12 year old alter who was characterized by toughness and courage took the pain.
However, the actual situation is more subtle and complex than Beahrs realized. Every alter
creates shadow alters of itself to handle the anger, fear, guilt, betrayal etc. The Programmers
are totally aware of these shadow alters and they work with them.
If we picture an alter as a point in the mind–a dot or small circle, then we can for the sake of
discussion picture the shadow splits off of that alter as rays coming out of that small circle. Now
we have an image of something looking like a sun with rays. Actually, in real life, after all the
torture, the shadow alters holding memories and all the programs attached are simply one big
mess that resembles the branches of a tree with leaves. The Programmers have made a
thorough mess of the person’s mind–and they need some clean way to deal with this mess they
have created. So the Programmers use the imagery that best resembles the mess they have
made. The victim is told they have a tree with branches and leaves growing through them. This
tree with its branches grows throughout every alter. The image of the vine and its branches is
also used, because then the programmers can bring in the Bible to make their programming
seem to be supported by God’s Holy Word. The original alter is told that it is a mote of
nothingness (a very tiny circle). The programmers don’t chart all the family or shadow fragments
of an alter because they understand MPD (DID). The fragments will hold all the memories of
abuse, so the alter can function. The fragments will also give the alter the appearance of the full
range of emotions. If a main alter gets angry or feels guilty, what is happening, is that it has
accessed its shadows to express the full range of emotions. The Programmers abuse an alter
and get the Shadow alters. Then they hypnotically attach a memory cue (which is a code
consisting of the alter’s name, the date of the memory, and perhaps something else to complete
the code) to the main alter so that they can access the memory anytime they want. Then they
hypnotically & demonically build a one-way mirror between this main alter and the shadow
alters they have just created. These one-way mirrors are like one way windows–the reason they
are referred to as mirrors is that they are put in the child’s mind via mirrors. Next, they
ritually/magickly implant demons to guard the mirror(s) and to guard each memory held by the
shadow alters. This separates an alter from knowing itself and its own abuse. The main alter
has dissociated the pain, etc. to its shadow alters of itself. The Programmers then use the
memory as blackmail to keep the main alter in line. The main alter has dissociated the pain, but
will recover the memory if either one of three possibilities happen: a. the Programmer or handler
says the memory code 3x, or b. if an event happens that triggers the main alter to remember, c.
the main alter tries to remember the abuse and the programming, and in doing so they will be
stepping outside of the circle assigned to them and will “break the circle & break the mirrors.”
Remember, how we described a Main alter as a small circle with the rays (shadow alters) split
off from it. The shadow or family alters of a Main alter are the true history of an alter. The Main
alter is given the script to totally love the Programmer/Master. It should be angry at what has
happened to it. The ability to direct that anger is lost with the dissociation, but might be retrieved
if the alter remembered, so the programmers transfer it by creating some outside person or
object for the alter to focus their hate upon. Elaborate hate scripts are then given to the main
alter. The love of the Master now protects the Main alter from having to remember its pain. Very
few alters and very few non-multiple people would want to remember such trauma and it is very
unpopular in society to remember past traumas (how often have you heard expressions “let
bygones be bygones”, “the past is past”, “don’t dig up old skeletons”, etc.) As long as the alter
loves its Master, it is somewhat safe from remembering its own traumas. And yet for a Monarch
slave to regain its own mind, the alters must regain their own memories. That is why to really
break down the programming, memory work is need. That Monarch slaves must regain their
memories to heal is a hard one for many people and ministers to understand. Most deliverance
ministries pray that God would take away their bad memories. Further, the programming holds
the lies in place, and the demonology holds the traumas, programs, and memories in place. A
Main alter is really in the middle of special purpose Shadow alters which have been split from
itself. The Programmers do a reversal on this and tell the Main alter that it is on the outside
looking in. Vagabond Programming (which tells an alter it is a vagabond) is then applied to
teach the alter it doesn’t belong to the inside world, nor to the outside world. It belongs nowhere.
The Main alter will perceive that it is on the outside looking in at mirrors. The -mirrors then guard
the inside of the circle. To try to remember the truth is to break the circle of mirrors. The circle of
mirrors has magical significance, because it ties in with the witchball or speculum which the
witches have used over the centuries to see beyond time and space. The steps that the
programmers do, can be explained on many levels. Many of these steps are done for special
occult reasons. One of the first things taught to a child is “DO NOT BREAK THE CIRCLE”. This
has both the internal meaning “don’t go after your own memories and the external meaning
“don’t leave the cult — the circle.” Special black mats (such as used in wrestling) have been
constructed by the Programmers. The first black mat is a circular mat with a 4’ radius. The next
black mat has an 8’ radius (with a donut hole with a 4’ radius) so that it can fit over/around the
first circle. From there you have concentric donut shaped pieces of mat each four feet wider in
radius than the previous, which can all be joined together. Each of the concentric circles will
have a different colored circle painted on its edge. The victim child while it is in the crawling
stage will be placed onto the middle dot and told to stay. They will be punished every time they
move. When they finally can do this obediently, they will be given the 4’ circle. Toys will be
placed outside of the painted line (which may for starters be a blue line, then perhaps green,
and then red). Just off of the mat are interesting things like a full bottle, a blanket, a coat, food,
toys, etc. The child is cold, hungry and bored. Will the child obey and stay in its circle? If it
doesn’t it will be punished by being mildly shocked, or having its head dunked into a toilet, or its
hand punished, and it will be set back in the circle until it’s will is broken and it learns to submit
to the order to stay in the circle. This teaches the victim child several things: don’t step outside
of boundaries, don’t break the circle, it teaches them the colors that will be used in the color
programming of the internal world, and it is again traumatizing. What they see, hear and do will
now be done in obedience. Does the reader see how hard it is for the child & its alters to move
outside of the scripts? Alert readers will realize that there are 13 colors in Illuminati systems and
that means 13 x 4 feet = the radius of the finished 13-concentric-circled black mat when all the
pieces are laid down. This means a large indoor area with a floor space of at least 124’ across
in needed. Military bases, hospitals, churches, and universities like Oral Roberts University
have gyms or auditoriums which the Illuminati use for this stage of the programming. Mother of
Darkness alters train the children. The Presideo had a great place
for this training.
This is the programming for the “Circle Will Not be Broken” script.
The Amish do something
similar, to make their children obedient, which is one reason the Monarch programming is easy
to hide within the Amish culture. This type of programming is referred to in chapter 5 about the
fronts and the Top Secret Amish Front. Let us briefly mention, that some systems are simply
concentric rings (levels of alters) each assigned a different color. Another twist to the color
coding–an alter in some circumstances may have two colors. An alter may be coded Black
below white, so that when it sees black color below white it is triggered. The sections on a
soccer ball, have been colored and used for a programming visual aid. Various researchers who
have tried to identify: What happens when a normal non-multiple subject is hypnotized to not
feel pain? Of course, the subject consciously tells the hypnotist that he feels no pain, but
researchers such as the Watkins & Hilgards have demonstrated that the subject under
hypnotism dissociates the pain to another part of the mind. In other words, hypnosis and MPD
(DID) which are both forms of dissociation are much closer in how they function than some
people have realized. In fact, some researchers, who are well aware of how close the two
lost picture
The Presideo
dissociative functions are, have defined MPD (DID) as “spontaneous hypnosis” (Beahrs, 1982;
Bliss, 1986). The non-conscious area of the mind that hypnotic subjects dissociated to, have
been labeled “ego-states”, “the hidden observer” and “a covert cognitive structural system”. The
giving away of pain, fear, and other traumas to Shadow parts is similar to what happens when
researchers observe a person who is directed in hypnosis to not feel pain, unknowingly giving
his pain away to a hidden ego-state. A hiding place where alters can go, a place of light which
gives energy, is created in a System. The New World Order’s One-World-Religion and their
Mind-Control is organized on the hierarchal system with a S.P.I.N. front. The Illuminati and the
occult world that they supervise has a strong hierarchial system both world-wide and within the
slave. Fritz has spent a great deal of time researching and communicating to others how the
hierarchy controls on a large scale, and how it is miniaturized and how this identical hierarchy is
placed internally into the slave. However, the big cover for the hierarchial arrangement is the
SPIN principal.


S-P-I-N = Segmented Polycentric Integrated Networks.
If one were to diagram a SPIN organizational chart it would not be a conventional box type
configuration such as an army company organization chart. Rather, it would resemble a fish-net
with interlocking nodes with groups linked to many other groups and clusters around nodes.
There is no center to the network. It is like the brain’s electrical connections, with an overlap of
functions, so that good cells can take over from damaged sections. A network (one of their
buzzwords) is many times more greater than the sum of its parts. The New Age author Marilyn
Ferguson does an excellent job in describing how the Conspiracy’s SPIN network functions.
“This is a source of power never before tapped in history: multiple self-sufficient social
movements linked for a whole array of goals whose accomplishment would transform every
aspect of contemporary life. “Because SPINs are so qualitatively different in organization and
impact from bureaucracies…most people don’t see them–or think they are conspiracies. Often
networks take similar action without conferring with each other simply because they share so
many assumptions. It might also be said that the shared assumptions are the collusion. “The
Aquarian Conspiracy is, in effect, a SPIN of SPINs, a network of many networks aimed at social
transformation. The Aquarian Conspiracy is indeed loose, segmented, evolutionary, redundant.
Its center is everywhere. Although many social movements and mutual-help groups are
represented in its alliances, its life does not hinge on any of them.” Ferguson, Marilyn. The
Aquarian Conspiracy. Los Angeles, CA: J.P. Tarcher, Inc., 1980, p. 217. —The next 4 pictures
are charts showing an hour glass & its turning mechanism, & how a section can have various
codes, trance depths, etc.

Lost Picture

Lost Picture Lost Picture Lost Picture

The programmers enjoy setting up double-binds. One of their tricks is to create alters which are
given negative spiritual roles with names to match. An alter may be named unforgiveness”, or
“the one who doesn’t trust anyone.” For such an alter to trust someone, makes the alter feel like
it is giving up its name, and therefore its identity. By combining the name with an identity that
the alter doesn’t want to lose, the programming intends to double bind the alter. The Satan alter
within a System will see itself as Satan. The alter Satan feels that he is on the winning side in a
war, due to the lies that have been told this child alter when it was created. A girl child alter will
be made to think they are the evil male Satan. The point is that the identity of this alter is tied up
with their negative. destructive role in the system. The Christian therapist has a better chance to
show Satan that the Rule of the Victor means that Satan serves Almighty God, than for a
secular therapist to try to convince Satan that Satan doesn’t exist. And if the secular therapist
tries to debunk the Biblical view of things, what positive philosophy or spirituality is the secular
therapist going to give this Satan alter to fight with against the inevitable external evil that we all
face in life?

(Note: that depending upon what the System’s occupation in life is, also determines some of the
types of alters created. If the System is a politician, they will need special alters to deal with
certain secret activities. If the System is a baseball pitcher, they will need alters that are trained
to pitch.)

Alien alters for contact, bonding w/ aliens, & acceptance of mock alien invasion

Angel (imitation) alters for divine messages, these may be seen as Spirit Guide alters

Angry alters

Animal alters who are meant to act like animals

Assassination alters (Deltas)

Babysitter alters to look after keep them from popping out inappropriately

Blackmail alters (Betas, and Black Widows)

Bird alters (used for half a dozen various internal purposes, including ravens for suicide,
doves for peace, orks to fly over
the internal mazes, owls for wisdom, etc. The dove may be part of a false trinity.)

Child alters

Clockmaker & Clockholder alters (Also the Grim reaper may be associated with the clocks.)

Core related alters to imitate or protect the core from anything

Coven alters to lead coven level meetings

Courier alters (Carrier Pigeons)

Data alters to hold information (this encompasses a wide range of alters, including alters
who hold internal system information to alters who hold information for their masters.

Deaf & Dumb alters to prevent the System from hearing non-approved users say access

Death alters to take near death traumas

Element alters (Alr or Wind, Water, Earth, Fire) for magick & compliance

Espionage alters

Firechild or Bombchild alters to make body feel like its burning

Flooding alters (often flooding comes simply from Shadow fragments)

Foreign Language alters

Front alters for a good cover

Gatekeeper alters to guard portals and gates

Guard (or Blocker) alters to guard important areas of the System

Justice alters–alters who mete out justice for disobedient alters

Hierarchy alters to take part in Illuminati hierarchy ceremonies (there will be a big demand
for many of these alters–different ceremonies and different times of the year are given different

Hunts, alters created for the master’s sport of being hunted

Loyalty alters which hold strong love & devotion to the master

Martial Arts alters to protect the System if need be

Mirror image alters, for deception

Monster alters to scare the other alters

Mouse alters to run the clocks (computer, and grids)

Nothing alters, alters who believe they are nobody, or Mr. Nobody, or “no-name.

Observation alters (these deep alters quietly observe all that goes on in an alter system.
They may be called Watchers.)

Programmers, Internal (alters cloned after the original programmers to reprogram the
System, also known as Internalists.)

Programming alters to help Illuminati program

Protector alters to protect almost everything in the System (essentially nothing is left
unprotected in the System.) In some systems, these alters may even be known in the System
as Warrior & Infiltration Alters. They may include such titles as Keeper to the Pit.

Ribbon Alters to send messages from computers to System areas

Reporting alters to give the master reports regularly, esp. important to monitor all activity by
a therapist

Ruling alters, such as Queens & Kings

Run/return to master alters

Satanic hierarchy alters, to insure that system is controlled by Satan

Sexual alters (kittens for porn, S&M, etc.)

Scrambling alters to prevent alters from hearing

Shell alters (to hide real alters from therapists)

Suicide alters (clowns, Russian Roulette alters, etc.)

Tranced, (alters tranced deeply to move up and trance the body)

Travel alters, which can sleep during travel or be oblivious to where they are going

Next we will discuss how some of these types of alters are created. These will be discussed in
alphabetical order. It should be pointed out that generally the Illuminati choose one of the early
front Gatekeeper alters to be the alter who knows the entire system as it is made. This often is
Gatekeeper no. 3. After the entire structuring is finished this alter will be hypnotically
programmed to forget that they know the entire system. By the age of ten, an Illuminati system
will have someone who knows the entire system. However, these gatekeepers get heavy
programming not to remember.


By the time the programmers are ready to create angry alters, the child victim has been well
conditioned not to get angry, but to passively accept their abuse. The programmers have to get
the child’s mind to break with their prior programming to get angry. In order to do this, the child
will be tormented without end for several days. This is one of the worst parts of the
programming, and many children die in this stage. The Illuminati pick their most gentle Mothersof-Darkness systems to work with the male programmers. If the gentle Mothers-of-Darkness
slaves didn’t bring some balance and affection to the child victims, the sadistic programmers
would probably kill all of the children at this stage of programming. For more on this see
Egyptian Armies just a little further.

ANIMAL ALTERS meant to act likeanimals

Although a large share of an alter system is dehumanized, there are certain alters which will be
created to actually hold the body and act like animals. The alter may even be named “animal.” A
male or female slave may have dog alters which bark like a dog and get into the correct position
to allow a Rottweiler/German shepherd/Doberman to penetrate the slave sexually. This is
accomplished by taking menstrual blood from a dog in heat and smearing it on the victim.

Animal alters are created by the standard dehumanization methods, and then shown films of
what they are to become. Through hypnosis and behavior modification, the alters eventually
accept the role they are tortured and programmed into taking. It’s hard telling what roles the
programmers have created, it could possibly be any animal, but cats, dogs, donkeys, horses,
rats, and mice are common examples.


Most Illuminati Systems have Christian front alters. Some of the early splits around 2 years of
age are provided the chance to genuinely accept Christ. From these alters, two things will be
done. Front alters who are Christians will be created, and satanic alters. In order to get
dedicated Satanic alters, Christian alters are severely traumatized and God is blamed for not
helping them. The Satanic alters will be deeply convinced that God has abandoned them. The
Christian alters will dissociate all the trauma, and will believe that they are normal–nothing has
happened out of the ordinary in their life. Christian alters will also, like all MPD/DID alters, tend
to deal with overwhelming problems by dissociation. Many Christian alters will deny such basic
things such as that a Satanic conspiracy exists. They often will be far more zealous than the
normal Christian, because they do not have conflicting ego-states. If any situation calls for
compromise of their religious beliefs they can switch to someone else–and thereby escape
having to compromise. There are many programmed multiples leading the Christian churches
today. Christian alters are coached via the modern church and their handlers to only “spiritually
minded” and not to challenge evil in the natural world. Some walk around believing that God will
cure everything, which is true but not in the sense that some of the churches are explaining.
That doesn’t mean that all Systems will be “Polyanish”, but it can happen. The original Christian
alters will be shamed and then hidden by the programmers. The “host” or “presenting” alter
which holds the body will often be a Christian. This really helps hide the entire mind-control.
Interestingly, a system of 20,000 alters may have oniy less than a dozen Christians alters, but
the one or two strong Christian alters will exert a disproportionate influence on the System. The
Illuminati has had a hard time controlling the Christian alters they allow. In their zeal to infiltrate,
control and destroy the Christian churches, they have opened many of their top slaves up to the
love of God, which has ended in the slaves trying to break free. Unfortunately, most ministers
know too little to help these people escape.


The clones are little children who have been put into robot costumes and are trained to attack
parts of the system which are not in compliance with the programming. The heads of the clones
can be unscrewed. The clones can be taken out by various tactics–but there are hundreds of
clones and they each have been numbered. The serial numbers are placed on them. An
example of a clone’s number at the base of the neck might be 158.00. This may either be a
model or actual serial no. but often is tied to the birthdate of the victim, which is generally part or
all of the victim’s Monarch serial no.
To create the clones during the 1950s, movie scenes of the divers of the Nautilus of the movie
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea were shown. (With later models, such as in Star Wars
programming, the robots of these shows suffice.) Some clones kill with a knife as the divers in
the movie 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. When clones surface and take the body they are
cold. Programming is encased in a clone.
Alters, particularly cult alters, may not be able to see the clones. They may be hidden in almost
anything internally, including door knobs and walls. However, there is the possibility for the
therapist that a net made of cloth woven of light can be dropped and the lumps will reveal the
clones. They may be behind mirrors too. Water has certain properties that can stop clones, as
well as magnets. Microwaves will take care of the electronics. A little microwave can take out a
group of clones. Clones have many shapes–but they do not look like people. They usually have
a switch to be activated. Atlantis may be set up as the world for clones, in accord with 20,000
Leagues Under the Sea programming. Whatever the style, robots & clones are popular items for
programmers to install. One of the major defects of the first few decades of Illuminati
programming, was that the clones were set up so that water would stop them. Therapists could
stop the clone armies by applying water on them. Recent models have corrected that
deficiency. But when the clones are stopped, and the diver suits are taken off of the child alters,
who are inside of the robot suits, then a child alter will be found which is in the same drugged
state that it was in when it was being programmed. This child fragment alter will often have an
I.V. (wires and needles) in it, and will be very druggy. It will be in its programmed war-like angry
state. In Druidism, a swan was something dirty like a pig in Judaism. Some alters which are
assigned to protect, are warned they will become swans. If the Queen of the Clones becomes a
swan, the clones will become helpless. The Queen of the Clones (a triad) must do her job or be
turned into a swan. Changing subjects to alter clones, Cloning programs include, for instance,
Lollipop & Lobster programs.


The Delta’s are alters trained to carry out special missions resulting in death. The Delta’s who
are inactive are asleep. They must be activated. The programming to activate them will be
triggered if a mission is given or if certain parts of the deeper parts of the system are tampered
with. Delta’s will work as a team with the Beta’s to kill. An Illuminati System will be “magically”
twinned during programming to be a Twin with another system’s Delta alters. And these two
systems in turn are joined in programming with another 2 person team, so that 2 person and 4
person teams can be constructed. This gives the Illuminati more flexibility in what kind of
missions it can send its slave out on. 4 person assassination teams are very common. They had
2 four-man Monarch slave assassination teams at Waco, Texas the day that the Waco Branch
Davidian building burned up.


Illuminati Deltas are linked to the moon children, and are the offspring of the moon child alter in
the early cage programming. In the early 1950s, the Illuminati would take a child and force it to
watch another child, who they have bonded with, be incinerated alive in a crematorium at high
heat which would not only melt the child but turn it to ashes. The form of the child in ashes
would stay in the shape of the child until the crematorium door which would have glass in it for
viewing would be opened. A small gust of air would cause the ashes to lose their shape.
Watching through glass and feeling the fire and hearing the child scream was a trauma for any
child. The Presideo and some of the Illuminati-run funeral homes which had this type of
crematorium were employed for fire traumas. The fire trauma was done so that the child would
visualize melting from heat. This melting trauma would then form the basis of the good
witch/bad witch programming where water on a witch makes her melt like in the Wizard of Oz
story. The Delta and Beta alters are then to trance into their melted state whenever their
programmers want them to function. Their functioning state is the “melted state”. The
programming is that the witches melt down to NOTHING. After a few years, the programmers
realized that they didn’t have to have a real trauma to get the programming done, because they
could usually do it with a combination of hallucinatory drugs, hypnotic drugs, and paper dolls.
Paper dolls which when cut out are all joined together would be placed on a grid similar to an
alter grid on a platform. The right hypnotic suggestions are made, and the child believes these
paper dolls are alive and are burned up. If the paper dolls didn’t work, they’d go back to using a
real child to get the job done. Later, the lower cat alters are taught how to be hunted and hunt at
the “life or death” Beltaine hunts. These hunts helped train alters which are then used to create
the Deltas. The Deltas are not completed until later. To create a trained assassin, the alters
were desensitized towards pain and death by being shown gory films with the eyes forced open.
Hypnosis was also used. The potential victims were devalued, it is believed the Aryan alters
which are very elitist and racist are used for Delta alters. Satanic rituals were also involved in
the creation of the Deltas. Deltas will be trained in hand to hand combat–and know certain
vulnerable places to kill people incl. breaking the neck. Training included a great deal of
weapons training. In an early programmed multiple System, which was created and
programmed in Nazi Germany in the 1930s, the assassination alters are placed behind a wall of
ice. When the wall of ice is melted, these assassination alters are freed and they will go about
their assignment to kill by using an ice-pick type needle poked into the heart of their prey. These
Systems were infiltrated into the U.S. during the 1930s to build a foundation for when the Nazi’s
expected to win the war. Later, American Delta alters were taught the art of assassination by
poking a needle through the eye of the victim. This kind of assassination is apparently hard to


The access codes for the Deltas are structured different than for the rest of the System, except
for the sexual/entrapment/espionage alters who are designed very similar. The Deltas may be
black color coded.
When the programmer wants to use these Delta alters, he will call them up from their genii
bottle or wherever they are hidden deep in the mind. They will be commanded to melt. When
they have melted into the nothing state, then the programmer gives an exact script of everything
the Delta alter is to do, just like you would program a computer step by step– from step a to
step z. For instance, the programmer might say, “At a certain place you will be in the melted
state until you hear the words, “I’m going to Kansas City, where are you from Miss Ruby
shoes?”, at that point you will remain in the melted state and do part B of the script.” As the
programmer continues with the script, a Delta fragment will be given NWO codes, bank account
numbers, and major sports numbers (so other NWO folks know who is going to win ahead of
time). This fragment will simply be a mental floppy disk. The Delta-Beta alters are habitually lied
to by their programmers when they are given their detailed scripts. If they are carrying cocaine
they may be told it is soap for needy children. If they shoot someone, then they will be told all
kinds of lies about the person they are to kill. They never are really given a chance to step
outside of their deep trance and to ever hear the truth about what they are doing. They live their
lives in a surreal fantasy world where nothing really makes sense. They don’t try to think for
themselves, they just follow orders.
Since a mission may call for other alters to hold the body, the programmer must put together his
Delta script so that two scripts can be intertwined. The programmer may work out something so
that the Delta alter goes into a temporary sleep in the melted state while out on the mission.
This way the programmer doesn’t have to be present on the trip to bring the Delta alter back
into its functioning “melted” state. The Delta alters can’t be out too long anyway because they
are not used to functioning in the outside world and they get tired fast. Several Delta alters can
switch so that they keep having a fresh Delta alter come out, but eventually every one begins to
get tired. That is another reason they will work in another script with front alters. The front alters
are used to holding the body everyday. The front alters will take a vacation, while the Deltas
work on their detailed script of carrying secret messages and maybe killing someone. During an
airplane trip, a travel alter will hold the body while the Deltas sleep in the melted state. Delta
alters (who by the way have photographic memories) are given their scripts by programmers,
not run-of-the-mill handlers. Everything is too fine tuned in the programming for a run-of-the-mill
handler. Delta alters have an internal hour glass, this hour glass may be a mural in their internal
world that they look at. As long as they are obedient, the hour glass sands do not fall. If they are
disobedient, the sand begins falling, and their life is on the line. There is no room for mistakes. If
the sand runs out, death is to happen. Large hourglasses are often displayed in front of DeltaBeta slaves to remind them that their is no room for mistakes, no slack for disobedience. Their
thinking is buried in fairy tales. They are programmed to see themselves in fairy tales, they are
programmed not to see their handlers or anybody’s else’s face for that matter. Their handlers
pretend they are fairy tale characters or aliens. These alters do not have a chance to
understand what they are doing. If the programmers get tired of the slave’s programming
breaking down–and it does in part due to the severe abuse they get from these sadistic
programmers/handlers, then they will simply give the slave an assignment in which the slave
will end up dying, i.e. a suicide mission. This type of suicide mission is happening all over the
United States with great frequency. An example would be a lady who is getting to wise about
the New World Order, so a Delta is assigned to crash their car into the lady, and its written
down as “just an unfortunate ACCIDENT with fatalities.” A shop owner refuses to pay the Mafia
for protection; so a Delta vandalizes and tears up the shop and has a fatal shootout with the


The Illuminati/intelligence agencies realized when they started making slaves with photographic
memories that they could create different parts of a slave’s mind to operate on different
languages. Illuminati hierarchy systems will employ foreign language alters for several
purposes: a. to facilitate the alter working in various situations, for example French is helpful to
work with Catholics in Quebec, and with the Cambodian/Vietnamese criminal syndicate that the
Illuminati set up in this nation. A high profile example of this is Bo Gritz, an officer of the Delta
Force, who due to his photographic mind (created via brain stem scarring) can speak Mandarin
Chinese. Mandarin Chinese is not normally an easy language for Americans. b. to hide things in
a system. Examples of this include code words attached to Greek and Hebrew letters for body
programs. Another example is having latin phrases for accessing deeper parts. If an entire area
of a system is put in a foreign language, and the system is not given any alters capable of
translation, then you have very effectively isolated an entire section. For instance, systems are
being created in their early teens which are sectioned off into 5 or more languages, say for
instance, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Arabic. Some of the Systems created in the
late 195 0s, already were employing some of this. Since the very best Illuminati programmer in
the world is European, and speaks several languages you can expect to start to see more and
more of this “Tower of Babel” programming (multi-language systems where parts can’t
communicate.) The reader realizes that such multi-language capabilities are always secret until
the person starts breaking down the programming. The programmers tell alter systems that God
wants this programming done, because God confounded all the languages & then spread
people into the 4 corners of the world.

The Gatekeeper alters are just that. They protect the gates or portals to all System levels.
Infrequently, the programmers may also call them “doorkeepers”, or “tollmen” & “toll women”. The
victim may refer to them as guards or blockers, although Gatekeepers are more than guards, they
are an entrance or portal to something. Gatekeepers may often be the alter that was split to get a
particular section. Each gatekeeper may be at a deeper level trance than the one before it. When a
Gatekeeper is split it creates a natural link to the alters that are created from itself. Then the
Gatekeepers are given programming not to see what they have created sound like this: “Black
knight moves two spaces and one right. White knight moves two spaces and one left. White
knight challenges black knight. Black Queen moves 5 spaces.” The victim who receives this
programming must be the type of thinker who would play chess reasonably well. The script can
be shown via videos while the victim is under hypnotic drugs.
F. Double Helix.
This is a very important system. The double helix pattern is used as an elevator shaft running
up and down the worlds created for the alters. In general, each world lays at a trance level. The
double-helix is put in at programming sites where they have full medical facilities, such as
Letterman Hospital, Presideo, CA. The codes up and down the elevator are alpha-numeric with
lots of numbers. Because the way the double helix shape twists, one can ride the elevator and
get off a level 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 but you have to ride it the other way to get off at 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12.
Because the double helix is the centerpiece of how the different physiological states of the mind
are being layered, taking the victim down to these different physiological states and levels is
very risky and by the time it is through it involves lots of blood transfusions for the victim. The
Caduceus is a double helix with snakes at the top. The Caduceus is an occult symbol used in
ancient Babylon, ancient Hindu India, and by Chinese occultists. Mercury in occult lore carries a
staff called a caduceus. Mercury’s staff is a cabalistic symbol. William Heller’s book on the
Kaballah on page 78 states, “Mercury’s staff, called Caduceus, and made of intertwined blackand-white twin serpents, heralds more forthcoming splits into duality. Once again, it reflects the
ambivalent mind, its conscious, and subconscious states, its waking thoughts and imaginative
dreams.” So according to cabalistic doctrine, the caduceus represents the various states of the

G. Flower system.
This system is attached to other systems, and utilizes the power of peer pressure and
generational ties. The flowers will often be bright. The bud of the flower will represent one
person, the stem and the flower represent others. This system might be connected to the
Umbrella, the Trees, the Triangle and the Star. A flower can regenerate an internal tree
because of its generational roots. Flowers are also used as elevator shafts, such as a
sunflower. One has to jump into the center of the flower and go down the stem to reach a lower
level. Flower fields such as the poppy field are used as a hypnotic trigger to put an alter into
deep trance.
H. Helix.
This is a simplified version of the double helix.

I. Hour glass.
Three hour glassed will be placed around the x-y-z axis in a quadrant. A quadrant consists of a
section of alters in a world and their mirror images. The hour glass programming also includes a
suicide program. 12 disciple alters will be placed within the hourglass. Each disciple has to
memorize a disciple lesson. If something triggers them, they will begin to fall through the hour
glass. If each of these 12 disciples falls through the hour glass like sand, then a sleeping giant
like in Jack in the Beanstalk will wake up, . When the Giant awakes, he will kill the body. And of
course, a mirror image of the Giant alter will be made also to help insure that at least one of the
giants get the job done.
J. Mensa.
This is a program put into slaves who have photographic memories. It involves lots of numbers
and math. It’s overall structure looks like a triangular-shaped fish net, with all the nodes or knots
of the net containing a triangle. The core is place at the center of the triangle and is surrounded
by more triangles. There are circles of alters within circles of alters. Circles within circles. The a
circle can rotate and seems never to end. The programming is meant to be non-ending. There
are also triangles within triangles. The effect of using a structure like this to house the alters is
that they feel trapped in endless circles and mazes of triangles within triangles. The codes in a
Mensa system will be equations (sometimes called union force codes), bar codes, and number
K. Pentagram system.
One pentagram system has pentagrams within pentagrams. The geometric lines grow from
pentagram to pentagram by lines running in opposite directions. This has the same effect as
circles within circles.
L. Pool of Death.
One or more of these can be placed into an alter system. They often are found inside the main
castle. Dead alters and body parts and torture fragments, are all dumped into these system
garbage dumps. The Spirits of Death and Destruction control these pools of Death. Variations of
this may be called Lakes of Death, and Waters of Death. In some systems, this is overseen by
Taskmaster alters.
M. Potter’s Wheel.
This is the equivalent to a computer utility program. The way it functions is that the Programmer
pulls the alters he wants to work on up on the potter’s wheel in order to work on them. When
they are pulled up on the potter’s wheel, they can be asked to stand in order and rank. Then the
alters will come to the front of the mind on top of each other in their prearranged sequence. The
Charismatic movement programmer’s like to use this, because the Programmer can become
god, and the slave becomes the clay. Can the pot talk back to the potter? The Bible verse in
ISA 45:9 is used, “WOE unto him that striveth with his Maker! Let the potsherd strive with the
potsherds of the earth. Shall the clay say to him that fashioneth it, What maketh thou? or thy
work, He hath no hands?” The next verse again repeats its woes upon those who question
parents who fashion a child. As is typical of a number of Illuminati programs, at first glance they
look like they are merely perversions of the Bible, but a closer look reveals that they are actually
ancient occult rituals. For instance, the Illuminati believe “As above, so below.” This is druidic
philosophy, even though it sounds somewhat like something from the Bible. In the book
Invocation of the Gods Ancient Egyptian Magic for Today, pg. 203, the book gives a magical
invocation that supposedly has been found in ancient Egyptian magical papyri. At any rate this
invocation’s wording is powerful in English for a Monarch slave. The Invocation is called The
Potter’s Wheel.
“Hear the sound of the potter’s wheel
As it spins! Khnum!
See the clay on the potter’s wheel
As it spins! Khnum!
Feel the hand of the Mighty Lord Form the seed to contain a soul
As it spins.
See the soul, on the Wheel of Life
As it spins! Khnum!
Birth to death on the Wheel of Life See the soul, on the Wheel of Life
As it spins!
And with death we are born anew
While the vessel that’s tossed aside Will return to the potter’s wheel
As it spins!”
This is just one more example of where programming and magic intersect.
N. Puppet System.
In this system the body feels totally disjointed and controlled by strings. Mengele enjoyed this
program. He would say, “Dance Marionette dance.” In other words, to paraphrase, “dance slave
for me the controller”. Demons are laid in to pull the strings of the puppet. The internal controller
may be a demon or a demonized alter. It can be attached to other systems such as the
Pentegram system. In a previous part of the book, it was discussed how the victim’s body is
paralyzed by drugs and then electroshocked in a way that the person seems to be the
Programmers puppet. This is put in when the child is very young. This puppet programming is
very convincing to a small child, and is a very nasty program for the slave to experience.
O. Solemetric system.
This is used for government/business/research slaves who must perform complex tasks and
they want their minds to be less fragmented or not fragmented. The mind can be programmed
and divided from itself without creating alter personalities. Because the divisions in the mind due
to dissociation and programming lies are not as deeply structured, victims who get solemetric
systems have strong demonic forces and lot’s ritual to hold their systems in place.
P. Spider Web system or Black Widow Spider System.
This system is set up just for blackmail and destruction via entrapment of unsuspecting people
who are perceived as threats to the Illuminati. This system is found in lots of women coming into
churches with decent by naive ministers. The system has a web with connectors and silk
strands. A target person will be symbolically placed into the web and then the black widow
alter(s) will entrap the victim. This is programming to take down pastors of churches with sexual
entrapment. The spirit Viper found in ISA 59:5 is placed into this system to protect it. There will
be egg alters which will devour the victim, and Gatekeepers are assigned to guard the system.
Q. Spiritual structuring.
The spiritual structuring is not a single structure. A few people have worked with the deeper
elements of the programming to help victims and also know what the Illuminati programmers
have done and what their agenda is, have come to realize that the spiritual structuring is the
most important part of an Illuminati system. What you will now read is known only to an
exclusive few. Spiritual castles (Grandfather, Father, Mother, and Grandmother castles) and
spiritual temples (to Moloch and Baal etc.) are constructed internally. Entire spiritual worlds are
constructed internally. The most primal parts of the mind, and the key early alters and the core
essence are usually taken to spiritual constructs within the Illuminati slave. The gems are
empowered by the light of Lucifer (an alter-demon combination). But even more deeper than
that are the generational ties. The programmers, who themselves are generational satanists,
are part of a plan where the generational legal rights of Satan are accumulated upon an
individual. In the Scriptures it says that the sins of the fathers are visited upon the third and
fourth generation. This gives Satan a legal right to the generational victim. Each bloodline has
its Prince demons attached to it–just like in the Bible the Prince of Persia was both a man & and
a demon. Hidden within spiritual constructs such as black diamonds, and diamonds, are further
demonic constructs. The thrones of the generational Prince Demons are attached to the primal
human part of the victim. This is entirely spiritual–beyond that there are no words to describe it.
It is very real to the survivor when therapists get to that point (which is very rare!). The power of
the Illuminati is that it is generational. They build upon that, when they build a system. Some of
these genealogies have not been free for many generations. If you want to spoil a structure, one
need to bind the strongman. The strongman in an Illuminati system is the generational ties. All
ties to the bloodlines need to be renounced. The Programmers will take little Illuminati children
to crypts of their ancestors in order to better attach the generational spirits. The womb holding
the premature child is used as a temple in the Moon Child ceremonies. After the child is born
the womb structure will spiritually serve as a temple for the primal human parts of an Illuminati
slave. Whether the therapist can realize these things or not, in the very least, they are aware of
the saying “Father like son”, and are aware how traits may skip a generation but how a
grandson may mirror a grandfather. The generational aspects to Illuminati slaves are a major
role in the Illuminati
R. Stairwell.
The stairwell is just as it sounds, it is a stairwell that is placed into a system. The stairwell can
be used as a trap for alters who are unwise enough to be lured by programming to go into it.
The stairwell system connects various levels. There are booby traps and demonic entities
attached to the system. Stairwells may be sealed up with Gatekeepers assigned to protect
them. If an alter proceeds down a stairwell to get to other levels they need to realize that they
initially will hit “tornado (also called whirlwind) programming” and flooding of memories. The
tornados will spin the victim inward and disorient them. The alter holding the body will feel as if it
is out of control and going to die.
S. Telescoping.
Any telescoping object (such as a telescoping army drinking cup, or a telescoping rod) can be
used to give the visual picture for the child to follow when it is being programmed. A telescoping
system often has a time level, a function level and an age level. The game of Chutes and
Ladders along with Jacob’s Ladder have been used to place the story line into children.
T. Tornado System.
This is a free floating system that moves around areas that the programmers want protected.
When it hits an alter(s) it causes confusion, spinning, and switching, as well as a feeling of
losing control. It’s part of the elemental back up programs discussed within a few pages.
U. Umbrella.
This is associated with military programming. An umbrella protects something, such as the
Delta assassination alters. An umbrella must be taken down from the inside and so must this
protective shield of the Umbrella program. One Umbrella system had 7 gates to it.
What would happen if a slave physically got away from its master or handler? This has
happened countless times and the mind-control is so solid that the handlers don’t have too
much to worry about. Mind-controlled slaves have gone to therapists for years and never gotten
free of the mind-control. The therapeutic process that the establishment has schooled them in
and then requires them to adhere to, prevents the therapist from doing things that might really
set the victim free. Therapists are often loath to give any help in any thing that smacks of
spirituality. The spiritual issues in many of these slaves are the most crucial issues facing them.
If they don’t resolve these spiritual issues, the deeper alters will continue to adhere to their
blood oaths of allegiance to their Satanic abusers and their oaths to serve Satan loyally.
Each cult which programs, makes sure that they place in lots of loyal alters, which therapists
call persecutor alters because they torment the alters who want freedom. If therapists try to
eliminate these persecutor alters, they will fight back with the full tenacity and strength that the
survival instinct gives to anyone. Their persecutor role needs to be validated, and then
redirected toward productive ends. Many persecutor alters see life simply as following their
instructions and that they are protecting the system from greater harm by stopping therapy.
During programming that was the case, but if their System has reached a good therapist and
has good support team of other people, their fears no longer apply. The cult will attempt to show
them that their fears do still apply. Hopefully, the support team for the system of alters will work
as hard at protecting as the abusers do to reinforce the fear. Many of the programmers have
been associated with the military. One of the tricks that the military learned is a defense in
depth. The Russians employed defenses in depth with great success in 1943 in the big battle of
Kursk during W.W. II. The first defense is that the slave has no awareness of the MPD (DID) or
that they are being used as a slave. Some of the alters will realize that something is wrong, but
the mind control is too strong for them to see clearly. Essentially the System is in trance all the
time, even the front alters, they do not perceive reality like people who are not in trance all the
time. The next line of defense is that the fronts of an alter System don’t have a clue about the
abuse or what their system has been designed for. The front alters will have alters which are
loyal to the master, and alters who are full of craziness and disinformation. If the victim keeps
probing (which many don’t) they will discover an occult involvement. Even if they discover that
the System is related to the occult world, the programming is still intact. If the person finds out
he is MPD, and finds out that the System was part of the occult world, then he still is captured
by all the programming which is intact. Walls, fire walls, mazes, suicide programming, internal
armies, programmed craziness and many other tactics sap the strength of the front alters if they
try to deviate from the straight and narrow programmed way of behaving. WHEN THE FINAL
CALL BACK IS GIVEN–many Monarch slaves are programmed to kill their therapists because
the Illuminati will be able to hide/protect them once they leave their place in society and return
for the final callback. Reporting alters hidden well in the System, observe and secretly report
back to the Network everything a therapist does. The alters have fix me codes to call for help
BLOW YOUR HORN.” The jokers and internal programmers will work night and day to stop or
reverse any work done toward freedom. There are so many levels, suicide programs and so
many other defenses a person’s body is not strong enough to attack the programming head on.
There are for instance Bells of Destruction programming, The War in the Heavens suicide
programming, the Gethsemane Suicide Programming, the Octopus suicide programming, the
Injection of Bleach, the overdose of drugs, the go insane program, just to mention a few. The
slave will be given a whole batch of these types of programs which may all go off at once if the
slave doesn’t comply with keeping the mind control secret. One internal protective programming
line is The Man without a Country story. Another is a water program but in with Scripture from
Jer. about Ahab stomping the grapes. Another is for the slave to think they have been turned
into a fragile paper doll. The paper doll programming is put in by making the skin very sensitive
to any touch, and then attaching that memory to the hypnotic suggestion of being a paper doll.
An octopus suicide program chokes the slave if they are disobedient. A mush the brain is
triggered by a fanning movement. If the slave touches the programming, Armageddon
programming is activated in those who have Bible programming. The four horsemen on their
different horses ride out and bring their different mental tortures to the slave’s mind. Winged
monkeys (possibly alter fragments) from the Wizard of Oz story programming are called
“watchers”. They watch alters. The slave is conditioned that if any programming or demonology
is taken out, it will come back seven times seven stronger. The Bible (MT 12:43-44) is used to
put in this programming. Actually, this is more than programming, there is a principle in
operation here. Therapists need to be cautious about pulling things out, if they do not
understand what the ramifications will be. We want the victim to have hope, not to make the
task look harder. One of the primary protective programs is the JUDAS PROGRAMMING.
Anyone who betrays the abusers is labelled “Judas” and is programmed to go out and act like
Judas by hanging themselves. If that mind-control program doesn’t happen, the Illuminati warn
their people “Remember Tom Collins”, who was the son of an Illuminati Grand Mother, who
became a Christian, started exposing the Illuminati in churches, and was gunned down in a
grocery parking lot. Finally, the members are warned that they will be sacrificed on a cross like
Christ in what is termed “a traitor’s death.” Usually, mind-controlled slaves will police their own
actions and thoughts. The therapist may hear their Monarch client talk about the Dove, fire,
Moriab, and water as protectors. They may talk about a little bird dove who is part of protection
which flies iftto the ebony trees. The basic defensive programming placed into the early
Illuminati models was based upon the 4 BASIC ELEMENTS–fire, wind, water, and air. When
the programming is touched by anyone, the elements of the earth come alive. For instance, if
the programming is touched the following programs based on the four elements come alive:
WATER — victim will freeze like ice, will suffocate like inhaling water, will boil like being placed in
boiling water, will feel a drip drip drip on the head, and will flood with memories. This is why
some Monarch slaves do not like to swim.
FIRE — Victim will burn inside and outside. The victim will remember fire torture, and perhaps
their face melting. This is why some Monarch slaves don’t like to light a match or a fire. Slaves
will have their programming reinforced with the warning, “If you disobey us, Satan will take your
ability to resist burning away, and you will burn in hell.” The alters have no way to conceive that
God could love them, so they feel if they are to have any chance not to burn in the afterlife of
hell they must obey. The fire programs which activate when they disobey reinforce this warning.
Often victims report a “Ring of Fire” burning within.
EARTH — the victim will remember being dropped down a well, being buried alive in either hot
sand, or a casket. Earth means “life or death”. The earth “swallows people up.” The victim may
feel dehydrated from memories of being buried in hot sand (hot earth). This is why some victims
have a fear of being buried alive. In fact, this can be done internally where alters are internally
placed in caskets and buried. Alters are also internally thrown into internal wells. The Illuminati
programmers say, “ASHES TO ASHES, DUST TO DUST’ to mean that the earth will bring
death. Sometimes even volcanos erupt (earth and fire) out of the ocean (water) and destroy
parts of a system. Internal earthquakes also happen quickly and then the entire system will be
shifted and shuffled.
AIR or WIND — Vortexes suck the person down and away, a strong wind takes the alter(s) into
the Rubicon of Outer Space and the body dismembers itself as it goes away. The mind doesn’t
understand why it is being torn apart, only that it is being torn like a tornado. The alter may also
go into a bubble and float away.(This effect is put in w/ drugs and hypnosis.) They will
dissociate and nothing is real. How does one place into a child these types of programs? Let’s
say the programmers want to put in the Tumbleweed Program where the child feels like it has
become a tumbleweed & can’t ground and get its bearings on anything. Let’s say the
programmer also wants the child to lose his arms & legs while being blown away. The child is
dehydrated so the mind is overheated and hallucinating. Special drugs are also given to the
child to make it more delirious, make it more suggestible, etc. The little child by this point has no
mind of its own. Heavy fans with hot air are placed upon the child. It is hypnotically told that it
has no arms and no legs. The child is too weak to think for itself. It is almost comatose. The
child will be left for perhaps 8 hours as a script which keeps repeating itself is played on a voice
box. The child will hallucinate the script or the video it is being shown. When the child can give
the script back to the programmer exactly like it is meant to be, then the programmers know
they can stop. The child alter is to take on the identity of the tumbleweed. If it responds like
many Main alters–it will pass this ability on to splits that it creates for this purpose. These splits
created for the tumbleweed script will be clean slates for the programmers to manipulate. By the
way, smelling salts are used to wake up child victims who are too comatose.
The Omega programs prevent integrating the Multiple personalities, and they hold the body
programs, and run the computers. If major tampering is done with the System, which threatens
to totally wipe out the Omega programs, then one of the backup programs is the Princess
programming. The princess programming is a back up program. It can be triggered several
ways. One method is by astral communication between loyal alters and their Illuminati
programmer. However, the main triggering factor is that the System has recognized that serious
tampering has been done to the System. If serious deprogramming occurs, the Princess
program with “Sleeping Beauty” kicks in. The programming is contained within a box, which is
opened up upon the appropriate cues. The way it operates is that it kicks in when the handler
loses control over a system. The princess who is kept sleeping by spiders which bite her in a
coffin, wakes up and looks for the prince to come. Daddy demon and the dark princess are now
ruling from the castle dungeon. A System’s dwarfs and Thor continue to guard as well as the big
guard cats like Bast. Darkness sets in on all the top sections of alters, and thick walls and pain
come, then a webbing much like a body-suit-cocoon will envelope all but alters loyal to the
master. It becomes hard to breathe and the alters who had sought freedom from the
programming, now find themselves being tranced out. Alters who are cold and in lots of pain are
called up by code to torment the body. The Outer Darkness of a System (sometimes called the
Rubicon) gets thicker. If Gatekeeper and Kitten alters have porcelain face programming, then
they will get their porcelain masks back as the Omega programming kicks back in. The
porcelain masks have cords back to the black princess. The black princess’s coffin has cords to
Papa. The core will give her energy to the dark side, and alters who want freedom will receive
very little energy. They will be very tired. Those alters who liked the light side and freedom are
now under attack. They will be isolated by walls and then incapacitated by a cocoon which
leads to death. The alters who do not want to be part of Satanism will be worked over, and they
will continue to be worked over until they shatter. If need be, they can be taken to the castle
dungeon and played movies of torture which have been coded and entered into the mind via
codes. Internal voodoo will be carried out to scare alters into complying. The worlds will
reestablish their compasses. The internal BEAST computer along with the dark princess run the
show. The box which opens up, sets off the suicide programming. The primary tool in fighting
the suicide programming is the will to fight. If the will to fight is strong, a way to fight through the
walls can be found. If the walls are broken down, then a strategy of isolating the castle’s
programming can be carried out, and eventually the black princess can even be retrieved. Since
the princess and daddy demon are running things via spiritual and demon processes, the battle
at this point involves spiritual warfare, although there are probably other methods to solve the
situation. The castle programming will be isolated by closing the portals, and other safeguards.
The Black Princesses can be turned from their course. The Black Princess can be retrieved.
The castle’s power can be shut down. The Princess programming can be beat, but it takes hard
work. A system must make decisions to continue fighting the programming with all their
creativity, strength and will power. A rebirthing program will go off. This rebirthing program is
controlled by a System of clocks. The clocks are the stabilizing heartbeat and are tied to the
eternal life force. There are also clocks which control the steps to the Princess Programming.
These clocks bring about steps which will take the System down the road to no-return. These
clocks can be frozen and by freezing them, one can stop the next step from taking place. In the
rebirthing program, umbilical cords and strings run from alters back to the black princess. The
black princess is in the torture chamber of the dungeon and the strings carry the torture
memories to alters in sections wanting freedom, especially those holding the body. If those
alters want to stop the intense pain to the body they need to freeze those strings and stop the
torture memories from coming up from the torture chamber. The umbilical cords are “feeding”
the alters from the black princess. The Kittens alters, most likely due to programming, will want
to protect the core so they do not want to stop the process of control that the black princess is
exerting over them. In other words, they will find it hard to save themselves. Internal Voodoo will
come from a dollhouse, and only by dealing with inside the doll house can it be stopped. One
option is to create shields to protect alters from the voodoo. Christians have the shield of faith
which really can function in real life, and an internal shield of faith has protected and shielded
Christians from Voodoo. The darkness and what people (alters) call “walls” can be flooded with
the blood of Jesus, which often drives back the darkness and can give freedom to work. The
soul ties that are involved with the princess programming and the masks need to be broken and
bound. The System may be able to find someone or some place to get wisdom or
understanding about their System. The System also needs to cut their soul ties to their Illuminati
programmers. The rebirthing program is also giving directions to the dark princess. There is an
umbilical cord which ties the dark princess to the rebirthing program. The blood of Jesus can
stop this tie.
One of the backup programs is designed to deal with someone who has a good understanding
of a system, and tries to take a system out via spiritual warfare. A camera is designed to reflect
an image onto a mirror and the deprogrammer works with the mirror images. The
deprogrammer has great success with the mirror images, because the camera can merely shift
its view, and the things the deprogrammer is trying to get rid of disappear. However, since the
alters that are collaborating with the deprogrammer see all the correct things happen, they
sincerely think they are being deprogrammed. When the deprogrammer finishes the alters feel
better, see their worlds come together, but the work has only been a sham. Other backup
programs provide the deprogrammer with mirror images and sham alters to talk with. The
deprogrammer never talks to the real human elements. If we try to give a summary of the
different backup programs we could include
each grid has programs attached to its grid no. and each section has a computer, as well as
connecting computers between sections—both the programming and the computers have the
power to reprogram themselves.
the 4 elements of nature coming alive programs
the princess program (based on Sleeping Beauty)
a plutonium or atom bomb set up activated by lasers to protect the internal hierarchy.

The Monarch programming creates very complex systems that are as sophisticated as an
Apollo spacecraft. There is no way all the possible in and outs can be covered. However, the
reader can watch a movie “Labyrinth” to get a good idea of what the end product is like for the
mind of the victim. The movie represents what the internal world is like for an alter who is trying
to understand its mind. It would be worthwhile to finish this chapter on structuring by covering
this movie which illustrates the end product. The bizarre movie Labyrinth may be shown again
on HBO and is available from some video stores. In fact, the video stores have a hard time
meeting customer demands for this popular video. One of the co-authors knows a girl who has
watched “Labyrinth” twenty times.
In 1986, a movie called “Labyrinth” was produced by Cherry McFadden. The movie was Monty
Python’s “Terry Jones” scripted. The movie is a portrayal of what the internal world inside a
Monarch mind-controlled slave looks like. The Monarch slave has an internal world built inside
their mind in which the hundreds and thousands of alters must live in. The alters are given a
psychotic world of fiction in which they must live in as reality. An alter of a Monarch slave will
have two worlds, the external world of reality, and their own internal world which, because of the
programming, will seem more real than the real world. Hogel, a gnome, tells Sarah, “Things are
not what they seem in this place.” The internal worlds of the slave can be shifted and
rearranged by the internal programmers. The internal programmers can change codes,
eliminate alters, and carry out extensive deception to other parts of the System. As in the
Monarch programming, the movie s castle reminds one of Emerald City. The movie Labyrinth
seems weird and occultic. Gargoyle elves (similar to coven demons) dance magic and a sweet
girl played by Jennifer Connelly moves from one weird scene to another, while an occasional
shot gives us the hideous ruler of the Castle played by David Bowie. These demons also guard
the baby that represents the innocent core. Monarch slaves very frequently have castles built
into their internal world. Some slaves will have a whole series of castles, some are King’s
castles, some are Queen’s castles, and some are castle’s shaped liked pyramids with all-seeing
eyes in them. The story line of the movie Labyrinth is that the girl, Sarah, searches for her baby
brother, Toby, who is captive in a castle in a dream world. Actually, this represents an alter
searching for the innocent core from which it split off from. Often the core (the original innocent
child personality which split off personalities in order to remain innocent is locked up in the
castle by the programmer who serves as Master of the castle. Often in deprogramming, the
core is taken to a castle dungeon in a terrible backup program called the princess program
which was just described on a previous page. The princess programming (which is a back up
program) functions, when the regular programming goes down (which is rare). When the
Princess back-up program kicks in the toad is kissed, the princess core is woke up, etc. etc.
Parts of the Princess program seem portrayed towards the end of the movie. In the movie,
David Bowie, who in real life was a satanist & a rock star who committed suicide, plays the part
of the Master of the Castle. The girl soon goes into the dream world (internal world of her mind).
She must go through a labyrinth if she wants to get to the castle. Although the movie is fiction, it
is close enough to how a Monarch’s mind thinks, that an adult Monarch slave might well have
his or her programming reinforced if they saw this film. It also would trigger many Monarch
slaves and create fear in them. Monarch slaves have many clocks built into their systems. They
have internal clock makers and internal clock keepers. In the movie, clocks pop up everywhere
just like in a Monarch’s mind. Some Monarch slaves are programmed to see their internal world,
and others are programmed not to be able to see their internal world. In other words, many
Monarchs may not have the ability to see a great deal at first of this programming due to further
programming, and yet these images work in the deep recesses of their minds to keep their
minds within the confines of the programming. David Bowie has the magical ability to rearrange
time on the clocks. The handlers often mess with the internal and external clocks of a slave, so
that the slave is disoriented about what time it is. Alters within a Monarch system are not
allowed to stray from the path assigned to them. If they try to move out of their assigned spot in
the mind, then they encounter traps, mazes, tunnels and demons just like in the movie
Labyrinth. An internal world of a Monarch’s mind will have brick walls, doors and vortex tunnels
just like in the movie. When the girl falls into a vortex, she has magician hands all over her.
Monarch victims speak of what vortexes are like and they often describe hands coming out of
no where. The movie begins with an oak tree. The oak tree is an important part of the Illuminati
programming. The Master programmer in the castle, wearing a triangle medallion around his
neck and looking veracious (David Bowie) sings, “Voodoo. ..Babes with the power.. .magic
spells…dance magic…slap that baby and make him pay….dance magic, dance magic.”
Cobwebs are built into the Monarch minds, and when an alter goes where it shouldn’t they often
get cobwebbing over them. The tunnels in the movie are full of cobwebs. As the girl moves
forward toward the magic demon-invested Castle she comes across many things–all of which
relate to internal items built into a Monarch slave’s mind. Some of the things are slightly different
in the movie than in a slave’s mind–but the concepts are the same. For instance, the actual
Thor figure looks like the Iron Man of the Wizard of Oz series rather than the iron robot that they
portray. But the match is close enough for the imagery to portray what it is meant to represent.
During programming, bracelets with pieces will be given to the child to teach them how the
alters are to revolve. A bracelet like this is owned by the girl. The girl encounters a dwarf. The
dwarfs in the internal world “mine the jewels” (that is the programming). The Jewels are the
particular programs that run a Monarch system of alters of an MPD (DID) mind. The dwarf in the
movie is told by David Bowie (the Programmer) that he has “lost his Jewels”–that is that he has
lost his programming! The dwarf in the movie decides to help the girl. In Monarch programming
the dwarf helps an alter by bringing it programming! Some help! The goblin (demon) is asked by
the girl to find a portal. The goblin opens a door and it appears to be a broom closet. He opens
it again and it appears as a door. This is the exact way the programming is. Portals and doors in
the internal world have cover stories. At first they look like one thing–but if the mind can get by
the first look–they will turn out in reality to be something else. There is cover programming over
everything–so that the slave doesn’t trust his own mind. For instance, besides lots of clocks
undisguised, clocks are disguised in a System as any object, but they can be recognized by the
trained observer because they are gold colored. In the movie, objects are constantly changing.
Many monarch’s fear the rocks coming alive–just as they do in the movie labyrinth. In the
bottom of the slave’s mind–put in at the deepest hypnotic levels possible are the hell pits. The
movie shows the hell pit and even calls it the “hell pit.” Notice that as she goes into this strange
world that the clocks can be turned around. This is true in the programming. The clocks can be
turned by the programmer so that the slave can be told it is January when it is December. A
cover program can be entered so that the slave has memory of what he was supposed to have
done in December. These false memories are laid in with real torture memories and tied to
emotions. The false memories lack certain characteristics of real memories–and yet still they
can at times be difficult to separate from the true memories, especially if the mind-controlled
slave is in programming. The following is the story line of the movie as it happens in this bizarre
movie. Early in the movie we see a witch with an hour glass. When the girl gets to the castle it is
guarded by a mechanical monster that resembles in some ways Thor of the programming.
Notice that portals and holes open up. When they open up another level, protectors attack them
and they must run back down their tunnel to save themselves. The Monarch slave will get
feelings of being crushed if an alter ventures where it shouldn’t in the mind. When the girl asks
the dwarf “How can I believe anything you say?” She is told, “What choice do you have?” Fire
demons come out dancing. They take out their eyeballs and eat them. They say “Bad luck down
the path.” What the fire demons represent are the Gamma programming and the threats that the
Gamma programming has upon the victim. The programming tells an alter that it will lose its
head or other horrible threat if it doesn’t comply with the programming. “Let’s take off her head”
the fire demons say, as they act out the various programs–decapitation, delimbing, etc. They
also want to throw her into the pit of eternal flames. They go down a chute into the eternal hell
pit. It is even called the eternal pit in the movie! The hell pits of a slave will generally smell like
sulfur–which is exactly what the movie’s hell pit does. A guardian of the pit (looking like a dog)
comes out. Guardians within the Monarch’s mind are generally far more horrifying than this dog.
The guardian must give permission for passage. Another trap appears–as the slave’s internal
world is filled with booby traps. The name of the dog the guardian rides on is Ambrosius, similar
to Ambrosia. A peach with poison is given to the dwarf. The slave is programmed to fear
poisoned fruit. (This is another fairy tale turned into programming.) David Bowie is called an
“adept” who creates dream bubbles. The slave’s mind will have adepts who are the
programmers. The movie s adept puts a princess in a bubble. Then she goes by memory back
to when she was at a Satanic ball where people wear masks of birds, goats, and pigs. Illuminati
ceremonies include balls like this with masks. This Love story is reliving programming of the girl
that she is a Queen, that she is married to Satan, and that this is a bonding ceremony.
Everyone is grabbing her. People who have been to this Illuminati ceremony will recognize it.
Next, she sees mirrors. When she shatters the mirrors (a no-no in the programming) she begins
falling. Generally, if a slave shatters the mirrors in their mind–they fall into suicide programming.
She falls into a junkyard. Then a satanic seed comes alive from her fruit. It is a worm. An old
hag gives her a teddy bear. The programmers and parents of slaves frequently give stuffed
animals. The teddy bear without hands represents to the victim their helplessness. The old hag
says “like a little bunny rabbit…Don’t you…Bitsy Boob” All this is Monarch programming stuff.
Then she sees a book about the labyrinth. The Monarch’s mind has libraries and diagrams of
their own system but these are kept guarded by the mirrors, the demons, and programming.
The girl Sarah finds a book (the files) of how the labyrinth is built. Actually, you can too. If the
original programming was Wizard of Oz programming–then when you looked at the front of the
Wizard of Oz series books you would find a map that helped build the internal world. Some of
the items on that map will likely be found in your Monarch system (but not all). If your Monarch
system has Star Trek programming it is possible they will have an internal world similar to the
diagrams shown in this book where Star Trek programming is covered. In other words, there are
books which do show the labyrinth, just as the movie Labyrinth has Sarah find a book showing
the internal world. But if an alter finds a map, this does not mean the alter can travel freely in its
system’s mind! In working with a mind-controlled slave, we discovered one of the methods to
get over the Wizard of Oz mazes was to fly with the Orks. However, an alter caught in the
mazes was frightened to stay put by the demons that surrounded it. (This is so well portrayed in
Labyrinth.) This happens in real life to Monarch alters which stray into the mazes. They are lost
and then they can’t come out and take the body. They are simply lost in the mind. The old hag
gives her slippers! Slippers are important triggers or cues to go places internally. She is given a
horsey and told she loves it. “Take back the child you have stolen.” A ferris wheel is shown.
(Carrousels were used greatly in programming.) Then she breaks an hour glass. Hour glasses
are internal clocks. Then she encounters levels, doors and tunnels. An Iron robot representing
Thor comes out and bangs bangs bangs. The banging is the split brain headaches that the
internal Thor causes the victim’s mind to experience. A child is placed into the robot. Often
during the programming, child alters are programmed to put on a robot like suit and serve with
other children as clone solders in a clone army. (The sea divers of the Walt Disney movie
“20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” were used to program child alters into how they were to get
into robot suits.) These child alters form armies that attack if an alter tries to fight the
programming. These children alters are like children screaming–it is impossible to reason or
talk to them. Armies of these alters are difficult to stop in the mind. In the programming, the
brave are told they are brave and vice-versa. The character says “I have no courage.” But is
told “You are a man of courage.” More clocks and a bell appears. A red and blue guardian
appear. Perhaps these colors represent the color programming. Rocks and cannons represent
the protectors and the earthquakes they cause internally in a Monarch’s mind. When she enters
the castle it is a carbon copy of Esher’s drawing entitled “Relativity.” (See The Graphic Work of
MC. Esher, figure 67.) She runs up stairs and gets nowhere. Escher’s drawing, according to exprogrammers, are used for programming. The Master sings, “Everything I’ve done, I’ve done for
you.” David appears everywhere from every angle. This is how the internal programmers, which
are clones of the real programmers appear everywhere in the mind of the slave. He sings, “Just
as I can be so cruel…look without your heart beat. ..I must live within you.”
She says, “Give me the child [the core]” and the programmer says, “I have been generous. ..but
I can be so cruel …. I have reordered time…turned the world upside down…all for you.” The
internal and external programmers can be cruel. The victim is trauma bonded to them. They are
cruel and kind to the victim, just like Mengele was to his thousands of victims. The internal
worlds can be turned in a Monarch system, by turning the hour glasses which are on X, Y and Z
The hour glasses are turned with hand signals and codes that are similar to what pilots use to
tell their degree positions in the sky. The programmer sings, “I ask for so little, just let me rule
you, and you can have everything you want…just love me, fear me, and do as I say.” He tells
her that her kingdom is great. Internally alters are given great titles, and are made queens, etc.
Their internal worlds give them all they need, and that the real external world will never
understand them. She is told repeatedly “Your kingdom is great.” “Bow down and worship me,
and you get everything.” At this point she realizes she has dominion over the demons. When
one listens to the programming, it seems that it is powerful and in control. The movie does a
good job of showing how a slave’s mind has both an internal and an external world. A hall
appears with daisies. Daisies were used in programming. When she leaves the internal world,
she finds that the internal world is right there with her in her external world. She is surrounded
by internal cues. Then she embraces and accepts her internal world toward the ending of the
movie. Many systems have an owl in their system which represents the master. In the movie, an
owl representing the master appears at various times & then flies away at the end. Toward the
end the Master sings, “Power of Voodoo…” The internal world is full of goblins, dwarfs, worms, a
hat, door knockers, Fury 1,2,3,4,5 and many other things. Ravens are in the movie. In real life,
the programmers take alter fragments, which are splits which are not developed into full blown
personalities and they program them to have a single task, for instance to think they are a raven
and to bite the body when ever they take the body. Whole flocks of demons which take the form
of ravens may wait inside the mind waiting for their release to bite the body. When triggered by
the internal programmers when an alter crosses the boundaries set down by the programming,
a flock of ravens may come forward and “take the body” (as they say in MPD) of the slave and
the Monarch slave will bite his or her flesh and viciously tear it with its teeth. By watching the
movie Labyrinth, and using this as a guide, the viewer will begin to understand the horror and
control that the internal world holds over the alters of a Monarch slave. Few Monarch slaves
ever tell other people what is going on in their minds, now you have been privileged to find out.
To learn this much for a Monarch slave comes with a high price. The price is paid by reliving for
a second time what has been done to them, fighting off the suicide programs that click on when
the slave’s mind disobeys. The slave must also fight off torture memories that recycle. These
torture memories are activated by the programming when an alter disobeys its programming. As
one Monarch survivor described it to me, “This all can be wrapped up by defining it as the
raping of the body, soul and spirit.”
The original Monarch programming often used the Wizard of Oz books and film as the basic
programming. The Alice and Wonderland story then was overlaid, along with many other
fictional fairy tales to complete the Mind Control of a Monarch Mind-controlled slave. However,
in recent years a superior story line has appeared. It has more flexibility and more secrecy. This
is the Star Trek series. In recent years, Star Trek is being used as a basis of programming.
Those who are programmed with Star Trek programming can attend annual Star Trek
Conventions which are held in New York City since 1972. The child’s mind is tortured until the
point they will accept anything. They are told to build certain structures in their mind. These
structures may be castles, or rivers or submarines or airfields, etc. In the case of Star Trek
programming they have detailed maps and diagrams that have been created to go along with
the Star Trek program. (The real reason or the ulterior motive of these Star Trek maps was to
create a blueprint for programming. Some pages of these are included for you to look at.) Then
particular alters are placed within these structures, and they are hypnotically given cues that will
pull them to the front of the mind when the alpha-numeric cue is said. Many of the more secret
alters can only be accessed by a combination of several different cues which go to different
senses–such as the person must be in a corner contacting 3 points, a certain ring must be
turned & a certain code said for the alter to come forth. The advantages of the Star Trek story
line is that a. almost any type of scenario can be fit into the programming script because the
Star Trek characters in the series, encounter about anything imaginable, b. have holograms,
which can serve as substitutes for mirror images in the programming, c. alien programming can
be introduced in order to promote the mock alien invasion being planned by the Illuminati, and
d. the Star Trek series has its own language which can be used for trigger codes, which
Monarch slaves can study, and learn. The use of this klingon language will make it very difficult
for ordinary people to break into the slave’s programming. Michael Aquino, Satanist and Colonel
in the U.S. army, has enjoyed using Star Wars for programming. Aquino wrote his own version
of the Star Wars, which he uses for programming. The programmer becomes Darth Vader,
which then is reproduced as an alter within the victim. In the Star Trek series, Data was a
dehumanized “person” who stored vast amounts of information. Monarch slaves are always
created with libraries, and volumes of information. This information is stored in various ways
and can be retrieved in a variety of ways. Data of Star Trek lends himself to become the model
for an alter of a Monarch system to copy. In other words the child is shown Data, and is steered
in the right direction to create an internal person named Data. Any child if it is drugged, tortured,
threatened with death if they don’t follow directions, with weakened and confused minds will get
to the point where the child will create a Data alter in its mind, rather than die. Once in place,
the Data alter will think of itself as the movie character. Every time the child sees Star Trek or
pictures of Data, it will reinforce the programming. The transformer room technique of beaming
in Star Trek is what magicians have tried to do for centuries and which has been called “bilocation-physical projection” as well as other things. This is said in magic to be mental control
over the molecules of the body via demonic power. Whether magicians have ever done this,
who knows, some certainly claim the power. The Illuminist is a power structure placed into
some Monarch slaves. It is constructed from parts of numerous demons, rather like a demonic
Frankenstein, & is portrayed in Star Trek, the Next Gener. as the crystalline body. A cartoon
series was created for Star Trek. In this series, children watch such things as Kirk in a magical
universe of Megas-tu which has a Guardian of Forever. Two other spin-out shows were Deep
Space Nine and S.T. Voyager. In other words, a child could watch 5 different Star Trek series. If
the child’s parents had cable T.V. the child be virtually immersed into the various Star Trek
shows. Unfortunately, some of the children who have been programmed with this are doing
exactly that.Fritz has personally worked with someone who has Star Trek programming. They
sit for hours and immerse themselves totally into all kinds of Star Trek details. We have two Star
Trek Technical Manuals. Fritz’s father is an engineer and designed quite a few things. Fritz
himself has worked as a manual/computer draftsperson for the Federal Highway Administration
as well as for his father off and on over the years. Based on that experience, he realizes the
enormous amount of work that went into these Technical Manuals for the Star Trek series is
simply mindboggling. One manual is 183 pages and the other is in the neighborhood of 250
pages. The amount of engineering and computer drafting that went into these manuals is
astonishing. Why did someone go to such extremes? These manuals are as good as if NASA
were planning to build an Enterprise spaceship. The plans are done more professionally than
engineering designs that we have seen groups like the United Nations drawing up. Why did all
this engineering, design and drafting happen for a fictional T.V. show? To create a book to sell?
The books.. could hardly be best sellers. One originally sold for $13 U.S. and the other for
$6.95. One reason so much work and money was put into these Technical Manuals is that they
are used for programming helpless victims of the Monarch Mind-Control.
TO THE PROGRAMMING. The Technical (or Training) Manual pages are coded.
Exhibit 1. Star Fleet Technical Order. (TM:379260-1) This page show codes on the far left that
are similar to the type of codes used in Monarch access codes. Alters are trained to take the
body upon the proper access code. Also certain activities or programs can be triggered by
codes also.

Exhibit 2. Uniform Color Code. (TM:379260-0) In creating a System within the slave’s mind,
geometric shapes are used. Within these shapes a number of worlds or universes will be
created. These worlds can be 3-D. That means when building them in the child’s mind they can
have height, depth, and width. One system which I have seen several times in slaves has been
a 13 x 13 x 13 cube. In order to give another dimension and to give the programmers the ability
to tie different things in different parts of the system together–the programmers use color
coding. Each alter will receive a color code. I am familiar with the standard color coding
program, and how it is put into the child’s mind. Dr. Green (Mengele) used a box of colored
scarfs and electroshock to program in the color coding into victim’s mind. Besides alters, other
things in the system may be color coded also. Let’s say as Programmers we place hidden
observers on each level, system or world. Then we can tie those isolated alters together by
color coding them the same. During the programming, computers are built into the mind to
operate the programming, and they send their signals according to color coding.

(TM379260-2) This is just one of a number of maps that go with the Star Trek programming.
During the programming (which is sophisticated torture of all kinds backed up w/ drugs) the
child’s mind will be encouraged to psychotically build worlds in his or her mind. These worlds
are built with vortexes, mine fields, and in the case of Star Trek programming Radiation zones.
If an alter would attempt to wander from its assigned spot in the mind, it will run into Radiation
zones, walls, and other barriers. These zones are built into the mind, to insure that the multiple
personalities do not contact each other. Aliens and holograms protect certain areas and prevent
personalities from freely moving around in the mind. These “aliens” are placed into the victim’s
mind by high level demonology–in other words they are not aliens–they are demons which
have been brought in by high level rituals.

Exhibit 4. 4.1 COMPUTER SYSTEM (p.50) The first thing created are the multiple personalities.
Then these personalities are placed into a structured system. To operate that structured system
and to insure compliance the Monarch programmer will put in what is called Omega
programming. Omega programming consists of computers, wiring, conduits and cords. The
most important part are the computers. These computers contain the instructions, and they are
controlled by internal programmers who may be alters or who may be high level demons. The
aliens (demons) who are placed strategically in the mind to keep the Omega programming
intact are put in by sophisticated high level demonology. The high level demonology part of the
programming is the most secret and it is termed Gamma programming. This is a diagram which
could be used to help build into the child’s mind a computer. In the early programming, a little
girl while being tortured would be shown a multi-roomed dollhouse. The rooms would each have
a separate color. The rooms would be linked in the child’s mind to computers. In other words–
the dollhouse structure was the structure the computers used. In the Star Trek programming,
the modern child simply is given a multi-roomed computer like the one drawn.

Exhibit 5. TM:379260-3 ENGINEERING MAIN BRIDGE SECTION. Various methods of
communication and travel within a Monarch system’s mind will be built in. Various alters are
allowed contact with other alters. Portals and one-way mirrors or one-way windows are built in
also. In order to teach an alter to come to the front of the mind, an airplane taking off on a
runway might be used as a visual aid to teaching how to leave the alters cubicle in the mind and
come forward to take the body. Various internal communication system’s can be built into the
System. The training manual is full of many possible communication and locomotion devices,
and this is just one of a whole number of items that could be incorporated into a Monarch child’s
mind as it is programmed.

Exhibit 6. pg. 82. UTILITIES. The brain stems are scarred on babies and when the body
rebuilds itself it overcompensates and the brain gets an incredible memory. Monarch slaves
with scarred brain stems are running the computer systems for the New World Order. If the
slave has a photographic memory as many of them do, then a specific chart like this utility chart
could function as the blueprint for the mind when it creates its power packs. Power packs, and
energy cells (sometimes put in like light bulbs) run the computers which are built into the slave’s
mind. This is part of what is called the Omega programming.

Exhibit 7. TM:379260-2 S.I.N.S. Base Datum. This is a coordinate system. In the early years the
Monarch systems were built with 3 hour glasses each spinning on a x,y, or z axis. The hour
glasses could be turned and in so doing the entire system of alters could be turned. Let’s say
that we have a slave and we have created great Christian front alters. Now, we decide that the
time has come to use the dark Satanic alters full time. Since the dark alters are hidden at the
bottom of the system, we need to rotate the System 180 degrees so that the Satanic alters are
now on top. Now the Satanic alters will receive extra energy to be out holding the body full time.
This SINS Base Datum is a way of making a coordinate system for a Monarch System. Certain
codes would then be given the System to make a shift when the handler needs to turn a

Exhibit 8. Click “Exhibit 8” to read a part of the article.
Darth Vader cover of Warren Magazine, plus the next two pages. This final exhibit consists of
not one but 3 pages which are the first 3 pages of a article written by Michael Aquino. This
article is Michael Aquino’s own version of Star Wars.
It is this version that he wrote and then used to program Monarch Mind-Controlled slaves.
Actually to give credit where credit is due, an army colonel (who has since moved to Santa Fe,
NM) at the Army’s War College worked with Michael Aquino at designing mind-control
programming around the Star War’s script.
By Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler
Early on it was discovered that the brain would overcompensate for scarring on the brain stem. This is a
principle similar to weight lifting. By tearing down the muscle fiber by overexertion, the body rebuilds
the muscle stronger. By scarring the brain stem, it -was discovered that geniuses who had photographic
memories could be created. Brain stem scarring was used to create the whiz kids that the NWO needed to
run their big computers. For instance, the computers that just NASA alone uses require people who can
SA Machine Language, SEMANOL, SNOBEL, UNIX, WANG, ZBIE. It takes a good memory to
remember computer languages and programming. These whiz kids, who were both programmed with
Monarch programming and had their brain stems scarred can be seen in some of the University computer
departments and the intelligence/military agencies’ computers rooms.
For instance, at Ft. Meade, the NSA has 2 buildings which contain a completely self-sufficient
intelligence operation. (The complex has its own stores, bank, dry cleaning, dentistry, barber shop, PX,
hospital, as well as the normal snackbars and cafeteria that Federal buildings often have.) This complex
which is internally guarded by cameras watching all the corridors, has several major computer rooms
where whiz kids are employed. Movement by these whiz kids, requires that they have the proper I.D.
attached to them. The CIA which has had an ongoing project to create them, has called them “Compukids.” Some of the elevators are private and operate only with the proper key. The NSA’s computers
participate in electronically watching the world. Another example of where compu-kids (slaves with
scarred brain stems) work on big computers (incl. a Beast computer) is at Area 51 (Dreamland), NV.
The method of scarring the reticular formation of the brain stem is accomplished electronically. The RNA
piles up and breaks the continuity of the signals coming through. Different people’s bodies are able to
tolerate different levels of abuse. Many of the brain stem scarring victims die, or end up with a pseudoMultiple Sclerosis. Many children are coming into hospitals and being misdiagnosed as having Multiple
Sclerosis when in fact they are damaged from programming and brain stem scarring. If the victim is
successfully given a photographic memory through their entire alter system due to brain stem scarring,
then they are often programmed to see what are called “hieroglyphics” (that is the cover name) which is
really just the ‘Intergalactic Language” that NASA developed in the 1960s and then turned around and
used to program slaves with photographic memories. Under the cover of research projects like N67-3042
(17 p. 3022) “Language structure and message decoding for interplanetary decoding.” in 1967 and N65-
32284 20-3414 in 1965 entitled “Symbol science for communication language of humans, animals, and
inanimate objects –application to mathematics, cybernetics, and automation.” The actual study no. or no.s
for the Intergalactic Language is not known, but they should appear somewhere in the voluminous
scientific and Technical Aerospace Reports that NASA puts out each year. The script of this language
was shown in the beginning credits of the strange movie Lawnmower Man. Some of the symbols are
similar to Ascii Computer language (which is a language that interfaces with many other computer
languages, so that one language can be translated into another language.) The Monarch slaves are told
that this is an alien language.
(Lost Picture)
Another method that has also been used to enhance memory is hypnosis. Estabrooks was able in the
1930s to create Multiple personalities via hypnosis and get incredible mental feats accomplished by those
parts which were asked under hypnosis to have photographic memories.
Still another method is to place small transceivers into the head or body of the person. These implants
have been attached in the neck or other places, and have been connected to various parts of the brain.
They have literally created what the movies called “terminal man.” This has allowed special intelligence
agents to be linked to large computers. The intelligence asset can get continuous information on anything
the intelligence agencies have managed to get into their large computers. Brain implants can down load
incredible amounts of information to the brain, however, the ability to use this information wisely is still a
skill. Having a library of information available doesn’t necessarily mean a person is wiser. For more on
slave-computer interfacing see the index for information on ALEX, Amalgamated Logarithmic Encrypted
Transmissions, and UNIX systems which are used to tie the Monarch Mind to computers.
Drugs and torture are also used to enhance memory. Brain stem scarring is not the only method to
enhance memory, but it has been a “highly successful” (if one doesn’t count all the ruined lives when it’s
failed) method. MPD also naturally increases the brain’s functioning several fold, and can help give
photographic memories. In review, drugs, torture, hypnosis and MPD all work to enhance memory. Most
slaves have some photographic memory capability. The most serious form of memory enhancement is
brain stem scarring, which produces a strong system-wide photographic memory.
The brain is “bicameral” or two-sided. The two-sides (called hemispheres) communicate via a
superpowerful connector called the corpus callosum. The left hemisphere is specialized in verballinguistic transduction of speech and analytical thinking (logic, math, cause & effect, language, &
sequential thinking). The right side plays more of a role in holistic-metaphorical information transduction
such as imagery (art, dance, intuition, subjective, spontaneous, holistic, & dream imagery). The primary
role of creating imagery is carried out by the right side. Roger Sperry, a neuroscientist won a Nobel Prize
for feeding information to only one side of the brain, and also for feeding simultaneously both sides of the
brain different information. His results showed that the two hemispheres could operate separately at the
same time. We hate to rewrite history, but the work that won Sperry a Nobel Prize was being done to
unwilling human victims before his publicly known experiments. Sperry’s research left people wondering
if it wasn’t possible to have one personality located in one hemisphere, and another person in the other.
Psychologist Julian Jaynes wrote a book arguing that mankind used to have two personalities before the
two hemispheres evolved an ability to integrate. (His book is The Origin of Consciousness in the
Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind.) Before the public had heard about the ability of the two hemispheres
to work independently, the Illuminati and MK-Ultra programmers were carrying out split brain
programming, by two methods,

  1. shutting down one side and communicating only with one side of the brain, and
  2. by simultaneously feeding different information to each hemisphere.
    This is often done by the victim being locked in place with their eyes forced open, and different movies
    shown simultaneously to both eyes. This creates a form of split brain programming. High speed films
    will be shown with one hemisphere receiving horror scenes and the other getting family settings. This
    makes the two hemispheres work separately and the victim feel crazy. The mind feels ripped apart. One
    hemisphere is trying to dissociate and is having a miserable experience, while the other side is
    experiencing something just the opposite. When high speed films are shown for split brain programming,
    the films are shown in 5 minute increments. Front alters may be shown good films to make them believe
    they live in a perfect world with a good family life. Right side satanic alters may receive horror films
    shown via the left eye. The right side of the brain doesn’t verbalize well, so this is one reason slaves have
    emotions without the ability to verbalize.
    A possible third method is to use drugs that block the two hemispheres from communicating.
    A fourth method in split brain work is to speak into the left ear while giving the right ear confusing noise.
    This last method is sometimes done to force alters to concentrate when learning scripts.
    The split brain programming done by the Illuminati is grotesque. A drug is injected at the base of the
    skull into one hemisphere of the brain to shut it down, while the other hemisphere is kept awake. Torture
    is then carried out to split the mind. What this does is create programs and alters which are associated
    with only half of the brain. The brain is being further divided from itself. Work is done by the
    Programmers to develop the thinking of alters from one side of the brain to think differently from those of
    the other side. Split brain programming is not just hypnosis, as some have been led to believe. Split brain
    programming provides the Programmers one way to keep the left hand from knowing what the right hand
    is doing. It also gives them the ability to put in body programs or memories which effect only half of the
    victim’s body.
    When one hemisphere is dominating in what the brain is doing, the opposite nostril will open and take in
    air. When the right hemisphere is doing most of the thinking, the left nostril will be doing most of the
    breathing. Voluntary changes in nostril breathing can help shift the center of brain activity from one side
    of the brain to the other. When a person lays on his side, the downward side hemisphere will be activated,
    because the top nostril will breath best. The control of nasal breathing has been part of the Yogi’s art to
    achieve samadhi. The distinctions between the two hemispheres or two brains are used by the occult
    world. Moriah values the intuitiveness of the right hemisphere. As one Illuminati mind-control
    programmer said, “It’s the right brain that has an in-built propensity for accessing timelessness. There is
    bound to be some unconscious prompting therefore that alerts us to the imminence of forthcoming
    disaster, that is, if we are sufficiently sensitive to its message….unless we have the wisdom, the soul age,
    to affect the use of those additional facilities (to access right brain knowledge) we will find our
    intelligence sadly limited to the left brain logic of the material world.” While this book is not about occult
    philosophy, occult philosophy is part of the motivation behind some of the split brain work.
    In order for the Illuminati to create alters which are highly intuitive and which are able to access the
    higher demonic spheres, they need to shut down the logic hemisphere. When the left hemisphere is shut
    down, then the right brain (which controls the left hand and left side of the body, i.e. the left hand path) is
    able to function without competition. The victim must be able to get in touch fully with his or her
    intuitive side to go into the “spiritual dimensions” where demons exist. This is very nasty work, because
    this split brain work involves high level demonology. Most of the deeper Illuminati alters are right brain
    alters so that they will be very spiritually intuitive. The Lesser Key of Solomon is an important teaching
    book of the Illuminati. It states, “An adept enters an abnormal plane and equips himself to ‘charge’ with
    magical energy the pentacle and talismans.” The training that this takes is called “training of the higher
    will” and split brain programming is part of how it is accomplished.
    Medical science has been probing the gray matter that makes up the human brain for several hundred
    years and they continue to probe it. With the use of various new techniques they can look inside the
    human brain in ways that were not available before. An enzyme called horseradish peroxidase (HRP)
    which serves as a marker or highlighter allows brain researchers to visually look at brain cells on
    functioning brains. Researchers such as Frank Putnam, at the National Institute of Mental Health, have
    taken PET scans of the brains of people with multiple personalities, whose brain scans from one alter
    personality to another are very different. This doesn’t occur in non-multiple people who pretend to have
    different personalities. The brain scans have shown that brains with multiple personalities are physically
    different than other people’s brains. The different personalities are often in different neurophysiological
    states. Medical science has helped the programmers put people into different neurophysiological states for
    programming. Some of these states are dangerous unless trained medical personnel are available to insure
    the victim doesn’t die. Which, according to ex-Programmers, does happen anyway. Medical science has
    identified glutamate which is an amino acid as an important neurotransmitter involved with memory
    storage. However, after countless tests and all types of research, we still do not know completely how the
    brain stores memory. However, the NWO’s Network understands far more than they have let the public
    Having the medical know-how doesn’t get the job done in itself. Obviously, the Network has needed to
    have both hospitals and trained medical personnel. Having skilled workers is part of the success of the
    Monarch Programming. For instance, the simple interpretation of Alpha BFT instruments, requires that
    the operator be able to understand what is background interference. Everywhere the instrument is located
    there is going to be some amount of background interference. Only the good operators can realize when a
    pseudo-alpha wave has been produced, perhaps from the child sweating in the location of the electrode, or
    hair movements, or eye blinks or twitching. The Illuminati has their own midwifery training program,
    which will take teenage Monarch slaves and train them.
    They also begin training their people in programming and observation from infancy up. By the time they
    are an adult, the programming alters know programming as second nature. They have no shortages of
    doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, and other well educated people. If they have to save an important Monarch
    slave, they may fly in a specialist from wherever the right specialist is. When it comes to research, some
    of it done by professionals who don’t realize how their research is going to be used. Many researchers are
    great on seeing detail, but not the bigger picture. They usually don’t realize how their research is going to
    be misused, and are very gullible people. The CIA finds that the researcher is quick to justify in his or her
    mind the moral value of the research they are doing. Many members of the Illuminati are involved in
    secret genetic research. Having control over numerous big hospitals, is an important link in the ability of
    the Network to program so many people successfully. Medical personnel are participating in acts that
    help mind-control. One Christian nurse quit the University Hospital here, because newborns are secretly
    being given implants. A few years ago, it was discovered that The Upjohn, an American multinational
    company was involved in placing radiotransmitting material in with their liquid cortisone preparation
    Depomedrone, which created an implant when medical personnel put Depomedrone into their patients.
    Histamine is a chemical (a particular molecule) which the body uses to defend against alien cells. It also
    has the ability to lower blood pressure and to flare up the skin.
    The auditory sense can effect histamine production via programming. Histamine is a molecule which is
    part of the immune system. Changes in histamine levels effect moles. It effects skin changes in scars. This
    is how the abusers can magically make scars appear and disappear, which makes the programming seem
    even more real to alters. The abusers like to create invisible scars that form patterns and pictures. The
    most popular is the Baphomet head (which stands for Satan). Upon command they can trigger the skin to
    make these scars visible. If one pricks someone’s skin with a needle having histamine on the tip, it will
    cause the skin to flare up red. Biofeedback has allowed people to mentally talk to their skin. Hypnosis has
    controlled people’s immune system. States of mind effect the immune system. Somehow a combination
    of these is used to allow the handler upon command to trigger the correct state of mind within the victim
    to increase histamine production within the skin area.
    The bone marrow of the body produces stem cells. The stem cells are capable of growing into many
    different types of cells. First, the stem cells grow into some basic different cells and those in turn grow
    some more and further differentiate. For instance, a stem cell can become a myeloid, which can become a
    polymorpho nuclear granulocyte which in turn can become a basophil or mast cell. Both basophils and
    mast cells are leukocytes and they are part of the body’s immune system. Both basophils and mast cells
    are carriers of histamine. Histamine does several things in the body. Histamine causes dilation of blood
    vessels, and it allows blood vessels to become permeable (leaky so to speak) which allows other
    chemicals and fluid to go through the blood vessels into the area between cells and tissues.
    All CNS (Central Nervous System) cells of the body have receptors that the histamine can attach itself to
    like a ship docking. When cells are damaged, or alien cells enter the body, the basophils and mast cells
    release their histamine. For the body to have more histamine, it must increase the number of basophils
    and mast cells. This can be accomplished by changing the ratio of stem cells that develop into other types
    of cells. The core of the histamine molecule is an ethylamine. Antihistamines are molecules that resemble
    histamines enough that they can attach themselves to the histamine receptors on regular cells and prevent
    the histamine molecules from attaching. If the histamine molecules don’t attach, the body disposes of
    them. The point being that histamine remains in the skin only so long before the body disposes of it.
    Histamine levels in the body can raise IF the cells which carry the histamine are increased.
    (Lost Picture)
    It is believed that breast implants have some kind of effect on raising histamine production levels in the
    body. Whether these breast implants are identical to what all breast implants are, or whether they have
    something special to agitate the body into higher immune cells’ production of the mast cell & basophils
    type is not known. However, there seems to be some relationship between the Network’s need to raise
    histamine production in their slaves, and the breast implants that they are putting in them. Putting the
    pieces together leads one to believe that the implants agitate the body’s immune system into raising the
    level of its histamine carrying cells. A number of women who have gotten implants speak about an
    increase in allergies. The allergic reaction is caused by high levels of histamine. Whether this happens to
    some or many is not known at the time this is written.
    The three big Illuminati chemical companies are I.G. Farben, DuPont, and Dow Chemical. Dow
    Chemical began research with implanting silicon in 1956. After 35 years of studies in which they
    implanted thousands of various animals with silicon, the company knew exactly what silicon would do in
    the human body. The FDA had public hearings in 1992 where internal documents of the Dow Chemical
    Co. were released which showed that the company knew all along that their breast implants were very
    dangerous, years before they put them on the market. There is an incredible search going on for an antisilicon antibody so that they can clean up the mess they have created in millions of people who have
    silicon implants. The immediate chest wall and area around the breast implant gets highly agitated. The
    silicon leaks through the membrane, and then causes great difficulties in the body. Many of the female
    Monarch slaves have received breast implants.
    Researchers have come a long way toward understanding the mind. They have discovered, for instance,
    that under stress the brain will convert nerve signals into “messenger molecules” who then in turn direct
    the endocrine system to produce steroid hormones, that can reach the nucleus of various cells and cause
    them to change how the body’s genes are written out. These genes will then direct the cells as to how to
    make a variety of molecules which are used in growth, metabolism, sexuality, and the immune systems.
    In other words, the mind can rewrite genetics. This was the secret that helped get the Monarch program
    off to its scientific foundation. Now the actual mechanics of this have been observed by researchers.
    One of the leaders in understanding the mind-body relationship was Franz Alexander. [Dr.] Black was
    one of the researchers into how hypnosis can be used to regulate the body and the body’s functions such
    as the immune system. Ken Bowers also worked in this area. Dr. S.M. Lambert of the Rockefeller
    Foundation studied how voodoo could cause death by creating certain thoughts in the mind. Most of the
    research in this area was monitored, if not sponsored by the Intelligence agencies under the auspices of
    the Illuminati. The Hypothalamus bridges the mind and the body. It works as part of the Limbichypothalamic system. This system is a determining center for what state of mind the brain is placed in.
    The immune system communicates directly with the hypothalamus part of the brain with its own
    “messenger molecules” known as “immunotransmitters”. This then is the mind-brain link that the
    Monarch programmers have taken so much advantage of.
    Barbara Brown, a physiologist at Veteran’s Administration Hospital (in Sepulveda) wrote a book New
    Mind, New Body. Barbara Brown’s research was government funded. Her book got the public interested
    in biofeedback. Because of repeated success at getting patients to control such things as their heartbeat,
    Dr. Brown is convinced that a person’s heart rate, breathing, muscle tension, glandular responses are all
    subject to a person’s will. Those who have worked with victims of U.S. government MK Ultra mind
    control know that what Dr. Brown writes is correct and was known years before she published her book.
    Biofeedback is now required training in some prisons for some inmates.
    It is clear from the final results that Monarch slaves have programming which can carry out the following
    Control the pulse rate and heart beat,
    Control the body’s temperature
    Control the temperature of individual body parts or sides of the body–such as the right side of the body
    might get hot, and the left side of the body get ice cold. Fritz has observed this by touching the left and
    right sides of a victim who was burning hot on the right and ice cold on the left.
    The secretions of various enzymes and histamine production has been trained into the victims and
    attached to various body programs to keep the slave in line. Histamine production appears to be regulated
    via surgery carried out on women’s breast. It appears, but hasn’t been confirmed, that the surgery where
    breast implants are placed into female Monarch slaves plays some role in histamine production &
    programmed control.
    Allow the body to pretend that it is dead, when actually it is in an altered state similar to being comatose.
    The internal defenses consist, in part, of body programs that are triggered if the Mind-controlled slave
    steps out of line. Here is a good list of some of these body programs:
    Auditory problems,
    a Bone disorder,
    Blood flow/circulation,
    Coma (zombie death sleep which makes victim appear dead),
    Digestive failure,
    Headaches-split brain,
    Heart failure,
    Histamine production,
    Optic problems such as blindness,
    Respiratory failure,
    Sleep deprivation,
    Sleeping program, and
    Temperature change.
    Body programs will be put in across the board for all alters. The same code will work for all alters when
    the internal programming alters want to trigger a body program. If a body program is placed into the slave
    it may be anchored to something, and that might be something as drastic as the heartbeat. One of the
    programs causes the victim to hear a heartbeat which is refrained in their minds as the “heartbeat of
    Satan.” Some of the body programs are carried out by creating an alter which has one mental state–such
    as an alter fragment which is burning or one that was created by ice torture. This alter or this feeling of
    being hot or cold, is then attached to something in the mind.
    For instance, if the victim moves toward the world, a cold alter or a cold feeling of a memory is
    hypnotically programmed to come up behind the alter holding the body. Sometimes the sensation of
    burning can be eliminated by getting a firechild to back up from the front of the mind where another alter
    is holding the body. Many feelings, body sensations, and drugged states are attached to programs. When
    the alter hits a stringer, he will go through a series of memories, false memories, hypnotic commands,
    and body sensations that have been attached together in stringers. The stringer type of programming is
    often put in to set in a front program which is to deceive an alter.
    The abilities of the human brain to control the body have been seriously underrated by people. Biofeedback researchers in the 1960s were surprised to find out that if a single nerve cell’s activity is placed
    upon a screen so that the subject can see its activity graphed, the subject will be able to mentally identify
    that cell apart from any other nerve fiber cell, and will be able to have voluntary control over that single
    cell apart from any other. Just to show how complex the body is, a single nerve fiber cell will have 600
    connections. This mental feat is simply mind-boggling for researchers.
    The March 5, 1972 L.A. Times reported that patients were being taught how to alter their heart rate
    without drugs. This had already been happening within the Monarch Programming. The heart is
    controlled by the mind and works with the emotions of a person. There have been people who have
    literally died from a “broken heart.” This is a historical fact. The Monarch programmers have long been
    taking advantage of the mind’s ability to control the heart’s beating. A tiny little bit of tissue not really
    visible to the visible eye called the sinus node, sends out electrical signals that regulate and initiate heart
    beats in an unbroken rhythm. The genetic code concerning the body’s metabolism and the genetic code
    for the sinus node somehow get the entire heart beat generator mechanism started. Two areas of the brain
    control the changes in heart beats that the sinus node would make.
    The sinus node sends out the signals but it doesn’t change the rate. A very primitive part of the brain stem
    is one of the control areas, and the other control area along the spine. Both of these areas connect to the
    higher thinking areas of the brain. The three most frequent events that change heart beat are emotions,
    sicknesses, and muscle activity. Since the will influences emotions, the higher brain can control the heart
    beat and its pulse. Alters are programmed so that they will trance out if anyone tries to prove to them that
    they have a heart–which they have been programmed to believe was taken away from them by the
    programmer. The occult world learned this ability from the Indian yogis who have been controlling their
    hearts for centuries. Some have even shown in the scientific laboratory that they can stop their hearts for
    up to 30 seconds. (See Dr. Elmer Green of Menninger Foundation’s work.)
    The yogi’s also developed the skill of changing their body temperatures. For instance, Swami Rama in
    the lab of Dr. Elmer Green could make one side of his palm hot and the other side of his palm cold simply
    by mental efforts. This type of body control was learned by the Illuminati years ago, and has been applied
    to the Monarch programming to make the programming lies seem more real to the victim than the outside
    world. A Monarch slave can get cold on the left side and burn on the right side of his body. It has been
    well-documented that the mind can control the blood flow to various tissues and in this way change
    temperature in various different parts of the body. This was first reported to the public in 1978 (Barabasz
    & McGeorge). It appears that a combination of yogi type bio-feed back techniques along with classical
    behavior conditioning is able to account for some of the body programs in slaves.
    Other body programs appear to be connected to the memories of alters. For instance, if the Programmer
    wants the body to burn, he has the System pull up an alter which was tortured with fire who comes up
    behind the alter holding the body, and the body then abreacts and feels like it is burning. As mentioned,
    one technique is the split-brain programming where the functioning of the two hemispheres of the brain
    are separated, which allows the patient to feel the “right hand path” and the “left hand path” separately.
    This type of programming is very powerful in making the programming script seem more real than
    outside reality.
    High blood pressure or hypertension has been found to be largely a function of the mind. However,
    conventional medicine has ignored this for years, and has a large volume of confusing and misleading
    research to the opposite. Rather, than admit the cause, the medical establishment has labeled the largest
    percentage of hypertension cases as “essential” or “idiopathic” which are labels to cover up that they
    don’t know (or refuse to recognize) the cause of the high blood pressure. At any rate, the cardiovascular
    systems (heart and blood vessels, etc.) is so complex that it has been very difficult for researchers to get a
    grasp on many issues involved in blood pressure such as the release of hormones into the blood, and the
    result of long term stress on the cardiovascular system.
    When tests show that the stress of unemployment increases high blood pressure problems among men, it
    would seem that the medical establishment would begin to see the link that the mind has with controlling
    blood pressure. Again bio-feedback and classic conditioning have been successfully used to radically
    change a subject’s blood pressure. This along with the ability to go into deep trances, are abilities that the
    Monarch slave is programmed to have to control their blood pressure. Again the question may be, “why
    would they condition a slave this way?” Because, if the Master can call out a hypnotic trigger and change
    the slave’s heart beat and blood pressure, does the reader see how the “puppet-like” the slave feels? The
    slave’s mind and body are literally owned by the master. The slave is not even allowed to control his own
    body. This is what total mind-control is all about.
    The medical profession uses the term “pathways” to describe the ways the mind creates biochemical and
    physiological changes. In other words, how does the mind consciously decide to change its body? When
    medical researchers began to understand how the two hemispheres worked, they began to understand
    better how to facilitate mind-to-body communication so that they could program the slave’s mind to
    control its body. One of the better books on this subject is The Psychobiology of Mind-Body Healing by
    Ernest Lawrence Rossi.
    Rossi and Erickson devised a three-stage approach to accessing the person’s inner resources for therapy.
    This type of hypnotic-induced healing is a clue to part of how the Body programs are structured in for
    body control by the programming. What some use for good, is used by others for evil. During the
    hypnotic work, Rossi uses what is called the “inner mind” of the person. For instance, to get a person to
    stop bleeding, indirect hypnotic suggestions are made in the following 3 stages,
    a. a time-binding introduction of “Why don’t you stop bleeding? Now!”
    b. there is an accessing of state-dependent unconscious processes that can control the bleeding, and
    c. there is a response by the person which ratifies that the inner process of stopping the bleeding has
    actually happened.
    The hypothalamus is a very small part of the brain. It is only the size of a pea, but it contains an
    immense amount of important tissues which control all types of inner activities of the body, including the
    endocrine, the immune, the neuropeptide and automatic systems. It is this area of the brain which is
    manipulated by hypnosis. The limbic-hypothalamic system is in a constant process of shifting what state
    of mind the brain is in. There are numerous unconscious and conscious states that can be shifted to. These
    are labeled “psycho-neuro-physiological states” because researchers now realize how a state involves the
    entire person. All learning is associated and depends upon the state it was learned in! A new sense organ
    was discovered, and US. News & World Report, July 19, 1993, p. 61 reported on it. We do not know
    when this tiny sense organ, which is located in the nasal cavity, was discovered by the people doing
    mind-control, but it is already being exploited. This organ responds to chemicals called pheromones,
    which play an important role in human emotions, such as fear, hunger and love. Human skin gives off
    odorless pheromones which other people can detect. Basic human drives are controlled by Pheromones.
    Endorfin is a peptide, of which at least 50 have been charted. By manipulating these chemicals, people
    can be biochemically put into a different state of mind, and victims have been manipulated by these
    These chemicals are being used in conjunction with Virtual Reality to control slaves’ minds. In the
    March-April ‘94 edition of The Futurist the author Glenn F. Cartwright, of McGill University announces
    in his article “Virtual or Real? The Mind in Cyberspace”, “Strangely, the developers of virtual reality
    seem largely unconcerned by the possible dangers inherent in launching individuals into another reality.”
    This is because Virtual Reality is being developed as another tool of mind-control. Computers can
    dynamically control and synchronize all that needs to be coordinated to give someone a virtual reality
    experience. The researchers/programmers are trying to immerse as many of the victim’s senses into their
    virtual reality trip as possible. It becomes almost impossible to distinguish reality from the trip for the
    victim of this type of programming. McGill University, Dr. White’s (Dr. Ewen Cameron) old stomping
    grounds did some virtual reality research. People are now getting involved with what is called MUDs
    (multi-user dungeons) where a person via virtual reality can create a parallel life. Some people are
    spending up to 120 hours a week immersed in their virtual reality second life. In 1992, Internet had 207
    such games. Now the programmed slave only needs to hook into Internet to be programmed. Cartwright’s
    article warns that a person’s ego-center can be projected somewhere else via virtual reality, which
    destabilizes one’s actual understanding of where their own identity is. He also warns that Virtual reality
    will create other personalities. He writes on page 24,
    “Multiple Identities. If it is possible in virtual reality or cyberspace to enter an altered state, become
    disembodied, swap genders, create a virtual ego-center, decenter the self, and assume a different identity,
    then it may also be possible to assume more than one identity at the same time. In this context, the
    exponential increase in multiple-personality disorders in recent decades may be of more than just passing
    interest …. having multiple, serial, and simultaneous personae in cyberspace may not only be possible,
    but may even be encouraged as a part of interacting with others.’’
    Virtual reality via the computer Internet has now become another tool of the Programmers.
    Dissociated tones, beats and music may accompany hypnotic induction drugs. Pulsing beating sounds in
    the ears can change the brain’s waves. It is no secret that music will put someone into an altered state.
    Music will change moods, heart rate, and even one’s state of consciousness. In a home church setting that
    Fritz participated in, the question was asked of a group what they do to overcome depression. Everyone
    present listed “listen to music” as one of the things they do to overcome depression. Sound will change
    body chemistry, blood pressure, breathing and digestion. (See Jacobson, Steven. “Media Mind Control”,
    Media Bypass, Sept. ‘95, pg. 50). To quote Jacobson,
    “Fast music will speed up the nervous system while slow music will slow it down. Sounds vibrate in
    different parts of the body. Low tones will vibrate in the higher portions and on into the head. Much of
    today’s popular rock music is built around a heavy bass pattern louder than the melody. These lowfrequency vibrations reverberate in the lower parts of the body so that the music ‘feels’ good. These loud,
    low-frequency vibrations and the driving beat of most rock music affect the pituitary gland, which
    controls male and female responses. The repeating sound pattern induces the hypnotic state of mind that
    is similar to day dreaming, thus clearing the mind of all thought so that the message can be implanted in
    the unconscious without resistance.”
    It is important to note that the lyrics of many rock songs are not clearly distinguishable consciously.
    When you do not hear the message clearly, you cannot make the conscious choice to accept or reject it.
    When you cannot make that choice or when that choice is taken away from you, the message is
    programmed directly to the subconscious, thus circumventing analysis and choice in accepting the content
    of the message. Sixties rock superstar Jimi Hendrix said: ‘You can hypnotize people with music, and
    when you get them at their weakest point, you can preach into their subconscious whatever you want to
    Long term exposure to the heavy metal themes of sadomasochism, satanism, suicide and drug abuse can
    only have a negative influence on the minds of the listener. Today’s generation of children are being
    raised on this type of music. Many of the big rock bands consist of satanists. This statement isn’t made
    flippantly, but from having learned from many witnesses of the rituals these Satanic bands participate in.
    Some of these satanists, as the reader can already guess, are programmed multiples. For those
    programmed multiples who participate in heavy rock music, they are simply adding one more type of
    bondage and mind-control to their already long list.
    The spiritual damage done by rock music will be briefly addressed later in Chapter 10.
    Many of the body programs that activate via trigger codes are simply memories of severe torture. For
    instance, the victim might be placed naked on a block of ice, which contains the body of a frozen person.
    (This is a common trauma used in programming.) When this memory is triggered, via an alter or alter
    fragment, the victim’s body abreacts and gets very cold. Another common torture is to stick a ureteric
    catheter up the external urethral orifice (whose channel is called the urethra). This is painful. Then the
    urinary bladder is filled so that the victim is in extreme pain, and is made to hold their bladder in silence.
    This torture to the body is painful. But the long term effects of this torture, which is done repeatedly to
    slaves to teach obedience, is to seriously damage their urinary bladders. The abreaction of memories of
    this help blackmail alters into obedience. The body of many slaves are only kept functioning, because
    they are given repeated surgery by doctors working under the auspices of the Illuminati. These doctors
    can be trusted to keep quiet about the abused bodies they have to keep fixing. It was mentioned in
    Chapter. 2 that some people suffering from autism are failures in mind control programming. We know
    of one case where a brilliant autistic teenager who had not talked during childhood began talking, and
    shocked his parents because he began talking about his spirit guides (see Chapter 10 on spirit guides.)
    Some people diagnosed as Multible Sclerosis (MS) are really failures of the mind control’s brain stem
    scarring. Many hundreds of women with breast implants are coming down with symptoms that look like
    MS & Lupus. This may be because part of the women with implants are programmed multiples. Another
    disease that is believed by some to be caused by programming failures is Lupus (aka lupus erythematosus
    or systemic lupus erythematosus). Establishment medical science claims that the cause of lupus is
    unknown. Modem Maturity (Ap/My ‘93) and Nations Business (May ‘93) are examples of magazines that
    have run articles about Lupus. Ronald I. Carr and the Lupus Foundation of America put out a handbook
    on the disease in 1986. The director of the Lupus Foundation has been an Illuminati programmed
    multiple. The effects of the programming are not just in the mind. It has been scientifically shown that the
    torture memories are embedded in the cells of the body. In fact, the Illuminati intentionally wants the
    body injured by trauma pains & trauma memories, because they want to prevent the possibilities of the
    sanctification of the body such as written about in 2 TM 2:2 1. Also, the Programmers intentionally &
    zealously prevent the deeper alters from wanting to love as 1 COR 13 describes.
    Neurobiologists and chemists have learned a great deal about the physical aspects of the brain. One has to
    be careful about simplification. The concept of the split brain has been over simplified, because the best
    researchers on the two hemispheres know that there is constant interplay between the brain’s two halves–
    unless the Illuminati have tampered with someone’s brain. The split brain concept has been replaced with
    the Penta-Brain (something akin to a pentagram). The Penta-Brain takes the triune-concept of the brain
    conceived by brain scientist Paul MacClean and adds it to the split brain hemispheres and the duality of
    the frontal-posterior dimension also. In this process, “mammalian” & “reptilian” brains (those parts of our
    brains that mammals & reptiles also have) are accessed and worked on in people.
    The best description read by co-author Fritz of the intricate chemical changes that happen during
    Learning and Memory is a Special Report entitled “The Chemistry of Learning and Memory” Chemical &
    Engineering News, Oct. 7, 1991, pp. 24-4 1, by Karen J. Skinner, Yale Chemistry Ph.D. in 1973, Masters
    from Kennedy School of Government, Harvard. This is a very technical report. The programmers do not
    learn this material, but those who want to understand the nitty-gritty molecular-biology of how the
    complex memory processes work in the mind might want to try to study the report. In very basic terms,
    what it is communicating is: Neurons (nerve cells–of which the brain has 10 billion) meet each other at
    junctions (gaps) called synapses. At the synapses (gaps), neurotransmitters allow them to communicate.
    There are 60 trillion synapses. As a person gathers information, the brain changes the synapses, in a sense
    rewires itself. Part of memory is how the brain “rewires” itself, to use a layman’s term.
    Genetics have an important role in the initial hardwiring of the brain. Genetics also determine receptor
    diversity (at the synapses) which relates directly to learning & memory because it increases the ways
    neurons can perceive, process and recall information. The Hippocampus has been found to play a role in
    long term memory storage. The Hippocampus stores memory in the cortex to be encoded into long term
    memory. Numerous areas of the brain are busy with processing only one type of memory. In a macaque
    monkey, around two dozen distinct visual areas of the brain for memory storage have been discovered. In
    other reports, it has come out that memory is stored holographically. German researchers have been trying
    to figure out at the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research at Frankfurt, Germany what mechanism is
    used to bind the many various parts of information stored into a coherent recollection. The point that
    should be made at this point, is that an alter does not exist in one spot in the mind.
    The mind perceives that an alter does, but an alter in terms of physical change in the brain is actually a
    multitude of synaptic changes scattered throughout the brain. The brain`s concept/image of an alter and
    the dissociated state can be played with by the programmers, but they really don’t kill alters like they
    pretend to do during programming. Alters can’t be “killed” in the mind. As the mind consolidates info, it
    fires neurons in harmony (in phase) called a “binding” process. Perceptions which are not memories are
    initiated this way. It is these perceptions that exist without memories that are so important to the
    programmers. Some have called these perceptions “global unity” of the brain. These are in phase
    frequencies from 40 to 70 Hz. NMDA receptors can perceive patterned firings from nerve cells that are
    active at the same time, which allows the brain to strengthen some synapses and let others grow weaker.
    Synaptic efficacy is called LTP. Interested readers can study LTP’s molecular mechanism, etc. in Karen
    Skinner’s Report. Changing subjects slightly, let’s discuss how Moriah fertilizes two zygotes and
    intentionally kills one of the twins in the womb. Studies have shown that in cases where one twin dies in
    the womb, the other twin usually tries to lead two lives. This has nothing to do with DID (MPD), except
    that the surviving twin will later be made into a programmed multiple. The Illuminati doctors have
    perfected a method to kill a developing twin so that the other engulfs it in the womb. This is skillfully
    done, and creates some interesting mental changes in the survivor. Moriah also believes that it endows the
    survivor with twice the spiritual power.
    This next section is somewhat of an appendix to this chapter. Readers may want to skip it, if readers are
    only wanting to just learn HOW the mind-control is done. However, we felt that since genetic engineering
    went hand-in-hand with Moriah’s mind-control that a look at one specific type of military mind-control
    model would be worthwhile for some readers. An example of how genetic engineering is coupled with the
    trauma-based mind-control is Amphibious Man, a particular top secret model of Monarch slave. The
    following section is taken from an earlier article by Fritz on this. As far as we know, this was the first and
    only article ever written on the subject (not counting classified secret documents). When the public saw
    the British Royal Navy locate the sunken Lusitania in 1935 using the Iron Man Diving Suit, the British
    Royal Navy told the public that it had no interest and no use for the suit. The Royal Navy lied about the
    Iron Man Diving Suit that, “no use could be made of it as the Navy [had] no requirements for deep
    diving.” The Royal Navy had no use for deep diving! Do you swallow that? That’s a bold enough lie to
    drown on. They had just used it to locate the Lusitania! The lesson here is that when the World Order is
    using a particular advanced technology, they will tell the public that they have no interest in it.
    The British, American and German navies continued after W.W.I to do research beyond what the public
    knew they were interested in. While the public thought that Aquaman was simply a comic idea–the
    research went on to develop the ability for humans to swim like fish. When the World Order has
    discovered a technological breakthrough they pretend that they are still researching the basic concept.
    Often they prepare the public for their inventions via science fiction novels and movies. The reasons
    include their need to avoid the future shock that can incapacitate a people. If the reader has gone fishing,
    she or he may be familiar with how fish can breathe in the air, they don’t die automatically. They have
    gills which are designed to take oxygen from water, but their gills do absorb some oxygen from the air,
    enough to keep them alive on land for a while, so that if they are left on the bank after being caught they
    may jump back into the water and escape. Likewise, people don’t automatically die from drowning. Near
    drown victims have been recovered after 40 minutes of being immersed in cold water. However, normal
    humans do not survive breathing water as well as fish breathe air. There are some animals though which
    can breathe both air and water, amphibians. Over the years, the New World Order has secretly developed
    the ability to create a subspecies of people who can swim and breathe water.
    Recently, the Oregonian newspaper (July 28, 1995) Arts & Entertainment Guide, p. 22, ran an article
    entitled “Brave New Waterworld”. This is an example of a fictional supposedly futuristic setting for a
    movie about a technology they already possess. The movie Waterworld is the most expensive film made
    recently. It is estimated that it cost between $140 million to $200 million to make it. One of the main
    characters in the movie is Mariner, who is a human who has been genetically changed to have gills behind
    his ears. As mentioned already, they use movies like this to convince people that their present technology
    is only something of the future, while still preparing people mentally to accept it. That way the culture is
    not overwhelmed if they encounter the technology in the near future. When secret researchers discovered
    that a particular chemical(s) added to the bloodstream would enable the human lungs to take oxygen and
    remove carbon dioxide from water, they had the ability to have men swim in water like fish without scuba
    gear. Now they needed to cover their tracks, so National Geographic Society (which has great
    respectability in the public’s eye) has written about experiments to find a way for men to breathe water.
    In the National Geographic book Exploring the Deep Frontier The Adventure of Man in the Sea,
    published in 1980, they show a GE experiment on pg. 248. The picture’s caption reads, “To dive like a
    whale and breathe like a fish: Scientists search for ways to increase man’s freedom and range in the sea.
    In a tank at a General Electric research laboratory (right) fish swim past a parakeet separated from their
    watery world by a transparent membrane. Watertight but porous, the membrane allows oxygen and
    carbon dioxide to pass in and out. Equipped with artificial gills, man may one day breathe liquid while
    The example here is that they cover their tracks when they make a discovery by setting up experiments
    that are allowed to be published that make it look like they are only beginning to understand the subject.
    Bear in mind, the Allies captured secret Nazi German records, and the Germans did not research using
    parrots–they used live but expendable people. The Nazis were not above injecting drugs that induce
    respiratory paralysis or other responses and testing how the person’s body would respond to drowning. I
    would suggest that they analyzed oxzygen contents in the human guinea pigs with mass spectrometers.
    The paperwork of the secret Nazi research projects that the Navy confiscated at the end of W.W. II,
    would provide a better picture of what was researched and discovered.
    The National Geographic article admitted that they had a membrane through which a parrot could get
    oxygen via the water around it. Now, logic would tell you that if they have a membrane that will allow a
    parrot to breathe surrounded by water that the technical difficulties of adapting this to a person can be
    easily overcome–so the concept of gills for people is quite achievable–however, the ability for humans to
    directly breathe from water is already achievable due to some other advances they have already used
    secretly for years. In order to capitalize on their discovery of how to create Amphibious Man, military
    minds in the Illuminati went to work trying to think up schemes on how to use men who can swim like
    fish to their own evil advantages. Here is a discovery that could benefit mankind and yet they are thinking
    of ways to use it for evil. They basically realized that amphibious man could be used like a glorified Seal
    team. Navy Seal teams are the Navy’s semi-secret group of well-trained men, who do primarily land
    operations after swimming ashore. Monarch slaves are being used in the Seal teams. The Seal teams are
    being secretly used to carry out assassinations, such as recently they were used to assassinate people in
    Iraq. They are trained in the ability to land and disguise themselves as natives and carry out illegal
    assassination work during times of peace. For missions like this, only programmed slaves will work,
    because they need to erase their memories. Seal teams are located around the world, especially in the
    San Diego HO area. The Seals were originally given dolphins to train and communicate with via clickers,
    but these were turned over the EOD (the Navy’s ordinance group) so that the dolphins can be used to
    disarm mine fields or carry explosives. The comic book scenario of Aquaman with dolphins is not fiction
    anymore. The Seals use SDV (Deep Vehicles) which are tight fitting 4-person minisubs to submerge deep
    into the water, before swimming with gear. The name which is being used world-wide by people familiar
    with the concept of men swimming like fish is “amphibious man”.
    There are groups secretly world-wide working on the use of this new sub-species of man. They are
    genetically trying to engineer new skin and other parts of the human body to make people more suitable
    for living underwater. In line with this, men, like Frenchman Jacques Rougerie, have been designing and
    building Aqua-cities so that people could live underwater and have industry such as fish farming to
    sustain themselves economically. Special “geothermal” generators would help generate heat for the Aquacities. Amphibious man is alive and well today. Understand that the people who are being genetically
    engineered by the Illuminati are also being raised under their mind-control. The structures of their alter
    systems are very complex on Amphibious Man models, because so much secrecy is riding on these
    slaves. The internal systems of these slaves are booby trapped every which way so that no tampering can
    be attempted, plus the design work on these Systems is some of the best. Things are tied together like a
    jigsaw puzzle. Fritz’s Summer ‘95 newsletter, revealed for the first time that today, there are genetically
    engineered Amphibious men who are able to swim underwater without air tanks.
    There were a number of difficulties that the elite’s scientists had to overcome to create Amphibious man.
    Scientists had the benefit of being able to make lots of comparisons – between various animals. Some
    animals can use water, some water and air, and some just air. There are many other comparisons that have
    been used in underwater research. In almost every physical aspect related to animals living underwater
    there are differences between various animals which can be compared so that the technical feature which
    allows one animal to do something underwater that another species can’t can be identified. Once the
    feature is identified, then research can begin on how to obtain this feature for human swimmers. For
    instance, one type of snake (the pelagic yellow-bellied sea snake) which breathes air, can under optimum
    conditions stay underwater indefinitely. Turtles have an incredible tolerance for anoxia, in comparison to
    other reptiles, which go underwater. And sea turtles have the best tolerance of all the various turtles. This
    is the type of difference that lends itself to comparison research.
    Underwater comparison research had already begun clear back in 1869, when Paul Bert examined the
    differences between domestic chickens and mallard ducks. Doing comparisons it is easy to find out that
    birds and mammals which dive have greater storage in their bodies for oxygen than humans. The
    Japanese Ama divers were studied in the early 1930s by German underwater researchers. However, the
    public has been told that very little research in this area occurred until the 1960s. Kooyman, Gerald L.
    Diverse Divers Physiology and Behavior. Berlin, Ger.: Springer-Verlag, 1989, p. 33 states, “Little further
    experimental work was done on the subject of gas exchange in human breath-hold divers until the early
    1960s.” Can you believe that the British, Germans and Americans didn’t research such an important
    underwater subject for 30 years? Yes, they did continue frantic secret research, and they eventually
    learned how to solve a number of undersea problems facing humans. First, the regulation of respiration is
    carried out by what is called the Chemoreceptors which are carotid and aortic bodies which detect the
    changes in the partial pressures of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood. The CO2 break point
    mechanism is sensitive to a number of phenomena, which can prevent it from protecting a person. When a
    person breaths, he has an ingassing and an outgassing of oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and other
    gasses. The levels of each of these gasses and their nature are important factors in how a person’s body
    underwater functions or dies. If the level of CO2 gets too high, the person can become unconscious. The
    human circulatory system has to be changed to be able to adapt to the ocean environment.
    In dealing with men swimming underwater all the laws of gasses that regular divers have to deal with still
    apply to Amphibious Man–such as Amonoton’s law, Boyle’s Law, Charles Law, Henry’s Law, and
    Haldanian’s Theory on gas absorption and elimination by body tissues. Blood glucose is the only source
    for carbon when humans dive, which forces muscles to rely primarily on anaerobic glycolysis. This
    means that oxygen depletion is not the only major problem for those who hold their breath and swim.
    Blood glucose levels must be attained for underwater swimmers that will sustain activity. Breathing water
    must assure the proper functioning of the circulatory system. The high salinity of sea water causes
    hypertonic reactions in the lungs. Fresh water has too little salt in relation to the human blood & it causes
    hypotonic reactions. Either way, the water (either fresh or salt) causes the alveolar tissue to damage and
    the body begins leaking proteins out of the mouth. Secret naval intelligence researchers tied to the
    Illuminati studied what happens underwater to the heart rate, cardiac output and stroke volume, blood
    pressure and flow, the various important organs and the human brain, the muscles and bones and venous
    circulation, the hemoglobin affinity for oxygen, the effect of being submersed on blood gases, how
    oxygen is stored, and how hemoglobin concentrates in the body.
    Another advancement was to discover how to manipulate the genetic codes for the growth of skin, so that
    very dense skin could be created. The genetics for all types of animals have been spliced and diced and all
    kinds of weird humans and creatures have been created. Many are freaks and serve the NWO no benefit.
    One of the big underground facilities for genetic research is Area 51, which is also close to San Diego,
    where the Seal Teams are HO. Area 51 is also an important mind-control programming center. Fritz’s
    June-July-August Newsletter ‘95 further discussed the underwater bases, underwater supply depots,
    underwater mining research, undersea warfare systems, Tektite II, the mind-control research during the
    Consheif underwater living experiment, the U.S. Navy underwater research ship the Eagle, Scripps
    Institution of Oceanography and the Physiological Research Laboratory for Naval Intelligence use,
    underwater research by Rothschild and Bowers, Remote Controlled Vehicles (RCVs), & CURV (cablecontrolled Underwater Recovery Vehicle), and special underwater tools such as the hydraulic underwater
    Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler
    CHAPTER 9 –

One way to explain how the slaves are conditioned is to relate an episode where the. two
authors observed a Satanic family carrying out conditioning to reinforce their children’s mind
control as their family “ate” at a restaurant. After relating this interesting incident, the chapter will
cover the various psychological methods used to condition slaves.

The husband of the family was about 28 and the wife was about 26. A young man (perhaps an
uncle of the children) about 25 also sat at the table with them. The family had 5 children,
ranging from about 1 1/2 years old to about 7 years old. During the entire time we watched
them, which was over an hour, we never saw one act of love, not one act of nurturing on the
part of the parents. Everything was programming, programming and more programming. The
husband had an attitude of control over his children. He was a young somewhat wild cock-sure
type. From piecing together things it was clear that he made a good salary and that he and his
wife enjoyed profanity. His wife had the most dead looking eyes we have ever seen in a person.
She looked every bit the part of a Satanic priestess of the worst type.
The young man of about 25 had very large knife hidden on his back that we noticed only by
close observation of his movements. Although it was 1 o’clock, the adults were calling their
meal “breakfast.”
The main male child was about 5 years old. He had an older sister and two younger sisters, and
they all had a baby brother. During the entire time that the family was there, the children ate
almost nothing. The 5 yr. boy munched on a watermelon rind, trying to draw some sustenance
from it. Part of mind control is depriving the body of food. The poor children never once asked
for anything; that is a clue that something wasn’t normal. During most of the time that the family
was in the restaurant, the mother and father took turns shooting one question after another at
the five year boy. The questions were like:
What is the capital of Florida? What is the 70th element on the periodical chart? What are the
names of the first five presidents? What is the square root of 121? The boy would roboticly
answer each question successfully. The questions were not questions but programming and
commands. The mother sternly said, “What make of car was that? That’s a question.” (Actually
what she was saying was a command.) Around this time they said, “Wake up, wake up, wake
up.” (hypnotic command.) A couple which was in the restaurant was watching how obedient the
children were, and they were also overhearing how excellent this little boy could answer difficult
rapid-fire questions. They were impressed and the lady came over to tell the parents how
wonderful their family was. After oodling for 10 minutes over how great this family was the
woman went on to other things. It was difficult for both of us watching to stomach the
compliments this stranger was giving to these parents. The natural impulse was to get her to
shut up her compliments. She naively made all these compliments little knowing, that these
parents were practicing one of the most hideous if not the most hideous type of mind control
invented. Asking questions rapid fire is another mind-control technique. In fact, all of the
elements of what Fritz watched at the table that day were practiced on Fritz, the co-author,
when he was in Beast Barracks at West Point, USMA. The little girl was repeating her
programming, “I don’t have anything inside me.” She was actually singing it. One of the girls had
different alters coming out and was having a conversation with herself between different alters
(personalities). She placed her hand over her temple in scarecrow fashion (Wizard of Oz)
programming. Her head movement was a dead giveaway to those of us familiar with Monarch
programming. -The parents had chosen the spot to eat because of the large surreal picture
above them on the wall with blue & red flowers, water and mountains. The picture was acting as
a scrambling-scattering mechanism, when the boy studied the picture, which he did for the
longest time in a trance. The middle girl was dropping crayons into a styrofoam cup and saying
“get into the fire.” Then she would say “I’m purple.” “I’m pink.” “I understand your purple.” “I
understand you’re pink.” “Get out of here for a minute.” What she was doing was giving the
crayons personalities. In the Monarch programming, the person is totally dehumanized so
that some alters think they are ribbons, some monkeys, some clowns, some dolls, some
trees, some lions or tigers, etc. The sexual alters are often programmed to think of
themselves as cats and butterflies. While the girl was coloring, her father reached over the
table without warning and took her colors, “You don’t deserve these colors and I should have
taken them away before now. The girl had done nothing wrong. This is part of mind control. The
person learns that there isn’t a right or wrong only that they must be obedient. The little
girl did not even respond when her colors were yanked away. When the mom talked to them,
she said “children”–she never once personalized things. The parents began another
programming session and said something like, “I will spank you. If you don’t count then you can
be spanked, we will count 20 times.” The constant double messages were obviously breaking
down the children to think as programmed rather than respond like normal people to the outside
world. The woman turned to her little baby and said, “Tell daddy good-bye”. When the child
waved good-bye, the woman snapped, “You’re not going anywhere.” This serves to create
confusion. Then she kissed him and said, “Baby, do you want a picture?” We decided to say
something to them, and we did so in the form of a compliment about their children. Neither
parent showed any pride in the children when the earlier lady had gushedly complimented the
children, nor when we complimented them with a sentence. Instead, when we complimented the
children, the father began shooting off a series of difficult questions to the boy. This was simply
more programming, but apparently he must have thought that we’d be impressed with the boy’s
ability to answer difficult questions that seemed way beyond what many teenagers would know.
Two strange things happened during the course of our verbal interaction with this satanic family.
First, the waitresses had given the family free ice cream coupons, but the parents gave them to
us without the children even batting an eyelid. Second, I asked the father what the age of his
children were and he didn’t know, or acted like he didn’t know. Then he blurted out, they are 1,
2, 3, 4, and 5 years old. His wife knew that that answer must have looked bogus to us, and she
reprimanded him, “You don’t even know the age of your children.” To which he replied, “Yes,
they are 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.” The second answer was equally implausible, but his wife didn’t
protest, and the poor mind controlled children were experiencing just one more element of
Satanic mind-control. They are not even allowed to realize how old they are. Dates, and times,
and ages are kept very confused in the children’s minds for secrecy and control. Not only that,
but by giving a hypnotic induction “1, 2, 3…” the father had lowered each of the alters which
were holding the bodies of his children into a deeper trance. With these alters tranced, another
word from the father could have easily pulled up other alters.

Double bind communication is commonly given multiples by all of their abusers. Some of these
double binds are well thought out and some just occur due to the craziness of the entire thing.
For instance, in ritual or programming, the child may have the option to stab or be stabbed. In
fighting the programming, if an alter goes toward health, the programmers have set in a boobytrap. Which evil does the slave live with–the lies of the programming or the lies of the external
world? How does one tell the truth to a therapist, when the therapist is not capable of hearing
the truth, and yet still demands to be told the truth? Yes, double-binds abound. Another trick is
to alternate leniency with harshness. This trick is done in the military also, and has been worked
with success by the Chinese government upon the people of Red China. When leniency is
alternated with kindness, the effect is devastating and disconcerting because the person
looses the ability to predict what is going to happen. Everyone likes to control his or her
life. Predicting what is going to happen is part of a person’s mind gaining control over
their environment. Even that control is stripped from a slave. They soon learn to quit
trying to protect themselves, and they quit trying to think for themselves but docilely
submit to whatever fate assigns them. The mind can’t figure life out, so it quits trying to
understand life, and just fatally submits. Dr. Green (Mengele) was very gentle when drawing
blood, and he was very gentle when giving the children X-rays. He would sweet talk them and
give candy. But he was very sadistic when he’d follow this up with abuse. The programmers
have preferred to be inconsistent with the children like this. Soon the child doesn’t know what
hate and love are anymore. The person, who claims he loves them, gives them torture or
abandons them to be tortured by someone else. A third trick is to give the victim
monotonous tasks, such as chanting or copying long amounts of written material. This
helps prod the dissociation, and is a torture that doesn’t leave marks.

All of the elements of mind control are incorporated into the Monarch program. If a person
surveys what the everyday cult mind control which is NOT part of total Monarch mind-control
looks like, you will find the same elements of everyday cult control also are employed at various
places within the Monarch programming of a person’s alter system. (This didn’t happen by
accident either, the Illuminati have examined all these lesser cults to see what they could
borrow for their own mind control.) Some of the elements which the Monarch program shares
with other typical types of cult mind control are:

    The Illuminati handler (master) will promise to meet individual needs of alters, but these needs
    are ignored for group goals. For instance, certain Monarch alters of a person’s system may be
    told they have no faces and no hearts. They are programmed not to see their faces and not to
    hear any heart beat. If a pulse monitoring machine is hooked up to the alter, the alter will go into
    a trance. For instance, the handler might promise faces and hearts but will never give them to
    the Monarch slave when he could. The promise is a control mechanism.
    REALITY. The Illuminati isolates the slave so no new ideas are available or allowed except their
    cult leader’s ideas. “Whatever the Papa Bear [master] says is reality.” Each alter will only
    communicate with a few other alters. What this does is divide the person from their own parts.
    The will and mind is broken so that there is no organized resistance, nor any access to other
    alters who might know something. The slave will often be denied mother, grandmother,
    grandfather, aunts, sisters, children, grandchildren, & friends. They will be deprived of all
    naturally occurring relationships via the mind control. This doesn’t mean they exist in a vacuum,
    it means that the handlers will prevent natural relationships to develop. Isolation is very key »»
    and parts are made to feel like animals rather than people to isolate them from humanity. No
    ideas are allowed the slave to confront their programmer’s lies. They are programmed to hate
    Christ and the God of the Bible, so that they are isolated from the true God and His abundant
    spiritual resources.
  3. THE PERSON’S SENSE OF IDENTITY IS LOST. The Monarch slave loses his/her sense of
    self to the cult and to the person’s master. No sense of where I begin & end, and where the
    Master begins and ends. The Monarch programming goes beyond what many cults have
    done, the alters are hypnotized to not see their faces, which is part of their identity.
  4. ALTERED STATES & HYPNOSIS IS USED. The handlers/programmers use hypnotic
    techniques. They induce dissociation by songs, chanting, guilt inducing sessions, torture,
    isolation, as well as using songs, repeating triggers 3X, and lots of hypnosis.
    They induce a sense of peace leading to the fantasy of merging with leader, often
    suggested by leader. Then the victim has the abuser placed internally in them. For
    example, the master may say he was one with the slave and that he “created” the slave. The
    handler will claim to be God.
  6. OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCES. Out of body experiences (O-B-E’s) are induced by the
    torture & Illuminati training, as well as splits.
  7. SENSORY BOMBARDMENT & FATIGUE. Sensory bombardment used, such as prolonged
    sleep deprivation, environmental control, and love bombing. Cages, love bombing of certain
    alters, and a sterile nursery/toddler room are employed.
    must suspend ability to think critically or disagree with leader. The slave must never
    question the Master (also called the handler), never get angry at the handler, or else the
    slave wants to be punished. The slave must always obey or pay with pain. The alters are
    splintered from others so can’t use their information for analysis.
  9. The slave must reorganize reality through identification with aggressor (Illuminati master).
    Strong identification is created with the master. The slave is programmed to protect the master.
  10. Individual sees locus (location) of control with the Master and the Illuminati rather than self.
    Programming overrules self.
  11. Black and white thinking is created by the programming. Many of the Gnostic cults (see
    Fritz’s Be Wise As Serpents book for an examination of what a Gnostic cult is) have employed
    these tactics. People in the Jehovah’s Witnesses and CUT, which are Gnostic cults, as well as
    members of many other groups–such as the CIA will recognize that these methods were used
    on them. (The CIA is in reality just another cult, and an Illuminati-controlled cult at that.)

For children who are being taken out of Day Care Centers and programmed without their
parents knowledge, they will be isolated from their real parents. The abusers will tell the children
that they are actually the “real parents” and that they intend to come and take the child away
from its parents later. They will make the innocent child feel like it is cut off and rejected by
everyone including the world at large. In a sense, this is true, because the child is expected to
endure the most horrible abuse and yet has no one to talk to. Feelings of isolation and despair
take control over the child’s mind. These ways of thinking are also spiritually enhanced by
rituals to bring in demonic spirits that will help insure the child is dominated by feelings of
hopelessness. During the entire life of the slave, the handlers and programmers are always
trying to sow distrust in the victim. The programming is often designed to sow distrust in
everyone on the outside except the godlike figure the Master. Even the Master is not trusted so
much as feared and obeyed by the slave. The slave is also subjected to isolation as a child
being placed into freezers, closets, dark rooms, boxes and isolation tanks. Sensory deprivation
is a serious thing, that has been discovered to cause people to hallucinate. The brain goes into
an altered state just from sensory deprivation. Polar explorers who see only white for days on
end must deal with this danger.

Psychology developed over the years a number of projective, objective and subjective tests of
personality. Ludwig Klages (of Germany), H.J. Eysenck (of England), and M.N. Bunker (of the
U.S.) are some of the notable researchers who took handwriting analysis out of the occult realm
and into the scientific realm. (The co-author, Fritz, happens to be a certified Graphoanalyst
through IGAS, who has done Graphoanalysis professionally. IGAS has strict standards not to
allow members to do ahything associated with the occult, but insists they keep their work on a
scientific basis.) When a person writes, he will use about 200 separate muscles in the hand,
arm, and body. The mind coordinates all these muscle movements. A good handwriting analyst
has about 800 different things that he can look for in a sample of handwriting, such as how hard
did the writer write with his instrument, how big, where did he start on the paper, how did he
cross his “t” etc. In other words, the mind in order to write had to make hundreds of decisions
within seconds. There are too many decisions to make them all the decisions consciously. This
is why document examiners can authenticate signatures. Most of the many decisions as one
writes are done subconsciously, and the decisions are influenced by state of mind, personality,
the state of the physical body, and the environment. The goodhandwriting analyst is able to
work backwards. Why was the decision made to make the capital P look like an L? Why did the
person start their writing half-way into the paper and waste half the piece of paper? Through
scientific studies and observations, a vast wealth of understanding has developed by
graphologists about why certain decisions are made. Some graphologists use a wholistic
method, others like graphoanalysts, analyze each stroke. Both methods will give the same
results if the handwriting analyst is skilled at applying the principles of graphology. Handwriting
analysis has not gotten the credibility it deserves, in part, because it is such a powerful
diagnostic tool, the intelligence agencies have wanted to keep it to themselves. However, the
nation of Israel, uses handwriting analysis to hire with, and a high percentage of the businesses
use it in hiring also. The nation of Israel has had a high rate of success with handwriting
analysis. How does handwriting analysis play a part in the mind control? Several ways. A
number of the programmers are skilled in handwriting analysis. They are well aware that the
abuse of their slaves will show in the handwriting. Through behavior modification (usually
torture) the front alters are trained to write in a fashion that hides the abuse. The abuse will
show in the handwriting of most of the alters, so many of them are programmed not to read or
write. This is why some of the child alters will have older alters write for them.
The programmers were also aware of how the mind heals/changes itself via handwriting
therapy. If the mind will place enough energy into writing a particular way–it will go ahead and
put enough energy into becoming what it writes. In other words, if I am lazy, but I get
determined enough to focus the brain so that it doesn’t make handwriting strokes that indicate
laziness, then my brain will also change its lazy attitude in other ways. In other words, I can
begin to change a personality trait by working on the handwriting decisions that stem from that
trait. The programmers can and do help modify their slaves’ personalities this way. They of
course will employ a number of personality changing techniques as a group package. The goal
is to bring as much pressure to bear as possible to get the original trait modified. This will be
done in accordance with the programming goals for the various alters within a system.
Remember, some alters need to be outgoing and other reticent, some melancholic, and others
sanguine or choleric. The programmers know what they want and how to modify what they have
to get the temperament and personality traits they want.

Behavior modification comes in various packages. One package has been called ELT
(Electrolytic Trtmt) developed by H.C. Tien. One simple version of behavior mod is to find out
what someone has done which is good, and praise and reinforce that behavior. Then state the
goal. And then continue to reinforce promptly the good things the person is doing. The goal in
mind must be measurable. An example of this, might be for a handler to praise his kitten and to
purchase it nice things if a client is satisfied with the sexual service he got. The reinforcement
needs to be soon, and appropriate. ‘‘Thinking behavior’’ is a term that behavior mod scientists
use. “Adverse conditioning” is another. Anectine, which paralyzes the body and makes one
think they are suffocating, can be used for aversion conditioning. The victim is told not to do a
particular behavior or else experience discomfort. When behavior modification is done in
programming, you can be sure that there is paper work done to chart the progress. Rather than
worry about what a person is thinking, the behaviorist charts a person’s behavior and then gives
reinforcements of correct behavior (or the opposite adverse rewards of punishment) to modify it.
Victims are conditioned to carry out certain behaviors. If an alter does something wrong, there is
an immediate consequence set up for it. Soon it is conditioned not to do what the programmer
doesn’t want. The behavior mod scientists believe that creativity can be controllable. When a
child creates a new form he is rewarded. Soon the child learns to create. Illuminati Delta-Beta
alters will be trained in espionage. They will be trained to recognize a person’s physical identity
instantly. One method of training which has been used is to teach people to remember
reflexively rather than analytically. Thousands of faces or thousands of license plates, or
whatever are flashed on a screen, and when a repeat is shown the person must press a button.
If a mistake is made, the slave is treated to a nasty little shock. After a while a person develops
the correct reflexes. Slaves are being trained in recognition from the time they are small
children, this is important so that they can build their internal worlds with mirror images and
other confusing things. The following “deeper” programming is an example of classical
conditioning. The child’s hand is cut so that the child goes into a trance of shock, and then each
time they use the word “deeper” they cut deeper to enhance the shock/trance state. By pairing
the word with this trauma, when they are through, the word “deeper- asleep” will throw some
alters instantly into a very deep trance.

When a person has been knocked down and degraded, traumatized by poor sleep and little
food and water, he is more susceptible to suggestion. He can then be told that he himself is the
cause for his own degradation. If he just behaves betters, his treatment will improve. When the
person accepts his guilt for the bad situation he is in, then the programmers give a target for the
blame–God, country, or whatever the person had depended upon. The programmer then
aggravates these hostile feelings, and keeps nurturing them until the person is livid with anger
toward the object of blame. The victim is coached to project their blame onto this target of
blame. When this is accepted, the conditions for the victim improve. Once the person has
targeted their blame, then the Programmer becomes the friend to help one fight the evil target.
Anything and everything is rationalized in this “All becomes fair in war.” Enemies are easy to
create. People readily accept them. The intelligence community has long played on people’s
fears about communism. People might be shocked to realize that this was one of Hitler’s
favorite methods to recruit loyalty from people. It is why the Nazi’s secretly burned down the
Reichstag, and then blamed the communists. The Illuminati are masters at making Christianity
the fault for everything from homosexual suicide to the world wars.

NLP means Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which are practical communication skills.
Programmers were using NLP before it became known as NLP in 1976. Some NLP techniques
are obvious truths, and some are more subtle truths in dealing with human nature. NLP can be
more of an art, than a science. One of the truths in NLP is “Everyone lives in their unique reality
built from their sense impressions and individual experiences of life, and we act on the basis of
what we perceive our model of the world.” (O’Connor, Joseph & John Seymour. Introducing
NLP. San Francisco, CA: Aquarian Press, 1993, p.4
.) That is why alters have their worlds
created by their programmers, and then the occult alters are indoctrinated with satanic beliefs. (
Chap. 11 Part A deals with this indoctrination.) Let’s list some other “assumptions” that NLP
practitioners believe in without explaining them:
Almost all communication is non-verbal.
Knowledge of content is not required to make behavioral changes.
Our internal representation of the world is not the world but only our own feeble map of it.
The map is not the territory.
People will choose predicates which correspond to what representational system they are
using, and which one they choose can be seen from eye accessing cues.
If one studies NLP, one will find that NLP books such as Basic Techniques Book II by Clifford
Wright, teach people how to create dissociative states which are alternate personalities, and
that they teach people how to develop different states of mind, and pseudo multiple
personalities. It is difficult to express all the different cross-overs that NLP has with Monarch
Programming, but at different times the concepts of NLP certainly would be helpful to the
handlers. However, it must be stressed that NLP IS NOT Monarch Programming. One of NLP’s
suggestions is that a person assess their “present state” and their “desired state.” This simply
common sense suggestion is often carried out during programming. The Programmer will tell
the victim WHAT KIND of alters they want produced and HOW MANY when they begin the
torture. The motivation to do this is also suggested by NLP and is accomplished by the
programmers threats to the person’s life, and by the person’s desire to be free of pain and
torture. Milton Erickson’s work on altered states has been picked up by NLP. Likewise at least
part of the programming hypnosis is based on Erickson’s ideas.

Lateral Eye Movement (LEM) can be a useful skill to the programmer. Monarch victims are
sometimes programmed so that the real LEM is not done publicly by the victim, to prevent
people from getting visual clues as to what is going on in their mind. A person who is thinking in
visual images will generally speak more quickly and at a higher pitch than someone who is not.
These types of clues help the Programmers be more skilled, but it isn’t a necessity.

NLP researchers have noticed that people have emotional states in which the entire body will
take up a posture in carrying it out. Memories can come into a person that causes the body to
take up the negative states again. The NLP practitioners have developed language which
includes such terms as Anchors, emotional states, and triggers. These words are used to
describe ideas that have long been in use.
For instance, let’s say that when you heard a particular song at some point in your life you were
having a good time (emotional state). Now that every time you receive a trigger to that memory,
such as the song, you regain that good feeling that is attached to the memory of the song.
Every time you hear the song, you feel good, which then in turn, continues to act as
reinforcement of the association of a good feeling to the song. A stimulus that is linked to and
triggers a physiological state or emotional state is called an anchor. Our lives are filled with
naturally occurring anchors, such as our favorite childhood smells, or the alarm clock. One of
the Illuminati kingpins in Germany, a Krupp, liked the smell of manure, and built his house so he
could smell horse manure all day. NLP is the art of building associations with an anchor. A past
emotion can be linked to something today. If a person is afraid of public speaking, then a good
feeling can be linked to giving talks. The skilled programmer will anchor an emotion with several
sense cues–including auditory, visual, and touch. The person visualizes an emotional state
from the past. When the state is reaching its peak, the anchor is placed in. The anchor needs to
be unique, distinctive, & easy to repeat in the exact form that it was done. Much of the traumabased programming is actually setting anchors using extreme trauma. When the anchors are
tested (fired), if the emotional state is pulled up, then the anchors have worked. Firing two
separate anchors at once is called collapsing anchors. Two separate states can be fired at
once. There is a methodology for collapsing anchors together.

Future pacing can be used to help program a person toward his occupational objective which
was charted for the victim when they were small. Future pacing is a mental rehearsal that is
practiced in the imagination so that the person can deal with some future challenge.
Expectations can often become self-fulfilling prophecies. NLP also is used to teach people how
to learn. It teaches people to learn a variety of methods for a single skill. However, this type of
self-help info is not freely given to the slave. It might be used if the programmers needed to
develop the person hypnotically in a certain direction.

Because Milton Erickson stands out as a genius among those who have used hypnosis, and
people are still trying to figure out fully what he did, it is appropriate to mention his work. We
don’t know how these ideas of Milton Erickson’s are used by the Programmers. We do know
that the CIA has. paid close attention to his ideas, and that some of the Programmers have
some of the smoothest tongues. If there is some way to utilize Erickson’s work to help control
Mind-controlled slaves, then the Intelligence agencies have no doubt found it. On the flip side,
several dc-programmers used Ericksonian methods to unlock the programming of the people
they want to help. What we describe in this section is just a small sampling of Erickson’s
methods. Another type of NLP pacing besides the one just previously mentioned was developed
by Milton Erickson. He would gain rapport with anyone by describing to them what they were
feeling, hearing and seeing. He would induce a peaceful state by speaking slowly, using a soft
tonality, and pacing his speech to the person’s breath. Gradually hypnotic suggestions are
introduced to lead them into what is called “downtime.” He would gently encourage people with
gentle suggestions such as, ‘It’s easy to close your eyes whenever you wish to feel more
comfortable…” But you may wonder how can anyone know what someone else is thinking?
Erickson developed language that was vague enough for people to match their own thinking to
what he described. He would use smooth transitional words such as “while”, “and”, and “as”.
The type of vague sentences he would say are “It is well known that people can read books and
make changes.” Milton Erickson learned to distract the dominant brain hemisphere, and also
speak in a complex way that all seven (plus or minus two) parts of the conscious mind would
get engaged in trying to figure out what his ambiguous statements meant. Milton found that he
could say anything if he set it up in the context of someone else saying it. He also found that the
unconscious mind does not process the linguistic negative. Rather than tell a child “Don’t fall”
tell it “Be careful.”

Metaphors, some from Druidism or from some other occult teachings, are used by the
Programmers. For instance, the seasonal changes that leaves on trees make is an example of
a programming metaphor.
For those readers who don’t know what refraining is, the following in the book Refraining,
Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the Transformation of Meaning by Bandler and Grinder
(Moab, UT: Real People Press, 1982) is an excellent story to explain it:
“A very old Chinese Taoist story describes a farmer in a poor country village. He was
considered very well-to-do, because he owned a horse which he used for plowing and for
transportation. One day his horse ran away. All his neighbors exclaimed how terrible this was,
but the farmer simply said ‘Maybe.’ “A few days later the horse returned and brought two wild
horses with it. The neighbors all rejoiced at his good fortune, but the farmer just said ‘Maybe.’
“The next day the farmer’s son tried to ride one of the wild horses; the horse threw him and
broke the leg. The neighbors all offered their sympathy for his misfortune, but the farmer again
said ‘Maybe.’ “The next week the conscription officers came to the village to take young men for
the army. They rejected the farmer’s son because of his broken leg. When the neighbors told
him how lucky he was, the farmer replied, ‘Maybe.’
The meaning of an event depends upon the FRAME we place upon it. Those frames are
perceptions. Occult fairy tales are great for refraining events. A frog turns into a prince. Rudolf`s
embarrassing red nose becomes a guiding light to bring happiness to people. Many of the
common things in our everyday life are refrained by the Programmers to have hidden mind-
control meanings. The Teddy Bear the child is given by her Daddy is to remind her how
helpless she is to prevent him from raping her. The carousel toy is to remind the child of
dissociation and the internal carousel built into the mind. Many of the things that parents,
who are intentionally raising a programmed child, do, look nice on the outside unless one can
reframe what they are doing in the context of total-mind-control based on trauma and fear.
Refraining can be done by collapsing anchors. For instance, the sober part of an alcoholic and
the drunk state of the alcoholic are given the same anchor and then these are collapsed
together to get the drunk to stay sober. The two states are taken in a process of integration for
the refraining to occur. Refraining someone with MPD is almost impossible without integration,
but refraining a particular alter with metaphors is not out of reach. The programmers have much
more chance to reframe while they program than the therapist, because the programmers set in
defensive programs to prevent other’s from reframing.

In NLP, 7 senses are taken into consideration. First we see, then we hear, and finally we have
the senses of internal kinetics and our emotions. The Programmer also takes into consideration
what are called “power words”. Those are words which have specific meaning for the person.
The programmers also love to use reversals and puns, for instance in Disney’s Ducktales the
character says, “I stole ‘em fair and square.” Other typical reversals are “Life is death, and death
is life”, “Pain is love, and love is pain.” Another example is one used on Cathy O’Brien, where
the words “Service Entrance” were used to mean “Serve us. En-Trance.” Naming an alter
“Allison Wonderland” –a pun on Alice in Wonderland–is another example of a programming
pun. The programmers love to use these types of things.
The programmer’s have made use of the mind’s natural ability to wake itself up like an ‘alarm
clock” if it wants. Slaves may be given the coded message that the draconian enforcer will come
by to pick them up at 1 a.m. The slave will automatically wake up in the middle of the night, and
in a trance like a sleep walking, a deep LGP alter will take the slave out to the street to be
picked up. Many slaves are being used at night without their families suspecting anything.
Sleeping patterns are also related to personality. REM sleep is believed to help restore the
effectiveness of certain brain pathways in which norepinephrine is a transmitter substance. By
programming different alters to have certain sleep patterns, their personalities can be adjusted.
Of course this is done in conjunction with many other aspects of mind control.
The Programmers are also aware that right-handed people use their left brain hemisphere for
highly conscious processess which require good attention, focus & intentional decisions; while
their right brain will tend to work on the unconscious & automatic chores. Split brain
programming takes this contrast into account.
CHAPTER 10A-Using Spiritual Things to Control a Person
By Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler
The spiritual elements for programming laid by the programmers are the generational spirits which are
laid in the womb & introduced to the child, when he can verbalize, as the child’s “friend” & “spirit guide.”
A clan’s guiding spirit is also called a totem. The Keepers or Guardians protect the spirits within an
illuminati system. There will be one alter which knows all the demons which have been layered in. From
the age of five, the child’s cult parts will be taught the genealogical histories of their spirit guides. At the
age of twelve, some candidates for American tribal chiefs had to wait in the wild for their totem to guide
them. They must remain in the forest untill their guiding spirit appears. This is why the Illuminati study
the xibalian mysteries written in the Popul Vuh.
Saving this chapter for last (of the mind, body, spirit chapters) is like saving the best wine for last. The
authors know first hand that the Illuminati fears more than any other information getting out, that the
spiritual aspects of programming would be revealed. This chapter has been organized into the following
a. using spiritual principles against a person,
b. how the Monarch program miniaturizes what is done on a larger scale,
c. dehumanization,
d. fear,
e. the use of guilt, shame, ridicule, & anger
f. teaching that the master is God,
g. portals, focal points,
h. vows & oaths,
i. the use of demon possession, layering etc.,
j. the use of angel alters,
k. the use of Scripture,
l. Theta programming
This chapter includes some of the most secret elements of the Monarch programming, and certainly some
of the most controversial. Psychologists and psychiatrists are an unlikely group to delve into demonology,
although there have been a number of studies done in this area. Six examples of such studies:
Braude, S.E. (1988). “Mediumship and multiple personality.” Journal of the Society for Psychical
Research, 55, 177-195.
Krippner, 5. (1987). “Cross-cultural approaches to multiple personality disorder: Practices in Brazilian
spiritism.” Ethos, 15, 273-295.
Rodgers, R.L. (1991). “Multiple personality and channeling.” Jefferson Journal of Psychiatry, 9, 3-13.
Rogo, D.S. (1987). “The spiritual side of multiple personality.” In D.S. Rogo, The infantile boundary: A
psychic look at spirit Possession, madness, and multiple personality (pp. 243-246). New York: Dodd,
Mead, and Co.
Ronquillo, E.B. (1991). “The influence of ‘Espiritismo’ on a case of multiple personality disorder.”
Dissociation, 4, 39-45.
Smith, RD. (1981). “Hypnosis, multiple personality, and magic: A case study.” Voices: the Art and
Science of Psycho-therapy, 17, 20-23.
The Gamma programming is the secret layering in of demons. However one may want to describe these
demons, the victim has to deal with their “reality”. The ceremonies to demonize the victim occur even
before they are born. Generational spirits are very important to determine how the Programmers program
a person. But this 10th science goes way beyond just demonology, because it deals with the fundamental
issues that effect our views of God, our fellowship with Almighty God, and our view of the occult
sciences of astral projection, ESP, telepathy, etc.
In the course of deprogramming Monarchs and rubbing shoulders with programmers, it became clear that
the programmers of the Monarch program are fully aware of the spiritual principles which are in
operation for everyone. In 1930, a leader of one of the groups which today carries out trauma-based mindcontrol, wrote that the occult masters are not interested in uplifting the souls of men, but that
“These Masters. .. have in reality no interest in soul or astral development, except as a means of forming
passive illuminized tools, completely controlled in mind and actions.”
The Monarch victims of today are the tail end of centuries of efforts by the Kaballists, Freemasons, and
the Illuminati adepts to completely control other human beings.
The following quote comes from a communist manual on how to brainwash a nation. It could just have
well been written by Monarch Mind-Control Programmers.
“The first thing to be degraded in any nation is the state of Man, himself. Nations which have high ethical
tone are difficult to conquer. Their loyalties are hard to shake, their allegiance to their leaders is
fanatical, and what they usually call their spiritual integrity cannot be violated by duress. It is not
efficient to attack a nation in such a frame of mind. It is the basic purpose of [mind-control] to reduce
that state of mind to a point where it can be ordered and enslaved. Thus, the first target is Man, himself.
He must be degraded from a spiritual being to an animalistic reaction pattern. He must think of himself
as an animal, capable only of animalistic reactions. He must no longer think of himself, or of his fellows,
as capable of ‘spiritual endurance,’ or nobility… “As it seems in foreign nations that the church is the
most ennobling influence, each and every branch and activity of each and every church, must, one way,
or another, be discredited. Religion must become unfashionable by demonstrating broadly, through
pyschopolitical indoctrination, that the soul is non-existent, and that Man is an animal.”
Later, this chapter will describe how a person is dehumanized.
One spiritual principle is that if you can get a person angry at God, you can get that person to commit any
sin. Great effort is taken, via staged events to make the victim being programmed certain that God has
rejected them. For instance, some victims had someone play God and walk away from them when they
needed help in a life & death situation. The 1980 Hollywood movie Altered States, which is about a
university professor in the 1960s who experiments with mind-altering drugs and sensory deprivation
tanks, shows some scenes where God turns into a goat. Some of the religious scenes in this movie, match
some of the anti-God/religious programming of some Monarch slaves. The Monarch slaves are repeatedly
warned that God is cruel and judgmental, and that He wants to destroy them for the wicked things they
have done. Bible verses that tell of the wrath of God & God’s anger are read to the victim.
An example of how the slave is programmed to hate God will now be given. A hypnotic drug will be
given the victim when they are about 6 years of age. This will relax the person and allow the
programmers to take the child into the deepest trance, so that the programming will be sure to enter into
the very fiber of the child’s being. After several hours of being in a deep trance, as the drug begins to
wear off, the child will be strapped very secure into a tight fitting coffin. A man with long white hair, and
a long robe, with sandals, staff and a white robe will present himself before the child, and announce that
he is “God the great I AM”. Then “God” will look in a big book and announce he cannot find the person’s
name so he will have to send the person to hell for being bad. The coffin will then be lowered into a deep
pit—like a mine shaft, and the victim will be told that when they can no longer hear God’s voice that they
will be a cat and not human. God can’t find them in the book because they have no soul, and are a cat.
Deeper and deeper the child is lowered. They are told this is the penalty for having tried to pray to God.
The programmers make sure that the slave is implicated in many gross sins, such as the murder of
innocent children, in order to insure that the person is sure that God hates them. Then the victim is told
that God is a consuming wrath who hates them. The injustice of God creating a world of suffering is also
taught to the slave. All this is to insure that the victim hates God. That hatred toward God will express
itself in the victim’s system’s willingness to do any sin, without conscience.
Demons are attracted by the “scent” of people. We are made in the image of God, and we are attractive
prey to those who hate God Almighty. Cities are magnets for demons. When demons target a person or
people, a common tactic is to make trouble for the person. When a person’s problems reach a crescendo,
they will be in a state of mind to grab any solution that is passing by. People then make pacts with
demonic forces. They sell their souls hoping for relief from their problems. All this is clear as a bell to the
spiritually enlightened, but the demonic forces are able to dull the senses of their victims to the point they
no longer have the slightest realization that they have sold their souls. People make a choice to accept the
falsehood offered by the demons for their relief, rather than stick with the truth which seems to hurt. The
demonic lies may be that colds and flues are caused by evil spirits–when in reality they are caused by
viruses and bacteria. Or the opposite type of lie may be given–that demonic forces have no influence over
disease, that only viruses and bacteria exist. In Africa, modern medicine is often viewed as White Man’s
magic, because they fight disease with incantations which the demons have taught them to use to cure
their problems.
Authority to demons is transferred to them by festivals, ceremonies and pilgrimages. Strong demonic
manifestations usually occur around festivals, ceremonies, rituals and pilgrimages which are being done
everyday around the world. These ceremonies and rituals are welcome mats for demonic forces giving
them the right to rule. Every area of the world has them. And often demonic signs and wonders occur at
these rituals and ceremonies. The power of a lie has to be preserved and fueled by tradition, which is
manifested via rituals. Without tradition the power of the lie would die out. If the tradition is being
rejected by a people, the demons often augment it with “new” deceptions. The first lie doesn’t stand a
chance. The pre-existing bondage then is strengthened by new deceptions that seem more appropriate. If
you were asked now, “HOW DOES SATAN ENSLAVE PEOPLE?” you should know the answer
because it was just given to you. The answer is Satan’s control is trauma-based. A trauma is applied to the
lives of people. They reach out for some type of answer to the trauma, and the demons offer some type of
answer–so many Hail Marys, or so many sacrificed cats, or pray to some idol which is a disguised
The lies are turned into myths which the people believe. The myths are a blurring of reality which the
people on one level may know are false, but their minds can’t break loose of the power of the lie. The
power of the myths are fueled by tradition and demonic manifestations and demonic attacks. Anyone who
steps outside of the demonic lie is attacked. The people feel they are being personally attacked when their
traditions are ignored. Because a people has willingly sacrificed the truth for the falsehood in their need
for relief from their trauma, they have chosen to be deceived. This choice to be deceived has a great deal
of spiritual power to it. They are no longer truth-lovers. It is not enough to come to these people with the
truth. They have rejected the truth. They must at some point will to seek the truth again. These people can
have all the proof shown to them about the truth, and they will continue to reject it. Their demonic
bondage needs to be broken somehow.
This bondage can be broken in a number of ways. Pointing out the inadequacies of the lies is sometimes
sufficient to break the demonic spell over people. But after the lies are broken, they need to be followed
by the truth–and the love of truth. The Monarch Mind Control programming is simply the sophisticated
application of what has been done to humanity on a large scale being scaled down and applied to a single
human body. Trauma and lies are used in the same way. The different alters sell their souls to the lies in
return for their safety. A basic ingredient to the programming of a group of people (or a group of alters) is
the same–trauma and fear. The Land of Oz was ruled by a shadow-leader, the Wizard of Oz. Most
countries are ruled by unseen people and unseen powers. The Wizard of Oz story is so representative of
how life is for Satan’s world. No wonder it is the programming base for so many Monarch mindcontrolled slaves. The solution to Satan’s control was that the disciples of Christ would be so united in
love that the world would see the solution. “That they all may be one.. .that the world may believe.”
For the Monarch slaves, the therapists have wanted integration. For the world, Christ wanted integration.
But there are formidable spiritual strongholds which divide us. These spiritual strongholds are far
stronger than most Christians can imagine. The heartbeat of the Body of Christ is to bring all humanity to
their Creator God. This can be done by breaking down all the lies and programming that separate the parts
of the Body of Christ so that those of Christ are so well integrated in love and spirit that the world
believes in the power of Christ. Each of the programming acts has a spiritual, mental, and physical side to
it. The slave has his or her will stripped from them so it becomes unnecessary to think in terms of their
guilt–they are slaves who no longer have the freedom of choice. If they kill, or steal, or tell an untruth
(lie), they have not done it intentionally. Still the Programmers know that there are spirits involved to
spiritually prepare the slave to do these acts. For instance, they implant Spirits of Greed and lust into the
victim. An Illuminati value system is drilled into the victim. Any person who is not taught to dedicate
personal rights and possessions to God, will end up with all types of surface forces such as insecurity,
worry, anger, envy, jealousy and tension. This goes for multiples or non-multiples.
These surface forces will in turn cause all types of surface weaknesses such as lying, stealing, cheating,
and arguing. If these surface weaknesses are displayed by anyone, they are evidence that a deeper
spiritual problem exists. However, the slave is not being set up to display these vulnerabilities as they
will, but ONLY as they are programmed. An Illuminati Beta model can have sex only with whomever her
master allows her to have sex with. Nor is she granted the privilege of refusing to sexually service
someone. If the slave is allowed free will, they often will reject the life style programmed into them. The
reason they can reject the Spirits of Seduction & Lust that have been layered in to insure that these moral
weaknesses exist, is because the will of the alter being programmed was being coerced. There was duress
involved. Satan has some claim, but not the stronghold that comes from those whose active will is
involved in a sin. That doesn’t mean that some slaves don’t develop a taste for their perversion. The point
is that the ability to have these personality weaknesses, should the programmers want them, can be
spiritually set into the slave by teaching the slave to resist the grace and love of God. It may be shocking
to realize that the slaves are specifically programmed to resist God’s grace and love, and to hate Him.
This is not left to chance, and is accomplished by a number of events in the slave’s life.
Another spiritual area that is tampered with is the self-image of the person. They are not allowed to think
of themselves as made in the image of God (unless they are front alters created or allowed to be
Christian). Instead of allowing the victim to learn about Jesus, the victim is consistently belittled and
compared to others. This is in violation of a spiritual principle found in 2 Corinthians 10:12, “For we dare
not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves; but they
measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.” John
5:44 and 2 Cor. 10:17,18 teach how it is to be done correctly. Fritz, co-author, knows of one programmer
who is still programming who is fully aware of these scriptures and how they apply spiritually. When
people are not allowed to accept themselves, they end up resisting the will of God. The wrong attitudes
are built into the slave, so that they will always resist the will of God. Again if the programmers want a
Christian front, they may program the correct thinking into the front alter. To do this doesn’t threaten
their hold on the system in the least. To have Satanic alters and Christian alters which are diametrically
opposed to each other’s thinking only insures that if they would discover each other in the mind, that they
would reject wanting to learn about the other part, and would go into denial of the part’s existence.
The programming and mind-control is being linked to a belief system. Taking this one step further, we
can also say that the programming is also a conflict between two faiths, the faith that the alters place
when they visualize and create their occult-system, that is their faith in demonism and magic, versus the
faith of those who follow the God of the Bible. The method of creating hard-core Satanic alters from
traumatized Christian alters is an obvious example of this. Some secular therapists have been slow to
admit this conflict. If we look at the Illuminati’s brand of Druidism, we will notice that the Book of
Pheryllt which is a Druidic book for rituals gives four symbols which can be made to evoke the four
elemental forces also called the four basic portals. Visualization is said to be the key to the occult, and to
opening portals with these four signs. As the deeper parts of a slave are drawn into such activity, they are
in reality placing their faith in that belief system. How can you take something away, without giving
something in return? An alternative faith in a God and belief system that is not connected to mind-control
is an important therapeutic aid.
You can not hate something passionately if you are unaware of it. When two groups are very similar, in
order to high light their individual identity they will have a high level of animosity toward each other. In
order to create strong Satanic alters who hate God, the Illuminati actually encourage the young two year
old victim to understand and accept the love of God. Upon this faith in a loving God will be built the
rejection and trauma to create wounded alters, who hate God because they feel rejected. Rejection is a
tool of Satan across the board in the world. Rejection creates a sine wave of hills and valleys. (The way of
the Lord is made straight leveling these hills and valleys.) When a person (or nation) is rejected they will
often shift to one of two extremes: either they try to perform to meet up to expectations or they will
retaliate against rejection. Both are extremes (the hills and valleys of the shadow of death) of the what
resembles a sine wave.
(Lost Picture)
Both rejection and retaliation are tools of bondage. The enemy will work a person to get them to feel
either rejected or angry. If either side of the sine wave is latched onto by a person (or nation) they will set
in motion a dynamic where they will end up with the other side of the curve. This is because the human
mind has an inbred desire to balance things out. If we feel rejection, then we may retaliate or try extra
hard to perform. This sets up a BONDAGE LOOP. The Cabalistic Tree of Life is the knowledge of good
and evil–performance. The programmer by repeatedly REJECTING the slave, build into the slave a high
level of performance. The slave is not allowed to get angry at the programmer–which is the opposite peak
of the sine wave. The human mind will naturally try to balance the performance peak with increasing the
anger/retaliation peak to match it in opposite intensity. Because the slave can not get angry at their
programmer, they turn this anger inward and upward toward themselves and God. The performance of the
slave for the master is a form of false love. Performance love is false love. “If you do this for me, then I’ll
love you.” Christ loved us when we were yet sinners and unlovable. This is the type of godly true love
described by Paul in 1 COR 13 which seeks not its own. Self-preservation is a tool of death.
That is one reason Christ did not preserve himself–even though he could have called angels–he wanted
to show the world true love. Fear gets its root in death. The threat of death of a spouse, of oneself, of
one’s dreams, of one’s identity, or of one’s fleshly body creates fear. Death comes from Satan. Life from
Yahweh God. Fear is built on a threat of some kind of death. Self-preservation then is actually based upon
fear which is in turn based on death. This is why Christ said one must lose their life to gain it. To escape
the satanic bondage loop of self-preservation built on fear, we must reach out for the love of God. Selfjustification is not normally seen by people as a bondage loop, but it often is. Only the sureness that
Almighty God loves us gives us the strength not to get caught in the self-preservation tactic of selfjustification. There is a place for defending the truth, but it must be done in love. Christ and his disciples
taught that we are justified by faith in God–not by self-justification. Self-justification can easily be
related to the self-preservation bondage loop. We simply have to have an inner knowing that we are made
in the image of God, and that He is working in each of our lives. Since we are His work, He will justify
us. All of the Monarch slaves, are a work of God.
The cult has simply refashioned what God created. The slave needs to recapture the loving view God has
of what He created. God doesn’t make mistakes. He has placed lots of beauty and value in each person.
Each person is His handiwork, isn’t the human body fearfully and wonderfully made? After someone has
been made to participate in crimes against humanity, the Programmers intuitively have created a situation
where the person may fall into self-justification, for example, “They deserved to die.” This is a subtle, but
dangerous tool of bondage. Much of the trauma-based mind-control is based on simple fundamental
spiritual life-spiritual death issues. The Spirit of the Lord does not give fear. It comes from the enemy.
Abductees, who claim to have met aliens, claim that the aliens feed off of human fear. Fear brings
spiritual death. To show this dynamic in another way, let’s describe a common thought for alters of
Monarch slaves. This thought is “If I stay with the programming I’m safe.” This is the same thought that
society in general is taught via fear of self-preservation. “If I stay with the crowd, if I stay with the
system, then I will be safe.” This is why peer pressure, which seems safe, can lead many young people
into death. All this fear of self-preservation by remaining in the programming (whether individual or
societal) will be transferred to loyalty of the AntiChrist–that is the plan. The Truth shall set you free.
Anytime we reject the truth for safety and peace because of our fear for self-preservation, we accept a lie.
If the truth sets a person free, then by definition, slavery means to “not to have truth.” All lies lead to
bondage. They create strongholds. Many religious groups are built upon a collection of truths and lies.
The truths are used as the enticing attractive front, the lies are used as the enslaving bondage. This is why
there is almost no end to all the lies used to program Monarch-type trauma-based total Mind-controlled
slaves. An important mind-control programming dynamic is the creation of images. This will take some
explaining. One spiritual dimension of humans is that we like to behold our God. This was built into us.
Archeologists have noticed that ancient man has always worshipped. It is built into man to worship, and
we like to behold whatever we worship–whether that is God, ourselves, or some other image. In other
words, worship is image oriented. This is the power of images.
One of the most ignored commandments of God, of which Fritz wrote a book about in 1977, was the
commandment God gave “thou shalt not…make any likeness of any thing that is heaven above, or that is
in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.” EX 20:4 Students of God’s Word are warned
to “examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good.” 1 THES 5:2 1. What is significant is
that God’s commandments in Ex. 20, which were a distillation of His laws, could have simply stated
“Thou shallt not make any graven image”, but instead went on to make a big issue in that same passage
about any image of God’s creatures (the word translated “things” has historically been understood as
“living things.”) In DT 4:15 “pasal” images–that is images formed out of any material with a tool (ax,
chisel, or engraving tool) and the “likeness of male or female” and “similitude of any figure” are
forbidden. Next, it again forbids the likenesses of living creatures. The word “image” occurs about 100
times in the Bible, and is usually accompanied by judgements such as “I will cut down. ..destroy…break
down…smote.” In a number of verses (EC 7:20, PS 106:29, 39), the scriptures speak about how man is
always seeking inventions that provoke God to anger.
The creation of images of many varieties was a big part of Egyptian magic, and still is. Because the
creation of images is so esteemed today, a balanced view/discussion of the spiritual ramifications of
images (& their creation) is a rare subject. “For the invisible things of Him, from the creation of the world
are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so
that they are without excuse.” RM 1:20. (cf. ISA 6:3) One ex-Programmer has talked at length, that part
of the motivation for the many programming images, is so that they can establish a world built by Satan,
because they want to insure that there is no testimony about God’s power. (By the way, some deliverance
ministries are having success in helping heal victims by pointing out that Satanic programmers only build
from elements God has already created.) Mirrors, and lots of them, are important in occult programming
because they make images. They create so many internal images one doesn’t know which way to go.
Images are lies. We often create false images of the people we want to love. Do we love them or their
Movie stars are loved for their image, and rarely for who they really are. Some of them have
acknowledged that they don’t feel loved by their fans, because their fans are only worshipping an image.
Again, we must remember THE TRUTH SHALL SET US FREE. What is our real identity? Who are we
really in God’s eyes? Why did He allow us to be born? What was His real purpose for us? These real
questions which are so hard for so many of us, are the reality that we need in our lives. The bondage of
images has yet to be understood. The word “duplicity” is based on the word duplicate. Machiavelli taught
the elite how to rule through duplicity–that is to rule via imitation images. This is nothing more than one
of the operational principles of mirror images placed within the Monarch Mind-controlled slaves.
Whatever gives life is duplicated in a mirror image by Satan. Life swallows up death, as the Kingdom of
God’s genuine light gets progressively brighter. The copy of this is that performance must get
progressively better–i.e. technology must change to get better if we are to have life. The Amish show that
society’s penchant for technological progression, does not improve life. The Amish have a very
successful life-style free from divorce and crime.
Missionaries to Africa have come back at times wondering if the primitive tribe they spent time with
didn’t have many things which our technologically advanced society had lost. This doesn’t mean that an
invention won’t help mankind–it is that mankind will not get life from technology. Technology must be
understood in the entire context of life. If a person catches onto the lie of technology or performance, they
may try the opposite lie–platforming. Many troubled people reach out to God, receive help, and then
platform by saying, “Thanks for the help God, but I’m O.K. now.” God’s love is not performance-based,
but we still need to continue to press toward the mark of the high calling of God, transforming and
renewing our mind, ever growing spiritually. Things which do not grow are labelled dead. How do we
grow without being performance oriented? That is the message that Christ tried to bring people. The
programmers get their slaves caught in a performance loop. The slaves are not going to get freedom, if a
minister of some church traps them into some religious group that is performance-based, rather than
unconditional godly-love based.
It is sad to see victims of mind-control free themselves at great cost, only to run from one controlling
group to another. If we neglect to look at the spiritual dimensions of mind-control slavery, we then are
neglecting to see some of the elements of total mind-control slavery.
What is often the first thing which is attacked in individuals and nations in order to control them?
It is their sense of identity as a spiritual moral being.
Both individuals and nations are targeted to destroy their ethical self-respect. The individual and the
nation must be brought to think of themselves as animals. Another primary tactic or tool is to traumatize
the victim who is to be controlled, and then provide relief when a demonic lie is accepted. Rejection is an
important trauma, because it creates a desire for performance and retaliation, and gets people trapped in a
bondage loop. Lies put people into bondage. Images are a type of lie, that lead to bondage. This is why so
many images and lies are placed into the Mind-controlled slave. These images and lies are inherently
bondage-makers. Fear and self-preservation are grounded in death. To preserve ourselves, we will allow
ourselves to be enslaved. (Eventually, Mind-controlled slaves, and society in general, in order to have
peace, safety and self-preservation, will transfer their allegiance to the master programmer, the
Illuminati’s AntiChrist.)
The dehumanizing of a multiple — that is of a fragmented personality — is done to most of the alters, but
the front alters are allowed to be human. Because alters take on the characteristics of what they were
created from, the front alters have to be some of the first splits so that they have a sense of family and that
they are human. That does not mean that the first series of splits can’t be dehumanized later; they are.
They are turned into gems (crystals). How do you make an alter into an animal alter? It may not be quite
as difficult as some may imagine, because they can create alters with “clean slates”–that is, they are the
plain tablets that Dr. White (Dr. D. Ewin Cameron) prided himself that he was able to make out of adult
minds. When a part of the mind has no reality to reference, and is tortured and told lies, then it will accept
what the programmer says is real. When an alter is created via torture, if you want a cat alter, they will
have the child tortured in a cage surrounded by cats of some type. The new alters will be told they are
cats. Their programmers will actually kill a little child in the worst way in front of these alters and tell
them that that is what happens to little girls and boys. Do they want to be a little girl? No. After watching
the horrible things that happen to little girls, they do not want to be little girls or little boys (as the case
may be). They want to be a cat, because as a cat they will not be killed and tortured like the children. The
alters are forced to eat like cats with cats. They are repeatedly shamed and degraded and repeatedly told
they are cats. Lie detector Instruments are hooked up to the child to determine if the alters actually believe
they are cats. When the alter can actually state, “I’m a kitten.” or “I’m a tiger.” and pass the lie detector
test, then the programmers know they have succeeded.
But what if the child’s mind resists being told it is a cat? As long as the child sees herself as a girl, she is
given feces to eat. But the cats are fed wholesome meals in front of the victim. The little girls in the other
cages are dirty and tortured and ill fed. Do you want to be a little girl? A great deal of simple torture is
applied to make sure that the correct answers are given. If your life depended upon saying you were a cat,
you’d be a cat too. Further, children have a vivid imagination. Normal children can easily role play, and
they can easily imagine they are something they aren’t, because their personalities and egos have not
Again nothing is left to chance. A fake blood transfusion of cat blood may be given the child. Very often
high speed films of kittens playing and having fun are shown in one eye, while the other eye is forced to
view little girls having to undergo the worst of tortures. This viewing is forced upon the child, as its eyes
are held open and the child is strapped into a viewing chair. The dehumanization process will make alters
into various types of birds, cats, dogs, aliens, horses, earth elements, gemstones, rocks, and countless
other items. They will then place in back-up programming to insure that the alters continue to believe
they are not human. The ingenuity of the back-up programming to ensure that they continue to believe the
lies,. which are extensive and ingenious. A great deal of hypnosis, drug induced states, and drug-hypnosis
is used to carry out the dehumanization process. The programming will be reinforced by a cat alter’s
environment, because the alter’s handlers will always refer to them as kittens or other types of cats.
The painful rape of a child with its legs held in a butterfly configuration is used to get butterfly alters. To
get a puppet, the body is given a drug which paralyzes the child. Then electro-shock is applied to certain
muscles upon the command of the programmer. The effect is that the child has no control over his body,
and the programmer can make the child’s body parts jerk and move by electro-shocking the muscles. The
child actually becomes the puppet of the programmer. This is a very powerful program. One of the names
connected with Monarch programming is Marionette Programming. The child literally becomes a
Marionette. This concept appears to have been cooked up by the Germans under Hitler. An alter System
as a child is physically shown that they are a marionette puppet. Their muscles are electro-shocked in
such a way as to take advantage of the natural reflexes. When electro-shocked that way, the victim’s body
parts jerk out of our control at the whim of the programmer to prove to the victim that they are a puppet.
At this time, the rules are given and rule number 8 is that the alters are their puppet. Illuminati
programmer Dr. Mengele, used puppets in a dollhouse as he programmed. He did skits with his puppets.
“Dance Marionette dance,” he’d say in his thick german accent. Pinochio’s story was used to name the
spirit guide Jimney Cricket. Along with rule no. 8, he taught the following rules at this point:

  1. Listen to your instructions.
  2. There is no room for error.
  3. “The Game Timer”–these were the specifics of how to move, the melted mirror, etc.,
  4. There is a chain of command, the King’s men.,
  5. Your Master would chart your course.,
  6. You will receive orders, what to do, a memorized script to follow and fulfill.,
  7. The Creator and Master would always own you into infinity.,
  8. You are puppets on a string. “Dance Marionette dance. You are to speak only those words told to you,
    and to only speak those words when your string is pulled.,
  9. There is no room for questions.,
  10. The controller always plays the role of the White Rabbit.
    Dark side alters of a System are taught to know these rules as part of their being. Dr. Joseph Mengele
    (also known as Dr. Green) carried a violin, which was used during programming. He programmed slaves
    to respond to the key word “Fiddler”. During programming, the victim will be made to believe that all
    their insides have been removed and tape recorders placed into them and surgically hooked up. To the
    child being programmed this is real. This is part of the dehumanization process to protect them from
    spiritual growth and freedom. The programmers’ dehumanization parallels what is done in the army when
    the drill sergeant yells at the new recruits names such as ‘‘maggot’’ and ‘‘worm’’.
    The Porcelain Face Programming was already touched on earlier in Chapters 2 & Chapter 7 when the
    fire tortures and Gatekeeper alters were discussed. Fire torture and melted wax is used to make the child
    victim believe their face has been burned. Then the programmer generously gives the traumatized alters a
    porcelain mask. The alter getting the Porcelain face may be given a “gem” hypnotically like Jade and that
    becomes their secret name. There are several different methods that are available to lay in the porcelain
    face programming. There has been a great deal of porcelain casts made of people’s faces and then masks
    made of them. In fact, when a handler dies, at least in one case the replacement handler wore a mask to
    look like the previous handler. Human baby skin is used to construct a mask from the victim’s facial cast.
    A mask is worn by the Illuminati victim when they are married to the AntiChrist. The Porcelain Masks
    are often part of the Camelot & Shakespeare programming. Another use of porcelain masks which was
    only experimented with was to place masks on Pawn alters which were used as alters who would guard
    things by scaring other alters with their fearful porcelain countenances. This programming has spiritual
    ramifications, because it is one of the programming methods to steal alters of their faces. The alters who
    receive porcelain face programming will only see a porcelain face in the mirror until the programming is
    taken down. As long as the computer on their level is operating, the programming to that alter will be
    The programmers leave no stone unturned when they strip the alters of a system of any vestige of
    humanity they might have. The programmers make the alters believe that the programmers have
    surgically removed their hearts & replaced them with a stone. To reinforce this programming, the victim
    is hypnotized to fall into a deep trance if at any time the victim’s deeper alters are hooked up to anything
    monitoring the heart. If and when someone tried to prove that these alters have a heart by taking their
    pulse, they may be surprised when these alters go into deep trance, enough that the machine doesn’t even
    read. This is how the programming keeps the lies safe from exposure. The Programmers will hypnotically
    take the hearts for a number of reasons: One is blackmail. They will promise to return the hearts, if the
    victim obeys, returns home to the cult when needed, and is present when the Anti-Christ needs the victim.
    It is doubtful these alters would get their hearts back by their cult, considering all the false promises that
    are typically made. The Programmers will give the hearts to a queen mother alter for safekeeping. They
    may be hidden somewhere like in the Temple of Molech. The Temple of Molech in some survivors is
    used as a depository for memories of child sacrifices.
    It is not a place any alter could or would want to go in the internal world. In return, the Programmers give
    the victim stones, yes, hearts of stone. Stone-like protectors will stand guard in the background. Their
    voodoo doll appearance reflects the voodoo images that are built into Monarch Internal Worlds. By
    removing the victim’s hearts, it removes any chance that dark alters would have a soft warm spot in their
    heart for anyone. They will be told that they are incapable of having friends or of loving others. This is
    quite effective in separating these alters from others. That isolation is a part of the mind control. Because
    the alters believe they have no life source within themselves–that is no heart, they have to look to their
    master. If the master places his hand upon the victim’s chest they may feel alive. Because people need a
    heart to feel, alters are programmed to believe that they are incapable of feeling and have no feelings.
    They can not cry during their own suffering, and are encouraged to feel incapable of caring for the
    suffering of others. In spite of all the brutality and isolation of the programming, the alter’s humanity will
    lay in the background, but whether alters will ever acknowledge that humanity, is a big question. If people
    ask these heartless alters to give their hearts to Jesus, they may be told that they don’t have one. In all
    covenants, something is given to the cult. In this case the victim’s hearts are (hypnotically) given to the
    satanic Master. There is a Keeper of the Seals who keeps the items given when a vow or covenant is
    made. If a person is a traitor to a vow, then the cult has an object to carry out voodoo or magic upon to
    punish the person. Monarch Mind-controlled slaves know their orders, and are locked into obedience.
    After the Programmers steal the deeper alters’ hearts, their identities, their free will, their real families,
    and their faces and their humanity, they are kind enough to sew back into the victim’s chest via hypnotic
    surgery black stones. They do all this surgery by hypnosis. Via hypnosis, the Programmers can heal the
    victim’s wounds after they torture the victim. They can basically make or remake reality to be what they
    The thing that stands out so vividly for those who have met victim’s who are in therapy is the Spirit(s) of
    Fear that control them. Waves of paranoia roll back and forth through the alters. Everyone needs to bear
    in mind, that the programmers were sadists, and they didn’t get satisfaction from their programming until
    they could see raw terror in their victims. The primary vehicle for programming was the raw terror that is
    repeatedly instilled into the victim. To achieve total terror, the sadist programmer gains total control over
    every aspect of a person, their thoughts, their bowel movements, their life, even the power to commit
    suicide is stripped from the victim. Nothing that originally belonged to the victim is left untouched. A
    realistic fear of most victims, is that they will never be believed. Indeed, many therapists are serving the
    final insult to these severely traumatized people by denying the authenticity of things the victim
    experienced himself and even wishes were not true. For a victim to overcome their fear to tell, after all the
    years of programming not to tell and threats not to tell, is an enormous feat. Very few victims, ever get to
    this point. And yet, when they do overcome this enormous barrier, they must face disbelief. Traditionally,
    the psychiatrists have treated these victims as if their abuse is nothing but psychotic nonsense. How many
    fleeing victims have been locked up and told they were Paranoid Schizophrenics? The fear of losing one’s
    identity within a coven or religious group, says the Church of Scientology, is balanced out by the
    structured framework that these groups have. Members identify with each other, because they participate
    in the same rituals and have given their allegiance to the same idealized master.
    The Chinese and police agencies have been especially good at developing methods to solicit confessions.
    This is done by a variety of punishment and reward strategies, and the Mutt & Jeff routine. Confession
    and self-criticism have been used by religious groups, esp. the Jesuits as a method to convert persons to
    and then perpetuate a belief. One of the things that the deeper alters will not be taught about is
    forgiveness. Because forgiveness of oneself and others is such an important spiritual dynamic, to not
    know about forgiveness cripples many deeper alters from healing from the deep spiritual wounds they
    have received. Forgiveness is an act of the will. Forgiveness of oneself is usually a major issue with
    deeper alters who generally don’t know how to do this. However, the handlers and abusers will be sure to
    heap lots of guilt–whether deserved or not onto the poor mind-controlled victim. It is natural for a person
    to focus on himself–after all, if a person doesn’t think for himself who will? Often a person accepts their
    strengths, but focuses on their weaknesses hoping that that weakness will somehow be reduced by the
    focus that is placed upon it.
    The programmers know how to take advantage of that. They set impossible standards of perfection, and
    then demean the victim because they have failed to live up to the impossible standard of perfection. Black
    and white thinking develops in the slave’s mind. The programmers will not allow the victim to display
    natural feelings of anger, sadness or doubt. To do so means that one is a failure and weak. Of course they
    are natural feelings, so the slave has to do a great deal of repression and self-incrimination for having
    these natural feelings. The slave learns to turn his or her anger inward. Many of the male slaves end up
    committing suicide. They beat themselves up with subconscious & conscious guilt. Anything and
    everything wrong or bad in the slave’s life is blamed upon him. Of course not all things are meant to be
    remembered by the slave. Guilt can play a natural role in the forgetting of memories too. If the Monarch
    slave would remember something terrible, the religious front alters can be made to feel repentant for such
    terrible thoughts. Then the natural desire to forget can be reinforced by suggesting that the evil memory
    be removed from the mind. In other words, memories are forgotten because they don’t conform to a
    person’s moral code.
    If good morals are programmed into the front alters, they will take the hypnotic suggestion not to
    remember what has really happened that they had to participate in. The front alters will only remember a
    sanitized version. The person may even want to think of the memory as “only a dream” because of the
    guilt associated with believing the reality of it. If a person is hypnotized to have guilt about something
    that they didn’t commit, then they can be gotten to believe that they did it. For instance, a false implanted
    memory of the Monarch slave killing a child may be implanted with the command, if you do not obey we
    will kill more children and you then will be guilty for not just this child but others. People will tend to
    justify their abuse by saying “I was bad, I was evil.” The programmers take advantage of this natural
    tendency. Nothing the slave does is good enough or worthy of praise. After they sexually please a
    customer, they are called “bitch” and “whore” to make the slave feel guilty, when all they have done is
    follow orders. The whole situation causes the slave to work harder for approval which of course is very
    tentative and fleeting at best. The Master just keeps control, and sets the standards higher if the slave gets
    close to reaching perfection.
    The Master must insure that the slave feels guilty and dirty. Many of the slaves endure a guilt that is
    common among soldiers and concentration camp survivors–the guilt of having survived when others
    died. “Why did I live and they die? I was no better than them?” Any desire on the part of deeper alters to
    want something for themselves is painted as “selfishness”. They will be internally and externally
    punished for any pleasure. If a sexual alter enjoys a sexual encounter, she is programmed to internally feel
    some type of severe punishment program. One standard punishment for a female slave who appears to
    have actually enjoyed a sexual act is to cut them from vagina to rectum, and sew them back up without
    anesthesia WHILE the slave is forced to watch her punishment in silence without tears or screams. One
    form of tormenting a slave is to ridicule the slave as they have to carry out a wretched assignment. Many
    slaves lose their zest for humor because they end up the brunt of so many bad jokes. Comedians, because
    they are skilled with puns, and other words games, have often served as handlers or programmers. Bob
    Hope is the best example of a Monarch slave handler who uses his verbal skills as both a handler and
    comedian. Bob Hope has a side to him that the public doesn’t see. Over the years, Bob Hope has spent
    millions of dollars on his team of gag writers to keep him well supplied with gags.
    The use of anger is not haphazard. The spiritual ramifications of anger are very well known to the
    programmers. They know that anger opens up spiritual portals for demonic activity. Remember, chapter 7
    on structuring explained how the programmer purposefully push the victim almost to its breaking point to
    get angry alters. The use of anger is seen in a number of different areas of programming. The Gatekeeper
    alters will be depressed and angry alters to insure that they remain good portals for demons. Gatekeeper
    alters function as Gatekeepers in several different capacities. Gatekeeper alters will be found to the whole
    system, often on the second level (section) down. Gatekeeper alters will also be found guarding important
    sections like the Carousel and Castle. In review, Anger toward God, anger toward the outside world, and
    anger toward themselves are all built into a System. Where was God? Where was the outside world, when
    all these things were happening.
    Many, if not all, of the victims of Monarch turn their anger on themselves, which is the only safe place to
    vent it. Most of the deeper alters of a Monarch system will have very low self-esteem and will have lots
    of guilt and anger toward themselves. The slave is victimized so much, that when their handlers give them
    the chance to victimize someone else, some victims find release in assaulting others. Of course the entire
    process of transference further entraps the victim, and provides more guilt and more debilitating spiritual
    dynamics. The slave may be given the power of life or death over others, as well as the power of deciding
    another person’s eternal fate. Sometimes this power is addictive. This addiction can be a trap that binds
    the slave to his source of power. The power that the Illuminati give their slaves is one of the major
    barriers preventing deeper alters from moving toward freedom when their systems have a chance. Slaves
    also turn a great deal of anger in on themselves.
    The self-image of most alters in a System is extremely low. The anger that alters have becomes a tool of
    the handler to insure that the slave never thinks highly enough of themselves to do anything about the
    control over them. An example of this is Monarch slave Loretta Lynn. Loretta Lynn’s handler is her
    husband Doolittle. Although Loretta has worked (slaved) very long hard hours she credits Doolittle for all
    her success. Her programming allows her only to give him credit for her successes. In her
    “autobiography” Loretta Lynn A Coal Miners Daughter, which was written by a professional writer who
    sat down and worked with her, Loretta says on page 63,
    “In a lot of ways, it was good for me to marry someone older than me [her husband Doo was a WW II
    vet/satanist who married her when she was 13], because I could learn from him. But, in another way, it
    wasn’t so good because I went directly from Daddy to Doolittle without ever being on my own. Even
    today, men are telling me what to do. My husband, my lawyer, my accountant, my personal manager
    [Ken Riley, her road manager has been her mind-control handler, and Alex Houston (former
    programmer of Cathy O’Brien-see her book, Trance Formation of America) & Reggie Maclaughlin have
    done some of her recent programming]. In a sense, I still don’t have complete control over myself. Maybe
    I never will. But if it wasn’t for Doo [her nickname for her husband & handler], we wouldn’t have what
    we have today.”
    Anger within a System can be dangerous, when one alter directs its anger toward another alter.
    Sometimes one alter will try to kill another alter. Actually, this happens more often than one might
    imagine. If the alter succeeds of course, the body will be dead, with the resulting consequence that
    everyone dies. The programmers enjoy seeing this type of drama, but they don’t want it to be carried out
    to its final conclusion, so they generally, if not always, have alters who can step in and take the body and
    stop this. If the alter system can’t, then alters who understand what is going on can call their master for
    help, and the master can once again show how dependent they are upon him for life. This is the “divide
    and conquer” strategy. The divide and conquer strategy is used repeatedly in constructing an alter system.
    The Programmers and the Handlers are setting themselves up as gods, or Almighty God, or as a being
    from a superior race of aliens, such as Koldasians or Pleiadians. Interestingly, if one listens, these
    different alien races make conflicting claims for whatever good the earth has. However, those of us who
    have followed the Monarch programming know that these aliens are just men who do the Programming.
    Time-life Publishers (owned by men in the Illuminati) subtly gave this away in their book The UFO
    Phenomenon when they referred to UFO abductions as “the Oz factor.” They go on to say that its like
    Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz on page 71. Then they go so far as to reemphasize the point by showing a
    picture of Dorothy in Oz. In the TV series on aliens & UFOs called the “X-Files”, they begin a show with
    an “I love you-I love you not” Monarch programming script. Often the Programmers tell the alters which
    they have created, that they are their Creator and therefore their God. In a spiritual sense, they took the
    place of God in every way, including attributing the scriptures about God to themselves.
    This works well for Illuminati alters, because they are indoctrinated that all humans can be divine. It also
    works well with non-Illuminati alters as long as they are under mind-control. However, the actions of the
    handlers are so ungodlike, that should the programming break down, and the alters get a taste of reality,
    these lies soon are transparent. The lies that the handler is an alien are much harder to refute than the lies
    that the handler is God. The trend appears to be for the handlers to refer to themselves as a superior race
    of aliens. Most if not all of the people seeing aliens, are really just being jerked around by their handlers.
    This doesn’t mean that aliens do or don’t exist. It does mean that those of us who have been working with
    people who have alien contact experiences and who understand Monarch Mind-control have only seen
    people obviously under mind-control. Fritz has yet to meet someone who has had an “alien contact” who
    wasn’t under mind-control. In 1992, a book, Exposing The Mystery of Iniquity, was started by Fritz
    Springmeier showing the connections between so called “aliens” and “demons.” Is it coincidence that the
    demon Sir John Dee conjured for his enochian magic looks just like a small grey alien pictured so often
    People who have participated in high level Illuminati ceremonies speak about guardians which are
    Nephalim (half human-half demon) which are the offspring of mixing humans with demons, and who
    look like the variety of “aliens” that are so often reported. The subject of Nephalim and whether aliens are
    or are not visiting us is too vast for this book. However, these Nephalim guardians are perceived as real
    by Illuminati members, and they strike incalculable fear within the members of the Illuminati. As one of
    the big sources of fear, the guardians take their place as part of the control mechanisms to keep slaves in
    place. Polls taken by others, have found that 100% of Satanists have had an experience with UFOs, and
    report some type of “alien” abduction. (The Programmers & upper level hierarchy don’t get themselves
    into polls, and the lower levels are all programmed.) The point is that there is a close relationship between
    UFOs and the occult world.
    On the following page are some of the more respectable scripts that persons, who are victims of “alien
    abductions” see in their heads. Signs of MPD were visible in each of these cases, and these abductee are
    placing their wills at the command of these “higher beings”. Their wills are subservient to the will of the
    “alien”. They receive messages in these scripts in altered states of consciousness. Some of the scripts are
    blatantly satanic magic scripts and sigils, but the majority are blatantly of human design. It stretches the
    imagination that most alien scripts would have a language and script that matches the English alphabet,
    with the same letter frequencies of English letters–that is ‘‘a’s”, ‘‘m’s’’, and are found in abundance. It
    stretches the imagination passed the breaking point to think that aliens light years away with different
    vocal cords or whatever they have, evolved a script that corresponds to English, when our alphabet
    doesn’t correspond to Greek, or Sanskrit, or Ogham that closely. Quite a few abductees have the “aliens”
    give them more complex versions of their “alien script” as they get older.
    The simplified version is received as a child, and then it evolves. It appears that there are now numerous
    programmers, who are simply concocting made-up scripts, and hypnotically telling their poor hapless
    victim that the script is alien. In this respect, these scripts are really codes–not “alien scripts”. They are
    full of what are called follows. Follows are symbols that are similar to one another, which are a variation
    on a theme. Test results have shown that made-up scripts have many more follows than an actual real
    historical script. The occult world are teaching that the Akashic record of all recorded information lies
    somewhere in the essence of space called the Reticulum Dei (the network of God). The mind-control
    victim, who actually gets his automatic writing and his information from deep in his system, is led to
    believe that he has gotten it from the Akashic record. The spiritual dynamics of the Programmer setting
    himself up as God are far reaching. The spiritual world mirrors the physical world.
    In the physical world, in biology, researchers have found that chemicals that resemble other natural body
    chemicals can be substituted for those original chemicals with far reaching effects. For instance, antihistamines do not destroy histamine; they resemble histamine enough that they occupy the cellular
    receptor sites where histamine molecules normally attach. Because the histamine molecules have had
    their attachment places stolen, they can’t interact with the cells. Within the spiritual realm the very same
    thing happens. The Anti-Christ is less of a Christ destroyer as he is a Christ replacement. True spiritual
    power is replaced within the world by the religious spirit. Within Christendom, the religious spirit has
    replaced much of the positions that should have gone to true faith. Therefore the power of true faith is
    destroyed by simply being replaced and having its position usurped. The foundation for the religious
    spirit are fear and pride, which are also foundational pillars for the Monarch programming. The religious
    spirit can be detected when someone reads an admonishment and can apply it immediately to others- but
    not to oneself.
    When a person sins (for example, Eli in the book of Samuel), the religious spirit will propel them to make
    a sacrifice to cover that sin (like Eli did). However, that religious zeal to cover sin by doing good and
    giving sacrificially of oneself, stems from the religious spirit not the holy Spirit of God (See 1 Samuel
    3:13-14). Religious zeal done to cover sin is not accepted by Almighty God. Eli’s sons “despised the
    offering of the LORD” (1 SAM 2:17).
    One of the outgrowths of SRA upon the Monarch victim is that they will generally exhibit black and
    white thinking. Black and white thinking is actually an element of the religious spirit, which in spiritual
    terms pervades the Monarch victim. The Monarch victim’s system is set up to usurp true faith. Something
    has to replace true faith, and the religious spirit is a good substitute. Perfectionism or unloving idealism is
    part of the religious spirit. This perfectionism will demand that if a person can not be perfect, they should
    give up. The holy Spirit of God gives hope. The religious spirit destroys hope by demanding more than
    people can give. As long as people are travelling the journey of seeking God, they don’t need to have
    arrived to perfection. Idealism wants people to be at the destination at once or not start the journey.
    This religious spirit has stopped many victims of Monarch programming from moving forward to real
    freedom. It is a very powerful type of spirit. Many people are waiting until they are perfect to help
    minister to others. Sadly this is an outgrowth of the religious spirit. We do not need to be perfect to help
    others. The following is an actual account: a Christian man who didn’t understand mechanics very well
    stopped to see what he could do to help an elderly couple stranded on the road. The car miraculously
    started for the Christian and he was able to have the couple follow him to a repair station at the next town.
    But the attitude of the Christian was to make himself available to God–not that he was going to fix
    someone else’s problem. The couple was sure they had been visited by an angel. What is being discussed
    is how setting oneself up as “a god” or “God” is part of the religious spirit that attracts itself to so many of
    us. One of the attributes of the religious spirit is that it will notice what is wrong in a person rather than
    discerning what is right. Unless discernment is based upon love, discernment will be warped. Churches
    caught up in the religious spirit have mercy on the things that are abominations to God. Likewise, they
    show unwarranted mercy on the actions of ministers who have mercy on things that are abominations to
    God. One of the best examples is the religious front this book discussed in detail in Chapter 5. Billy
    Graham, a Monarch slave handler, is on public record endorsing Mao-tse-tung’s teachings, abortion,
    salvation through witchcraft, the One-World-Church in alliance with the world’s political power, and
    many other things. Quite a number of Freemasons, ex- and current members have stated that Billy
    Graham is a secret Freemason, however, his staff denies this. The religious spirit has ran a campaign to
    cover up Billy Graham’s personal use of prostitutes, many of them Monarch kittens. And some of these
    Monarch kittens have been able to reveal the facts of their abuse.
    Chapter 10B- Using Spiritual Things to Control a Person
    Chapter 10A
    By Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler
    Billy Graham is a “prophet” who works for the Network. The point is that churches turn a blind eye to
    these things. Fritz has tried to approach ministers about these things, and there isn’t an open ear. By the
    way, Almighty God still can step above what Billy Graham is and work in spite of it. Satanists can
    infiltrate the highest church positions, but they won’t stop good from eventually conquering evil, and
    God’s will being done. When we write “God’s will”, please understand that God has several types of will,
    including a conditional will, and an ultimate will. His conditional will is let men have what they want. His
    ultimate will is to see His creation be a wonderful paradise.
    The religious leaders in Jesus’ day got rid of true prophets. The religious spirit today will do the same.
    The religious spirit causes people to flagellate their backs with whips. A Russian branch of the Illuminati,
    called the Skoptsi, are famous for the self-inflicted tortures including castration that they carry out upon
    their bodies. The religious spirit causes people to have self-abasement for the wrong motives. Discipline
    and faith are worthy things to have, but not if they are done out of only love for oneself rather than also
    love for one’s Creator. This is why satanic alters have such a hard time seeing what Christianity has for
    them. They see the religious spirit of Christianity and they realize that Satanism has a more powerful
    form of religion. Satanism is based upon legalism (the rituals have to be exactly so), and upon pride, and
    fear. To make an analogy, the religious spirit is like a man or woman who dresses to get compliments
    rather than dressing nice to please their spouse. In other words, the man who wears something that
    offends his wife, because he wants other men to think he is macho, has a similar motivation as the
    religious spirit.
    The author of the religious spirit is Satan, the author of death. God wants people to choose things which
    are excellent and make their lives count for eternity. On the flip side, the programmers, who worship &
    serve Satan in their invocations, murder their victims in 4 ways of death– mental, moral, spiritual, and
    physical death. They program 4 types of ongoing suicide into their slaves. They bring them a. mental
    suicide, b. moral suicide, c. spiritual suicide, and d. push some alters to physical suicide, and program
    others to commit physical suicide. They push their slaves into near death experiences–some alters die,
    and are discarded. Often, there are “dead” alters within a live System. a. To perpetuate mental death, the
    programmers administer drugs, hypnosis, and false philosophies, and programming to wipe the truth out
    of the slaves mind. This is mental murder. b. Resistance to evil is the essence of life. By requiring their
    slaves to engage in the worst moral impurities, these parts lose their spiritual eyes. This is moral murder.
    (2 Peter 1)
    PART G – Portals and focal points.
    Within the occult world, the entire study of demonology is wrapped around the geometric shapes that
    serve as focal points for demons (such as made by crystals and pyramids), and the portals by which
    demons can enter the human body. A demon doesn’t have to be materialized (conjured up) to enter into a
    body. Geometric shapes which are believed to attract demons are placed into the internal worlds of slaves.
    The will of the person also plays a role in the introduction of demons into the body. Torture attaches and
    layers in demons within the body. Sex and blood sacrifices are used to attach powerful demons.
    According to high level demonology, certain powerful spirits can only be manipulated if there are blood
    sacrifices. This may seem strange, however, the record (evidence) bears out that generational victims of
    possession who have had demons placed in via blood sacrifices are definitely controlled by more
    powerful demonic forces. All of the chahkra points, and the orifices to the human body serve as portals.
    Both the Illuminati and Christian deliverance ministries agree that the mouth, ears, nose, anus, etc. are
    High influxes of demonic energy into the body is accompanied by a burning sensation. The Mother of
    Darkness who is assigned to a child who is being programmed has to oil the child periodically to protect
    it from this burning. The goal to possess someone of spirits, or to be possessed by spirits has been
    practiced since the early times of mankind. In Llewellyn’s New Worlds of Mind and Spirit magazine
    June/July 1994, issue #943, they write, “The golem of Prague is perhaps the most famous example of
    ‘practical cabala’–the use of cabala for magical cabala.” Scholem in his excellent treatise on the Cabala
    has an entire chapter about the Golem. The golem were mind-controlled slaves created by the magick of
    the Cabala. The Cabala, according to the best masonic authorities, including Albert Pike in his famous
    Morals and Dogma book is the basis of Freemasonry. By extension then, it is clear that the goal of having
    a mind-controlled golem has been the goal of Freemasonry, because that goal is the best example of
    practical cabala. This is the paper trail, that lets us view the secret goals of the secret world of
    There are Cabalistic grades within Freemasonry. Sexual slaves were used by the higher and more occult
    Masonic rites in the 19th century. These sexual slaves were subjected to trances and demonic possessions.
    They were subjected to all types of perverse magical rituals. The Cabala teaches intercourse with demons.
    Theurgy is the skill or ability to invoke demons variously called angels of light, genii, spirits of various
    kinds, such as elemental spirits. Demons come with a price and that price is blood. Satanism and
    Luciferianism and other similar cults are blood cults that require blood to be sacrificed to pull in certain
    demons. For instance, blood may be taken from both the tongue and the genital area and mixed in a
    certain ceremony to invoke a particular demon. Demons are not bought with gold or silver, they are
    bought with blood. Some spirits are invoked by placing alcoholic enemas into the child. These children
    get totally intoxicated with alcohol, some to the point that they even die from the ceremony. This is all
    done to bring in particular demons. The Spirit Choronzon and Typhon are critical spirits to place into a
    person for the Mind-Control to work. The Illuminati do not believe the Mind-control will work without
    the assistance of these spirits. Typhon and Choronzon do the tunneling and the MPD work. An example
    of an important ritual to demonize the victim is the baptism of the child victim to Satan. Satan may be
    called Set in the ritual.
    There are variations on this ceremony, so a victim’s personal baptism may vary in some or all of the
    details. This is actual variation of the ritual done to Monarch mind-controlled slaves: The child is stripped
    nude and given a purple robe. It is placed inside the pentegram, and an “altar” which is made by a nude
    woman or child is brought forward. A horse or jackal is inscribed with the inscription “Nebebka” on the
    neck or forehead. Then the animal is sacrificed to whatever name the group is using for Satan (such as Set
    or Saman). The abdomen of the beast is split open completely, and the liver removed. The 4 spirits of the
    4 watchtowers are invoked. The slave child being baptized is smeared with fat from the dead beast. The
    Gatekeeper spirit is called by ringing a bell. Then the child is placed into the animal’s belly. A part of the
    raw liver is given to the child and the rest consumed by the group. The child is then baptized in blood. A
    cut called the Devil’s Seal is placed on the child on the left hand, or under the armpit, or on the upper part
    of the head. This in Cabalism is the Mark of Foundation. The Priest reads out of the Book of Satan and
    the Book of Names. The victim repeats after the Priest. In this fashion the Priest ritually gives the person
    a new name.
    The Dance of Hod (Glory-the sphere on the bottom left of the C. Tree of Sephiroth) is then begun in a
    circular motion by the cult, to oppose Netsah (Victory-the sphere on the bottom right of the Tree). The
    Priest of the coven will then dismiss the demon(s) he has conjured. At times this ritual is done with a
    child sacrifice rather than an animal, & sometimes it is done in conjunction with another ritual, such as
    All Hallow’s Eve. To empower the Monarch System, special rings which have been dipped in the blood
    of sacrificed victims, are given to the victim with instructions to wear it faithfully. The rings are used as
    focal points to insure the continued demonization of the victim. Some examples of this would be a Blue
    Topaz ring, a Black Onyx ring, or a Diamond ring. Black Onyx is used to capture souls. Whether the
    therapist believes this or not, becomes irrelevant in view of the fact that the deeper alters in a Monarch
    System are skilled in demonology and they do believe it, and take consolation that their magical powers
    are never challenged by therapists. These deeper alters will continue to do much of the demonization of
    the system for the Programmer, and this delegation of this job, means the Programmer/handler is free to
    focus on other things.
    Our experience is that the Slave Masters within the Illuminati, when they take away the hearts of the
    alters of a system, they give them a heart of stone and a ring. The ring is important for if they lose this,
    they think they will not get their hearts back. The slaves will wake up in the middle of the night looking
    for a ring–but never knowing what ring they are looking for. “CATCH A FALLING STAR, PUT IT IN
    YOUR POCKET FOR A RAINY DAY” ties in with this story line. The star is magical stardust. During
    programming the Programmers use “magical star dust.” If the slave loses their ring, they are told the
    Master will never love them. When the Master comes to give his love, then the slave will get to use their
    magical wand with its star dust. The ring of the Programmer, which has occult power from being used in
    ritual, is also used as a hypnotic cue. The ring also represents occult power and authority.
    PART H – Vows and Oaths
    The Illum. & generational occult families attach Ancestral & Generational curses (noted about in EX
    20:5-6, DT 23:2, 2 KG 5:27, JER 32:18, JER 3:25, LEV 26:40) to the victim.
    The Programmers create soul ties (intermeshment with others in an ungodly way), including
    intermeshment of spirits. Sex, emotional dependence, anger and love can be tied to this dependence. The
    power of the Communion meal–which is a form of the Passover meal (deliverance) & the Marriage
    Supper of the Lamb (wholeness in heaven) is reversed by Black Mass’s symbolism/bondage.
    The Moriah & other occult groups attach curses to a person that are brought on by occult involvement.
    These curses are the consequences of sinful occult involvement.
    The Monarch programmers force the slave to make blood covenants, contracts, oaths, and to shed
    innocent blood. Often times the deeper alters feel like they have made these contracts willingly–however,
    if they could see the whole picture they would realize that they were forced and deceived into accepting
    these occult practices. To free themselves of these oaths and covenants every alter has to break them, or at
    least the main alter breaks it for others. What various witchcraft and Illuminati slaves will experience will
    be Satan drawing blood from their left hand and causing them to write in the slave’s own blood a formal
    contract entering his service. The ceremony has a lasting impression. Their signature in the Great White
    Book, which is an important Illuminati document, which has everyone’s signature will change color, and
    they will lose their magical power, etc. This creates a double bind, if they keep the System “safe”, they
    can’t get out. They need to understand that greater is Jesus than he who is the world. See Col. 2:15 also,
    which speaks about him triumphing over the principalities and powers. The Illuminati & the Network
    keeps books which have the signatures of all their membership, including slaves. They tell the slave that
    if they ever break a covenant with them, that Satan will cause the signature in blood to turn green. In
    other words, the slave is led to believe and is convinced that if they ever renege on their vows to Satan
    and the New World Order, they will be instantly found out. Even the american presidents are reported to
    be threatened with this type of threat.
    The “birthright” of a child born to Illuminati parents is to be allowed into satanic coven level activity.
    Alters which function at coven levels, will be far removed in a Monarch system from Illuminati hierarchy
    alters. The coven level will also be called the anarchy level and is represented by an A. One of the early
    oaths taken by the Illuminati child before the Grand Druid Council is, “Satan the Way and the Light. No
    one comes to me except through the father of light which is the Anti-Christ. I, [birth name], by my free
    choice take the following oath. I commit to serve my body and spirit in union with the father of light for
    the total prosperity and insurance of the victory of Satan and the father of light the AntiChrist. Now
    within an unbroken circle of spiritual power, understanding and accepting the consequences of breaking
    the spiritual circle which joins the Mothers of Light (later they learn that they have joined the Mothers of
    Darkness). with each other and to the father of light. I [Illuminati coven name] with these bonds in place
    commit to rule within the spiritual union over the principalities of darkness to insure Satan’s power and
    control over the world. I forever take on the seal of the father of light and commit my eternal life to serve
    Satan as the prince of peace, savior, and spiritual light for ever and ever. I now denounce the truth of the
    God, the resurrection of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.”
    Should the person break this vow, they are programmed to remember torture on a cross, which is
    designed to cause a seizure and heart failure. The Final Vows of a Mother of Darkness or a Grand Master
    will make these cult alters feel like they are bound and trapped in service to Satan. They are almost
    always unaware that Almighty God doesn’t recognize such vows, and will willingly release them from
    their evil servitude. The black stone is used in the Mothers-of-Darkness vows. The book of Revelation
    speaks about a white stone with a name written on it. Mothers of Darkness alters get a black stone with
    their assigned Queen goddess names written on them. Those who have been on the inside of Satanism
    know that oaths taken by occult lodges and satanic cults are at times enforced. The oaths describe the type
    of traitor’s death that is to be carried out. An example of the types of penalty these oaths carry can be seen
    in the following words, “All this I most solemnly and sincerely promise and swear with a firm steadfast
    resolution, to keep and perform the same without any equivocation, mental reservation or secret evasion
    of mind whatever, binding myself under no less penalty than that of having my throat cut across, my
    tongue torn open, my heart plucked out my body severed in twain, my bowels taken from thence and
    burned to ashes, should I knowingly violate this my solemn obligation.”
    The covenants, and vows and threats all work together to keep people in line. Alters within a Monarch
    slave are conditioned by their servitude to believe that their life is controlled by Satan, who is stronger
    than God. Where was God when they needed him? And yet many of the Monarch slaves coming in for
    therapy have had numerous miracles in their lives that have given them the latitude to reach out for health
    and freedom. If the Monarch alters can not see the positives of what God has done, they will remain
    trapped in their perception that Satan rules. Actually, the survivors of the Illuminati’s mind-control were
    meant to play a big role in helping God upset the detailed satanic script. And because these people
    sincerely gave their lives to Christ around the age of 2, God will honor that and help them. At any rate,
    even the informed secular therapist should realize these programmed slaves are in the middle of some
    power struggles. They are instruments of the Satanic hierarchy to carry out their plans.
    The Network goes out of their way to enhance the slave’s perception that the occult rules. Along this line,
    President Reagan insisted the Monarch programmer Michael Aquino wear his black satanic ritual robes to
    a White House party. (One can read more about that night in Transformation of America, p.129-130.)
    Working hand in hand with the vows and the oaths, are the extreme measures the Network goes to, to
    convince the slave that they are always being watched. This is the “You can run, but you can’t hide”
    programming. Supposedly, the slave is being watched by satellite no matter where they go. For instance,
    at Offit Air Force Base in Nebraska, an underground viewing room is used to convince Monarch slaves
    they have no place to hide. There the walls have numerous “satellite pictures” from around the world. The
    satellites are called “Eye in the Sky.” A four-screen viewer pretends to respond to the type-in commands
    of an air force official who tells the slave, “Where will you run? To the Artic? The Antarctic? Brazil? The
    Mountains?…We can find you there. There is truly no place to run and no place to hide.”
    This show, which was made to convince the mind-controlled slave of the NWO’s prowess, is just a premade slide show, it is just theatrics. However, the computer chips they have been implanting into people
    do give them the ability to track their slaves. And the intelligence agencies do have spy satellites. The
    NWO is protected from nuclear attack via the Pentagon’s C³I (pronounced “see-cubed-eye”) meaning
    command, control, communication & intelligence. An important part of C³I is MILSTAR which is a
    global central nervous system of 9 satellites and about 3,500 million dollar MILSTAR terminals on the
    ground. The CIA has among other things, the $300 million Vortex spy satellite and a $500 million
    Magnum spy satellite which were recently launched.
    PART I – Layering in Demons
    In the American Journal of Psychotherapy, two noted psychiatrists and an M.D. from India wrote an
    article “Multiple Personality in India: Comparison with Hysterical Possession State”. The tenor of the
    article was that in India, the psychiatrists have to deal with demonic possession rather than MPD which is
    found in the west. They made comparisons of demonic possession in India to the MPD of the west, which
    are similar but not the same. Later, other articles and letters were written about this article. One of the
    criticisms was that these Indian psychiatrists were trying to compare their demonic possession to the
    west’s MPD when it was obvious that their cases of demonic possession did not meet all the criteria of
    MPD. In the experience of the co-authors of this book, demonic possession is not MPD (DID) but it does
    have many of the same characteristics. If we understand programming from the Programmers point of
    view, they believe in both MPD and Demonic possession.
    From the programmers point of view, they try to create the alters and demonize the alters. Several exProgrammers have told Fritz that if a person really wants to understand the Monarch trauma-based mindcontrol, they need to realize that it is fundamentally demonic-based. Both of the co-authors have had to sit
    through lectures by secular therapists who dismissed Satanism and the occult as simply as an excuse on
    the part the abusers to traumatize their victims. According to these secular therapists, demon possession
    and satanic rituals have nothing to do with therapeutic issues, but are merely games and charades put on
    by the abusers. We beg to differ with this point of view. Programming and mind-control can not be
    separated from demonology and occult ritual. Even the “alien programming” uses lots of occult symbols,
    rituals & spiritual programming. An example of how ritual & programming overlap is the sabbat
    ceremony to insure that cult slaves keep silent no matter what, even under torture. On a full moon sabbat,
    a large oak tree will be used to hold this night ceremony. A Majic cake, also known as a Red or Acacia
    Cake is made for the ceremony.
    The demon seer is invoked using the name Shaddai (one of its 9 mystic names). An unbaptized child, who
    has been taken from Christian parents, is in the middle of the Pentagram, and a live altar consisting of a
    woman is used. A magic square called Satar formula is carved onto the child with an Eagle or Rooster
    claw. The child is turned to the 4 directions and then turned face down toward the east. The child must
    curse and blaspheme God Almighty. Then its mouth is gagged with a purple cloth. Flesh is cut from the
    child, and mixed with black millet and given to Satan (also called Sheitan). Prayers in Enochian are said.
    Incense is lit. The child is now sacrificed to Satan, using the ritual athame (perhaps a black handled
    dagger), while the child is condemned by the cult to hell. This type of ritual is to instill fear of talking and
    praying into the cult members. One of the secret ceremonies to invoke demons comes from The Book of
    Beasts. It is an ancient ceremony to summon demons. The ceremony begins with reading the
    Tetragrammaton Elohim, the Creature of Judgement is invoked, as well as the 9 mystic names of the
    dead. A child is skinned and sacrificed.
    The Book of the Old Faith is read from. And then the demons are dismissed and a bell rung in the 4
    directions. Monarch slaves recall the stench of the demons, and the roar that they make when invoked. To
    live through a horrifying experience like this does impact the slave, and therapists need to quit ignoring
    the various impacts that effect the victim of occult ceremonies. On the flip side, victims of mind-control
    need to realize that although demonic possession is one of the tools of control, that the diagnosis of
    “demon possession should not be used to cover up the many other issues involved with the mind-control
    including body memories, a lifetime of severe abuse, abandonment issues, safety issues, and all the rest of
    the garbage that goes with having been a mind-controlled slave. These many other issues need to be
    addressed too. When one of the authors of this book, Fritz Springmeier, began working with Programmed
    Multiples, he was told by several independent of one another that they had problems with spirits, which
    they called Legion, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Leviathon and Behemoth.Occasionally Hanan was mentioned.
    After doing some work, false satanic trinities were found leading these Structured Multiple’s systems.
    Interestingly, other ministers who were working in other areas of the country with Illuminati programmed
    multiples were finding the same thing. If we comb the rare books of Europe, there is a book in French,
    Cruels effets de la vengeance du Cardinal Richelieu ou Histoire des diables de Loudun by Aubin
    (Amsterdam, 1716, pp. 215 +) and as well as another one, Delacroix, Etudes d’histoire et de psychologie
    du mysticisme. Paris, 1908, pp. 328-344., which tell the story of the Uruline convent in London between
    1632 and 1638. This convent plays a role in the Illuminati bloodlines. What is of interest to us, is that the
    nuns back in 1632 found themselves “possessed” by demons. These demons made the people act like
    animals, such as bark like dogs, rave in altered states, go into trances, have uncontrollable changes in
    personality which they would be amnesiac about. A male voice would appear in a female, etc.
    The mystic Father Surin, who came and tried to help the convent, himself got possessed for 20 years and
    had an entire change in personality for 20 years. He wrote that at times he felt like Satan. Seven demons
    manifested themselves in very different but distinct persons within these nuns. The Catholic priest (an
    exorcist) could make the different demonic personas take the bodies of the Loudun nun Jeanne des Anges,
    and her face & body & voice would change from one possession to the other. These seven demons were
    Asmodée (also called Asmodeus), Leviathan, Béhémoth, Aman (Haman), Isacaaron, Balaam, and Grésil.
    They also had a false trinity Lucifer-Beelzebub-Leviathon associated with them. French psychologist P.
    Janet in 1888 noticed that many of his patients found themselves losing control of their body to what they
    called a demon who would often be named Astaroth, Leviathan or Beelzebub. (P. Janet, L ‘Automatisme
    psychologique. Paris, 1888, pp. 440 +.) Reports from other areas such as Germany over the years are
    similar. Is this mere coincidence? It is stretching the imagination to believe that so many separate
    incidents have commonalities, and identical demonic entities, and yet are not related in some fashion.
    By the way, medieval witchcraft, Rosicrucianism, and the Illuminati have all had rituals where people
    dress with Cat, Lion, Owl, Cuckoo, and Parrot masks. In altered states, these medieval witches may have
    actually flipped into animal alters who thought they were a cat or owl, etc., which would account for
    written accounts by medieval craft adepts that witches would transform into animals. Demonic possession
    is getting more and more recognition by psychologists. Some psychologists have discovered that their
    programmed multiples responded very positively to deliverance of demons, and were able to get more
    accomplished in a few hours of deliverance than years of psychology. What does this tell us? Well, it is
    NOT “scientific proof’ that demons exist, but it is proof that deliverance can be very helpful. One can
    debate the exact reasons why deliverance works–perhaps it is merely that the helping person is entering
    the other person’s construct–but the events of successful deliverance strongly indicate that what has
    happened is an actual deliverance of demons. Because this book is about HOW the victim’s are
    controlled, and the programmers believe that the primary ingredient in the mind-control is demonology,
    we will cover demonology. If that bothers some readers, then they need to ask themselves, Are they really
    wanting to understand HOW the mind-control is done, or simply superimpose and replace the HOW it is
    done with what they themselves would do?
    Several times psychologists have been heard saying, “We don’t know how the programmers think. It
    would be helpful to know.” How many people are really ready to hear the answer? Recently, one of the
    Programmers (and names could be mentioned) never got excited as long as his slave was in therapy, but
    when his slave got a deliverance, he came totally unglued. On the flip side, anyone who can read this
    book entirely to this point and think that Illuminati slaves only have a problem with demons has somehow
    missed most of the book. The programmers are so demon possessed that people who have worked with
    them say that the powerful demons within them try to compete with each other for power. Those who
    have worked with the programmers know how the programmers themselves have been skilled in
    conjuring demons with a nine-foot circle with magical phrases like “Bagabi laca Bachabe, Lamac cahi
    achababe,…” Rituals have been performed at the programming sites. (On the flip side, deliverance
    ministries can send demons to the throne of Almighty God to get instructions.) One of the first stories
    read to a slave may be the Jungle Book by freemason & occultist Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936). The
    story is used to teach the child to have animal spirit guides, such as the bear and leopard spirit guides
    found in Jungle Book.
    The main character in Jungle Book is neither animal or human, but in between. Neither world accepts this
    orphan boy. Slaves are taught that they are not human, but not fully animal, but something that can’t be
    fully accepted or understood by anyone. Jungle Book provides the script for this. A bracelet keeps the boy
    safe by giving him the power of the gods. The slave is taught to get demonic power from jewelry which is
    given to them. There are many other features of Jungle Book which are used for the initial programming
    too, such as the pack of wolves (protectors in the system), snakes in the hell pit, a Boa Constructor snake
    to guard the castle, the need to pass through the waterfall to get into a wonderful world, a black jungle of
    death on the other side of the waterfall, castle jewells, caged birds, etc. Later, alters will be told they are
    the leader of a pack. Via the Jungle Book story used as a demonic programming script, the child’s alters
    are taught that they are orphans with no mother or father, and that they must play and have the animal
    spirit guides as their friends.
    Demonology is the key to what the programmers accomplish. Some recent efforts to expose the Monarch
    Mind Control have portrayed the programmers as very cynical about their “magick”. While there may be
    exceptions to the rule, within the Illuminati, demonology is not taken lightly, but is considered to be the
    real science of the Sciences of Mind Control. The goal of the Illuminati programmers is stated in their
    own writings in latin,”Quod superius est sicut quod inferius et quod inferius est sicut quod superius ad
    perpetranda miracula rei unius…” Meaning that their goal is to achieve the wonders of the “one thing”
    where “that which is above, is like that which is below and that which is below is like that which is
    above.” In other words, they take the dark spiritual realm of Satan, as the pattern for the world. This latin
    phrase is also used to support astrology, which influences some of the programming decisions. The
    concept of astrology was created by reframing God’s “event markers” as event controllers. While
    Americans think of 1776 as independence year, 1776 was originally chosen as the most favorable year to
    reorganize the mystery religions into the formal Illuminati because 1776 consists of 1100 and 666. 1100
    is the Babylonian counting system’s number for 666. Babylonian satanism is a foundational part of
    Moriah’s Illuminism. Some of its bloodlines are descendents of the Pharisees who secretly practiced
    Babylonian satanism at the time of Christ, incl.. child sacrifices. It’s standard operating procedure in the
    occult world that-what you see is not what you get, double-meanings are the norm.
    Those students of Monarch Mind Control who do not want to delve into what the Programmers are doing
    are limiting their own understanding. Most of what the Programmers do is actually spiritually based and
    connects to their understanding of demonology. Much of what the victims of the Monarch Programming
    experience will be understood in the context of the spiritual world. Obviously some is illusion. Obviously
    some is delusion. However, when the high level programmers teach novice programmers, they will be
    teaching the spiritual principles you the reader are about to be told. (A few therapists across the U.S.–and
    their names will not be revealed, have had miraculous recoveries of their Monarch slaves when they
    addressed these demonic and spiritual issues. These are therapists, who tried the old methods for years,
    and then in desperation were willing to listen to ex-programmers and other informed people about the
    spiritual side of the programming.) Everything in life has a physical and a spiritual side to it. Things in
    the spiritual effect the physical, and things in the physical effect the spiritual. They are two worlds.
    The Alice In Wonderland story is highly regarded by the programmers, because it portrays the situation
    that exists between the spiritual world & the physical world. When people within the physical look
    toward the spiritual, it is like looking into a mirror. Initially, they will only see the physical world
    reflected back. But if they go beyond the mirror, they would see a “mirror image” of the physical exists in
    the spiritual realm. When Christians pray they say, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Earth is
    a mirror image of heaven, not an exact copy, but someday they will be alike, according to Scripture.
    According to messianic jews who understand the OT well, the ceremonial law is being enacted in heaven
    spiritually as it’s mirror image once was done on earth. When the programming is seen only in a secular
    fashion, much of its design is missed. What have witches used to see beyond time and space? Mirrors.
    Remember the witch saying ‘mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all”? The idea is
    magical mirrors, the speculums, which will lead one “through the looking glass mirror” that then allows
    the victim to magically transcend time & space. One of the important keys to success with Monarch
    programming are generational spirits. The cover for this is studies in genetic science.
    The programmers believe that genetics are important, but the real abilities to program someone come
    from the generational spirits that are built up in bloodlines. This is why the Illuminati were in part
    skeptical that non-generational occult bloodlines could be successfully programmed. They have found
    that they can be (especially with all their high tech equipment), but the best candidates are those with
    strong generational spirits. The difference could be compared to those who raise race-horses for the
    Kentucky derby and those who have horses as a hobby. A race horse must have high spirits. The suburban
    housewife & daughter who ride as an occasional pastime could care less for that quality of horse. The
    military can produce cannon fodder with the simple mind-control of Basic Training. They don’t need
    sophisticated time intensive mind-control techniques like the Monarch Program for some military
    positions. Third world children are being programmed to become baseball players etc. But the highest
    occult avocational positions will be given to people with exceptional generational demonic power.
    Within a Multiple you will find duplicates of a particular name. For instance, you may find thirteen
    Susies. Susy I may not even be aware of the other Susies. The internal worlds of the Monarch victim are
    structured along demonic patterns. Within the demonic world the spirit Moriah is not itself in every
    victim that has Moriah. Moriah # 10,882 may be in victim A, and Moriah # 3,355 in victim B. But the
    difference is academic because the Moriah in each victim is a member of the same demonic family–the
    Moriah Spirit Family. They are for all intents and purposes the same spirit. The Illuminati programmers
    are acutely aware of the generational spirits, who they are, and how they function. The ten
    commandments warn that a person’s iniquity will affect the next 3-4 generations. EX 20:5b. A
    generational spirit is given “appointment” over a victim at birth. The victim will receive generational
    spirits from their biological father and mother. Satan can not be the creator of heaven and earth, but he
    can satisfy his desire to do so, by creating an internal world within the victim, a heaven, earth and hell of
    his own creation.
    The armies of spirits which are placed into the infant will cooperate with the programmer and the child to
    produce the programming. It’s like the Father (“Papa” the programmer), son (child) and unholy spirit
    (demons) work together. The internal creation of worlds within the victim will be the heart beat of Satan.
    A Regional territorial commander demon will make weekly rounds in an area, and so the structuring work
    done with generational victims, combines ideas from the generational spirits as well as the regional
    commander. The curses and the vows give the Commander the legal right to exercise control over the
    victim. Within any geographic area, there has been a layering in of demons, much in the same fashion that
    the programming and demons are layered into a Monarch victim. The most important territorial spirits in
    an area are the root or original spirits. In the United States these are Indian Spirits. Territorial spirits may
    contribute ideas as to what will be effective for programming in their area. There are geographic patterns
    to spiritual warfare. Each area has its deities and spirits which rule the valleys, homes, and nations.
    These particular spirits exercise power over the local people. The evangelist is not going to progress,
    unless he understands the spirits that are ruling what he is trying to liberate people from. The basic
    territorial spirits are the original ones. In the U.S. these are the Indian spirits. That is why the Illuminati
    pays such a strong interest in the Indians. The original principalities are the foundation, the bedrock upon
    which everything else is layered upon. This also is done in Monarch programming. A number of Monarch
    slaves have Indian shamans and spirits placed in their systems. Upon the original foundation, the newer
    ideologies are layered in. In Russia, communism was simply layered on top of the original territorial
    spirits. In China, communism was simply layered on top of the original territorial spirits. This is one
    factor why Chinese & Russian communism were never alike. Traumas and crises will produce
    strongholds. Our understanding of our blind spots is often weak because we use others as our measuring
    stick rather than the divine word of God. Blindspots & strongholds may take outside intervention in our
    lives to eliminate.
    How many of us see that Moroni on top of Mormon temples is a ruling demon? How many of us have
    realized that the rising sun on Japan’s flag is the Sun goddess who is a ruling spirit over Japan? If we go
    to Hawaii we will see some of the “natives” are interested in Pele, the God of Fire. The volcanoes have
    been used by the demons to entrap the people to Pele, the God of Fire. One of the things that the author’s
    book Ezekiel 6:3 An Inhouse Directory shows is that many of the ritual sites have occult names. Devil’s
    Canyon may well be a canyon for devils. The names people give geographic areas are important. They
    show the types of pacts that people have been making. When the psychiatrist Karl Menninger of the
    Menninger Foundation dealt with spiritual issues with people in mental hospitals (i.e. he had them ask for
    forgiveness of sins), he was able to clear out whole sections, and send the patients home well. (His bro.
    Roy W. Menninger, an Episc., & also a psychiatrist, worked in Boston State Hosp. while in the military in
    ‘52-53.) There is a direct tie between much of the insanity today and demons. Spiritual principles should
    be studied by Christians to understand how demons operate and what gives them entry rights and power.
    Certain objects and people are focal points for spirits.
    WHO are the experts?
    Basically, two types of people involve themselves in studying demonology–those who are involved with
    performing works of darkness such as magic, or those involved with performing works of godliness such
    as deliverance ministries. Jesus told his disciples to command the demons to leave. He didn’t ask his
    disciples to let him cast out demons, nor did he ask his disciples to ask the demons to leave. No, the
    responsibility was placed upon his disciples & they were asked to command the demons to leave. The
    Illuminati maintain hidden libraries full of ancient treatises on demonology, which they avidly study.
    Some of the more important demonology books are the Sixth and Seventh Book of Moses, The Black
    Raven, The Spring Book, The Spiritual Shield.
    A whole series of magical books bearing the name of Solomon exist, of which The Key of Solomon is
    widely known. Clavicula Salomonis or the Clavicle of Solomon is also well known. More and more of the
    ancient writings seem to be coming to light in these end times, and the hierarchy is getting bolder and
    bolder in the release of this information. A Cabalistic Jew will study the Talmud until he is 40 or so, and
    the study of the Cabala is reserved for the only those who have studied a long time. The Zohar and the
    esoteric teachings are not taught until late in life. Opposite the Illuminati, are those dedicated Christians
    who study demonology, not to invoke demons but to free people from them. Each state in the United
    States contains a few Christians who understand demonology and deliverance from it. The blood of Jesus
    Christ (Yeshua ha Messiach) is very powerful against demons. High level deliverance can not be done
    without angelic and the Holy Spirit’s help. The Christian who gets into studying and fighting high level
    demonology needs to learn the significance of getting God’s help. Without God’s help, the deliverance
    will back-fire in the face of the deliverer. Members of the Illuminati are bound in servitude to Satan. One
    of the strong shackles that bind Satanists to Satan is the high level of demonology they are enslaved to.
    HOW are the demons organized?
    It is very clear that there are different types of demons, and that they are divided up into different ranks,
    functions, orders, etc. A great deal of time has been spent by both brilliant Christians and satanic
    Magicians to chart out the names, ranks, and structure of the demonic armies that Satan commands. One
    accurate method of ranking demons has 365 ranks of demons, with no. 1 being the highest level of
    demons. The numbers of top level demons are numbered in the trillions, while the lower level imps are
    incredibly numerous. There is no shortage of demons to carry out the work of Satan on this planet. These
    demons are sometimes variously referred to as spirit guides, angels, wizards, ghosts and aliens or a
    number of other disguises. Both early Christians and the occult have often divided up the evil spirits
    under fire, water, wind, and earth. The power of Enochian magic comes from the Watchtowers of these
    four elements.
    Some common types of Evil Spirits are:
    Spirit of the Anti-Christ (1 John 4:3)
    Spirit of Bondage (Romans 8:15)
    Spirit of Divination (Ezekiel 21:21)
    Spirit of Death
    Dumb & Deaf Spirit (Mark 9:25)
    Spirit of Error (1 JN 4:6)
    Familiar Spirit (LV 20:27)
    Spirit of Fear (2 TM 1:7)
    Spirit of Haughtiness (PRY 16:18, 19)
    Spirit of Heaviness (ISA 61:3)
    Spirit of Infirmity (LK 13:11
    Spirit of Jealousy (NM 5:14)
    Lying Spirit (2 CHR. 18:22)
    Perverse Spirit (ISA 19:14)
    Seducing Spirits (1 TM 4:1)
    Spirit of Whoredoms (Hosea 4:12, and 5:4)
    Each of these types of Evil Spirits has a number of specialists. For instance the Spirits of Whoredoms
    contains spirits which can specialize in the following:
    A Spirit of Unfaithfulness
    A Spirit of Prostitution (whether Spirit, Soul or Body)
    A Spirit of the Love of Money
    A Spirit of Idolatry
    A Spirit of Chronic Dissatisfaction
    A Spirit of Fornication
    A Spirit of Gluttony

The Spirits of Bondage include:
A Spirit of Fear
A Spirit of any number of addictions (drugs, alcohol, etc.)
A Spirit of the Fear of Death
A Spirit of being a Servant of Corruption
A Spirit of Compulsive Iniquity
These lower echelon demons are too numerous to keep track of. When a portal is opened which gives a
particular demon legal access into a body, they move very quickly into the physical body. When a man
lusts after a woman, he will open a portal, such as the mouth through which a demon (spirit of lust),
shaped for instance like a frog, will jump in through. This demon will then insure that the evil thought
will be acted upon. The principalities and powers exercise dominion over spirits. Further, high level
Satanists are well aware of all these things. When godly people of faith identify, bind and cast out specific
demons, they should practice loosening the appropriate good spirit to take its place. If we bind a spirit of
Bondage, we loose a spirit of adoption. If we bind a Spirit of Error, then we loose a Spirit of Truth.
There are 3 powerful satanic covens of 21 persons. They are distributed in Monterray, CA, Phoenix, AZ
and the third in Idaho. Los Angeles also has a fourth headquarters for the Coven of the 21st Star. These
21-person-covens are made up of very intelligent, powerful persons. These type of covens attract
powerful commander demons. Within the co-author’s area, Bend, Portland and Eugene areas in Oregon
have powerful covens. The power of these types of powerful covens will be reflected in the spiritual
world. Paul under the Spirit’s inspiration wrote, ‘while we do not look at the things which are seen, but at
the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not
seen are eternal.’ 2 Cor 4:18 The invisible things are more important that the visible. If we recognize this,
the Word of God says that this will help us keep from losing heart! ‘Therefore we do not lose heart. Even